This Could Be the Start Ch. 02


Ch. 2: The Fetish Ball

[There are so many fetishes. How could I choose only one for this story? I couldn’t, so I didn’t. If you like tattoos, they’re here. Piercings? Of course. If you like people who are totally devoid of hair, they’re here. If exhibitionism is your thing, it’s here. Pony people? Yes, them too. It is my hope they’re here in an interesting way. No one was hurt in the writing of this story. No animals were eaten here while I was writing the story. I am not a vegan, I was just having so much fun writing I forgot to cook. I did nibble on someone but only because she asked me to.]

“Nick, do you still like being with me?” She asked the question while the walked home from dinner at their neighborhood Chinese Restaurant. She was wearing her usual uniform for going out, a colored t-shirt and cotton drawstring pants. When they first met Nick was intrigued by her strange dress. When she bared her body and he saw the tattoo of the vines wrapping around her body, he was taken, like magic, like a spell, and he had been in the spell ever since.

He was shaved from head to the bottoms of his feet. Not a hair could be felt on his body, except for eyelashes. Two nights after she shaved Nick Faith showed him a tape of a show being done in Las Vegas. The instant he saw the words on the screen he knew what Faith wanted him to wear for the Fetish Ball.

The DVD was of The Blue Man Crew. They watched and the show was great! All three blue men had their entire heads and hands blue. When the show ended Faith said, “The first time I saw them I came three times during the show, without touching myself.”

“And that’s what you want me to be for the Fetish Ball.” Nick didn’t ask it as a question. He was sure that was what she wanted.

“No. I want it all!”

“What all are you talking about?”

“They are blue hands and blue heads. I want a green man!”

“You want to cover me in latex and for me to go to the Ball with my everything exposed?”

“You will be completely covered! You will be completely covered! And, it will be the biggest turn on for me, ever!”

“You already know I’m doing this. I have no power to say no to you.”

“We need to do a test run. At a hundred bucks a ticket I don’t want us having any trouble with the latex. So, I invited three couples over that I met last year. We’ll be in costume and do whatever we need to do to get everyone ready for the Ball.”

“So, I get to be painted with an audience and hang out for an evening with blue balls?”

“No, they will be green! And, you’ll be hard the whole evening. BiBi and her guy will be here. BiBi wore a tan leather outfit last year, with her tits exposed, a bridle and bit and a tail. It was nearly midnight when I realized the tail was attached to a butt plug shoved in her ass! Her guy was wearing chaps and a western shirt. He held her reigns all evening.”

“When are they coming over?” Nick wondered how soon he was going to be publicly nude with a hard on.

“Tomorrow night.”

“What are we doing tonight?”

“I request a massage and a long slow pussy eating session. As payment for that service, I will make dinner and suck you for dessert.”

“Deal. When we get home tomorrow I need a shave. I can’t reach everywhere. I read the latex can and it says, no hair. It will pull any hair out that it attaches to while its wet.”

Faith undressed and made dinner. Nick undressed and watched. He loved watching her garden move sensually as she moved. He thought about her costume and wondered what it might be. She told him it was in the locked chest against the wall by the bed. She didn’t tell him what it was.

After dinner they cleaned up together. They made preparations for their activity on the bed by putting an absorbent towel on top of the fitted sheet and taking the flat sheet and quilt off the bed. Nick got some body lotion ready.

As each step got them closer to the shower and massage they hesitated long enough to kiss, fondle, caress and ass slap each other. At one point Nick bent and sucked Faith’s nipple, suddenly and hard.

She slapped his arm and said, “Look what you did! Now I’ve got juice running down the inside of my legs.”

“Perfect! After our shower, I’ll lick any that escapes down your legs… and I’ll lick up any that doesn’t escape.”

“Yeah, yeah. Promises, promises.” She smiled at him and they went into the bathroom. They showered and she got shaved. When she was smooth she said, “Maybe we should do a small test area of latex on you, tonight.”

“What area do you have in mind?” His mind figured she wanted to shave his genitals.

“Your chest and back.” She looked like she had been waiting for him to suggest it. He raised his arms and said, “Take me! You want me smooth, so do me!”

She produced a fresh can of shaving gel and a new razor. He stood still. She lathered his back first. When the razor began taking the gel and the hair off his back he almost laughed. It tickled… and it felt sexy. She finished his back, not at the top of his hip but at the crease where his legs Bostancı escort bayan joined his ass. She walked around in front of him and he could see the lust in her eyes.

