My Son In My Clothes Ch. 03


“Shit, that’ll be Adam. I forgot, I told him he could watch the football with me.”

“Well, in that case you had better let him,” I said.

Two frightened eyes stared in my direction.

“I guess he’ll be a little shocked, but you two are friends. Just make sure he keeps his hands to himself.”

The scared eyes were now joined by an open mouth, and a look of total disbelief.

“Well I suppose I had better let him. The tops of your tights are showing Veronica, don’t make it that obvious.”

I stood up and walked to the lounge door.

“Mum, you can’t let him in,” he squeaked.

“Relax, if he sees you like that he’ll run screaming down the road,” I said as I closed the lounge door behind me.

“Oh hello Adam, Kevin is out I’m afraid.”

“But he said I could watch the football here,” Adam replied a little miffed.

“He must have forgotten I guess. If he comes home I’ll get him to ring you.”

I went to push the door closed, and Adam put his foot in the way. I gulped a little and my breathing changed a little.

“So, you are all alone then?” he asked with a smirk.

“Um, no, well my sister is due at 3,” I mumbled.

He looked at his watch, and smirked, “That still gives us half an hour. So what do you reckon?”

I pushed him out of the house and pulled the door shut behind us. My heart was going like a drum now.

“Look, I told you it was just a drunken mistake. You are only 18 the same age as my son,” I hissed.

“Wrong, I’m two months older than him, and you were gagging for it because your old man is doing some tart. God you were so eager you didn’t even bother about a condom.”

I ran my hand through my hair and looked nervously back at the close door.

“Adam please go, I told you I was vulnerable. I’m friends with your mother for god’s sake.”

He smiled and ran his eyes over me, “That didn’t stop you bouncing up and down on my cock did it? And I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how good it was two weeks ago?”

I swallowed hard.

“Call me when you are free. I can’t believe how eagerly you swallowed my spunk. I bet Kevin doesn’t know how easy you are?” he whispered.

I stood inside the front door with my back pressed against it. My chest was rising and falling rapidly, and my breath was short and gasping. That night I had been out drinking with my sister, and I bumped into Adam on the way home. His house was on the way and his mum, dad, and sisters were away for the weekend. I was drunk and Adam was full of me being pissed. I went in to his house to use the loo, and when I came out this huge erection was staring at me. That was it, he just pushed me to my knees and before I knew it I was sucking him off, and then he fucked me. He was rude and crude, but hell he had a cock on him that even put my husband’s in the shade. Well there you are, Adam, and my Greek boss, fucked me, and I swear they are the only two who have.

I adjusted the button on my blouse and went to the lounge.

“Relax, I told him you had gone out.”

I walked straight through to the kitchen.

“Mum, you were ages out there, I nearly had a heart attack,” he called through from the lounge.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My shaking hand traced over my lips, my lips that Adam had kissed not 2 minutes ago. I was mad at myself now for letting Adam kiss me. I just stood there behind the big bush as Adam opened my blouse, lifted my tit out of my bra and sucked on it! If Kevin hadn’t have been home I might well have dragged Adam upstairs.

“Mum, what did Adam say, what did you tell him?”

“I told him you had gone out.”

We both froze as the back door swung open. Three sets of eyes looked from one to the other. I don’t know which one of us was shocked the most! It seemed like ages before anyone moved, Kevin, Adam, or me!

“Fucking hell, Kevin, is that…you?”

I grabbed Adam’s arm and pulled him in the house as Kevin shot off upstairs. My chest was rising and falling and my heat was thumping like a woodpecker drilling into a tree! Adam was so shocked he couldn’t move. I pushed him down in the kitchen chair and slammed the back door shut.

“What the fuck…I mean…is that….was that…Kevin?”

I stood there wondering where to start. This was going to go all round the neighbourhood in no time, unless I could find some sort of excuse for my son wearing my clothes. Several times I started to speak. At least Adam was still too shocked to move, or bombard me with questions.

“Kevin is um, entering a….no we are going to…he is going to a fancy dress party.”

Adam just looked at me. Slowly he seemed to be coming back into the land of the living. I stood there and explained as best I could that I was trying a few things with Kevin. I mumbled and bumbled for a few minutes, until Kevin came back and stood in the kitchen doorway. Adam just stared at him, from head to toe and back again.

“Adam…this is how I want to be,” he said, and then he took a deep breath.

Both Adam and I just stared at Kevin. He looked terrified but he stood there with those blonde curls and made up face, waiting for whatever was coming Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort next.

“You, want to be…a girl?”

