Rachel’s Weekend

Big Tits

Rachel had not been the same since she had made love to David. She thought to herself, oh hell woman they don’t call it making love any more it’s fucking. Rachel still likes the making love idea better. Her feelings and emotions had been very mixed up this past week as she cannot believe what has happened between her and David. She is terrified of what would happen if her daughter ever found out. It would really be something though, her talking a man away from her daughter, boy would that be a slap in the face. She thought it would serve her right the way she has treated David and even her at times. No matter, she has just talked to David about the plans for this coming weekend and she is all warm and a little wet in a certain area. It has been a long time since she got wet talking to a man. It is a nice sensation, a good feeling and she is going to enjoy it.

David had called to confirm the plans for the weekend. He wanted her to plan on staying at least one night maybe two, depending and things. He had laughed when he said that. She had gotten very warm and wet at that point because she was thinking of actually spending two nights in bed with him. She was not only going to have sex with him she was going to sleep with him, wake up with him, fix breakfast with him, oh my she was going to be with him. She was acting like a very young girl not a grown woman, especially a 45 year old woman with a 26 year old lover. Oh that sounds so good.

Rachel had hung up the phone and sat back in the chair and thought about the other day and the sex with David. Then she started to think about what the weekend held in store.

I will have to go shopping for some new clothes, some special clothes.

That warm fuzzy feeling surged through her again because she was going shopping for clothes to wear for David. Her hands moved over her body first cupping her breasts and then moving down over her belly and then pushing on her pubic mound and cupping her pussy. Oh she loved the feel of hands touching her even if they were her own. Trouble is it had been her own for too long and she was not sure what sex was like with the younger crowd and she sure could not ask her daughter. She chuckled to herself with that. She wanted to do it right, but what is right. David said they would be going to diner and a concert and maybe out for some dancing, oh it had been so long since she had been dancing.

Her hands had been playing on their own rubbing her pussy and all of a sudden she became very aroused and then she started to rub harder and faster. She thought of David and his oh so nice big cock and how it felt sliding in and out of her. She was wearing a thin light purple house dress that came to her knees and a button front and short puffy sleeves. She reached down and pulled the dress up then ran her hand over the very wet basic white cotton panties. She slipped a finger inside the panties and played with her pussy lips until she found her clit. At this point she seemed to lose control and franticly rubbed. She was moaning while she rubbed and then slipped a finger into her wet waiting pussy. Oh god that feels so good, she thought, oh David I want you so bad it hurts. She had a small but very satisfying orgasm and then just sort of caressed herself as she imagined David might do.

Oh my god my clothes, she was thinking of the white panties she was wearing, they are so old looking. He is so young what is he going to think of me wearing panties and bras like these. Oh no I am an old woman. She was beside herself with doubts. Oh the lingerie she has is all old women; all of a sudden 45 is old. Oh stop it Rachel, she thought, you just have to do some shopping that’s all and it did not seem like you were an old woman when you were fucking David. Oh dear that is something else, sex is all new and different now and I don’t know that much. Rachel had been married to an older man, the only man she had had sex with, and he had had several mistresses so her knowledge of sex was somewhat limited. She had experienced oral sex with her husband and it was only okay. I don’t know that much about sex even and in this day and age what is David going to think of me.

Rachel when shopping and she knew where the very best shops were. She bought a very sexy black dress that came to just above her knees. The front came around and connected at the back of the neck with an open bare back. The front open and the bare back made Rachel feel very different she felt young, proud, and confident again. The young clerk that was helping her smiled and had asked why she wanted that particular dress and had smiled as Rachel explained she “had a date”. The clerk was very helpful and seemed to enjoy helping her pick out some sexy lingerie. She had gotten everything, panties, bras, and even garter belts in black lace, bright red and some pastel colors. As she walked out of the store there was a difference in her stride, she walked with a hip swinging sashay that said “I got it fellows look at me”, and the men in the maul mardin escort did look with desire. She felt good about herself and about the situation. She walked down the street with her packages swinging her cute butt and thinking how much fun she was going to have. The clerk had been very helpful in picking out some sexy clothing and she seemed to enjoy it. Rachel thought to herself; well I have the clothes and I had no trouble getting advice on what to wear but oh man where I can get advice on sex. I sure can’t ask Jenn and I sure won’t ask any of my friends, hell they’re all as old as me. The issue of sex bothered her as she was sure David was active and well, very knowledgeable about sex. She chuckled to herself, knowledgeable, hell he knows a lot about sex because he is young and sexually active and you’re an old woman with old sex ideas. This really bothered her and she agonized about it a lot as she wanted to please David in the worst way.