Her hands worked the green gel into his chest hairs as he watched. When she got down to his pubic area she coated the area in gel lather. In the process she stroked his hard cock and coated it in lather too. The razor began at the top of his shoulders and worked across and down. Faith was careful at all times and extra careful around his nipples.

Nick began talking to her.

The razor slid around his right nipple. “Faith, look how hard my nipple is. Having you shaving me smooth turns me on.” She shaved more of his chest, headed for his left nipple. “It’s hard for me not to move. I want to feel your lips on my nipples.”

She moaned, and kept shaving. When she got to his genitals she knelt and took her time. He was as hard as he had ever been in his life, and she wanted his cock in her mouth. In her mind she had been wet ever since his first shave. Ever since her first brain fuck!

When they got out of the shower they were both smooth. She got a can of latex and opened it. She used a good brush to apply the green latex to his body. She coated his chest and then his cock and balls. She used a blow drier to dry the latex.

“I can feel it tightening up on my skin.” Nick said.

Faith said, “I want to suck your green cock. I want to rub my tits and vine on your chest!”

When the green was dry she put the blow drier away and came back to him. She sucked on his cock and they both remarked at how it looked sexier than it felt.

“It’s like wearing three condoms at once.”

Nick rolled her onto her back and ate her. She moved him and twisted her body around so she could play with his slick, green anatomy while he ate her. She came loudly and Nick lapped up the liquid gift that she gave him.

“Nick, fuck me! Mr. Green dick, give me what you have for me!”

Nick held her legs wide and they both watched his green hard on slide into her cunt.

“Oh! I like it! I like how it looks and I like how it feels.”

Nick smiled and said, “I think I can last hours like this.” He slid into her in long, deep strokes. They changed positions and kept fucking. He was excited by the visual of his green cock and her vines. She loved the smooth sight of him and the touch of him and the slick, shiny green color.

“I think I have a green fetish, too.” Faith said.

“I have a fetish too. Flowers, vines, your tits, shaving you, being shaved and now, being green.”

They changed positions. Moved off the bed and over in front of her big mirror. They did it doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She moved in many variations and Nick saw her vine from many perspectives. He loved them all. When he was ready to pop he told her and she told him she wanted me to fill her mouth. In seconds he moved to standing in front of her and her on her knees.

Faith put her hands on his hips and helped him fuck into her mouth. When the first load shot into her mouth she moaned and sucked harder. Shot after shot went deep in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. When Nick stopped shooting they discovered the latex held him partially erect. His cock was still green when she let it go. Back on the bed Nick ate her to another joyful orgasm followed by snuggling. The stereo played a scramble of songs from her iTunes hard drive.

She was happy and Nick was happy to be a part of her being happy. They fell asleep. When they woke it was morning and they spent half an hour getting all the latex off. It pulled and his skin felt weird when they were done. They showered and felt better. The skin showed no ill effects from twelve hours of latex.

All day at school Nick wondered about being completely green. Twice he caught himself humming the song from Kermit the frog, “It’s not easy being green…” A woman who had never even looked at him before he shaved sat next to him for the morning lecture and asked why he shaved his head.

“I didn’t just shave my head.” He answered.

Her face changed color to a blush. Her eyes dilated and she said, “Everything?”

Nick nodded.


“It’s a fetish.”

“A fetish?”

“Something that adds to the sexiness of some person or situation. For some men it’s seeing black lace bras, high heel shoes, perfume, stockings instead of pantyhose or something else. I like all that and being smooth.”

“I think I like it, too.” She whispered.

“We’re having a little party at our place tonight. If you are brave and up for a bit of an adventure, you can attend.”

“What kind of a party?”

“The Fetish Ball is this weekend in San Francisco. A group of us are going and tonight is a test run of our costumes. We start at six and the party will be over before midnight. You can come if you’d like, but you need a fetish costume.”

“I don’t know what I’d wear.”

“Yes, you do. Wear something that just putting it on makes you wet. Wear something that when I see Escort Bostancı it on you I’ll get hard, and you’ll enjoy seeing me get hard for you.”

“So, I get dressed like that and travel to your house on the bus?” She wanted to laugh, and she could picture the scene in her head. She was already hot.

