Absolutely Obedience Ch. 01


It had been three weeks since Kyra moved in with Dorian, and things seemed to be working out. She needed a place to stay, and since she’s the hottest woman he’d ever seen, he didn’t mind letting her stay with him.

Dorian works from home, so he spent a lot of time with Kyra, who hadn’t found a job yet. As a way of paying rent and contributing, Kyra came up with the idea of modeling for Dorian whenever he liked. When she really wants to inspire him, she’d pick a spot somewhere in his studio and vigorously finger herself to a screaming orgasm.

He could never figure out why Kyra’s ex dumped her, as he loved having her around. The more she got to know Dorian, the hornier her salacious became. Sometimes, he’d come home and find her in his bed fucking herself, calling out his name. When she’d finished, she’d walk up to him, grab his fat, throbbing cock, and give him a few intense strokes before walking away.

One morning, Dorian woke up and found Kyra sleeping next to him. His briefs were still on, but Kyra was stark naked, and her pussy was slightly swollen and red, indicating that she’d fucked herself in the night. It wasn’t long after that that Dorian awoke to find himself naked as well.

That morning, Kyra was practically lying on top of him. He could feel her fuzzy pussy lips resting against his bare thigh. As he began to stir, so did she. Her eyes popped opened when she felt his eyes burning a hole through her head.

“Why am I naked?”

“Morning,” she evasively responded.

“Morning. Why am I naked?”

Kyra smiled, again trying to avoid the question while sliding her fuzzy, pink lips against his thigh. She softly giggled and kissed his shoulder and slid her hand down his chiseled abs to his thick, black bush. Before he could ask again, she wrapped her fingers around his morning erection and gave his cock a squeeze. The pressure felt terrific, and he let out a soft gasp as she began stroking his hardening shaft.

“What are you doing?” Dorian asked in a shaky voice.

“I’m just taking things…” Kyra hotly kissed her way across his chest and up his neck, stopping to nibble on his ear before whispering, “…into my own hands.”

Dorian growled as Kyra quickened her pace, contrasting the sweet way she nibbled his ear and the hard way she stroked his cock. As he turned his head to kiss her, Kyra pulled away, released his cock, and climbed out of bed, smiling as she strolled out of his room, her pussy glistening in the morning sunlight.

All-day, Dorian’s cock was hard, and Kyra knew it. She deliberately walked around in tiny lingerie outfits, playing with herself, occasionally stroking Dorian’s insatiable, neglected phallus. He tried desperately to satiate his wanton lust, but Kyra was too devious, too cruel. She cock-teased Dorian nonstop, like a curse, preventing him from cumming until later that night.

Alone in his bed, he furiously masturbated Bayan Escort until he had an explosive orgasm. His orgasm rendered him unconscious and left him vulnerable to Kyra’s predatory intentions.

When morning came, Kyra was lying next to him again. Again, they were both naked, but this time, her hair was a mess. The sheets were all wrinkled, the pillows look like they’d been used in a fight, and the entire room reeked of pussy and sweat.

Before he could investigate, his phone buzzed, reminding him that he had a meeting in about an hour. Reluctantly, he left the sleeping beauty alone and started getting ready. Just before getting into a hot shower, Kyra stumbled into the bathroom. She nonchalantly walked over to the sink and started brushing her teeth with Dorian’s toothbrush. Confused and horny, Dorian reminded himself of the time and got in the shower.

He didn’t think anything of Kyra being in the bathroom as he washed the night’s filth and other stuff off under the steamy water. As he turned to let the water spray down his back, Kyra came into the shower with a big smile. Before he could say anything, she put her finger over his lips and dropped to her knees.

She held her hands out, asking for soap, and when her hands were filled, she began lathering his semi-hard cock. She worked the soap into every millimeter of his dick until he was throbbing and dripping pre-cum. When his cock was covered in a thick layer of soapy foam, she moved to his balls, taking each one in her hands, massaging them separately, attending to their individual needs and wants.

Dorian shuddered and moaned as his knees wobbled and his toes curled, the succulent pressure and wet lather of Kyra’s cleansing massage getting the better of him. He ran his hands through his hair, leaning his head back to let the water cascade down his chiseled body to wash off the soapy goodness. Kyra, eager to finish what she’d started, scrubbed and cleaned every bit of soap off Dorian’s cock and balls until his hard flesh throbbed reinvigorated.

His cock clean, Kyra wasted no time in giving him what he deserved. She laid his thick shaft against her face, measuring his meaty manhood as she ran the length of his girth with her fingertips. His aromatic dick stretched from her chin past her forehead. She moaned as she wrapped her fingers around it and kissed his sticky tip. It filled her hands like a python, pulling her fingertips apart with every heavy throb.

Her hands squeezed the massive phallus as tight as possible, making Dorian groan as another helping of pre-cum dripped onto her face. As his cock throbbed for attention, she wrapped her soft lips around his dripping head. A gush of pre-cum spilled onto her tongue, coating her taste buds in its savory goodness. The salty flavor filled her mouth like her favorite mole sauce.