The weekend came and Rachel had driven to town. She had dressed in tailored black dress slacks, a white silk button up blouse, 4 inch spike heels and a light scarf. She had called David on the cell as she approached his apartment building and saw him directing her to a parking spot. She could hardly contain herself. Oh god he looks so good, I want that hunk.

David walked to the car and looked at the woman getting out and thought; oh my god does she look great, nice lady.

“Well look at you, don’t you look gorgeous, mm you look delicious” and with that David took her in his arms and kissed her with a tender passion that made her fears of being with him melt away. The kiss turned to a deeper passionate kiss as his tongue pressed into her mouth and one hand moved down her back and cupped her butt as he bent her sideways.

She loves the feel of his hands and his tongue, the closeness of his body made her tingle all over and especially between her legs… She straightened up and backed her head away.

“Oh David, stop that, not here in the parking lot people can see”

“So what, I will kiss you anywhere I feel like and as often as I feel like, so you don’t like my kisses?”

“You know I like it but I am well what will people say”

“Geeze lady, quite worrying about what others will say and do what you want, when you want. You need to start thinking about yourself and your enjoyment.”

“Okay mister, you’re right but you are going to have to help me with that.”

“Oh have no worries there, I am going to help you enjoy a lot of things.” David smiles in a devilish way and then picked up the bags from the trunk she had opened. As he stood up she moved in and kissed him sweetly on the lips and looked at him.

She is thinking how she feels about this wonderful man. She smiles at him and walks along side him as they head to the apartment door. Once inside they move to the elevator. He has punched his floor and put the bags down, turning to her he reaches out and takes hold of her and pulls her to him. The kiss is very passionate and deep their tongues are whipping each other and the arms are moving all over with frenzy.

One hand has cupped a butt cheek and squeezed it hard and the other was caressing a breast. Her hands were in his hair and the back of his neck. She was biting his lip and tongue then moved to his ear.

“Oh David I missed you, missed your hands, miss all of you” and she chuckles especially certain parts.

“I missed you to and thought about you a lot and lady if you were wearing a dress instead of slacks I would be raping you now” His tongue pushed hard and deep into her mouth and his hands squeezed hard on a breast and butt cheek.

She sighed and moaned and bucked her hip into him and she could feel what she thought was an erection.

She thought: oh yes David that feels so good oh I want that in me soon, please. The kiss broke and “So what is stopping you, you naughty boy you.” She froze and turned away, the word “boy” made her stop and thoughts of the age difference ran through her mind. David sensed the change.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing I just thought of something”

David then realized what it was, the age difference. He turned her and looked her straight in the face. He took her face between his hands and kissed her very tenderly and said, “Lady, you and I will work out this age thing together but we are not going to let it get in the way of enjoying each other or having fun so just get the negative thoughts out of your mind now cause I plan on enjoying you a lot this weekend”. He smiled kissed her again and gave her behind a swat.

The elevator stopped they exited and walked to his apartment. He opened the door and said “Welcome to my humble abode”.

David’s apartment was a simple one bedroom unit. The decorations were nice as he had dated an interior decorator for a time.

He led her into the bedroom and opened the closet where he hung up the garment bag. Putting the suitcase on a foot stool.

