Willing Target


A commission


Hannah relaxed back into the comfort of the low leather chair, her Michael Kors handbag on the floor besides her, her plain white coffee cup on a saucer in front of her, her eyes scanning across the quiet cafe, looking for her friend, Victoria, who just a couple moments ago had been queued behind her, ordering her own life-giving drink.

She raised a hand and waved as she saw Victoria, now with her own coffee glancing about to spot her friend. She smiled familiarly as she spotted Hannah and approached casually, settling down in the seat opposite and placing her cup and saucer down too, relaxing with a soft sigh.

“Busy week?” Hannah asked, a soft smirk on her full red lips as she tilted her head, looking across the table at her former manager, her eyes tracing over the woman’s slender body, lingering on her full chest, outlined by her smart attire.

“Oh, you have no idea, two people called in sick this week and-“

Hannah waved a hand dismissively, “Pfff, I didn’t mean work, come on, ‘busy week’? Any new conquests to speak of?” she grinned, briefly fishing her phone out of her skinny jeans pocket, helpless in her need to check for new notifications, opting then to leave her phone out on the table.

Victoria let out a little laugh and shook her head, a pink tinge on her cheeks as she nudged her glasses back up slightly, smiling across at Hannah, “Oh you haven’t changed a bit have you.”

“What, since we met for coffee and gossiped last week?” She smirked, “Not much, no. Come on, spill.”

Victoria let out a faux defeated sigh, then picked up her cup, taking a sip before smirking too, “Alright alright, so there’s this guy at work called Dylan okay? He’s a part-timer who’s just started, late teens I think, not sure but he’s got the most gorgeous hazel eyes, short dark hair, skinny little thing, mmf.”

“Oooh, he sounds divine! So, what? You did him in the changing rooms?” Hannah pressed, biting her lip eagerly as she leaned forward, clasping her cup in her hands.

Victoria shook her head regretfully, “I didn’t really think twice about him at first, but, ah, let’s just say I was having a ‘hard’ day and he, well, saw my bonus package. He didn’t freak out, he just blushed and looked very interested.”

“Soooo what? The bathrooms? Come on, where’d you fuck him!” Hannah whined a little, eager for the sordid details, practically bouncing in her chair, though she kept her coffee steady.

Victoria smirked and shook her head once more, “No, I haven’t actually fucked him yet, I’m being very flirty and suggestive but he’s playing hard to get,” she bit her lip, “I think he might have figured out how much I love the hard to get game.”

Hannah let out a pent-up breath and deflated some, “Aww Vicky you cock tease! You get me all worked up and left me wanting,” she pouted adorably, “he’s probably got a girlfriend already.”

Victoria smirked a little and shrugged, “Hope so, that’d be pretty hot I guess.”

Hannah laughed a little, “You’re hopeless!”

“I think that’s why we get on so well sweetie,” Victoria smiled and Hannah laughed a little.

They both sipped from their coffees, Hannah checking her phone, then using the screen to check her makeup, “So that was it huh?” she asked without looking up from her phone, “Your busy week and you didn’t actually, you know, stick your dick in anyone?”

“Afraid not,” Vicky sighed wistfully, “I’ve just been chasing this Dylan cutie… But come on, tell me about you. I’m sure you’ve got some interesting story or ten to tell, you always do.”

Hannah grinned, “Pfff ten, that was only ever the once! But you’re right, I’ve always got at least one, okay, so, I think this boy is going to be right up your alley.”

Victoria nodded gently then pursed her lips curiously, “Right up my alley as in, this story is going to leave me with blue balls, or right up my alley as in, you’re going to give me his number at the end of this?”

Hannah winked playfully, “Bit of both I think.”

Victoria settled back in her chair, holding her cup and nodded, excited and expectant.

“Alright, well, he’s called Ben, short dark brown hair, a bit of a sporty type so his body is, oh my god, his body is super fit Vicky, I think he plays badminton. His ass is properly sculpted.”

“You’re speaking my language so far,” she conceded, smiling.

“Just you wait,” Hannah grinned, “So I met him on craigslist,” she held up a hand as Victoria made to speak, “Yeah yeah I know, dodgy place, but he was looking for a gal like us to fulfil a fantasy of his.”

