Her Clueless Dad


He sat, and watched her running in, and out of the house. She was dress in a pair of short shorts, and a thin white T-shirt tried under her huge bouncing breasts. At 19 she was very sexy looking, all his buddies had all made comments about what they would like to do to her. Did not brother him none cause he wanted her the same way they all did. But he also knew he could not after all she was his daughter and things like that do not happen, but it sure was a great fantasy he like to use each night he crawled into his bed alone.

She was crazy, she told her self over and over again, but she did not care she wanted her daddy to fuck her. She tried to turn him on with running around the house with barely any clothes on, to letting him catch her swimming naked in the pool late at night when he usually goes in. So far nothing work. But she had another plan, Uncle Joe was coming over and he was always trying to get her to play with his cock. He come in give her a big hug and grab her hand and put it on his cock covered pants and whisper to her.

“Oh baby wish you would play with him, he wants you!” he whispered.

Then he would walk away and yell for his brother, her daddy, and act like nothing happen. Well this time he would get a big surprise. She laughs to herself, thinking about what she would do to him. She heard his truck pull into the driveway. She waits for the door for him. He knocks and she open the door, he came in, she closed the door and he pulled her into his arms hugging her. Her hand went down to his cock and she rubbed him in slow circles.

“Hmmm, Oh Uncle Joe I see your friend there is all ready to come out and play. Why don’t we go into the living room.” she whispers to him.

He lifted her into his arms and carried her into the living room, sitting her on the couch. He asks her where her daddy was at.

“Oh daddy will be late coming home today, But I have a huge flavor to ask your help with. I want you to help me get daddy to fuck me.” she asked him.

He looks at her, surprised at what she asks him, but at the same time he could not take his eyes off her as she pulls off her top, her bare tit’s were there in front of him.

“So you want to fuck your old man do you. . Well baby girl What do you say to the fact that I want to fuck you too.” he said, his hands cupping her breasts together.

She reached over and undid his pants and pulled out his cock. Gasping at the size of his cock. bursa escort Her hand followed the length up and down, making him moan, and push forward in her hand.

“I’d say let’s get started. First I want to play with this.” she told him, her hand pumping his cock now.

She leans in and lick the tip of his cock slowly at first then she closed her mouth on it and took him deeper in her mouth. Once she was use to the size, she reaches for his hips and started pulling and pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. He understood what she wanted and soon he was fucking her mouth.

“Oh fuck baby, feels so fucking good. Damn your Aunt cannot even suck me this good. Your daddy is in for a wonderful surprise baby when you get him in your mouth. Oh fuck ya baby, suck my he said groaning, and thrusting.

She was really getting into it when he pulled away suddenly. He pulled her to stand and quickly undressing her and pushing back onto the couch. He kneeled on the floor and push her legs open and his hand went to her pussy, pushing a finger inside.


“Oh I see your pussy is all ready to go, but still I want to have me a taste.” he said, lifting her ass to meet his mouth.

She felt his mouth closes on her pussy and then she felt his moan and tongue slipping inside. She grabs his head and held him there ,pushing on his head harder, and lifting her hips off the couch into his mouth harder.

“Oh fuck Uncle Joe eats me, eat my pussy.” she cried out.

He held her as she climax in his mouth for the second time, then he stood up and help her to her feet and walk her over to the dinning room table. A prefect place for her daddy to watch her getting fuck by him.

“There baby, lean on the table and soon your daddy will be here and he will see me fucking his baby girl, now when I tell you he is here I want you to yell out how mush you want your daddy to fuck you. Understand me baby.” he told her.

She lays over the table, and slowly she felt her Uncle’s cock entering her. She grabs the edges of the table.

“Oh god so tight.” he groaned, as he enters her pussy.

When she felt his balls slap her she push back against him hard. He pulled back and plunged into her hard.

“Oh Fuck me Uncle Joe, fuck me hard.” she begged him.