“Okay nevşehir escort the bath is there and you can probably find whatever you need. It’s small but, well I don’t need much. “

“Oh this is very nice.” She felt a little awkward as she had not been in man’s bedroom in some time. She looked at the single queen-size bed and thought; oh my we will be sharing that tonight.

He noticed her looking at the bed and he just grabbed her and threw her on the bed and fell on top of her, kissing her roughly.

She pulled away and said; “stop that, I just spent $100 to get my hair done and you’re not going to mess it up”

“Okay but you just missed out on some hot sex, I was going to do all sorts of nasty things to you”

“Well you can do them later, now I would like to take a quick shower and get ready”

“Okay, so can I wash your back and maybe some other parts?”

“Oh you’re bad” she smiled with a playful look and the tension drained away. She relaxed and decided to let happen what will happen.

“Here at least let me have some fun” and he reached over to unbutton her blouse. At first she objected and then thought; oh what the hell enjoy it.

He slowly undid each button and parted the blouse and saw the white lace bra pushing up the very good looking breasts. He bent down and kissed the top of each one. His hands undid the clasp in front and the sweet tits burst out of confinement with erect nipples. He quickly kissed and then sucked a nipple.

“Easy there, I said no sex until after the concert”

“I am just sampling the offering, I can wait till later.”

“You might be able to but I might not”; she lifted his face and kissed his lips lightly and pushed him away. He reached out and grabbed her and spun her around then pulled her close. With her back to him she leaned back against him as his hand moved down from her breasts to her slacks. He undid the slacks and slid them down. He had squatted down with the slacks and she had stepped out of them. He was looking at a pair of very sexy black lace boy cut panties and simple pulled her hips to him and kissed each butt cheek.

“There you go, now if you tell me to “Kiss My Ass” I can say already done that”.

She did not know what to do the feeling running through her body and the thoughts in her head. The emotions flooded her so that the water started to leak out her eyes. David turned her around and saw the tears and very tenderly kissed them. She moved into his arms, hugged him and just sort of purred. David kissed her softly and then moved to slip the panties off, kissing her all over as he moved down. He kissed her warm wet pussy and moved lower then she stepped out of them.

There she stood naked except for the spike high heels. She suddenly thought of herself as a slut and that was good in a naughty sort of way. She did a pose and then walked across the room to the bath.

David, kneeling on the floor just looked at the cute ass as she walks out. He got up, stripped quickly and went to the bathroom to help her wash.

“Need some help” he had opened the door and stepped in. She was using the Danish phone as she did not want to get her hair wet. He kissed the back of her shoulder and she turned.

“You better not get my hair wet” “Okay I’ll be careful”.

With that he proceeded to soap her body. It had been to long since a man had touched her like this and she just decided to enjoy whatever he wanted to do. Whatever he wants is just fine. She could only think about how wonderful this night is going to be. They finished the shower and dried each other playfully. She was the happiest she had been in a long time.

David had dressed and was waiting for her in the living room. She had wanted to dress in private to surprise him and besides there would have been too much horse play otherwise. Still she did love the horse play.

She entered the room with a hip swinging walk and then posed. “So do you like?”

She was in the black dress with a silver necklace that hung down to just the start of the cleavage that was very exposed. His eyes followed the necklace to just where they were supposed to go. Her shoulder length auburn hair was done in tight curls. She also wore black thigh high nylons with a small pattern in them.

He thought as his eyes stared; oh man does she look great and the tits on her, wow. The dress was all that was holding her beautiful breasts and he just breathed in deeply. He liked what he saw and the expression on his face showed it. She is going to turn some heads tonight.

As they left the apartment he offered his arm and she put hers in and pulls close to him. At the garage in the basement he opened the door to his car, a two seat convertible. She smiled to herself, I wonder how many women this car got him. It was a quiet drive to the restaurant. Diner was a very pleasant affair and she noticed that several of the men had given her very long and desirous looks. She had even niğde escort played a little with one fellow by crossing her legs and letting her dress ride up giving him a show. She felt good about being looked at in that manner.

