Hard On the Trail Ch. 08


“yeah…you like that huh? Hurt? Huh?!” Daddy pounded hard into my ass as my face was shoved into my pillows. My batman pjs around my ankles and my cum soaked on my sheets. The pain was unreal, but the pleasure had been worth it, “Ohhh yea, take it you little shit. Next time I show up to fuck you in the ass, you’ll be home.”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Uhhh yeah, make me wait around for this little ass!” he slapped my ass.

“Uh!” I had been spending a little too much time at my submissive’s house. Sex with him was different than sex with Daddy. Although I’d tried to steer it in the same direction it seemed to go completely separate. For one thing he loved to suck my dick, for another he was always kissing me all over. And the last few times we’d actually cuddled. It was just as passionate as with Daddy but a lot less angry.

Daddy had come to my bedroom one of those nights that I was at my subs house. I, of course, had no way of knowing he’d be coming over. He came when he wanted to cum. But now I was paying the price for having made him wait to get off.

“Ohh uhhhh yeah, stand up, bitch!”

I assumed the position and braced for the pain as he drove his dick deep into my ass, “UHHHHHH YEAH OHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH”

He must have been waiting a long time cause I could feel my gut bloating with his load.

“Uhhhhh” he fell over my back, spent. As he stood up he told me to stay put. He came back a second later and with a quick slap a sharp pain hit me. I moaned out in surprise. “There, that’ll show ya!” I looked over my shoulder, “Now you can wear that until you have to shit, feel me slosh around inside you until then!” and he flopped down beside me.

The ass hole had plugged my hole. Typical!

I lay beside him in my bed, squirmed to pull my pj pants back up.

“Hey,” he said with a propositioning tone, “you think you and your bitch are up for a little fun?”

I stopped what I was doing to look at him, “Fun? What kind of fun?”

“Well you’ve been fucking for a while now right? He’s totally game right?”

I nodded, “yeah…but what did you have in mind?” Thoughts of Daddy and I tag-teaming my bitch sent a tingle into my balls.

“Every now and then a few of us throw a party downtown. It’s always amazing and the hottest thing I’ve ever done. I was thinking of taking your ass there this time and thought you’d want to take your bitch along too.”

“Sure…do we have to do anything?”

Daddy chuckled, “nah, just bring your imagination and spunk. I’ll leave the details on your night stand.”


It was the night of the party, I had swung by to pick up my bitch, Daddy was going to meet us there. I didn’t know all the details other than we were supposed to show up at this spot at a specific time and we’d be told the rest once there.

We stood on the porch of the house, you could hear music inside and the lights were on showing many shapes in the shadows on the drawn dark curtains. A man answered the door dressed like a butler, “this way!” he said and when he turned I saw he had no ass in his pants! I nudged my sub and pointed. He laughed, the butler looked over his shoulder, “can I help you?”

I shook my head, “sorry,….. first party!” He turned, “Ahhhh I see. Well, it’ll all make sense to you soon.” he reached to his right and passed us each a box. “inside is your costume for the night. It is very simple, you go get changed, if your outfit has no ass then you are to be someone’s bitch tonight, if your outfit has no front than you shall be someone’s Daddy. Also, you will notice everyone has a color attached to them. Daddy’s have theirs attached to their clothes before they put them on so they know what color they are. But bitches, you see, are not to know what their color is, so if you are a bitch you must come see me after you are dressed and I shall pin a color to your back. Anyone found revealing a bitches color to them shall be punished by all the people in the room! It is not recommended!”

I swallowed hard, “So, it’s that simple, you’re either bottom or top?”

He laughed, “Mostly, but the moment a Daddy spots his bitch he is to bend him over right there on the spot and fuck him mercilessly. It does not matter what either party is doing, these are the rules you see. And if the Daddy so chooses he can invite other subs to join Bayan Escort Gaziantep in.”

It was my sub’s turn to swallow hard, “Why would he want to share?”

The butler rolled his eyes, “Some get off on watching their sub being taken, others are just mad at their sub for something they have done at the party prior to their being discovered.”

“And why other subs? Why not doms?”

“isn’t it obvious? The dom must save all their energy to make a man out of their sub. Now, enough with the questions, you know the rules, and quite possibly your sub or dom have been waiting patiently for you to arrive and you’re here wasting time chatting with me when I myself must go be discovered. Changing rooms are down the hall, any room will do. I shall wait here until you return in case you are sub and in need of a pin. “

I went into a room to get dressed. I opened my box with great excitement. A cowboy hat was inside, exciting! As I pulled out the vest and chaps I noticed the pants to go under the chaps. I pulled them out …. no back. I was going to be someone’s bitch.

I made quick work of getting dressed and hurried out to the butler to be pinned with my fate. after I had an unknown color pinned to my back where I couldn’t see, I turned to see my sub come out with a military uniform on. I could see his uniform had a front so we were both subs. He looked so nervous and pale. I gave him a confident thumbs up.

After we were both pinned we went into the room in the back. It was filled with people, there were people all over the house. It could take a while before we found our Daddy’s or they found us. There were people chatting all over the place, some even seemed to be exchanging information.

