14 Inch James – Undercover Cop Ch. 02


“So tell me more about Donkey Productions,” said Kristy, as they were lying in bed, following the little escapade with Karen.

“First of all,” James began, “tonight was the best birthday ever. And I’m glad that Karen decided to go home afterwards without hanging around. I didn’t want to have to pretend to be asleep much longer.”

“And the best part,” Kristy said, “is that the next time you see her you can act like you have no idea what happened. She’ll think she has a secret on you.”

“Yeah, I never thought about that.”

“And she’ll probably think of ways to get you naked, but enough about that,” replied Kristy, “I want to know about Donkey.”

“The Captain thinks that they’re not practicing safe sex on the set. In today’s climate that’s enough to bust them.”

Kristy loosened the firm grip that she had on James’ cock. She had just jerked him off twice, and they had showered and gotten ready for bed. Now they were just lying there, sated, with Kristy tenderly fondling the tamed beast. Kristy loved it when James was like this. It made her feel like there was more to their relationship than pure sex. They could lie together, comfortable in each other’s company. Of course, James was almost always totally naked, and Kristy’s attention was almost always focused on his penis. But they were comfortable with this arrangement, so there was no pressure. At moments like this, when Mr. Penis was sleepy and not twitching in an agonized plea for attention, James’ cock was so soft and manageable that sometimes she wished that this was his permanent state. But then she’d remember what a fully erect Mr. Penis was like, and those thoughts would evaporate.

Kristy laughed. “I’m afraid you’re gonna be disappointed. There’s no sex on a Donkey Production video, just a lot of beautiful penises on display. Okay, the hunky men sometimes get into a little trouble, if you know what I mean, but that’s it.” After a brief pause, she said, “come to think of it, you’d be perfect for them. You’ve got a big cock and you know how to swing it around, and you’re certainly not shy about showing it off. You fit the profile.”

“Well, I have an audition tomorrow.”

“Oh you’ll get the job. The people behind Donkey Productions aren’t stupid. I can’t believe it. My James is going to be a Donkey star.” She focused her attention on the slowly growing cock that was in her hand. “Did you hear that, Mr. Penis? You’re going to be a star!” She bent down and gave James’ penis a gentle kiss on the tip of his cock-head.

“I kind of recall seeing that Muscle Man movie with you,” James said, trying to ignore the effect that Kristy’s attention was having on his cock. For once, he was worn out. “Are you sure that there was no sex in that film,” he asked?

“See for yourself,” and with that Kristy reached over, grabbed the DVD, which was conveniently located next to her side of the bed, and plopped it into the player.

Kristy never tired of watching the video. A group of four naked, muscular men, all with large cocks – though not as large as James’ – were brought out onto a makeshift stage where they were shown off before a group of about twenty ladies. Their cocks fluctuated between almost flaccid, semi-hard and hard, going back and forth, depending on what was happening at that very moment. Kristy loved how the video focused on the process of a man getting turned on. Seeing them get hard was just as titillating as having them be hard.

An attractive woman acted as an MC, introducing the men and making fun of their naked condition. She was merciless in her teasing, even though it was good-natured, and watching how the men reacted to her teasing was a big part of the story theme. After a bit of flexing the men went through a series of exercises. After each exercise young boys who, according to the disclaimer at the start of the video, were at least eighteen years of age, but who looked about fifteen, came out and toweled the sweat off of the muscular, naked men. And yes, the boys were naked too, but their little penises, while no match for those of the muscle men, were rock hard. Kristie loved seeing their little, stiff cocks. Clearly they were turned on the by situation, which in turn was a source of arousal for Kristy.

At this point in the video the MC asked for volunteers, and four young, attractive women came out from the audience and climbed onstage. Each stood by one of the naked muscle men. Their presence was clearly having an effect on their penises. The women seemed to be aware of the effect that they were having on the men, and they were all smiles; they were loving it. The MC told the men to get into position to do pushups, and so they all went to the ground, at which point a woman sat on each man’s back as they began to do their push-ups. What made the scene work for Kristie was the reaction of the young boys in the background who were standing behind the muscle men. They were getting horny by what they were witnessing. Whether it was due to their being naked in front of so many young, attractive, clothed women, or whether it was due to their being exposed to the naked muscle men, was anybody’s guess. That was part of the allure. The video straddled boundaries and could be whatever the viewer wanted it to be.