Hannah paused for a moment, smirking as she let the hype build for a few key seconds, Victoria merely raising a curious eyebrow.

“Rape fantasy. Receiving end.”

Victoria gasped a little and leaned forward, “No way? Really?” she all but whispered.

Hannah grinned triumphantly and nodded, “Aw Vicky, I wish I’d recorded it, honestly the best fucking lay I’ve had in months. He put istanbul travesti up just the right amount of fight and I swear he was like a virgin down there, it was so fucking good.”

Victoria, who was now noticeably blushing rested her elbows on the edge of the table, “Okay, I’m really interested Hannah, can you set us up?”

Hannah smirked playfully for a moment as if mulling it over, teasing with Vicky, but was quick to relent, “Oooh I think I could. Are you free tonight?”

“For that? Yes, fuck yes.” She laughed softly.

“Okay okay, I’ll reach out to him and see if he’s free tonight. I’ll text you later okay?”

Vicky nodded eagerly and settled back once more, her mind already thinking ahead to what awaited her that night, “Okay. Don’t let me down Hannah, this sounds like so much fun.”

“I’ll do my best, trust me eh?” She beamed, a twinkle in her eyes and Victoria smiled, knowing she would. “Alright,” Hannah continued, her tone implying she was switching topics as she took a sip of her coffee, “Okay, but on Thursday though I was swiping right on tinder and I came across this guy with just the cutest little nose…”

Victoria laughed and reclined in her chair, she shouldn’t have been surprised that Hannah had more than one conquest to speak of, but as Hannah regaled Vicky in the adventures of what she’d gotten up to, she found her mind drifting, she’d gone too long without to not be lost in thoughts of this Ben.

They talked for a little longer about this and that, agreeing to meet up same place next week for another such catch up if they didn’t bump into each other beforehand, which was always a possibility.

They hugged before they departed, Victoria careful not to crumple her business attire too much, Hannah careful not to smudge her makeup. They smiled at one another, knowingly and went their separate ways.

Victoria had often judged Hannah just a tiny bit for how glued to her phone she always was, but that evening she played the part of the hypocrite, hardly unable to tear her eyes away from her notifications, waiting for that elusive message from Hannah.

She was on the verge of giving Hannah a call, fearing she had been forgotten when her phone buzzed.

In a panic she fumbled so quickly for it that it slipped between her fingers, tumbling through the air to land screen down on the hardwood of her floor.

Reaching down she hesitated for a moment, staring at her Schrödinger’s phone, biting her lip anxiously as she recovered it, checking the screen for cracks, which it was mercifully free of.

Letting out a sigh and feeling an idiot for being so wound up waiting for a text she forced herself to take a deep breath, calming herself before she read the text, ‘Apartment 22, 105 Gentech Road, It’s the studenty part of town so you should be good to uber in and out! Have fun Vicky!! X’

Victoria bit her lip, feeling her heart hammering a little faster in her chest, excited to know that this was going ahead. She was already dressed and made up for the occasion, she’d kept with her professional theme as she quite loved the bossy feeling she got while wearing it, the confidence helping her along, but since she was, after all, supposed to be faux sneaking into the boys apartment she’d adopted a darker outfit than she usually wore, a black buttoned shirt that pulled slightly at her chest, a couple of the buttons visible straining, a look she liked, at least when the buttons didn’t pop off. To go with it she wore a pair of dark almost skin tight jeans, a pair of practical but smart shoes finishing off what was effectively a very casual business look.

She stepped towards the door to her own home, pulling her phone out of her pocket and ordering the Uber, only a few minutes away thankfully and pulled on a black overcoat, just to keep the chill off of her and give her some much-needed pocket space.

She took her phone, keys and a couple of essentials for what she was planning, a condom and a small sachet of lube which she slipped into their typical pockets before waiting by the door for her ride, impatient and excited.

She continued to check her phone, watching as the tracker of her driver weaved its way through the intricate lines of streets towards her, a notification popping up to inform her that her ride would be arriving soon.

Smiling she stepped out into the coolness of the late evening, closing and locking her door behind her before glancing around at the cars sweeping by, spotting one as it neared, its licence plate matching up with the one displayed on her phone.