“Bring the costume in a bag. Come dressed as you are and change at the house.”

“You said we.”

“I don’t live alone. My girl-friend and I live together.”

“Oh.” Nick could see she was suddenly shut down and had given up on seeing him smooth.

“We’re not married like our parents were married. We enjoy being together and we enjoy being with others as well. If we didn’t would we go to the Fetish Ball? We’d go to the Baptist Convention in Bible belt Arkansas. If you want an adventure come over.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes!” He wrote their address on a piece of paper and gave it to her. She looked at it for a long time and said, “I don’t have a car and I’m pretty sure the buses don’t run after midnight.”

“Stay the night. Any other reasons you can’t have an adventure?” He smiled at her and took a step closer to her. “Reach up and feel the top of my head.”

She looked around and saw that no one was looking. She reached up with her right hand and gently touched Nick’s head just above his ear. “Touch all of it. It turns me on.”

She set her books and purse on the bench and used both hands. Her touch was feather light and started quickly, then slowed and was a massage of his bare scalp.

Her breathing changed. Her eyes dilated. He looked into her eyes and said, “Be there at six. Bring food to share.”

He stood and she almost followed him with her hands. She snapped her attention back to school and looked around, embarrassed. No one had noticed. They went to class and when class was over she followed. When Nick saw Faith come out of King Hall he sat on a bench and motioned the woman from class to sit beside him.

“What is your first name?” He asked.


“Kathy, I’m going to introduce you to my girl-friend. Her name is Faith.”

At that moment Faith bent around Nick’s head and kissed him. Her hand caressed the top of his head as they kissed. Kathy watched Faith’s hand and felt her juices flowing.

“Sweetheart, this is Kathy. She’s interested in coming to the party tonight. Would that be Ok with you?”

Faith sat next to Kathy and asked, “Do you know what kind of a party this is?”

“Nick told me you all are going to the Fetish Ball this weekend and this is a costume practice. Is that it?”

“Did he tell you about his costume?”

She looked at Nick and shook her head. “No, but I think it has something to do with being smooth… all over.”

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?” Faith was watching her body signals. So was Nick.

“Yes!” It was said as a whisper.

“What will you wear at our party?”

“He told me I needed to wear something that turns me on just by putting it on. I have a cat suit that I bought a year ago and I have only had it on once. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t stop myself from masturbating.”

Faith leaned close to Kathy and whispered, “Tonight, I’ll masturbate you. Nick will eat you. And… Kathleen, you will touch all of his smooth skin.”

“Can I touch his head again, right now?” Kathy was looking at Faith when she asked.

“Ask him. If he says yes, you can touch him with your hands. Tonight we will introduce you to a higher pleasure. I promise.”

Kathy asked Nick if she could touch his head again.

“Stand behind the bench. Use both hands and feel how the skin moves with your hands.” She took a deep breath and did just as he asked. Faith watched and after a minute she whispered, “Tonight he’ll rub that head against our pussies and we will both cum on his head.” Kathy shuddered as Faith spoke and they knew she had already cum once.

They stood and kissed Kathy on the cheek. “Six o’clock. Bring food to share.” Nick kissed Faith and held her hand as we walked away. As they walked she said, “Thank you.”


“For introducing me to another woman who loves smooth skin as much as I do. If we find a few more I may decide I’m almost normal.”

“Ewww. Why would you want to be normal? I like you kinky.”

“Let’s go home, Kermit.”

He smiled and hummed the song as they walked. At home they cleaned up, set out plates, cups, silverware and Nick borrowed a large clean trashcan from the alley behind their home. By five everything was ready for company.

Faith sent Nick to the corner mini-market to get a bag of ice. He believed she was just sending him to stop him from pacing. When he got back there were two guests in the living area. Mike and Janice. They had a suitcase with them. Mike was almost fifty and smooth. He said he was smooth and I would have guessed because everything that showed was smooth. Janice looked like a pretty normal forty something woman, until she moved and I heard metal to metal. She shook my hand when we were introduced and so Bostancı Rus Escort did Mike. We sat down and started the getting-to-know-you conversation. Mike and Janice were a couple. They had been married eighteen years and had no kids. When they met he was a bouncer, she worked as a topless dancer waitress. Now they owned a bar together. Just your friendly neighborhood titty bar.