For the next 20 minutes Adam asked questions, and Kevin answered them, as best as he could. There was a pause between each one as Adam digested Kevin’s answer, and then asked my son something else. I just, well I just stood there like a lemon. I was quite shocked when Adam asked Kevin if he wanted to grow tits. Kevin said yes and then Adam asked, “How big?”

“As big as Mum’s I guess…maybe bigger.”

I flumped in the chair as Adam told Kevin he had seen my tits, and my pussy. My fingers fought with the cellophane on a fresh cigarette packet. Kevin didn’t bat an eyelid to what Adam had said. Any minute now I was expecting Kevin to say he knew Adam had fucked me! Okay that was probably obvious, but there is nothing like spelling things out to make a point. Kevin moved to the fridge, and Adam watched his legs and ass. Kevin gave Adam a coke and Adam said, “Thank you, Veronica,” after reading Kevin’s name tag!

The question and answer session continued, and they even chuckled about certain things. By now I was the one who was becoming more and more shocked about all of this than the two boys! Another cigarette got stubbed out and Kevin moved the packet out of my reach.

“Mum, you could do with stopping smoking, it really is disgusting.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled like a naughty schoolgirl, as Veronica opened the kitchen window.

Two sets of eyes watched Veronica’s hem rise up her thighs, as she stretched up. When she turned round she gave a little embarrassed giggle, after noticing what Adam was smiling at.

They went off to watch the second half of the football, leaving me stunned in the kitchen. I had a million questions myself for the pair of them, but I couldn’t properly form one in my head. Now and then they would speak to each other. Kevin asked Adam when he fucked me, and Adam told him! He even told Kevin that I was a good shag! I know I should have said something, but I didn’t have a bloody clue what to say. I got up and went to the living room. Somebody had a shot at the goal on the football, and I watched as Adam grabbed Kevin’s leg! I think it was just maybe a normal reaction. But Kevin was dressed as a girl, and seeing Adam’s hand on his nylon clad leg caused my heart to jump in my mouth.

“Oh, sorry,” Adam said.

“That’s okay,” Kevin replied, and he put Adam’s hand back on his thigh!

I watched Kevin smile to himself, and Adam grinned too as they both watched the football with Adam’s hand lightly stroking Kevin’s leg!

As the football finished I sat in the chair. I was waiting for them both to realise they had been so engrossed in the football match that they didn’t know what they were doing. Kevin just sat there with his legs crossed, as Adam carried on stroking his thigh. What made me even more confused and shocked was what Kevin asked Adam.

“Did I cause that?”

Adam shot a glance at me. I could see that confident look had returned in his eyes.

“Yes Veronica, you did,” he placed Kevin’s hand on his straining cock, “get it out if you want.”

I was mesmerized watching Kevin’s painted fingers pulling down the zip on Adam’s jeans. My son wrapped his fingers around Adam’s cock, and then started to slowly jerk his friend!

“You, you ought to, to stop that,” I mumbled.

“God mum, I’ve jerked Adam off before. We’ve experimented twice, you know, when he comes round here and we go and to my bedroom to do our homework?”

“MY GOD, you, you mean this is all some sort of, set up?”

They both chuckled at me.

“No, I’ve never seen Veronica before. It was always Kevin that jerked me off. I didn’t even know he wants to be a girl, although come to think of it, he did ask me, if he was a girl would I fancy him.”

“But, this is…sick.”

“Oh, and just how sick is it for a mother to dress her son, in her clothes?”

I reached out and grabbed Adam’s arm. Before he knew it I had dragged him to the hall. I spent a few minutes telling him that this had to stop, and that he couldn’t see Kevin as some sort of tart. He looked at me, and whispered, “What, like you, don’t worry, I’ll keep my mouth shut, if we carry on seeing each other, when Kevin is at college.

From then on, I helped Kevin cross dress once a week. He seemed happy with it even if I wasn’t. I never told Nick when he was home. I didn’t have the heart to upset either of them. I just told my husband Kevin and I had sorted things out.

Kevin left home and moved into a flat in the next town. He had rented his flat off a friend of Nick’s, some guy he knew who retired from the navy. His father and I had gone our separate ways by then. Nick moved in with his little tart, but it didn’t last long by all accounts.

