The Toy and The Actress Ch. 01



The last time I visited my slut toy, one of its friends joined us. The friend had known that we’d been chatting for a few years, she’d even joined us online a couple of times, but she still wanted to make sure I wasn’t an axe murderer.

Unfortunately, at the time, she wasn’t in a good place emotionally, so although she was interested in watching us playing our game she stayed a little distant; having this voyeur actually made the whole thing all the more erotic though, especially when she asked to take some photos.

A while later, she decided she wanted to join us for a session; she was an enthusiastic, amateur dramatic actress so I suppose the idea of the role play intrigued her; she was sex mad too though, so maybe that had something to do with it as well.

The Arrival

I called the toy when I was about ten minutes away. I knew they would be there, dressed as instructed; the call was to tell them they needed to settle in to the role. All I said was ‘ready?’, all it said was ‘Sir’.

As usual, I parked in the next street from its family home; as I wander down there, I wonder how many of the other women in these expensive suburban homes are fucking and sucking lovers as their husbands and kids are away for the day. The normal signal that it’s safe to go in is in the bedroom window, so I nip in to the driveway and go through the gate as discretely as I can.

The back door was left unlocked for me and I get the usual thrill as I open it and step inside; it feels so bad going in to this man’s house to use his wife as my toy, this time doubly so as I’m going to have his friend’s wife too.

I told them to wait in the dining room in the newly built extension. It’s a light room, lots of windows but none overlooked, the best thing about this room is that the plain white walls make a perfect backdrop for the photos we’ll be taking. They know they need to have removed any rings or other jewelery that might identify them, as we are planning on putting some of this set on the net.

I lock the door and go through to the kitchen where I see there’s a glass of water left out for me, I drink it down, compose myself and go through to the dining room.

The Inspection

And there they are, standing next to each other about a foot apart, the actress on the left and toy on the right, heads bowed, eyes looking down, hands by their sides. I’m very conscious of my breathing and my heart beating and I can see they are feeling the same; the silence and tension in the room is exhilarating.

I stop just inside the room and admire them, thinking how lucky I am to have such willing participants in this game. Here I am with two seemingly respectable women, both with successful husbands, half a dozen kids between them, both with great jobs and great social lives, one of the is even Chair of the PTA for fuck’s sake. And here they are, dressed in school uniform, ready and more than willing to be stripped, beaten and abused; what fun we are going to have. We’ve talked about what’s going to happen in great detail, we’ve discussed our roles and our boundaries; the anticipation has been great, but the excitement here in the air is something else; something most people will never experience.

The toy looks a little tense, she knows she may get a slap any minute now if she has got some detail wrong in the initial presentation; the actress stands perfectly still, waiting for her cue, she thinks she can handle anything, well we’ll see. They look great in their uniforms: white cotton shirts with ties and short navy skirts, the toy is wearing stockings and the actress is wearing long white socks, shoes were not required.

I walk slowly up to them and around them, taking in every detail, we’ve likened this inspection to a livestock auction in our chats, I’m inspecting them as if they are some sort of farm animal on sale. I move in front of them and lift their hands one by one to check they have Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort removed their engagement, wedding and other rings and their necklaces. The removal of their rings is an act of submission and consent, foregoing their marital bonds for a while; but also, as I’ve mentioned, it will prove useful for anonymity when we display their photos on the net. Fortunately for them both, they have remembered to remove it all. I don’t say anything to praise them or thank them for remembering to do this as this is just a basic requirement, and after all it’s for their protection.

I can see they have also removed their earrings, but I touch them both on each ear just to check and to start the physical inspection properly with this small act of intimacy. The toy takes a deep intake of breath as I gently grip her earlobes, but she knows anything more than that wouldn’t be right and would be noted for punishment. I take hold of the actresses earlobes, and squeeze a little harder, wondering how far she is going to go along with this role. She still has an enjoyable, active sex life with her husband and she’s known a fair few other men too, but they’ve really all been straight sex relationships, this was something new for her.

I step back and admire the two of them, now that we have all settled down a little I quietly tell them to stand back to back. They turn and move next to each other, I move back towards them and savour the vision.