Nick asked about their costumes. Mike opened the suitcase and showed him their leather and chains. He would be dressed as a dark knight in black leather pants, a black leather vest and a black leather helmet. He had leather wrist bands and bicep cuffs as well as boots. Janice had almost nothing in the suitcase. Some wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a collar.

“Not to worry. She loves wearing her stuff under her street clothes. She him Honey.” Mike said.

She stood and unbuttoned the dress. It had buttons from the high neckline down the front to the hem which ended just at her knee line. When she opened the dress Nick saw her pierced nipples, connected by a chain. From the center of the chain another chain went down to a leather and chrome g-string. The waist band of the g-string was chain and when she turned around Nick saw that she had another chain that ran from the bottom of the g-string up the crack of her ass to the waist chain. Her collar would be attached to the rings through her nipples. Mike wanted to know if Nick would like to attach them.

He wanted to. Mike gave him the collar and Janice talked him through the attachment process. Janice and Faith helped get Mike into costume. As they helped him on with the black leather pants it was obvious that his cock and balls would be fully exposed. Faith helped get them through the hole in the front of his pants. Elsewhere he was pretty hairy but around his equipment he was freshly shaved. Faith sucked on him enough to get him hard.

“Will you do that for me at the Ball?” Mike asked.

“Oh yes! I’m looking forward to it.” Faith answered.

“What about your costume, Nick?” Janice asked.

“Mine takes a little more work. First, I need to shower and shave.”

“Not yet! Wait until Kathy gets here!” Faith said.

“Who is Kathy?” Janice asked.

“Kathy is a friend from school. She’ll be here soon. She wants to help get Nick into costume.”

“And, may I help get you into your costume?” Mike asked.

“Not this time. Since Nick hasn’t seen it, I thought I’d let him help me.”

“Oh! Hasn’t seen it? None of it?”

“Oh, he’s seen the tattoos. It’s the other part he hasn’t seen.”

There was a knock at the door. Faith looked at everyone and moved to the door herself. She opened it and let in another couple Nick had never met. The woman was dressed in a loose denim dress and western boots. Nick guessed she was BiBi, the woman Faith had told him a little about. He was right. The man was her partner/husband and he carried a suitcase. He was dressed in jeans, western boots and a tight t-shirt. Faith introduced them as BiBi and Carl.

Another knock and Nick opened the door. Kathy stood before him in her school clothes and carrying a paper bag from a supermarket. He held the door open for her and she stepped inside.

“Everyone, this is Kathy… Kathleen.” He made the rest of the intros personal. Faith came over and welcomed Kathleen. She told her that we had waited for her so that Nick’s costuming could begin.

“What do we do?” Kathy asked.

“Take him in there,” Faith said, pointing at the bathroom, “and shave every hair off his body. Then, bring him back out here.”

Kathy took Nick’s hand and led him into the bathroom. One look around and she said, “I’m going to have to be naked to do this.”

“Oh my God! So am I.” Nick said as he started undressing. She followed his lead. When he was naked he started the shower and made the water good and hot. He lathered up and got clean. She stood nearby and watched, until he reached out and pulled her into the stream of water. Then he soaped her all over, slowly and carefully, and rinsed her. In that process she remarked how she wasn’t used to being in the shower with a man, being washed by a man, especially a man she wasn’t in a relationship with. Nick didn’t say much, he just kept getting her clean and stimulated.

“Here,” He said as he handed her a razor. “Start at my neck and do my back and butt. Ok?”

“Yes, Sir.” She moved behind him and he felt the razor scraping across his skin. He did his chest and arms, then his face. She knelt and did the backs of his legs. He did the fronts. He faced her and said, “I want you to shave my cock and balls.”

“What if I cut you?”

“Then the vampires will suck my blood and I will become an undead.”

“We wouldn’t want that. I’ll be careful.” She was very careful. She used her hands to check for hairs she might have missed. Then she used her mouth. Nick came in her mouth as she checked his cock for hairs.

Then he sat on the floor and had her shave his head. When she was done he had her stand with her legs apart and he said they were going to check his head for tiny hairs they might have missed. He moved between her legs and put the smooth scalp up against her pussy. As he moved his head he asked her to focus on feeling for any little hairs. She didn’t feel any hairs but felt two powerful orgasms from her first brain fuck.