Kevin dropped out of college and went to work. I helped him out with money for a time, and he would come and see me every couple of months, but after a while that dried up a little, still he phoned me and that was good enough for me. I got the news that he had a girl staying with him. At last he was turning into a normal boy Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort I thought. The only problem was the landlord wanted to up his rent now he had a girlfriend living there. The landlord had been in touch with me knowing that I paid half the rent, well Nick did really. I suppose raising the rent was understandable, but I just didn’t know how my son would manage, unless his girlfriend had a good job. Still things seemed to turn out okay, and I was happy for them both. Although I hadn’t seen Kevin for nearly 6 months I loved his phone calls. After I heard about his girlfriend I waited for Kevin to tell me. He didn’t, so I guessed I would just have to turn up, unannounced.

So I went round to see Kevin and his new girlfriend. He was out when I got there and I went round the back, and I managed to get in to the ground floor flat through the back door. Kevin or his girlfriend had obviously forgotten to lock it. I hadn’t been there since he first moved in, and I put the cake down that I had baked on the kitchen table. I smiled at the photo of me and Kevin, which was taken shortly before he left for college. I went to the loo and found tights drying on the shower rail. I went from there to the bedroom and found makeup on the dressing table. She was just as untidy as my son. That thought danced round my head, and then my smile dropped a little. I pulled open the wardrobe and stared at all her clothes. Hanging up on the rail was the skirt Kevin had worn as Veronica!

I pulled open the top drawer and found lots of underwear, female underwear. I closed my eyes as I recognised some of my own! I went to the next drawer down, and starring up at me was a pair of false boobs. My heart was in my shoes now, and I flumped down on the bed. I looked at the black silk nightdress that lay motionless on the pillow. I closed my eyes and knew that I had thrown it away in an angry fit. My ex husband had bought that for me, a week before he fucked off with his bimbo!

When I opened my eyes I noticed other things, other than makeup, on the dressing table. I picked up the bottles of creams and lotions and read the labels one by one. I jumped when I heard the door slam shut. I stood up and moved to the hall. I opened my mouth to yell at Kevin, but it wasn’t him. The young man stood there looking as shocked as I did!

“Adam, what are you doing here?” I asked.

Behind him, this mass of blonde curls walked in.

“What do you want for tea, honey?” she asked, as she closed the door and looked up.

The pretty made up face might have been all feminine, but I knew who was under all that makeup, and now she had just spotted me. We all stood staring at each other for several moments.

“Hi mum, I guess you are wondering, um.”

Kevin stopped talking. Well I think it was Kevin. The voice didn’t really belong to my son. Then I remembered the last phone call, the sore throat that Kevin had.

“Don’t tell me that is permanent,” I spat.

He just nodded, and those blonde curls bounced around his head. I walked slowly into the lounge and had to feel for the chair behind me.

“Why don’t you make mum a drink?”

There it was that soft little voice again. Adam looked at me.

“Tea or coffee…no maybe something stronger,” he said.

I sat there until he came over with a glass of vodka, and then I shoved the empty glass back at him seconds later. Kevin raised his plucked pencil thin eyebrows. I was soon sat cuddling another glass in my trembling hand.

“You’ve been out, like that, in daylight?” I asked in a sort of mumbled tone.

“We have to get the shopping, mum” Kevin replied like I was mad.

“Your landlord never told me about this,” I mumbled again.

“He wouldn’t know we pay him through the bank. I just make sure I’m out when I know he is coming.”

Again that voice was echoing round my head. It didn’t belong to my son, more like some young teenage girl. The voice was nothing though, as Kevin unbuttoned his coat my jaw ended up dropping to the floor.

“My god, you have actually grown tits!”

Kevin looked a little embarrassed. I just couldn’t stop staring at them. He was a decent looking B cup, and the low cut top showed off as much flesh as a bikini would!

“It’s all me,” he proudly announced.

I looked at the denim miniskirt that was far too short to be of any use as a skirt. Long legs covered in Black tights, and hoisted up by 4 inch black heels, looked to incredible to be true.

“You have been shopping, like that, in a supermarket?” I said faintly, “thank god you wore a coat.”

Kevin chuckled a little.

“Mum, I took the coat off to go in the shop.”

The vodka had suddenly disappeared again.

“Look, why don’t you stay for tea. I’ll go cook something, and then we can chat.”

I watched my grinning son move past Adam, on the way she pecked him on the cheek!

“You’ve got a bloody nerve,” I spat at Adam.

He sat next to me on the couch.

“If, Kevin knew you were still fucking me on and off. Shit, I mean, you are cheating on us, both!”

“It’s okay mum, I know all about you and Adam, I’m Kadıköy Ucuz Escort cool with it,” Kevin said, and gave me a wink and a smile, and then went back out of the room wiggle his hips.