He put one hand on the back of her head, suggestively demanding that she take more of his length into her hot, wet mouth. She obliged without hesitation, pulling both hands away and using only her mouth and throat. Within seconds, she’d deepthroated him, her nose pressed against his thick bush, and her chin rested against his wet balls.

She reached around and grabbed his muscular, tight ass, using his cheeks to steady him as she worked her throat magic. She hummed sweet vibrations through his cock and balls, making his knees wobble. She swallowed hard and gargled with his dick trapped in her tight throat. Her neck bulged as his girth bulged, forcing her to adjust her angle and stretch her neck to accommodate his straining size.

After minutes of uninterrupted throat-stroking, massaging, and vibrating, she slid his shiny, sticky cock out of her mouth and let it bob freely. While catching her breath, she stroked his big hog over her face, staring into his eyes with a devilish grin.

Dorian was out of his mind, barely able to stay standing as she took his cock back into her mouth. Throat magic spent, she started sucking and stroking him like a vacuum. Her mouth and hand worked in unison as she moaned and hummed on his cock. Her free hand massaged his balls as she intensified her sucking power. She began sucking and stroking and massaging like the sluttiest porn star who ever lived, making his knees wobble harder as he neared his tremendous explosion.

“Oh, fuck!” Dorian was seconds away. “Shit! SHIT!” he cried out.

When she felt his balls tighten and his shaft spasm, she moved her mouth back to his engorged head and opened wide. Using both hands, she pumped his cock like a Shake Weight, sensually finding the perfect rhythm to make him cum hard. As the first spurt flew out, it landed on the tip of her nose and stretched over her eye. Not wanting to miss another shot, she wrapped her lips around his exploding head, ensuring every shot landed on target, filling her mouth with hot, fresh cock crème.

Kyra tightened her lips around his tip and sucked the cum out of his cock like Slurpee. Not a single drop of cum spilled, despite Dorian shooting what felt like his biggest load ever. She took his thick cum in strides, continually stroking him as he swelled and spewed inside her mouth. When her mouth was full, she leaned her head back and finished milking him with her mouth wide open. The sight of her gaping mouth that filled with cum made Dorian shiver.

“Damn, girl, I think I’m in love with you.”

Kyra closed her mouth and smiled, keeping his cum for later. She stood up, gave him a little peck on the lips, and exited the shower. Dorian finished getting ready for his meeting and headed for the front door. Before leaving, he saw Kyra come out of her bedroom, her mouth still filled with cum. The sight of her made him hot again, but he had to leave.

Once alone, Kyra played with her mouthful, swirling her tongue, stirring the thick cream endlessly. She played with the cum for over an hour, but as it began to lose its thickness, she thought about swallowing. Just before letting the creamy substance trickle down her throat, she wondered if Dorian would find it hot if she kept his cumload in her mouth until he got home. She didn’t know what time he’d be back, and she didn’t care.

What Dorian didn’t know was how hard Kyra had fucked herself the night before using his cock. At first, she just wanted some dick. She never expected Dorian to have a magic cock that could make her cum harder than any other man ever could. Now, she was in love with Dorian, which meant her crazy side was about to come out.

Most women would’ve swallowed or spit out a mouthful of cum as soon as the guy finished. Kyra was not most women. First off, Kyra had a severe cum fetish; some would call it an addiction. Secondly, Kyra falls in love very quickly, especially if the man has a good dick. And lastly, when she does fall in love, she turns into the perfect slutty girlfriend but with a twist.

Dorian was gone all day, nearly eight hours, and when he came home, Kyra was on her knees in a sexy lingerie outfit and a smile on her face. He noticed her cheeks were slightly puffy, and as he approached, she opened her mouth and showed him her tongue still swimming in his cum.

“What the fuck?” Dorian laughed. “Is that from this morning?”

Kyra nodded and tried to speak through the cum. “Ooh ein’n ay I ouloh ahlow.”

“What?” It took him a second, but he got it just as she tried to explain again. “Oh, I didn’t say you could swallow. I didn’t know I needed to.”

“An I?”

“Can you what?”

Kyra smiled, realizing Dorian was playing along. “An I ahlow ore ig, at owe?”

“You’re an interesting girl, you know that.” He looked her over, admiring how tight the black lingerie hugged her curvy figure. “Yeah, you can swallow.”

She smiled and sat up straight, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. As Dorian moved closer, curious about what she was doing, she swallowed his load in one quick gulp. His cock twinged, watching her swallow his load with her mouth open. She winked and licked her lips, loudly breathing through her mouth and rubbing her wet panties.

“I love the face men make when I do that.” She stood up and jumped into her arms, her curvaceous hips swinging side to side as he put his hands on her waist. “How do you want to fuck me?”

“How? I don’t know. What do you mean?”

In a confident, yet submissive voice, Kyra answered, “I’m all yours tonight and forever. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it. If you want me to suck your dick again, I’ll suck your cock every minute of the day until you tell me to stop. If you want to fuck my hot, little pussy, you can fuck me till my pussy is red and hurting and overflowing with cum. If you want to fuck my tight ass, you can fuck my ass until it’s as big as my mouth. You can have whatever you want. I’ll do it; no questions, no hesitation.”