Carefully she lowered herself into the back of the car, her cheeks turning a little rosy as she came out of the cold and into the warmth of his car, the seats, she noticed, heated under her butt.

“Gentech road, yeah?” her driver asked ever as he began to pull away, his eyes glancing at the phone mounted on his dashboard, already making his way there, his accent and skin colour indicating kadıköy travesti he likely wasn’t from around these parts.

“Yes, please,” she said, politely, her mind buzzing too much with excitement to really converse with him.

He glanced in the rearview mirror at her, noting her distracted demeanour and shrugged a little, some were talkers, some weren’t.

She looked out the window, watching the familiar streets of her neighbourhood retreat into the less familiar but still known surrounding areas, then the completely unfamiliar sections where she seldom if ever had a cause to venture to.

She glanced at her phone again, the trip would likely cost her about a twenty, the return trip similar, though at least she’d likely be able to secure a ride home whenever she was finished up, if she didn’t spend the night of course, after all the city never slept, less so the student part.

Almost on reflex she checked her image in the front cam of her phone, tilting her head from side to side, brushing a few wayward strands of black hair into place, pursing her full lips, red with lipstick, her eyes dark with eyeliner and shadow.

She couldn’t help but smirk a little at herself, she was going to sneak into her targets home, in the dark of night and set herself upon him, despite the fact he had consented she felt a little silly for making herself up so precisely for what was essentially a non-con fantasy booty call. It would be dark, messy and she would be lucky if her makeup didn’t get all smudged and smeared, but she didn’t care, she liked looking pretty.

She flicked back to the uber app and noted she was drawing close to her destination. Drawing in a breath and releasing it slowly, a little anxiously she pocketed the phone and nudged her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She hadn’t worn fake lashes tonight, they always left dark smears on the inside of her lenses and while she had considered contacts, she was so used to the appearance of glasses that her face just looked wrong without them.

Tapping her hand against the warm fabric of her jeans she watched as they pulled up alongside a tall building, not in the best of conditions, but she knew of much worse throughout the city.

“Here we go,” the driver said, smiling at her in a friendly fashion through his reflection in the rearview mirror.

She returned the smile and clicked the door open, thanking him briefly before standing and looking over the roof of the car, she glanced at the buildings as she shut the door, stepping onto the sidewalk as the car pulled away.

As the coolness of the night air once again hit her, made all the more noticeable by the comparable warmth of the now departed Uber, she spotted a building, her heart fluttering in her chest, ‘105 Gentech Road’. As her feet led her towards the building along the sidewalk she tried to think back to when she had last been this excited about an upcoming session and honestly it was a struggle. She absolutely adored the fantasy of taking a sweet piece of ass by force, but the closest she could ever really get were partners who didn’t mind her being more than a little rough. To actually have found someone who shared the fantasy, albeit from the other side, was something special, especially if he was as cute as Hannah had implied.

As she walked up towards the building she noticed a weird spacing between the ‘105’ and the ‘Gentech Road’ on the front of the building, she pursed her lips, curious for a moment but as she got closer she noticed something else that gave her a slight moment of panic, the building’s door had a magnetic lock, a small pad to let you dial in and a metal square for a key fob.

She stepped up to the small pad beside the door and glanced up at the multitude of rooms, some lit, most not. After a moment’s hesitation, she dialled in a random two digit number and waited, hearing it buzz. After ringing twice, she heard a rustle and a click, someone picking up the phone, she opened her mouth to speak, but instead there was a loud buzz and a click. Tentatively she took the handle of the door and pulled, it swung open to greet her. She smiled, brightly, pleased by the nature of students.

Stepping inside she looked towards a plaque, pursing her lip as her eyes scanned over the building’s layout, apartment 22 was on the third floor and while there was a pair of elevators at her disposal, she disregarded them, the stairs would be just as quick she fathomed.

Making her way up the tiled steps she kept her hand on the handrail, not wanting to slip in her rather smooth soled shoes as she climbed upwards. As she passed the first two floors she slowed a little, trying to plan ahead, to figure out her game plan once she was at the right apartment. She didn’t know it’s layout and she knew it would be almost pitch black unless he had some sort of a light source. Even just a few LED’s in chargers would be handy, she thought.

