Best Job


Working for a Korean owned company had its benefits. One of which is all the Asian women coming in and out of the office. The enticing part is that Asian women are very interested in Western men.

It was another boring day at the office. That was until my boss brought Lisa his 19 year old daughter to the office. She was almost 6 feet high with a great body. Her ass was her best asset. She had a nice pair of tits and took every opportunity to show them off with her low cut blouses she always wore. Today was no exception. She wore a short black skirt with a white blouse. Underneath you could see her black lace bra. She wore a pair of white high rise socks and was the spitting image of a naughty high school girl. If I didn’t know better I would have thought that she was still in school.

I’ve always had a crush on her but never did anything about it because of my job situation. It was all about to change. My boss left for a meeting and left me and his daughter all alone. To my surprise she came into my office and locked the door. When I asked her what she was doing she just said to me to be quiet and enjoy the show. And what a show it was.

She bağdatcaddesi escort came over to my desktop computer, looked in the music file and found some Westlife music. She got up and started to dance seductively to the rhythm of the music. To my disbelieve she started to loosen her buttons on her blouse. After a while of dancing and stripping she was only standing in her white socks, black lace bra and matching panties. By that time my cock was at full attention in my pants. She saw the bulge in my pants and said that she will have to do something about it.

She came over to my desk and knelt in front of me. She opened my zipper and took out my 8 inch penis that was begging for release. She took it into her mouth and started to suck it like lollipop. She moved her tongue up and down my shaft all the while playing with my balls. In no time at all I was ready to shoot my load. Sensing that I was near she took my cock into her mouth again and push it into her throat. After feeling her throat muscles around my head I could take it any more and shot a big load of cum down her throat. She was surprised at how much cum I beykoz escort was producing but swallowed every last drop. I took my dick out her mouth and some cum dripped out of her mouth onto her chin. She scooped it up and licked it off her fingers.

I had to return the favor. I lifted her up and placed her on the desk. She spread her legs for better access to her glory hole. I started to kiss her neck and then our mouths met. We kissed passionately for about three minutes exploring each other mouths. In that time I took off her bra and had a tit in each hand. She gave a load moan when I pinched her nipples between my fingers. I stopped kissing her and moved to her left breast with my mouth, sucking on the small nipple. Lisa took my other hand and placed it between her legs. I was surprised at how wet she was. I pushed my hand inside her panties and found that she was clean shaven. I entered one finger into her slit and worked her clit with my thumb. That did the trick and she was pushing into my hand with great effort.

I lifted her off the table to take off her panties. She stopped me and I thought what a bitch she was to get me caddebostan escort all worked up and not go all the way. But she opened a small button on the front of her panties and removed a patch in front to reveal her shaven snatch. I instantly got hard again. Not wasting any time I entered a finger into her pussy. Working in and out of her got her really wet and her juices started to flow onto my hand. She whispered into my ear that she needed my cock inside her now. Not wanting to let her down I took out my finger and replaced it with my prick. She was still sitting on the table. It made it easy to enter her. She was extremely wet and I could slide into her with ease. I started a good rhythm and she started to thrust back. She placed her legs around me and forced me deeper into her pussy. I fucked her for at least ten minutes non-stop. Sucking and playing with her tits got a moan out of her. She could feel that I was nearing my orgasm. She started to work her clit with her one hand and with the other played with my nut sack. After another minute we both climax together. Her pussy tightened over my dick setting me off. My dick started to go soft and slipped out of her pussy. She gave me a kiss and got dressed.

Before leaving she mentioned to me that she will visit the office the following week. She lifted her skirt and pointed to her ass….

I made a mental note to be nicer to the boss and definitely keep this job.