A Ruthless Tease Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Sabrina Sees Something

If you are joining me on this tale of captive lust and sweet, miserable torture at the hands of my ultra-sexy neighbor wife Sabrina for the first time, you might want to check out “A Ruthless Tease”, the introduction to my wonderful, horrible hell. If not, so be it, I have to write these missives anyways…no other way to cleanse the want that fills my head like a sexual syrup of desire. So, here was my next experience with the brutal tease Sabrina…

I had now been in my new home for two and a half weeks, and with a mixture of jealousy–from not being around her–to relief–thankful for my sanity remaining in tact for the time being—I survived. But barely. It was almost embarrassing to myself to know I could not get Sabrina out of my head. The clarity of her intentions overwhelmed me. We all knew those miracle days of summer where you might accidentally catch an exposed breast, or wisp of hair escaping a bikini bottom, and that’s thrilling. But this was wholly different. Here was a woman, a married woman dammit, who loved being looked at, wanted, lusted for, and liked to see the arousal she caused and further push that desire until it was beyond the control of her audience to contain it. So hot, but so damn confusing. All I knew was, my memory had rerun the mind-video of her performance tens of times and now wanted a fresh entry into the library for future inspection!

I decided to “accidentally” run into Sabrina while coming or going from her house. I wasn’t afraid. I could maybe even better handle her, now that I was aware of her ways, and her, well, extraordinary hotness. To hell with it…I can stand to be around the dream girl from my fantasy life, and so it was, I waited, peeking through the blinds in my front window in hopes of catching her SUV pulling up.

The sound of an engine idling, then turning off next door sprung me to my feet. Sure enough it was hers, so I brought my preset garbage bag outside, slowly making my way down the drive about ten feet away from her driver’s door. She seemed uninterested at first, so I let the lid of the can down HARD. That got her attention and she waved and flashed that sexy, knowing smile.

“Scooter! How are tricks, dear?” She said, while leaning in to retrieve a small bag from her 4-Runner.

She was wearing camel-toned jodhpurs, the kind you might wear doing an equestrian event, with no possible room for underwear, and a clinging white turtle neck that was quite thin, but elegant. The exhibition of just her perfect curves, the hint of clinging lips between her legs and the unmistakable nipples showing through her ultra sexy top, were powerful images to me, and I was walking without thinking, towards her.

She straightened and turned fully towards me and I couldn’t help but marvel again at the incredible size and firmness of her tits, so unbelievable in their dimension over her ultra thin hips and tight girlish legs and ass. She was wearing white pumps with open toes and I could make out a small toe ring on her left second toe, so sexy. Putting her sunglasses up on her head, she grinned at me and asked if there was anything special on my mind.

“Naw, just hadn’t been too neighborly recently and wanted to say hello, is all”, I got out.

“Marvelous! Hey, my husband and his brother are going to be home soon…some sort of guy’s day…I don’t know, maybe a day looking at strippers or such, you know like he can’t find at home…”, she paused, ordu escort waited for the compliment, I was of course playing the part of YesMan, so dutifully, I said, “well Sabrina, there is no stripper anywhere that looks as good as you do, so I doubt that’s it.”

She beamed and reached out to squeeze my forearm, “aw, thanks Scooter, you really are sweet to me.” She then flipped her hair that had been hanging forward, behind her shoulders, showing me her amazing chest up close, and then hooked her arm in mine and began to pull me towards her house. Uh oh. I could feel the side of her sexy breast pressing into my arm, and her hip playfully bumped along mine as we walked to her door. She smelled like rose scented oils and light fragrances, and I was starting to feel a little dizzy.

She broke the silence after opening the door, saying, “hey, why don’t you get comfortable in the Living room, I’m going to get rid of these stuffy clothes, and change.” As she headed up her stairs, she shouted back down, “Oh, why don’t you take a look at some of the pictures on the coffee table, tell me what you think, k?”

I sat in their living room, feeling a little edgy, naturally. After all, I had let the wife of the man who owns this house make me cum, and was now literally waiting to see what was next on her tease calendar. I didn’t wait long.