At the concert hall they walked arm in arm through the lobby and that is where Rachel got the shock of a lifetime. There was a group of people at the stairs and many were old acquaintances’ of Rachel’s. She hesitated but David just walked her on, pulling her actually.

Several of the women said hello and the men just eyed her. She had nodded and responded and moved on.

She was thinking; oh my, it will be all over town tomorrow and then she smiled. The gossips will be talking about her out with a younger, much younger man. Her smile broadened and there was a little extra wiggle in her hips as she was thinking; dam it I am still a good looking woman and I got a great looking man.

The concert was wonderful and they had held hands and explored around a little but mostly just enjoyed the music and each other. Now what was the music? Was it Chopin or Beethoven, she did not care, all that mattered was the company she kept.

They had gone dancing at a couple of nightclubs and she had turned the heads of many of the men and women.

She had loved the dancing and the feel of David holding her, they only slow danced. All the time they danced all she could think about was getting back to his apartment. She finally suggested they call it an evening.

As they were driving back she reached over and ran her fingers through his hair and played with it. Then let her hand caress his neck. She reached over and kissed his ear and bit it and then bit his neck. His hand moved over and touched her knee which was exposed. Slowly his hand slid up her leg with the fingers on the inside of her thigh. She parted her legs as his finger reached the top of her stockings. She had not worn a garter belt, only elastic to hold the stockings as the belt would have shown through the dress. His fingers touched the top and then the bare skin. The electric tingle that ran through her body sent shivers up her spine.

Her hands in his hair and the kissing of his neck had given him an erection. The feel of her leg under his hand was so good. The thought of touching her pussy now was too much. He was enjoying this woman and she was really a woman not some girl.

She leaned over and with and hand around his neck and the other in his lap she nibbled on his ear and said “you keep that up and I am going to open your pants right here and now”.

Well his response was to push his hand all the way up to her panties, which were moist and warm. The sensation of his hand on her panty covered pussy was too much. She bit his ear and grabbed his cock and squeezed. The car swerved and she squeezed harder and he rubbed a finger hard into her panties.

He pulled into the garage and parked just in time as he was not sure how much longer he could drive with her squeezing his cock that way. They quickly made it to the elevator and punched in the floor.

David turned and looked at her and then pulled her to him and kissed her with a crushing passionate kiss that sucked the air from her. His tongue went deep and his hands mover all over her body. The elevator stopped and they separated both breathing heavy and flushed. There were two women getting on. They looked at them up and down, smiled and then they said” hello David, out for the night?” It sounded a little sarcastic to Rachel but what the hell he was with her and not them.

They hurried from the elevator to the apartment and as soon as the door was closed behind them they were in each other’s arms.

The feelings and emotions in her were running wild. “Oh David oh I want you so please hurry oh yes”.

He had covered her with kisses and his hands were everywhere. He reached up and pulls the dress from the back of her neck over her head and down exposing her breasts and she gasped as he kissed and sucked her breast and nipples. She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. He struggled with the rest of the dress and she said “here let me” and she stripped of the dress.

Standing in her high heels, stocking, panties, and necklace she looked like the perfect slut and David loved the look. He ripped at his clothes and she helped as they made their way to the bedroom.

“Come here you gorgeous looking slut I want to fuck you so bad.”

No one had ever called her a slut before and well it sort of turned her on more as if that seemed possible. She was sure she was so wet she was leaking but she wasn’t. She all but ripped his clothes off and finally as she pulled his shorts down he was naked. As she rose up she reached out and cupped his balls and lifted his cock and kissed the end of it and then sucked in the tip. David straightened up and moaned. His cock was so hard and seemed to be getting even harder. He could take not more and reached down and lifted her up and went to the bed. He had turned the bed down before the left and he threw her on it and fell upon her. Their lips meet with such force he was sure he tasted blood and she pushed and then bit his lip. Their tongues moved quickly searching out the inside of each other mouth.