You’re Nobody … Ch. 07


Johnny’s Got Some Gun

This next part is hearsay: that is, I took Noreen’s story of what happened between her brother, Johnny and her friend, Haley to be true. She may well have embellished a detail or two, and furthermore, she’s going on what she’d been told by the actual participants. I did manage to coax a detail or three from Johnny himself later on, and he more or less confirmed his sister’s story. And that’s why this is included.

Noreen had told me previously that her friend Haley was a horny, twenty year old, who had confided to her that she found Johnny, “handsome and highly fuckable.”

Noreen also thought my suggestion that she put them together under the right circumstances, i.e., with no one else in the house, the perfect answer to the equation.

It so happened Johnny watched porn religiously on his computer after school from three to four-thirty, having bribed his sister to leave him alone during that period. Noreen had obliged him, but from time to time had surreptitiously listened at his bedroom door as he whispered his professed love to whatever siren was fornicating on the screen while he masturbated.

In fact, Noreen had told me she had masturbated just outside his door on several occasions, and at my suggestion she had brought Haley with her the day before. Both girls had gotten so hot that they retreated to Noreen’s room and watched each other masturbate to a rousing cum. Afterward; Noreen had suggested that Haley seduce her brother the following afternoon, and Haley had quickly agreed.

Their plan was a simple one. At the appropriate time, Haley would walk in on Johnny and hopefully nature would take its course.

At thee-ten, the next afternoon, while I was following Compton, Haley walked in on Johnny who was applying a lotion to his erection before beginning his masturbatory regimen.

“OHMYGOD!” she yelped in feigned surprise.

“GETOUT! GETOUT! GETOUT!” he yelled in shocked surprise.

“I’m so sorry!” Haley chirped perhaps a half dozen times, but she remained in the room and giving Johnny her sexiest smile, closed the door behind her.

Johnny, embarrassed beyond belief, tried to cover his erection, but being gifted in that department couldn’t shield the head of his cock from Haley’s inquisitive eyes.

“I … um, see you have things well in hand, Johnny, Haley said softly and maintaining her smile.

Now in Johnny’s eyes, Haley was his sister’s hottest friend and he had jerked off with her in mind many times, especially when she wore that skimpy bikini to the pool.

“Can I watch you do it, Johnny? I won’t make a sound, I promise.”

“WHAT?” he croaked, not believing his ears.

Haley was already unbuttoning her blouse.

“I DON’T …” Johnny didn’t finish the sentence; for Haley’s deft fingers were already prying a breast from her bra.

“Tit for that,” she giggled and exposed the other breast to his virginal eyes.

Johnny cautiously began squeezing and caressing her breasts, not taking his eyes off her chest at all and not wanting to wake up from this dream … but it wasn’t a dream it was real.

“Mmmm, you like, Johnny?” Haley asked lewdly while noting that he’d left his swollen appendage totally exposed.

“Yeah …” He managed after a long moment.

“Well, I happen to like what I see too.”

“Huh?” he mumbled, not understanding her meaning because he was focused on her breasts and the marvelous, silky texture of her breast flesh.

“Suck ’em, Johnny. Go on, suck ’em!” she said, her voice already husky with wanton craving.

He sample them one after the other, then returned to the first one and kept sucking, until Haley’s knees buckled from the intensity.

“Ever fucked a girl, Johnny?” Haley gasped as she hurriedly unbuttoned her shorts.

“Yeah … sure … plenty of times,” he lied.

“I mean, have you really fucked a girl? I don’t mind if I’m your first. In fact, I’ll go nice and slow with you … you know, show you the ropes.”

By this time, Noreen was listening at the door to Johnny’s room, her hand busy at her crotch as she envisioned her best friend seducing her virginal brother.

“Aw, you’re right,” Johnny confessed. “I ain’t done it … not with a real girl.”

“I don’t understand it, Johnny,” Haley cooed, “You’ve got a wonderful dick. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. You got any rubbers?”

“Um, no … should I run out and …”

“No need, I happen to have some with me. You never know when you’re going to need them.”

“Yeah, right,” he said staring at the camel toe visible through her skintight thong as Haley searched her purse for the condoms she’d bought just before driving over to the Klugman residence.

Finding the condoms, she giggled as she let the string of attached rubbers dangle from her hand.

