I Admire Your Honesty


James just didn’t know what to do. He never looked away at the two-story house standing in front of him. He didn’t leave the sidewalk. He just tried to make a decision in his head. But it proved to be difficult. The eighteen-year-old man knew that he had to do something. It would be a relief to just be honest. But then again, he had to imagine the people he had grown to admire experiencing direct alienation. His true feelings would have made anyone question his personal preferences. And that was why he didn’t know how to end this inner conflict.

The summer heat started to make him uncomfortable. After a blistering heat wave over the weekend, the temperatures did cool down slightly. The residents of Rialto, as well as everyone else living in Southern California, finally had the opportunity to be a little more productive outside. Still, the late afternoon included the setting sun forcing James to feel thirsty. The warm breeze that came down from the San Gabriel Mountains only made it worse. James only wore a white tank top and a pair of brown cargo shorts. Despite his minimal apparel, the heat didn’t change. The young Native-American man had to do something. He couldn’t just stand there on the sidewalk like a lunatic waiting to be fried by nature. He finally managed to walk forward. He had to take a deep breath in order to calm himself. As soon as he reached the front porch, he rang the doorbell and waited for a response.

James kept his long black hair behind his back. For quite some time, he let it grow all the way down to the bottom of his chest. Irene, his girlfriend, said it made him look like a character on the front cover of a romantic novel. At first, James laughed at the notion. And now, he wished it was possible. So long that her father would be able to see it.

The front door opened. James held his breath. Rodney stood just a few feet in front of him.

“Hi, James. What’s going on?”

James couldn’t help but take a good look at his girlfriend’s father. At the age of forty-one, Rodney was a tall and handsome white man. He had short brown hair and brawny arms. He was several inches taller than James, making it more of an attractive characteristic to the latter. Today, Rodney wore a black t-shirt and a pair of black denim jeans. James could feel the cool air from inside the house making a steady exit out the door. James longed for some first-class air conditioning. He also longed for something else in the house.

James almost had trouble speaking. “I, uh…I just wanted to see if Irene is here.”

Rodney replied, “No, she went out with her little sister. They’re probably at the mall right now.”

That almost made James feel a little more relieved. “So you’re all alone in the house?”

“Well, my wife is hanging out with her colleagues from work. I have the house to myself.”

James tried to smile, but he could only fake it before giving up. “Can I come in?”

Rodney didn’t seem to suspect a thing. “Sure.”

He let the young man in the house.

The air conditioner did manage to cool James down in terms of both inside and out. “I’m thirsty. You don’t mind if I get a drink of water, do you?”

Rodney smiled. “No, not at all. There are some water bottles in the fridge.”


James didn’t say another word. He headed for the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. Just as he pulled out a cold water bottle and opened the lid, he took his time keeping his composure at a high altitude. He dreaded the result of his honesty, but he desired at least some sort of closure for what he had been really feeling all this time. He took a long sip of water. The cold liquid made a sensational descent down his throat. It calmed his nerves. He closed his eyes for a brief moment. He and Irene had been together for approximately two months now. He loved her, but there was a catch. And this was when he couldn’t suppress his true feelings any longer. He didn’t feel comfortable saying it to his eighteen-year-old girlfriend. He had to go straight to the source of his corrupted psyche.

He almost didn’t realize that Rodney had entered the kitchen. “Are you okay?”

This time, James didn’t Starzbet have to fake a smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just have a lot of things on my mind right now.”

“Like what?”

James was afraid of this. “Well…let’s talk about it later. Maybe thirsty minutes later. I need time to relax.”

“Sure. Take as much time as you want. But just let me know if you want to get something off your chest. I’ll be here. But first, I’ll be taking a quick shower.”

James nodded as Rodney left the kitchen with his own cold and unopened water bottle. The younger man stood alone near the graphite counter. He slowly rubbed his fingers against his own water bottle. He began to shiver, and it had nothing to do with the air conditioning. The silence in the kitchen had grown deafening. James couldn’t stop thinking about his girlfriend. Irene stood by his side ever since they met in the middle of May. They never stopped seeing each other. In a literal sense, people would have to use a crowbar to pry them apart. Then came the visit to her house. James met Rodney two weeks ago. One look at Irene’s father, and he felt intrigued. At first, it didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. He respected Rodney for being a good husband to his wife, Donna. He respected Rodney for being a good father to Irene. He respected him for his mild manners and unshakable work ethic. Rodney appeared to be an excellent man all around.

Then, strange feelings interrupted James’s mental flow. He started to question why he couldn’t stop thinking of Rodney in a naughtier sense. Irene had been replaced in his daydreams. Now, Rodney took her place. It felt so strange, knowing that this would be the first time he had ever fantasized about another man. He cursed himself for losing control of his natural senses. This wouldn’t have happened if he never met Irene’s parents in the first place.