In a neat stack on the table were some 3×5 pictures of a beach scene. Some people, but centered in them all, in various poses, was Sabrina, in a hot-orange string bikini and thong!! I couldn’t help but thumb through them and marvel at the unbelievable tan and high rising tits she had. And a washboard stomach, sinewy thighs and calves and dental floss running up her sweet crack. Oh damn she was amazing! I felt my dick twitch looking at her. The thing that was sexy was she was acting oblivious to the camera and smiling at the people in the background staring at her. She loved her audience!

“So whatcha think? Is the color good on me?” She had come up from behind me and seen me looking.

“GOD YES…”, I blurted much too loud and quickly. She giggled and took the stack from me, perching on the edge of the couch, one tan leg bobbing. She had changed into a tie-behind lime green halter that crossed in the front, plunging to a string in the center which showed her entire cleavage, and white teri-cloth shorts, and bare feet. I was stunned and darted my eyes between her awesome chest to her shorts, bunched up near her crotch, wondering if she wore anything below it.

“So, Scooter, you enjoying the neighborhood?” she queried, as I saw her appraise me a bit, like a lion circling an antelope.

“Sure…I have no complaints,” I said with applied sureness.

She toyed with a pendant on her neck which bumped loosely between her luscious tits, drawing my gaze, and moved to the lounge across the table from me. She sat down and crossed one leg under her, briefly, I think, giving me a glimpse of her sexy lips. I cleared my throat and sat a bit more upright. She smiled again, and kept that pendant swinging and bumping back and forth. Then she gets this mischievous look and tells me, “Scott, I have to tell you something that happened this morning…since we can share stuff, you know? And promise me, you won’t tell my jealous ass husband, he’d flip.” I assured her that her story was safe.

“Well, like I told you, my brother in law is in town for a few days, and is staying with us. Normally I rize escort don’t like overnight visitors, you know, it gets in the way of being free and comfortable…with or without clothes, you know?” I nodded sheepishly, and made a mental note to buy some binoculars. “So, this morning I get up to go to the bathroom, and totally forgot that we had a guest…and just walked in!” She giggled, and I saw the tits I was in love with wobble and react to her laughing. I was falling for her hard!

“Well, I should tell you, I don’t like to sleep in much, so I just had on a little powder blue baby doll negligee, and little thong panties—like the bikini bottoms you were staring at in the pictures—and there is William, my brother in law, standing at the toilet peeing!” She feigned disgust, but I could tell she wasn’t through. “Scooter, his, um, thing, his cock? Oh my…it was so fucking BIG!” She giggled again, and shifted legs underneath her…another glimpse of pussy I think. I was starting to get hard over this woman again, yet right now she wasn’t paying attention to that.

“And here’s the thing, I just stopped in my tracks, and stared down at this man meat that was double my husband’s size and not even hard, and was quiet, but I could feel my nipples get hard as I looked. When I looked back up, he had stopped pissing, but he was staring right at my, well, you know Scooter, my best assets!” She hefted the bottoms of them and shook them a couple times, making me light headed.

“Yeah, he was staring like that!” She said about my burning gaze at her melons. “Anyway, I look back down and his cock is jumping and twitching, stretching in seconds before my eyes, nearly reaching his knee…fuck it was hot!” She squealed this time, closing her arms together, and making my cock lurch in my shorts beginning to get noticeable.

“You believe me, right?” she asked, pulling her arms away and leaning forward.

“uh, er, of course Sabrina, why wouldn’t I?” I answered feebly. “I mean, sure I do.”

“Hmmmm, you don’t sound like it. I’m telling you no other man has a cock that beautiful, and it was amazing that after only seconds staring at my tits, he started to get an erection. I felt so sexy, knowing this MAN wanted me. Real men are hard to find, and I know that, believe me. Look at my husband…he can’t even admit the fact that he loves looking at me exciting men, making them want me so much they, well, oh you know, Scott”, she implied with a quick lick of the corner of her mouth and glance at my growing hard on.