“You must have been a girl scout,” Johnny said, managing to find his real voice for the first time since Haley had barged into his room. “I mean, you’re so prepared and all.”

“And sivas escort all,” she giggled as a devilish grin played across her face. Holding the condoms in her hands, she broke the seal on the uppermost condom and, holding it up in her right hand for his inspection, sexily asked, “Want me to put it on?”

“Yeah, sure,” he replied, his throat suddenly gone dry.

To his amazement, Haley placed the condom in her mouth. He thought at first that she was going to blow a bubble with it, and then closed his eyes as her face descended to his cock and her mouth cleverly mouthed the rubber on his throbbing prick.

“How …?”

“Pure talent, baby, now let me get on top the first time, okay?”

“Yeah … yeah!” He said hoarsely.

Haley quickly shed her remaining clothes and pushed him so that he fell backward on the bed, mounted him and guided his cock into her steaming cunt.

“Oh, damn it baby, you really reach places nobody else has!” Haley cooed with obvious delight. A moment later she was guiding his hands to her breasts, and telling him to “Squeeze ’em good.” While reciprocating by dragging her fingernails over his fairly well developed chest as she began to slowing rise and fall on his no longer virginal cock.

Johnny’s cheeks were flushed and tiny beads of sweat had formed on his brow.

It was at this point that Noreen carefully cracked the door to his room open and peeked in on them. Moments later she had three fingers jammed inside her slushy pussy and was nearing a climax. She’d seen Haley naked several times before, but watching her brother’s very well endowed cock plunging in and out of Haley’s pussy aroused her intensely.

She couldn’t believe the size of her brother’s cock and began then and there to plan how she would seduce him after Haley finished with him.

The soft creak of the bed brought here back to reality and she watched as the rutting couple switched positions. In the dim light of the room Noreen could see her brother now kneeling behind Haley. At her urging, he had taken hold of a handful of Haley’s hair and was pulling it in one direction while driving his cock into her from behind. The covers were a heaped mess on the floor at the foot of the bed, and Haley was threatening to shred the sheets with the ferocious grip she had on them.

Noreen had a fire in her pussy, and it was all she could do to keep from throwing herself on the bed and begging her brother to fuck her too.

For his first time with a woman, Johnny was doing very well. Haley was instructing him in every facet of their encounter, compelling him to use slow, even strokes; commanding him not to even think about cumming until she gave him permission, and reveling in his obedience.

Several minutes went by before Haley felt herself readying to cum and she turned her face to him and kissed him then hissed “Fuck me hard, Johnny. Fuck me as hard as you can. You can cum with me!”

Noreen looked on as her brother began a fusillade of thrusts causing their bodies to give off a ‘smack -smack’ sound while Haley’s breasts flounced and bounced every which way.

Noreen now had four fingers jammed into her cunt and the middle finger of her other hand up her ass. She was in danger of losing her balance and toppling into her brother’s bedroom, but fought off the gravitational pull and remained upright as her climax rushed in and caused her to reel dizzily from its force.

If I can’t get Johnny to fuck me soon, I’ll have to jump the guest’s bones, she told herself. (And I did have to give her a through going over later.)

As she watched, she saw the couple writhing on the bed, their bodies glistening with sweat. Haley’s long hair was flailing about as her body heaved and bucked to Johnny’s cock as it repeatedly impaled and then released her.

And Noreen came. Seconds later, Haley moaned, “Oh, Christ!” as she also came. In the ensuing silence only their heavy panting could be heard. Then Haley asked Johnny if he’d cum too.”

“Yeah … it was fuckin’ amazing!”

“Can you fuck me again?” Haley asked hopefully.

“Yeah … just gimme a minute.”

Then after a brief silence — “Got another condom?”

Haley scrambled away to grab her purse, this time she shook all the condoms out, tore one open and left the rest on the bed, hoping they would get to use several more before he couldn’t get it up again.

Before she placed the second rubber on him, Haley’s tongue gently licked the rest of his cum away as it seeped from the tip of his dick.

Tentatively she took his head into her mouth and let her tongue swirl along the crown and corona and gloried in his appreciative moans.

“Jesus Christ that feels good!”

“Like having your cock sucked, Johnny?” she said provocatively.

