Mistress Commands Me in the Office Pt. 01


My phone buzzed, and chimed softly. But not with my normal text chime, with the soft, sexy whisper of my mistress, with the soft command “answer me now”, and underneath that, the subliminal subtle trigger words “suck cock, panty girl”. The app mistress had installed on my phone allowed her to choose the volume level, and select the chime, so I was grateful that she chose a quiet volume, as I was in my office cubical, and I would be so humiliated if any of my cube neighbors heard her sexy voice.

But I had no choice. Without even looking around, I immediately pulled down my fly, and pulled my penis out through the fly hole, not my naked penis, but my panty-clad penis, to show mistress that I was wearing the silky, frilly, pink panties that she’d had on my wardrobe menu when her text woke me this morning. I had to be able to prove to my mistress at a moment’s notice that I was wearing whatever she demanded of me.

Fortunately mistress’ trigger words of “suck cock, panty girl” required only an unzipped fly exposure this time, and this wasn’t the “sissy anal whore” chime which would require that I immediately pull my pants down to my knees, bend over, and moon my panty-clad sissy ass, which would not only show which panties I was wearing at that moment, but also the outline of any anal butt plug I might be wearing.

The very first version of my mistress’ monitoring compliance system required that I take a photo with my phone and sext the picture to her, with a timestamp on the photo. The next version required that I call her on my phone using live video. But the latest version involved three cameras pre-installed in my cubical, constantly monitoring me, and sending video feed to my mistress’ computer network, which she often sold to her private customers who wanted to watch me submit to her, live, right there in the office.

The new cam-whore role mistress put me in often involved some wild after-hours adventures. It could be really tricky during regular business hours, when other co-workers were around. Usually mistress was busy running her businesses during the day, but this week she’d taken the week off, and at any moment, I could be in deep trouble.

I had to be aware of my cube neighbors at all times, so that I’d be ready when mistress sent a command, otherwise I’d be in deep shit, because I wasn’t allowed enough time to check my surroundings, I had to immediately comply. If someone were standing and facing in my direction, I’d have to turn away from them, pretending istanbul escort to reach for papers, or the computer mouse, or something, while quickly pulling down my zipper and exposing my panty-clad penis to a camera, in the direction away from the office worker talking with me. This was tricky, but after a bit I got good at it.

It was Tuesday, and mistress had me perform the fly-panties-exposure move 7 or 8 times already this week. It was always humiliating, so I always got a hard on right away, which made it tricker to stuff my dick and panties back in my trousers before pulling my zipper back up. And then I’d often have a nice bulge, which I’d have to hide somehow, when I turned back around. During the past two days Mistress often kept me so aroused, on my toes ready to comply, and reminded me that my lips needed to be wrapped around a hard cock, and that my sissy anal pussy was itching, just aching to be fucked but a real man, by a thick, long, hard, throbbing cock. Mistress made sure I needed the dick, and that I needed it all the time.

Then there are my cube neighbors. To my left is Maria; she is so hot! She works out regularly, has great legs, a narrow waist, and wow, she sure has a great rack! I could fall into her breasts and just get lost. Her office attire always turns me on – not quite slutty, but always letting every man know that there’s a great body in there, that he needs it, wants it, would be so lucky to worship it.

I often fantasize that Maria is dominating me, forcing me to run my lips up her skirt, kissing her inner thighs, until I can smell her sex, with the totally-focused need to lick her pussy, first through her sexy panties, and then bare, my bare tongue, lips and nose, working her for hours, cresting her so close to orgasm, then back from the edge, only to bring her up to the edge again, with her hands grabbing fist-fulls of my hair, pushing my face harder and harder into her pussy, until her pussy juices covered my face and dripped down to my chest, and onto my dick, which would be fully hard if I was lucky and mistress hadn’t locked me in chastity that week… but I digress.

To my right is Wilson. He’s in good shape, but he’s gay, and when no one else is around he’s always flirting, telling me that someday I’m going to be so lucky when he gets in my pants, that the taste of his thick, hard dong will send me to heaven. I want to tell him to piss off, but mistress commands that I leave that door open; and she often leaves me trembling escort bayan in anticipation that she’ll make me walk through it.