I usually inspect the toy like this, but I thought it would be fun to do them both at the same time this time; I want to feel every inch of them, let them know they aren’t here as a wife or a lover, they are just here as a piece of meat for me to enjoy. The toy really gets off playing this submissive role, she loves being spanked and having her tits tortured, she gets pleasure from being debased and abused verbally and physically, and so we’re a perfect match as I really enjoy giving her what she needs. Then afterwards we have great straight sex too, if only we’d met before we met out miserable, boring partners.

I put an hand on each of their foreheads and slowly move it down over their eyebrows, feeling every eyebrow hair, their eyelids and every eyelash between my fingers. I move down the bridge of their noses and around their nostrils, I can feel them breathing almost in tandem. As I pull at the end of their noses, pull at their nostrils. My fingers move to their lips, I caress them gently but then push their lips apart forcing their mouths open; I can feel their hot breath on my fingers, hear their breathing and their tongue moving in their mouths. I restrain myself from putting a finger inside which they were probably expecting, that’ll come soon enough.

I massage their chins and cheeks and push their mouths closed, moving my hand down to their necks, gripping them there, quite gently but firmly, forcing their heads together, wondering how much they think I’ll squeeze their throats. I don’t linger too long on there though as I’m longing to move down to their tits; the toy has wonderfully full tits and the most magnificent nipples one could imagine – I can see them pushing through her bra and blouse now – but the three of us know this is the first real moment of intimacy with the actress and will she stand or will she decide it’s too much? As she’s being faithful to her husband at the moment – a ‘good girl’ as she calls it – we’ve agreed that there won’t be any penetration or even kissing between the two of us and that she doesn’t want anything that would leave a mark on her like a cane. So, in theory, caressing her over the top of her school blouse shouldn’t be a problem.

I move my hands down and cup the two breasts nearest to me, gently circling and massaging them, both women’s nipples are pushing through their bras and white cotton blouses. I grip the nipples firmly between two fingers and squeeze hard, both of them grimace a little and I twist Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort a little harder. I can see the relief on their faces when I let go. The toy reacted less, maybe because she knows what to expect and maybe because she has a higher pain threshold, we’ll find out later, I’m not going to hold back on her today. She won’t want to cry in front of her friend, but I’m going to try to push her limits to the edge of her threshold and maybe just a little more. The actress doesn’t react too much, so it looks like she’s going to play along.

Moving my hands down over their stomachs and sliding them in to the waistband of their skirts and beneath their knickers I feel one shaven mound and one, unfortunately, hairy mound. “Oh dear” I say to the actress, “why didn’t u shave as instructed?” as I pull hard on her pubes. “Sorry Sir, my husband would be too suspicious if I shaved” she says quietly, without lifting her head. I tell her she will be getting an extra little punishment for this mistake and I tug really hard on her pubes making he wince again. Then, rubbing the toy’s bald mound, I tell her what a good girl she is for keeping it so smooth; she smiles a little at the compliment or maybe it’s just the rubbing.

I run my fingers over their labia, not probing or pressing at all, just teasing them. I can feel they are both soaking, the toy always is, she tells be she’s in a constant state of arousal from the day before we meet. She daydreams about what’s going to happen while she’s at work the day before, then while she’s making the evening meal for her husband and the kids, then she has a nice long bath but she can’t play with herself she knows she’s not allowed to touch herself the day before. She usually has a restless night, wishing the hours away until her husband goes off to his tedious accountancy job and she can drop the kids off at school. And of course today there were two of them getting ready here, the atmosphere in her bedroom must have been electric between them as they put on their uniforms. I wonder if they did touch at all, I’ll ask them all about it later when the role playing is over.

Taking my hands from their skirts, I lick my fingers, they taste wonderful. As I take in their taste and aroma I feel my cock so hard in my trousers; I won’t be fucking the toy for a while yet but it’s going to be heavenly when I eventually get inside her hot, wet cunt.