He reaches under her thighs, grabbing hold of them and slam his cock malatya escort repeatedly into her pussy. He was so close to cumming he was not sure he would make it, just then he heard his brother car pulling in, then the door slam. He leans down and told her that her daddy was here she better start yelling how she would like to have her daddy’s cock right now.


Her daddy was standing outside the door and heard everything she scream. Then he heard her tell Joe that she was going up to her room till after her daddy came home. He waited until he heard her bedroom door closes then walk inside.

“Hello Tom, Did you hear what she said?” his brother asked him.

He nodded yes he did, then drop down on the couch. Joe watched him then went over and sat down next to him.

“So You now know your daughter does want you to fuck her.” he said.

Then he told his brother what happen when he came inside this afternoon.

“She wanted my help getting you to fuck her, seems she has wanted you to noticed her all grown up for the last year now. Now it’s up to you Tom, but let me tell you something, she can suck a man’s cock better than yours, or my wife put together, And if I ever get the chance to get her again I will. Hell I want her right now, but I am leaving for a few hours.” he said, pulling on his pants and shirt, and walking to the door.

He heard his brothers truck leaving, he stood up and went over lock the door, took off his clothes and went upstairs, sporting a huge hard cock, bouncing with every step he took to his baby’s bedroom. He stood in her door way, then he heard the shower running, he walk over to the bathroom and step inside the shower with his daughter.

She heard her daddy coming up the stairs she left the bathroom door open for him. She heard the curtain lifting and then she felt his arms pulling her tightly against his body.

“So my baby girl wants her daddy to fuck her, mmmmmmm, cannot say that I have not wanted the same thing for a long time now too.” he whisper in her Ear.

His hand lifted her titties, squeezing them, then a hand slowly moves down over her tummy to her pussy. His finger slips between the lips and inside her.

“Oh daddy yes, Oh god! Do not stop.” she begs çanakkale escort him.

He kisses and sucks on her neck, his hand kept squeezing her tit and his finger fuck her pussy, as his thumb rubbed her clitous hard and fast.

“That’s it baby, cum for daddy, cum on my finger.” he told her over and over in her ear.

He felt her body stiffen, and she cried out she was cumming, then he felt the hot cum coating his finger. He held her till she could stand on her own. Her hand was holding his cock. She sat on the side of the tub and reach for his cock again, and she closed her mouth over the head.

“Oh Baby, suck daddy’s cock!” he said groaning.

She sucks his cock with everything in her. She sucked him till he exploded in her mouth, but she did not stop there, she kept sucking until he was hard again. When she was done he help her from the tub, grabbing a towel and took her into his bedroom. He helps her dry off, and then he told her to lay back and open her legs for him. She moved up on his bed and watch him go into the closet and bring out a huge box. His hand reach into the box and pulled out and strap looking thing, she watch as he puts it on his cock, and tighten it. Then his hand goes in again and he pulls out a big bottle of red stuff. He pours a little in his hand and rubs it all over his cock. He moves up over her and leans in close to her face.

“Lick my cock baby.” he told her.

She licks it and then she could taste something cherry flavored. He smiles when he sees that she likes it. He then moves between her legs, pushing them open wide. He turns the bottle up and it dribbles onto her pussy, and down between the lips.

“Hang me the phone Dear.” he told her.

“Hi little brother……yes I am…….I would like you to come back and do something for me……..ok see you in a few minutes. Oh and bring in your cam. We’re going to be taping this.” he told his brother.

He smiles down at his daughter and thinks about how good it’s going to feel being inside her. He reaches into the box again and pulls out a huge looking dildo that has a wire attach to it. Sits it down beside her and takes the bottle again and puts a drop on each nipple, rubbing it in, then he leans down and blows on it.


“don’t move baby, daddy be right back have to go let Uncle Joe in.” he told her.

She watches him walk out of the room, but she did not move, her pussy, and tit’s were on fire and she ache to touch them. Her daddy came back in and saw that she had not moved, he smile and crawled back between her thighs. He picks up the dildo and then she heard a low humming sound. She looked down and saw that he had the dildo rubbing up and down his own cock.