Between Maria and Wilson, and diagonally across from me is Rod. I know. Oh God. How could this guy possibly have the name of Rod. You’d think this was some sleazy porno story, written by some horny, cock hungry pervert. But that’s his name, Rod, and of course he’s quite the womanizer. Six foot three, 240 pounds, and totally buff. When ever he takes off his jacket his ripped biceps and chest pecs stand right out, even his little nipples. Most women would just love to ride him, but won’t admit it.

Mistress taunts me with Rod, that he’s a real man, with a real man’s cock. That she’ll get him to grab my high heels, lift my ankles straight up, reach into my skirt and pull my panties aside, then put each of my ankles on his shoulders as he looks down at me, as he mounts me, rubbing the huge head of his monster cock up and down against the entrance to my sissy anal pussy, teasing me, teasing me, getting ready to fuck me, getting ready to fuck me deep and hard…

But today no one was watching, Maria, Wilson and Rod were working away at their computers, and I had my penis and panties out, show the camera, displaying my compliance for mistress, and perhaps also showing my panty-clad dick to anyone else she might have linked into the video feed. But no one watching me in the actual office – Whew! Another successful event without being discovered, and one step closer to my next orgasm (mistress had me keeping a log – everything I did for her without mistakes gained me points, points towards the next time she would let me cum).

I was ready to put my dicklett away and mark it in my log when I immediately received another text – but this time the trigger phrase was “sissy anal whore”. Oh my god! First I had to leave my dick and panties hanging out, then I had to look at the text. She’d sent a big gif, an animated picture of a huge, veined cock, pointed straight at me (cocksucker POV), and squirting thick white ropes of cum, straight at me, and right on me. I had to watch the gif and count to ten, slowly, and I had to imagine the cock, cumming all over my face, and onto my breasts.

Yes, in this scenario, I was required to imagine that mistress had made me dress up fully as a whore, 5 inch high-heels with double ankle straps, sheer stockings and garter belt, tight panties, a tight body-conforming dress, zipped all the way up the back, with Pendik escort the pearl clasp fastened at the very top, and a lacy 42 DD bra inside, filled with big water balloons, tied off so that each one had a large orb of water trapped in the knot, forming a large nipple, sticking straight out from each of my breasts, clearly poking out from my dress, showing that I was hungry, so hungry, for cock, needing cock, so urgently.

Even with a sheer, sexy slip, between my bra and my tight dress, my nipples poked out, just begging for dick. By the end of my 10 second count this image of myself filled my mind, fully trapped in these girly clothes, fully dressed as a whore, urgently needing cock, watching this huge cock in my phone, spewing hot sperm into my mouth, all over my face, and onto my big breasts. Oh God! My dick was SO HARD in my PANTIES! I wanted to cum SO BADLY!! Then the words, blazoned in pink, across the big cock. I knew they were coming, this was my 2nd time through this particular scenario, and mistress had trained me in advance, in her sex dungeon: Do it! Do it now sissy!!

I stood up, but ducked my head so as to not draw attention from outside my cubical, whipped open my belt and the button fastener of my pants, and quickly pulled down my pants to my knees. This was so humiliating! Anyone walking by the entrance to my cubical would see me there, with my pants down, in my tight pink panties, with my hard on sticking straight out.

I turned to show my panty-clad ass to the same camera I’d been using to show my dick and panties. I watched the gif count down from 5 to zero, and waited, waited, waited… oh god… my dick got even harder and my precum began to form a bubble on the outside of my panties, leaking out… and finally the gif text changed: Put it away slut – you are relieved… for now. I was not allowed to wipe anything off of my dick, I just had to shove it back in my slacks, hoping that my precum would not leak through and show on the outside.

I looked back at my phone – I wasn’t allowed to shut it off or hide it, and I didn’t want anyone to see my phone screen – I waited for the gif to go away, but then it flashed pink! Then lavender! Then alternating pink and lavender, and then the words: Bra, with slim falsies. Oh my god!

I’d never done this yet, but mistress was now commanding me to go to the bathroom and put on a lacy, black A-size bra with falsies, underneath my white button down shirt. I’d have to keep my jacket on all afternoon, to make sure no one could see my bra through my shirt. I sat down and unlocked the bottom left drawer of my desk, where I kept all my sissy supplies, clothes and makeup, and more, and reached back to find the right size bra as my mistress required…

More to cum!