She hesitated for anadolu yakası travesti a moment, taking her phone out of her pocket. Briefly, she considered calling Hannah, getting a few more details before she committed fully, but, as she held her phone she let out a little smile, if she did have a light inside, the torch on her phone would suffice. That, and she didn’t fancy hanging around in the stairwell for too long, dressed as she was at this time of night she would stick in the mind, maybe even raise questions.

Tucking her phone away she came out onto the third floor, her eyes quickly scanning around, following the room numbers on the doors around her in the lit hallway.

Each floor it seemed had eight apartments, four on each side connected in the middle by a small corridor that gave access to the stairwell, elevator and, judging by the smell, the bin chutes.

She turned right, stepping through a heavy fire door and counting the numbers once more, identifying a heavy looking wooden door, a pair of twos on the door, one a little wonky.

Swallowing she stepped up to it, her feet stepping onto a doormat just outside the door, it looked like it had once had something written on it, but it had been worn away over time by the passing of feet.

Carefully and slowly she reached out, turning the door handle as quietly as possible, then pushing inwards with the side of her arm, excitement floundering as she flushed with colour, the door didn’t budge, locked, she realised.

She let out a quavering breath and glanced behind her, each door had a tiny peephole in its centre and she could practically feel eyes watching her, though the chances were unlikely. She took a step back and again reached for her phone, but paused, looking down, tilting her head.

Glancing around one last time she, squatted down and, curiously, lifted up the doormat. She smiled, reaching out and picking up a golden, if a little dusty key.

Not exactly unlocked as she had been promised, but close enough that it might as well have been. Cautiously she slid the key into the lock and slowly twisted.

To her delight she felt the mechanism inside the lock shift, letting out the quietest of clicks as she turned the key. Smirking, she drew the key from the lock, once more pushing the handle down and leaning her weight against the door.

It swung open on mercifully quiet hinges, the interior, as she had expected almost pitch black, only illuminated currently by the light spilling in from the hall around her. With soft footsteps she stepped around the door into the sweet, vanilla smelling apartment, pushing the door slowly shut behind her, working the handle so it didn’t click too loudly as it slid back into place.

Gently, in the dark, her eyes not yet adjusted she fed her key back into the lock, turning it and, she presumed, sealing herself in with the waiting Ben.

She left the key in the lock and gently turned around, careful in the dark as she didn’t want to knock anything over.

She drew her phone from her pocket and turned the screen on. She had intended to use the phones torch function to turn the camera’s flash into a light, but in the almost absolute darkness, the glow her phone gave off was enough to give her a general, if a little eerie view of the apartment she was in.

She was currently stood in a narrow hallway that led deeper into the apartment, where she began to walk. She passed a door on her right, open slightly, a small clean-seeming bathroom within, continuing on she passed a cupboard to her left, closed shut.

She stopped further down the hallway, coming across a door that, while not closed, was pushed to, obscuring what lay beyond it. She gently pressed the back of one hand to it, tilting her phone away from the door so, if the boy was in the next room, he wouldn’t catch a glimpse of the light it offered.

As the door swung open she had to calm herself, the adrenaline and excitement coursing through her had her breathing a little louder than normal and, in the almost silence, every little noise sounded like a cacophony. Beyond the door it was a little easier to see, one of the large rooms walls boasting two windows that, while shuttered, allowed a little city night light to bleed in through from the outside.

She could see that she was stood in a living room, a sofa, and TV in one corner, a desk and PC in another. To her right in the room was another door, propped open, leading to what seemed to be a very narrow kitchenette and as she looked left, she noticed, doubling back on the other side, was a partition, a curtain that separated the single room into two.

She furrowed her brow a little, with the door now open she could hear noise, the pitter patter of water, rain, it sounded like. Curiously she glanced towards the windows, it had been dry when she had arrived, but as she stepped deeper into the room she noticed the sound wasn’t coming from the windows, but from the partitioned section of the room.

Turning and pushing her phone into her pocket, her eyes adjusting to the dark and the few stray rays of orange cold light filing through the shutters giving her just enough light to see by, though she wouldn’t see anything in the way of detail. Not that she needed to, this was going to be a purely physical encounter.