James slid his fingers across his long black hair. He checked the time on his smartphone. Five minutes had passed since he entered this house. Rodney would be ending his shower by now. Now would be the time to tell the truth to Rodney. He waited for this moment, even if he dreaded the consequences. James set his water bottle aside and left the kitchen. He walked up the stairs and made it to the master bedroom. The door was partially opened, but James could hear the water running. The constant splashing noises in the tub made it clear that Rodney still lurked in the bathroom.

James slid right between the partially open door and examined the master bedroom. It held a clean and lavish appearance, one that represented an ordinary yet prosperous middle-class environment. James took seat on the edge of the king-sized bed. He waited for Rodney to finish showering. The water suddenly turned off, and the shower curtains made a faint swooping noise. James held his breath as he dug his fingers deep into the mattress. He had never felt so nervous. The bathroom door opened, and Rodney appeared with a towel wrapped around his waist. That turned out to be the only thing that he wore at the moment. Rodney was still drenched in water drops from his head to his feet. This sort of spectacle made James question his personal preferences even more.

Rodney looked surprised when he saw James in the room. “Is there something wrong?”

James didn’t move. With his eyes wide open, he remained awestruck by this beautiful creature. “I just want to see you like this.”

Rodney raised his eyebrows. He had the right reason to be confused by those words.

James sat up straight. “I want to see you without your towel on.”

Rodney already understood. At first, he didn’t say anything. But then, he asked, “Is this a joke?”

James shook his head. “It’s not a joke. I want to see that big cock of yours.”

Rodney, still slightly perplexed about the whole situation, let go of his towel and dropped it on the floor. James gasped. Rodney’s long hard cock looked to have been the perfect representation of his character. It was massive, long enough to please his own wife in many ways. James slowly licked his lips. He didn’t blink as he kept his eyes on the cock between Rodney’s legs.

The young Starzbet Giriş man moved away from the bed and got down on his knees in front of Rodney. “It looks incredible.”

Rodney didn’t know what to do. “What are you doing?”

James touched the cock with his fingers. Its warm and moist surface made him want it even more. “Let me take it.”

Rodney didn’t seem to object. He just stood there with a surprised look on his face. James, amazed by the rock-hard cylinder in his hand, opened his mouth and leaned his head forward. He now had the shaft in his mouth. He could hear Rodney gasp, presumably with excitement. James craved the dick, and he showed it by cramming it deep in his throat. He moved his head back and forth in a slow but steady rhythmic motion. He licked the cock in all directions with his tongue. He started to enjoy the taste of human skin. The insertion made his own dick grow fully erect. He had to breathe through his nostrils seeing as how Rodney’s cock interfered with his usual pattern.

Rodney took deeper breaths. “Oh, James…I…I don’t…”

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence. He gave the other man the freedom to demonstrate his willingness to submit. He started to push his hips forward, giving James the hint that this particular service couldn’t be refused. James didn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop. He grabbed Rodney’s thighs and pushed the cock deeper into his throat. He almost choked at one point, but he was able to keep a stable motion throughout. He showed Rodney what he could do if he had been able to accept this side of him earlier on.

All of a sudden, Rodney pulled his cock out of James’s mouth. James didn’t feel an ejaculation in his mouth, which made him feel a little disappointed.

Rodney asked, “Why did you do it?”

James finally said it. “I want you. Ever since I first met you, I’ve had these feelings. I don’t know why, but I can’t escape it. I want you, Rodney. I want your dick inside me, and I want to ride it real hard.”

Rodney proclaimed, “Well…I admire your honesty.”

James sighed. “I bet you think I’m crazy.”

“No, I don’t.”

Rodney brought him up to his feet. “I’ve shown you my dick, and now you show me yours.”

James’s eyes lit up. He didn’t waste any time as he took off his tank top and his shorts. He set his clothes aside and revealed his naked self.

Rodney looked down at the young man’s erection. “Yours is as good as mine.”

James smiled. “Thanks.”

Rodney had his eyes on the king-sized bed. “Lay with me.”

James obeyed him. He got on the bed and lay flat on his back. Rodney joined him not long after. He lay right on top of James and made both hips press against each other. James moaned like an exhilarated stranger on a roller coaster ride. Rodney made the penises touch. Both erections rubbed against each other, all the while Rodney was directly on top of his daughter’s boyfriend. James began to tremble. Having both cocks touching each other brought a lively sensation from within. The waterdrops that landed on his skin made it even more worthwhile. He didn’t want it to end. He wanted more of Rodney, and he didn’t care if he broke the rules of attraction. This radical shift in their relationship was unstoppable.