Just then I heard the sound of the front door, and two guys walked in, and Sabrina quickly introduced me as the new next door neighbor and them as Terry, her husband and William, her brother in law. Terry walked into the kitchen and Sabrina sidled up to William, and played with his shirt buttons and swayed side to side a bit, then he whispered something in her ear and she slapped his shoulder playfully. I felt very third wheel. William then hurried off and Sabrina whirled and smiled at me, quickly walking over to me. She leaned in, and whispered in my ear “Scooter, he told me he has jacked off three times over me already, and that I was making him run jack off a fourth time right now, seeing me in this outfit!” The whole time she was whispering, her tits were pressed into my chest, moving and squeezing their weight into me, it was so hot, but so painful, the way I was hardening in my shorts over her.

She backed up and looked sakarya escort for the first time, straight at my cock, which was now a pretty visible ridge running down my left thigh, and slightly twitching. She smiled and leaned back in and kissed my cheek, saying, “I love how I can talk to you Scooter, without worry of you making a big deal out of it, and knowing how much you can listen objectively without thinking me too much the slut for it. I hope you don’t mind, that it isn’t too MUCH for you, or is it?” She said the last question almost pouting, her nipples rigid spikes at her halter top, and her fingers playing along the edges of it.

“umm, of course, uh no, it’s not too much, I just like….” And she interrupted…”oh GOOD! I was afraid I might run you off! With that she hugged me, pressing those glorious tits against me, but this time sliding her thigh between mind and pressing her waistline against me too. Her thigh pressed directly against my shaft making it twitch and stretch further. She let out a soft, “mmmm” in my ear and kept contact, I was now completely hard for her, and had begun to leak pre-cum.

She then leaned slowly back from me, bending at the waist, keeping contact with her thigh against my crotch, looking at my eyes, which felt heavy and glassy with lust. I was twitching rampantly in my shorts, her silky skin against my cock, separated only by the material of my clothes, she HAD to feel me.

“Are you OK, Scott?”, she wondered, a slight grin creeping into her smile. “I’m not sure if my honesty is doing you very well, you seem more quiet than ever. Can you tell me you are ok?” She leaned back in, hard nipples scraping my chest and her thigh ever firm on my quivering cock.

“I, uh, Sabrina, just…YES, anything, please don’t stop talking with me, even if all I do is listen, I love it…every second of it…” I had to admit to her, I couldn’t NOT have this woman around me, exciting me.

“mmmmmm, that’s my good Scooter…I know you have your little desires too, I feel that. And maybe one day, well, we could talk about that,” she punctuated that by slightly, ever so slightly rubbing her thigh back and forth over my cock. I was on the verge…she knew it. “Tell you what, tomorrow, let’s sit by the pool and have some drinks, and I’ll tell you about what happens tonight…I am thinking I want to jerk off my brother in law…since he wants me, it’s only fair, right?”

“Maybe I’ll let my husband “catch” me with his brother’s monster cock in my sweet little hands, or…GOD, wouldn’t his cock look amazing between these tits I have?” She backed up and looked down between us, separating for a second. I started to tremble a bit, and she hugged me one last time, pushing me over the edge.

“Scott, I don’t think my husband should see us hugging, do you? And you seem…” she stopped and raised her arms over her head pulling her hair back and emphasizing my objects of lust, “…distracted a bit.” Her eyes raked me, and stopped at the cock she had controlled into cumming again, this time she pressed harder against me, and when she felt the first overpowering gush of cum filling my shorts, she giggled and shook her head, backing up and walking off. Again, I had begun to cum and was left hanging, as she went on about her vicious ways.

“Terry dear! Scott is going to call it a night, he’s a little tired out…”, she turned glanced at my puddling cock and my fumbling hands trying to hide it, and then at me and winked, mouthing “see … you… tomorrow…” and left the room.

I tried to straighten up, and sprinted for their door, and across the lawn to my house, where I needed at least two cold showers to recover from her work. Tomorrow? Oh god, how deep can this go!