Soft Touches


Laying back, the soft pillows feeling so good, just closing my eyes and remembering, as I slowly started to drift back, back to that night.

The air was charged, something I could not put my finger on was about to happen, but not knowing what. We had drunk, eaten, had fun, chatted and spent time together, walking back into my kitchen we talked about who and what we had done that evening.

Turning towards the sink, I felt your hands slide slowly over the back of my hair, lifting it up, rubbing your hands gently over my shoulders. Leaning back into your hands, feeling them so soft, closing my eyes and just letting you rub, then you turning me, holding my face gently in your hands, looking into my eyes, you kissed me. I held my breath, not knowing what was happening or why, then just melting and letting your tongue explore my lips and then feeling it sliding over mine. Was this happening? Should I stop, pull back and stop it, my mind racing then stopping, a kind of nothing, then the wanting flooding through my head.

I kissed you back, my lips pressing softly into yours, my hands sliding down over your shoulders, feeling your hands brushing over my nipples, now so hard, tingling at your touch. Then you stopped and pulled away, just letting your hand slip into mine, you led me to the warm comfort of my living room. You stood, holding my hand in yours, looking at me, smiling softly then you kissed me again, this time with more passion, more lust. Your hand slipping from mine as you cupped my tits and gently rubbed your thumbs over my nipples. I did not move, just stood, feeling the excitement making my nerves throb, my head spinning, escort bayan bursa trying to take it all in.

You slid you hands around the bottom of my jumper and slowly lifted it, I raised my arms and just let you pull it from me, looking at you, I did the same to you, yours slipping off easier, just dropping to the floor from my hands. Staring at me you just turned me, and pushed me down onto the sofa at the same time sinking to your knees, my legs opening, letting you get as close as possible to me. Your hands slide over my tits, gently playing, kneading them, teasing my nipples with your finger and thumb then sitting up you took one into your mouth. I gasped as I felt your tongue flicking over it, I watched your mouth as you looked at me, seeing your smile as you could see mine, sucking that little bit harder making me moan. Then you licked, one slow long lick from one nipple to the other, my eyes fixed on yours, seeing the glint, seeing the pure want, as I knew you could see in mine.

You then licked from my tits, up my neck and to my ear, you whispered what you were going to do to me, how you were going to make me feel, how you were going to make me want you like no other. I wanted you, needed you and tried to whisper it back but you kissed me once more, this time your hands sliding down over my thighs and up my skirt. Slowly, to slowly, you moved your hands under my arse and I lifted up so that you could pull my skirt down.

Still looking at me, you held my stocking clad foot in your hand and slowly licked from one toe to the other, sending shivers through my body, in my mind I counted every toe, every touch bursa sinirsiz eskort so sensuous, gentle and caring. You licked slowly up my leg, your tongue twirling gently, teasing me, making me giggle as you reached the top of my stockings. I could feel your breath as you kissed across my knickers, stopping to just place one soft kiss against my pussy mound, then you licked down the other leg. I was transfixed, letting you tease, letting you touch and feel, reaching my foot, you stopped and slowly parted my legs, opening them, I moved my arse forward, resting on the edge, laying back.

I closed my eyes and felt your finger just brushing along the edge of my knickers, so softly, almost not a touch, just enough to get the reaction you wanted from me, up one side and then across and down the other, over and over again, I know you were watching my pussy twitch, watching that wet patch form on the silk. You pressed the tip of your tongue against it, pushing it against me, I heard you moan as I did. I bit my lip as I felt your finger slip under the edge and then down over my slit, your touch so very soft, like a whisper over my clit then down over my lips. Using your other hand you pulled my knickers to one side and I felt your lips on my pussy for the first time, you kissed and then teased so gently with your tongue. I could feel my juices slipping from my pussy as your tongue pushed into me. Moaning and gently moving my hips I slid my hands down over my tummy and held my knickers to one side, I wanted to feel your hands all over me, and I did. As you probed my wet pussy with the tip then all of escort bayan your tongue, you reached up and played with my tits. I pressed my hand against yours and we played with one nipple then the other.

Then you did what I love, you slipped your finger just into my pussy, just teased it around the edge, then you lifted it to my mouth and I sucked it, sucking my juices from your finger, cleaning it, tasting me from you. I followed your lead and slid one hand down, you watched as I did the same, twisting my finger over my wet lips, covering it in my juices then I rubber it over my nipple. Looking down at you I lifted up, bent my head and sucked my nipple, pulling it through my teeth, biting it gently, flicking my tongue over and around it until I could not taste myself anymore. You watched me, then plunged your face back between my legs.

I started to feel my breath change to short gasps as you licked my juices from me, trailing your tongue up over my clit, sucking the juice you had rubbed on it with you finger, over and over again. I moaned, I gasped as I felt my orgasm rip through my body, so hard, so intense, my pussy throbbing as my cum flowed from me, you lapping it up, telling me how sweet I tasted, how you wanted more, telling me to remember how good it felt to cum this much and like this. My head spinning, no control, opening my legs wider, wanting you to drink every drop.

You lapped me until I stopped shuddering, your mouth so wet from my cum as you moved up my body and kissed me. Wrapping my arms around you and holding you close, kissing you, tasting me, then whispering ‘thank you’, I have no idea why now, but I did, I then pushed you gently back onto the sofa letting my hands brush over your tits then looking at you and saying ‘I am going to make you feel as I do’ as I slipped to the floor between your legs, only just noticing you had taken your skirt off and I could see your naked, knickerless pussy for the first time…