“Lift your skirts up at the front, I need to check you are both in plain white cotton”, they both lift their skirts from the hem to show me their underwear. I move in front of the actress: she’s wearing white, but they are satin and lace. “This isn’t good at all”, I slap her crotch hard, “Sorry Sir, I don’t have any cotton ones and I thought you’d like these, they’re my husband’s favourite”, “You need to fucking learn to do as you are told” I whisper in to her ear as I pull the crotch of her knickers up hard between her lips, so hard she moves on to the balls of her feet to take the strain. “Get them off now”. I step back and watch her take them off, she looks up at me and asks “What should I do with them?”, I slap her face, “Don’t fucking look up and don’t speak unless spoken to!” I snap at her as I rip the knickers from her hand. “Get back in your position, hands by your sides”, she moves to stand back to back with the toy again, she’s looking very sheepish and her right cheek is glowing red; hopefully she’s realised that she’s not going to get it easy. We had discussed this beforehand, she knows the sort of beating the toy enjoys, she told me she wanted to try ‘the pain thing’ as she called it and she figured this was as safe a way as any to experiment. I let her see me put her knickers in to my pocket, I’ll be taking those home with me.

I go round to see how toy is dressed and of course she is properly attired, the white cotton only spoiled by the wonderful stain in between her legs, “Good, you may put your Ataşehir Ucuz Escort hands back by your sides now too’, she drops her navy skirt and put her hands down, I know she feels really pleased with herself. In some ways I’m glad she’s acting as the perfect toy, but we both know I’m going to find something that she needs to be ‘punished’ for, I’ll give her a little more praise then I’m going to make her feel the abuse she wants and needs, more than ever before.

I walk back around to the actress, she’s composed herself and seems to want to stay; I think she’d have called a halt to things by now if she wasn’t keen to see the thing through. I undo her tie and leave it hanging around her neck, then I undo her buttons slowly without opening her shirt at all. I can see her chest heaving as her breathing becomes quite pronounced and her heart rate increases. I open her shirt, of course she’s wearing the bra to match the knicks and not a white cotton one as instructed. “How very disappointing. Look, you don’t seem to have followed your instructions very well, do you really want to play this part?”. I can tell she doesn’t know if she should respond or not even though she has her head bowed, so after a short pause I tell her she may speak. “Sorry Sir, I do want to play, I just thought …”, “Don’t fucking think” I bark at her, “just fucking do as you are told”, she doesn’t answer back. “Now strip, chuck all you clothes in a pile over there”, and she does, not too quickly but not too slowly. Then she automatically goes back to her position; she’s learning, and she’s staying.

I step up close to her, put one arm around her, pull her close to me and whisper in her ear, “I’m not going to use the cane on you as the marks last too long, but I am going to use my belt. Undo it for me please and hold it with both hands out in front of you”. After a few seconds savouring her nakedness I let go of her and step back a little, nothing happens and I’m just about to slap her when she moves her hands and undoes my belt; when I step back she holds it out in front of her knowing it’s going to be on her arse very soon.

The toy must be thinking her friend is getting a hard time and she’s getting it easy, but that’s about to change big time. I walk around to her and pull her tie up over the shirt collar, then I tighten it, not so tight that it’s choking her but not far off. She often wears a dog collar for me and she fastens that herself far tighter than I would dare; that collar’s left a tell tale mark on her neck for 24 hours before, sometimes I think she wants her husband to notice. He must have seen the cane welts on her arse and tits before, they last for a week or so; maybe he does see them and chooses to ignore them, maybe he gets off on it. I’ve told the toy that I’d love to use her in front of him but she says he’s just totally not interested in anything more than a monthly fuck that lasts about three minutes. Poor bloke, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

I grab a hold of the toy’s shirt with both my hands, just under her boobs and I rip it open; buttons fly all over, she gasps a little as she falters from the force I used. Just as quickly I roughly pull her left tit from its bra cup. I grab the exposed nipple with my left hand and pull it up really hard so the whole tit is out and I slap it hard with my right hand. Almost immediately she says “Thank you Sir” and I let go and that wonderful 40D breast, it drops back all exposed but with an excellent hand print on the left side. There’s something about seeing her with just one tit out that turns me on so much; especially with the fabulous nipples she has, they really are the cherry one the cake.

I go over to the dressing table where toy has put all our usual props and I get the cane, I go back over to her and hand it to her, she knows to hold it out in front of her with both hands. I go back to the dressing table again and return with two large glasses of water to fill the girls up for our toilet games later; in turn I hold the glasses to their mouths and let them drink them all down. They should have had about three pints each by now and that should make for some fun later.

I step back and admire them holding the belt and the cane, we all know what’s coming next…

End of Part One