I was just sort of waving the empty glass at Adam now. He seemed as amused as my son. Was I the only one to find this fucking strange? I took the glass and a smaller sip this time.

I went out to the kitchen and just stood staring at Kevin. He worked away with a constant grin on his face.

“Well, I don’t know what the fuck to feel. Are you telling me you have had your dick and balls cut off?”

Kevin grinned, and then shook his head.

“Mum, I was going to tell you, next month, after I go in for the operation.”

“Next bloody month?!” I screeched.

“Look, I know this is a shock, but I’ve changed my name and everything. I’m Veronica now.”

Again I was fumbling for a chair. I put the glass to my lips and suddenly it was taken away. The same thing happened when my trembling fingers managed to get a cigarette to my lips.”

“You’re not allowed to smoke in here,” Kevin said.

“Christ, will you put those bloody tits away!”

“Oh mum, they look good, Adam likes them, he says they are like yours, but just a little smaller.”

Kevin, or rather Veronica, gave a little girlish chuckle that had me wondering if he had always been a girl!

“I suppose he likes the way your nipples stick out too!” I snapped.

“Mum, you are going to make me blush if you carry on like that,” Veronica said with a little laugh.

I reached for the glass of vodka and it was pulled further away from me.

“And before you ask, yes I’ve got a job, yes I go to work as Veronica, and yes I get whistled at and chatted up. Now why don’t you help me with the vegetables?”

Well I guess there wasn’t much else to do.

“What about him in there?” I said, gesturing with the knife to the closed door.

“Oh Adam and I are quite close. He moved in last month, I don’t expect it to last, but for now he makes me happy. God mum, I just thought, we like the same sort of bloke, isn’t that cool?”

I had to stop peeling the potato before I shredded the damn thing!

“So, hang on a minute. We share the same fucking bloke! Jesus, I don’t know if he’s cheating on me or you!”

Again Kevin laughed.

“Hell mum, I don’t care, so why should you? I know he still fucks you while he is seeing me. But honestly, it’s cool.”

I just stood there as Veronica plonked another spud in my hand. I was torn between looking at her more closely and not wanting to stare. I suppose now Kevin had gone this far it was pointless asking her to turn back.

“So, tell me about your operation then?”

“Well, they cut down the….oh you don’t mean what they do, do you?”

I suppose the shock on my face gave that away.

“No, I don’t want to hear all that. I just want to know, is it safe?” I asked, not really sure what I wanted to know.

“As safe as crossing the road I guess. At the end of the day does it really matter? It is what I want. How is dad by the way?”

She took the knife and potato from my hand. I mean, how the hell could I answer, without think about what Nick would say, if he saw Kevin like this!

“Do you still see him?” she asked.

I shook my head.

“Kevin, sorry Veronica, your dad wouldn’t like this at all.”

I watched her ass wiggle as she went to the lounge. I stood there watching the spuds in the water as it got hotter and hotter. Nick was ready to beat the shit out of him a few years ago.

“He’ll probably kill you when he sees you in the flesh.”

Again that little girlish laugh came from Kevin, “Mum, he can’t do anything, this is me, and this is how I want to be. I’m not expecting him to like it, but this is my choice, and hopefully when he climbs off the walls, he’ll think about what I want for a change, and not what his mates will think.”

Well Veronica could cook I’ll give her that. Adam seemed quite amused having the two of us together. When Veronica went out to get the rhubarb pie Adam started inching my skirt up under the table. I tried to grab his hand away but he wouldn’t stop. I sat like a stone when Veronica walked back in. Adam had his hand under the table and under my panties. As Veronica stood next to him to serve the pie his other hand was up the back of her skirt! She chuckled a little, but just let him carry on. She jumped a little as he gave her ass a pinch. She smiled at him and then winked at me.

“Leave mum alone and eat you pie,” she said, as she sat down.

She knew she bloody well knew he was touching me up!

I sat on the couch after we had eaten. I was back on the vodka after the red wine at dinner. I guess I was a little drunk by now. Adam sat next to me and Veronica sat on his other side. She was cuddled into him, and I sat there stunned as Adam pushed his hand into the split up the front of my skirt! I took a large gulp of my drink, as I thought about tipping it over his head. Veronica whispered something to him and he turned to me. The next thing I knew was his mouth covered mine. His hand went right up my skirt and he found my wet panties there waiting! All the time I was thinking about Veronica. I knew we shared the same man now, but never together! I sort of put up a little struggle. But when Adam pulled away he pointed down to his groin. There was Veronica sucking on his cock like she had been doing it all her life!