“You know it!”

Tickling his asshole with her finger, Haley used her right hand to stroke him as she sucked, moving the finger from his ass to his balls and tickling them as well.

Haley attempted to deep-throat him, but gagged after taking more than half of his thick member down her gullet. After that she contented herself with making certain he enjoyed her efforts and soon she was feeling a wonderful tingle in her cunt everytime he moaned.

It wasn’t long before Johnny’s cock and Haley’s hand were covered in gobs of saliva. Feeling Johnny begin to tense up and slow his rhythmic thrusting, she pulled away from his cock.

“I don’t want you cumming just yet, lover.”

“But I want to … I need to cum in your mouth.”

“Not this time!” she snapped at him and quickly regained control.

Noreen returned from her bedroom, having gone in search of her favorite mail ordered vibrator, a Fifty Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator. It was a slimline vibrator with an upwardly curving tip that promised to nuzzle against ones G-spot, and more than lived up to its advertisements. Noreen used it to titillate both the G-spot and her clit while changing speeds and lost count of her climaxes while her brother demonstrated his sexual prowess with her best friend.

Haley walked in on Noreen some forty minutes later. Johnny had fucked her two more times after she’d blown him. She was very impressed and had made a date with him to come over to her place the following afternoon after school.

“So, how was it?” Noreen asked, already knowing the answer.

Haley closed her eyes and tossed her hair back. “Oh, it was great. Your brother can certainly fuck. You should give him a try.”

“Yuck! No thanks!” she screeched, but the thought of having Johnny’s cock inside her was very tempting, she declined, mentally and verbally. “I’m not going there. That’s incest and I want no part of it.”

“But you don’t mind if I fuck him again?”

“Nope, be my guest.”

“Thanks, Noreen. I appreciate your hooking us up.”

“So he didn’t suspect anything?” Noreen inquired after a short silence.

“No, not at all … except you could’ve joined us and had some fun yourself.”

“No … I couldn’t. I already told you … that’d be incest.”


When I had an opportunity to drop in on Noreen later with no one the wiser, she greeted me with: “Daddy, I’ve been naughty.”

“Have you now?” I said and picked up the remote, turned on MTV to a high, but not too high a sound.

“Tell me about it.”

She was wearing a black silk camisole with matching panties. Her hair was pulled back from her face with several bowed barrettes. She stood in front of me, her hands folded in front of her thighs and her eyes on the ground.

“I set my brother up with my friend Haley.”

But you told me you were going to do it and I agreed. Johnny needed to get laid.”

“But I peeked in on them.”

“Did you get caught?”

“No, but I got so hot watching them I almost jumped on the bed with them.”

“But you didn’t,” I said, wondering for a moment if she had.

“Oh, no … you specifically told me not to.”

“That’s good, so how were you naughty?”

“I came watching Johnny fuck her. Then I ran to my room and used my vibrator to make me cum a dozen more times.”

“You really were a bad girl,” I said playing along. “I’m going to have to punish you, Noreen. Prepare yourself, please.” I sat down in the only chair in her bedroom. Smiling happily, Noreen climbed up and then lay across my lap, her ass thrust into the air. Noreen squirmed about trying to feel my cock’s response to her body. I remained soft for the moment, and placed a hand on the small of her back and brought my right hand down sharply on her panty covered ass.

“One!” she counted out as she was supposed to. At seven I stopped and asked her what else she’d done that day other than having Haley fuck her brother.

“Um, I thought about you and your cock mostly.”

I stroked the inside of her thigh. She moaned appreciatively.

“And, so I failed my geometry test.”







“I was also late for class.”


“I stayed in the shower too long masturbating as I thought about last night.”

My fingers mover back to the inside of her thigh, then trailed off to the underside of her right buttock.

She moaned in anticipation of my touching her pussy.

I didn’t.



“I doubt anyone at school noticed. Some kid pretended he had a knife and the police were all over the place when I got there.”

My fingers were tracing small circles on her other cheek, inching ever closer to her labia.

“Is that all?” I asked as my fingers dipped between her thighs, tickling her warm, plump labia through her panties.

“No. I teased the new History teacher.”

“How did he respond?” I asked as I pressed my middle finger into the crease in her vulva. Her pussy was quite slippery inside.

