John set His Wife Up with a Lesbian


John had no idea that his darkest deepest fantasies would soon become reality when Susan his wife invited her friend Lynne for dinner. She didn’t realise that this meal would change them for ever. Susan is tall slim, with long red hair, green eyes pale skin with freckles. She has a slim body and firm small pert breasts. Lynne is slim, short with short dark black hair and brown eyes and small firm breasts similar to Susan’s. As Susan was getting ready up stairs John heard Lynne knocking on the front door of their home. Opening the door he greeted Lynne and invited her in.

He felt like he been kicked in his balls when Lynne looked at him with a cruel indifferent sneer and replied “not from you” when he asked her if she wanted a drink. He tried to be friendly but she was cold and indifferent to him trying her best to ignore him rebuffing his attempts to make her feel welcome. When Susan entered the room John noticed Lynnes reaction as she eyed her up. Lynnes face lit up and an obvious look of love filled Lynnes face. She eagerly accepted Susan’s offer of a drink. John felt a rush of excitement as he realised why Lynne had been so rude to him. She’s a lesbian whose in love with his wife. From that moment he the worse Lynne treated him the more he liked it. He even encouraged her to be indifferent to him and for her to flirt with Susan.

After a few drinks John took the opportunity to bursa eskort talk to Lynne alone when Susan went to the bathroom. “It’s ok Lynne I know you’re in Love with Susan. I like it.” He said.

Lynne replied ” don’t be silly you freak I’m not a lesbian.”

John couldn’t let this Chance pass him by “I really do hope you’re a lesbian and I’m begging you to seduce my wife Susan please make love to her tonight. I’m begging you to admit you’re in love with her.”

“Ok, what if I am and what if I want to fuck her all night long? She’s straight!”

“It’s ok. Please seduce her and try to show her lesbian love is bitter than heterosexual love. Please show her just how better you can make love to her than I can” John begged.

“Be careful what you ask for because I might just fuck her so well she won’t want your cock anywhere near her beautiful body!” warned Lynne

“I want that so much please turn her lesbian. Please!” Pleaded John.

“Ok you asked for it. I must say you’re stupid but if that’s what you want kneel and kiss both of my feet as a contract. Once you do kiss my feet there’s no going back. Susan will become mine.” Lynne warned John again. With his cock rock hard and his body tembling with sexual excitement he quickly knelt down and loving kissed both of Lynnes feet. He never thought he would enjoy kissing someone’s feet but he never felt so bursa escort bayan turned on as he kissed Lynnes feet.

John felt a powerful rush of excitement flood through his body as he put his eager lips against her feet. Lynne felt sexual excitement that she was going to get to fuck her beautiful friend Susan heightened by the fact she had her friends husband at her feet begging her to. When Susan came back Lynne was waiting eagerly to start making her expert moves on her.

After a few more drinks John suggested that Lynne stayed the night and to Lynnes delight even he even insisted she stay when Susan protested. After more drinks John got more excited as Susan seemed to be getting drunk. Then suddenly Susan said she wanted to go to bed so John followed asking Lynne to follow them. Susan didn’t notice that Lynne had followed them into the bedroom or that she stayed as she undressed. She did notice though when Lynne started to help her undress. As Susan tried to stop Lynne from undressing her John held her still ensuing Lynne could carry on undressing his wife.

“Stop resisting darling. I want Lynne to have you tonight.” Said John with his hard cock pressed against his wife’s back as her friend Lynne slowly undressed her.

Susan again tried to resist when Lynne guided her to the bed “John what the fuck is going on!” Said Susan. But görükle escort John just held onto his wife and told her to relax and submit to Lynne as she was guided onto the bed.

“Just enjoy babe and let her make love to you,” said John. Susan tried to resist but couldn’t as Lynne climbed onto her. Susan’s initial resistance excited Lynne making her pussy tingle with intense pleasure causing Lynne to go wild with passion and Lust for her friend. Lynne’s body felt sexual pleasure explode through it like a tidal wave as she rubbed her breasts on Susan’s grinding her wet pussy against Susan’s pussy as she forced Susan’s thighs apart. Lynne forced her mouth onto Susan’s and kissed her passionately. It didn’t take long before Susan’s reluctance and resistance had turned into acceptance and submission to Lynnes expert fucking. Lynne was soon Fucking Johns wife and he was loving it as he watched his wife Susan turn lesbian right in front of him.

Susan had never experienced such good love making or fucking before. Being fucked by a woman for the first time made her so powerfully she felt was would faint. It didn’t take Susan long to learn that she loved the feeling of another woman’s naked body on against hers and that the scent and taste of wet pussy was superior to the nasty scent and taste of cock. When John gasped “hey babe told you would love it” he loved it when Susan screamed as she orgasmed under Lynne.

“Fuck yes, and it’s so much fucking better than being fucked by you and your fucking useless disgusting cock!” john rubbed himself harder and faster thanking Lynne for fucking his wife properly. He’d never seen her cum so often or enjoy sex so much before.