I looked around wondering which one would be my dom. I spotted another cowboy in the corner. His raging hard on sticking out of a hole in his pants. Could he be my dom? No way, it was too obvious. He was stacked though, his stomach chiseled. I’d love to be ravaged by him. I walked towards him and just as we made eye contact I turned on my heel and walked away so he could see my pin on my back. He never bent me over, damn, guess my color wasn’t the right one.

Just as I turned I heard a slam followed by a loud, “YEEEHAAAWWWW HERE WE GO!” I spotted my cowboy shoving his dick hard into the ass of a pilot. The pilot had a scarf on like they did in the late 20’s. the cowboy snatched it off him and used it to rodeo lasso his arms behind his back. He then thumped his face back against the table, smushing it as he bellowed, “yeeaaaaa take it baby! I’m gonna ride you all the way home! YEAH!” and slapped his ass. I don’t know if he had used any lube or at least not enough because the pilot’s face was all contorted. It was getting me hard so I excused myself and moved to another room.

I almost ran smack into Daddy. Well, my normal daddy, tonight it looked as though he was going to be a sub as well. He was dressed in a cowboy outfit as well. Just like me his had the hole in the ass. I’d lost my sub somewhere in the crowd and thought I’d chat with my usual daddy to pass time until I was discovered.

“How you liking it so far?”

“Not bad, haven’t been discovered yet.”

“Ah that’s nothing, could be all night. Quite a crowd, they had to branch outside of just colors!”

I looked around, he was right, some of the doms had images pinned to their front and corresponding images were pinned to subs back. I saw one pair chatting pretty close to each other off to the side. They were back to back and so the dom hadn’t identified him as his sub yet. I wondered how long that’d take.

“What’s your color?” my daddy said as he bent me forward to look. “ahhh very nice! I know who your dom is! You’re going to have fun tonight!” My heart raced, I was jealous that he already knew who my dom was. I wanted to know! The suspense was too much.

Just then we heard a whack, I looked up, the two who had been chatting nearby must have turned. The dom had bent the sub over and started to ride him, but that wasn’t the craziest part. There was my sub, he must have been standing near the now bent over sub when he got knocked forward. The sub being taken had bumped my sub who then dumped his wine into the dom in front of him. As he backed away apologizing my daddy started laughing, “oh he’s going to be in a heap of shit.” cause not only did he knock his wine into a dom…it was his dom.

As my sub turned around to make tracks the dom he’d just doused with wine spotted his color match and knocked him over the dinner table, holding him down with one hand he took his other hand to his mouth. Sticking two fingers in his mouth he let out a loud whistle, “Bitches! I’ve got someone who needs a little lesson! Bring your sweet asses over here and open your flaps, it’s time to ride!” and with that he brought his hand down and slapped my subs ass hard. I saw the panic in my subs face. Poor bastard, it wasn’t his fault, but that was the rules of the game. Us subs swarmed in opening our front flaps to expose our tortured cocks. It was then that I realized my fantasy was going to come true, I was going to get to tag-team my sub with my daddy. I looked over at him, he was stroking his cock in anticipation. I reached over and swatted his hand away and began to stroke it. He looked down and smirked. Returning the favor we stood there waiting our turn on my sub while stroking each other’s cock.

My sub moaned and squirmed on the table beside the sub that had knocked into him. Cat calls came from around the room as some more dom came into the room to watch the sub fight.

He had 4 cocks rammed up his ass already and just as the 5th one was scrunching up his face to cum my daddy took his hand off my cock and slapped me in the ass shoving me forward. It was my turn. My sub had tears in his eyes as I came closer. My heart went out to him, over the time we’d spent together I had begun to see him as more than just a hole to fill. We had a very different relationship than Daddy and I. I still dominated him but I cared about him too. I reached forward, put my hand on his chin to lift his eyes to mine. I smiled down at him gently calming him. I then looked at his Daddy for the night, “Permission to lube my cock, sir.”

The dom stood stroking his dick and laughed, “lube away, bitch.”

I knew my sub loved sucking my dick and hoped the familiarity of it would bring him some comfort. I looked down at him and he smiled up at me, it had worked. He gratefully took my dick in his mouth. Immediately my balls tensed up, he was so amazing at giving head. Most of the time he and I spent together I enjoyed when he got me off in his mouth more than when I ravaged his ass. My head was thrown back as I moaned. This brought on more cat calls and woos. I had almost forgot we had an audience. I looked over at Daddy and saw him watching … he looked….jealous? Injured? Was it possible he actually had feelings for me as well? I pulled out of my subs mouth, bent down to whisper in his ear, “These are the rules, honey, but I’ll let you get yours tonight at home if I can.” He smiled and was much more calm, “just try to enjoy it, think of how hot it is!”

I walked around behind him and said for everyone to hear, “Alright, bitch, hope you lubed me up good!” and slammed into him. My thrust threw him forward a bit and knocked the table back. He groaned out passionately. His ass was so lubed up with all the cum dripping down his balls that it reminded me of my pussy fucking days.