She giggled and said, “He’s a she.”

“How did you tease her?”

“By moving behind her as she was writing on the blackboard and rubbing up against her butt.”

I found this interesting. “What did she do about it?” I asked.

“She didn’t do anything. She just froze until I stepped away. When she turned to see who I was, I smiled at her and made small talk, like nothing happened.”

“You could get in trouble.”

“I know.”

“Is that all?” I asked her again. I pressed my knuckles into her, the wet silk sliding over her skin. She ground her pussy into my hand.

“No, Daddy. After that, I went back to my desk and played with myself.”

“Sweetie, I warned you not to do anything that would cause the school to take action against you. You know that.”

“Are you going to punish me?” she said, rotating her hips, rubbing her pussy against my open palm, while my thumb rested between her cheeks.

“Is there more?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Well then, how many would you think appropriate punishment for those infractions?”

“At least twenty, Daddy.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s enough. Lose the panties, Noreen.”

Noreen raised her bottom up, reached back with both hands, and pushed her panties over her hips and half way down her thighs.

“Please keep count,” I said as I smacked her left buttock smartly.


Two!” Three!” The pale skin of her left buttock cheek had turned pink.


I alternated cheeks. By ten she was dripping wet, her pussy juices were staining my slacks. By sixteen, both butt cheeks were rosy pink and hot; her hands were balled into fists, tucked next to her shoulders, as she raised her ass to meet each successive blow. By twenty, she was panting and ready to come.

“All done, Baby. Shall I finish you off?” I asked her.

“Yes, please!”

I slid my fingers down and through her hot pussy, picking up her slick honey, and smeared it around her hard, pink clit. I trapped the little pearl between my index and middle fingers and rubbed back and forth and in small circles. She started climaxing almost immediately, her cute bottom humping the air, gasping for breath as her legs and tummy spasmed. I kept going until she reached back over her ass and pulled my hand away.

“Please, Daddy, that’s enough!” she pleaded.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

And although I’d stopped spanking her, she continued grinding herself against my hardon, which was now throbbing madly.

“Can I suck you a little, Daddy?”

That would be nice, Baby.”

Noreen climbed off my lap and pulled her panties back up. I spread my legs and she kneeled between them.

Giving me a happy smile, she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my slacks, and pulled them down my legs and off my feet. She grabbed my erection in her tiny hand and took the swollen tip into her mouth, sealing her lips around the corona, while her other hand played gently with my heavy sacs.

She began sliding down and backing off, working more and more of my length down her throat and only gagging once before her nose was nestled against my pubes. Then she eased it from her throat and gazed adoringly at me and my saliva coated cock. A long strand of her spittle still clung from her lip to the head of my dick. She saw it and sent her tongue out to coax it back into her mouth. It was so erotic a sight that I pulled her up and kissed her for several very enjoyable minutes, and then told her to get back to sucking me off.

It wasn’t long before I was ready. “Almost there!” I gasped.

Noreen slid back and the head of my cock popped from between her ripe lips. I came, a gush of jizm rocketed out of my third eye. Some of it landed on her extended tongue; more wound up on her chin, and a second volley caught her just under her right eye causing her to blink several times before realizing it hadn’t gone in her eye.

Satisfied that her eye was clear of my contaminant, she looked at me and with them sparkling with love she poked her cum-covered tongue out to display my seed and then made a small production of swallowing it.

“Chin,” I said softly.

“Mmmm, yeah, I didn’t forget,” she said, lifting most of the semen from her chin with her index finger.

“I was savoring your taste after swallowing. You have such yummy come, Daddy. I don’t know why some girls make such a production out of not wanting to swallow.” That said, she placed the finger on her tongue and made a production out of sucking the residue from her finger and swallowing that.

“Under your eye,” I said, and she repeated her previous steps while I smiled down benevolently at her.

“Good girl. Would you like me to go down on you?”

“Does my period come once a month?”

“Answer me,” I said in a sterner voice.

“Yes, Master. Please go down on me.” She meekly replied.

I had Noreen count her orgasms aloud. I ended my cunnilingus when she reached her fourth. Since I had been working on her clit and pussy for forty minutes I suspected she was lying about the number, but I was sated and she was certainly a happy camper.

I showered and took a nap. Later I had dinner with the rest of the family.