Rodney whispered, “Oh, you like that, don’t you?”

James squirmed in a sensuous way. He licked his lips in anticipation. His cock felt rejuvenated after being rubbed on by a familiar friend. He couldn’t help himself. He gave Rodney a long kiss. That certainly helped the situation. The two of them didn’t put an end to this. It appeared that they craved the same thing. Rodney continued pressing his cock against James’s own. He dug his fingers into James’s long black hair. With the truth finally in the open, he didn’t question the ethics that came with it.

James didn’t want to leave. “Oh, I want your cock. I want it inside me.”

Rodney growled. “Prove yourself to me.”

He turned both of them over. Rodney lay on his back, while James kneeled right above the former’s hips. He could feel the tip of Rodney’s cock touching the edge of his asshole. He was nervous at first. But Starzbet Güncel Giriş he remembered why he was here in the first place.

Without a direct command, James lowered himself. Rodney’s cock slid deep into his hole. James gasped. He shivered when he felt such a massive instrument paying his vessel a visit. His role had been reversed. He was now the submissive one in the relationship. He welcomed it. He wanted more of Rodney’s dominant side.

He moved his hips up and down. He kept it slow to give him time to adapt to his new environment. He moaned as he acted as a stimulant to both bodies on the bed.

Rodney watched him work his magic. “You’re doing good so far.”

James was still amazed by the cock inside him. “Oh, it feels so fucking good.”

He hips picked up speed. Having such a long and hard cock stuck in his ass made him push forward.

Rodney grabbed James’s legs. “I didn’t think you’d want it so badly. But now I know.”

James didn’t stop. He hips acted as a well-oiled machine. The cock struck his weak spot, causing him to feel a constant stirring sensation that electrified him from the inside. He took quicker breaths. He kept his eyes wide open. This new deed of his started off with a bang, and now the bond still didn’t break apart.

James lowered himself down on the cock as deep as he could. “Oh, fuck! It’s so big!”

He leaned down and gave Rodney a kiss. Rodney whispered, “You should visit me more often. I like this side of you.”

“Oh, you can’t imagine how much I wanted you to say that.”

James continued to move up and down the upright cock. He moaned louder while his weak spot began to produce a bigger sensation than before.

Rodney growled. “Oh, yeah. Take it like a man.”

He sat up straight and locked James in his embrace. He thrust his cock upward while James remained seated on his lap.

James began to bounce like an exhilarated servant. He could feel his long hair dancing wildly in the air. He never attempted to escape from Rodney’s tight embrace. He didn’t give up on their escapade. He let Rodney know that he was here to stay.

“Yes! Fuck me hard! I love your dick!”

He didn’t care about Irene. He didn’t care about his exploration. He only cared that he told the truth to his girlfriend’s daughter, and the result pleased him very much. This reaction was sudden, but effective. James couldn’t help himself. He gave in to his temptation, and now he had the chance to be the submissive one in a new relationship. He embraced his new role very quickly. He didn’t question it. He wasn’t perplexed by his attraction. One moment with Rodney, and he had been reeled in by a simple procedure. He wouldn’t forget it. If his life had a history book, this would be considered a crowning achievement.

Rodney didn’t stop thrusting his cock deep into James’s ass. “You’re a lot better than Donna.”

James squeezed his eyes shut from the pain and the pleasure. “Yes, don’t stop fucking me! I’m yours!”

The eighteen-year-old man anticipated an enormous ejaculation. He could feel it making a welcome arrival very soon.

He cried out, “I want more of this!”

He and Rodney hugged each other. Their sensuous motions had gained acceleration. Waterdrops would soon be replaced by drops of sweat.

Rodney whispered in James’s ear. “Wait for it.”

James was anxious. Rodney thrust his cock as hard as he could. James moaned like a toy being aggressively played around.

And then, it happened. Rodney slowed down. James gasped. He could feel a sudden explosion in his hole. Rodney had finally released his creamy contents. Both men collapsed on the bed. They were exhausted.

James now had the time to relax. He could still feel Rodney’s cock stuck inside him.

He gave the older man a smile. “I’m so glad I told the truth.”

Rodney chuckled. “Irene’s very lucky to have you around.”

James let out a slow sigh. The young Native-American man rested his head on Rodney’s shoulder. His new role in life gave him a more confident approach to an open mind. The two of them lay together in bed and remained oblivious to the woman who caught sight of them. Donna stood at the entryway with widened eyes. She didn’t say anything. She just watched her husband fuck their daughter’s boyfriend like a mistress in the shadows. She was shocked. She just didn’t know what to say or do. She looked on in silence.