The idea of fucking a pussy again while surrounded by all these people watching got me even hotter. I wondered why we didn’t have women in our group, sure I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t gay and only did this to get off. I made a mental note to ask Daddy next time and focused on the moment. His sloppy ass was warm and wet. So welcoming as I slammed into him. I looked over at Daddy again as I plowed my sub. His face was turning red, he was getting close just jacking off watching this. I thought I’d give him a show. I reached forward, grabbed my subs hair and rode his ass, “uhhh yeah, uhhh here I cum bitch. Going to coat your sloppy ass! UHHHHHH” and I felt my stream join the rest of the goo inside his tight ass. He moaned and I heard a dripping sound. He had cum with me and it was slipping out of his front flap and hitting the floor. I barely had time to enjoy the fact that I’d made him cum as I was shoved aside.

I almost yelled at the guy until I realized it was Daddy, “yeah bitch, you liked that huh? Well now I’m going to teach you how a real man fucks.” I watched as Daddy shoved his huge cock into my subs ass, I heard whimpering and knew how much it’d hurt the first time Daddy plowed me that deep. I moved around the table so that my sub could see my face, as I bent down to whisper something reassuring to him again I heard, “oh, baby! Bend over and let me take your temperature!” then there was a sudden pain in my ass as my Daddy for the night had found me. I looked over my shoulder to see who was causing me so much discomfort only to see a huge black man dressed as a doctor. I strained to see his member, it was huge, it might as well have had an elbow. I cried out in pain as he thrust ferociously. I turned and saw my daddy still fucking my sub in the ass. He had a huge grin on his face. He was enjoying this. As the pain became too much and I started to cry, “please….fucking get it over with arrrrr fuck I can’t arhhrhhrrhh you’re ripping me in half.”

My sub, still being plowed by my usual daddy, laying basically in front of me with his head off to the side said, “hey…hey…look at me….focus on me.” I opened my eyes with my teeth tightly gritting through the pain. My sub smiled at me, “It’s going to be okay, just think how hot this is.” I smiled back and then he did something unexpected. Right there in front of my daddy for the night and my usual daddy he moved his head close to mine and kissed me.

“oh we’ve got a chain here!” yelled the doctor as he slapped my ass, “let’s rock these bitches!”

I heard my daddy grunt and my sub winced in pain, I knew that meant Daddy was getting close. I put my hand on the back of his head, pulled him in close and stuck my tongue in his mouth. The pain in my ass was incredible and the more I made out with my sub the harder the doctor fucked my ass. “oh you like it you dirty bitch. Uhhhh yeah…”

I whispered to my sub, “let’s put on a show and finish these ass holes off.” He smiled and with that we pawed at each other, moaning and groaning. Tongues visibly in each others mouths at times.

“UHHHH FUCK! FILL YOUR ASS” Daddy came first and following him was my subs daddy for the night who rammed his cock in deep. My doctor was still pounding my ass. He was relentless. I was not going to be shitting right for weeks. Tears were pouring down my cheeks as he pounded me towards my sub but I didn’t care. If I made it hot he’d finish soon.

My subs daddy for the night was pounding into him now, “ohhh yeah….teach you to dump wine on a guy. Little fucker! Yeah, fill your little white ass! Uhhhhhhhh” our moaning and making out was too much for him and as he grunted I felt my doctor pull out so far I thought he was done and then he thrust in deep with an animalistic grunt. Both doms were done at the same time. My doctor trembled a bit on top of me as his cock spent itself inside of me.

Once they were done and pulled out they got out of character. My doctor complimented my fine ass and gave me his digits. His name was Dick which I thought quite suiting. He told me if I ever got bored to give him a call. I didn’t think I would, wasn’t sure I could handle that dick again.

I saw my sub finishing off with his dom who was giving him a talk about how it’s all just in fun, no hard feelings. He too got some digits and a finger was pointed at me and then my sub. My sub looked back at me and then laughed. They nodded farewells and my sub headed to me, “what was that about?”

“Oh, he wanted to know if some time we’d be interested in a threesome.”

I cackled, “so, back to my place?”

Once outside the party house my sub reached over with his hand which he put in mine. I was caught off guard by the gesture but he squeezed my hand and said, “thanks”

He held my hand the entire drive to my place and when we climbed into bed he curled up in my chest. It was comfortable having him there. He was wearing one of the childish pj’s from daddy and I was wearing another. It was like a little boy’s slumber party only… more tender.

In no time I heard his breathing relaxed and could tell he was sleeping, I smiled and snuggled him in closer. I was beginning to really like having him around. This was the first time I’d ever brought him to my place. I always showed at his place when I wanted to get off, as was the arrangement of this entire thing.

I quickly fell asleep but for how long I’m not sure. When I woke I saw Daddy standing over me, his shape outlined by the moonlight in the window behind him. He was playing with his cock and moaned, “So, you brought your little friend home. I don’t remember giving you permission for a sleep over. He better keep his mouth shut and not wake your mother!”