One of the young towel boys, who might not have even been kayseri escort aware that he was in the camera view, was absent-mindedly pulling on his cock while the men were doing push-ups. Kristie stopped the video. “Look at that little guy twiddling his meat. It’s priceless.” No reaction from James, but Mr. Penis was enjoying it, or so Kristie’s hand had deduced. He was now hovering at around thirteen inches.

After about ten push-ups the women got off and the men stood up. The towel boys came out to do their thing. When toweling the front of the muscle men the boys made sure not to omit their penises from the drying off process – the camera made sure that the audience got a good view of that, along with the reactions of the girls, – and the muscle men were responding favorably to the attention their penises were getting.

“Genius,” exclaimed Kristy, “pure genius!”

“Okay men,” said the MC, “let’s see how well you can lift weights,” and without further ado each man

grabbed their woman, and with one hand on their back and the other around their thighs, they hoisted the pleasantly surprised girls over their heads and held the position for well over a minute. Their muscles began to strain at the task of holding the girls upright, while a group of clothed women at the front of the stage were ogling their naked bodies, not to mention the MC who was enjoying the spectacle as much as anyone.

“Here it comes,” said Kristy, quickening her grip on James’ awakened penis.

The men were in a vulnerable position, rendered virtually helpless by the difficulty of maintaining their grip on the women. You could see their leg muscles tightening, as well as their upper abs, and it was all they could do not to release the women. They were at the mercy of the MC. Who knew what embarrassing indignity she had planned for them? They were ripe for anything; they’d be powerless to prevent it, seeing that all their energy was focused on keeping the women raised over their heads.

It was at this point that the towel boys walked around again to the front of the muscle men, except this time they were without towel. Unexpectedly, they got down on their knees and began to suck the penises of the muscle men. It came from out of nowhere. There had been no inkling that this was about to happen. It never ceased to amaze Kristy, and even Mr. Penis showed his approval by stiffening up a major notch and extending his reach to its fourteen inch maximum. Kristy smiled. She didn’t have to make eye contact to know when Mr. Penis maxed out; she could sense it with her hand. James’ cock like seeing a group of naked muscular men, each holding a clothed woman over their head, in front of an audience of equally clothed women, getting a blow job by a young boy. All this while the MC shouted encouragement.

“I’m telling you,” said Kristy, “Donkey Productions have turned porn into an art form!” Clearly aroused, she began working harder and harder on Mr. Penis. She was on full throttle, and James was getting closer to another orgasm.

Eventually all four of the muscle men ejaculated, the young boys leaning aside to allow the cum to shoot out toward the audience. It was when muscle man number three shot his load that Mr. Penis joined in, although James’ semen output wasn’t nearly as voluminous as it had been earlier in the evening. He slumped back on the bed, exhausted but satisfied.

Had the video ended there it would have been good enough for Kristy, but I didn’t. After orgasm, the muscle men lowered the women back down to the ground, bent down, reached up under the women’s skirts and removed their panties. Then the women lied down on the stage, lifted their skirts, and the men got down on all fours and began to lick their vaginas. Again, this was totally unexpected. Up to now all the sex had been male on male. Of course, by positioning themselves to service the women, their hard, taut butts were invitingly sticking out, and the young boys went around to the other side and inserted their cocks in the muscle men’s rectums and fucked them. Having these rock-hard, hunky muscular studs being violated and penetrated by these young boys, who were no match for them in any way, shape or form, was the ultimate message of the video. And allowing attractive, clothed women to witness the naked spectacle added an exclamation point to the scene.

James was reeling from his most recent orgasm, but he was still paying attention to the video.

“Stop it right there,” he said, excitedly. “See, they’re having unprotected sex! The Captain was right.”

“You don’t know that,” said Kristie, defiantly, “they might be wearing condoms.” But in her heart of hearts she knew that this wasn’t so. But, nevertheless, she looked James sternly in the eye, “if you shut down Donkey Productions you’ll have to go back to jerking yourself off, because I swear, I’ll never touch Mr. Penis again!”

And with that she turned off the video and prepared by bed.


Donkey Productions was located in a small industrial park in a slightly run-down area on the edge of Hollywood. From the outside it looked like a warehouse, which it probably had been at one time. Inside were a series of makeshift offices and a large open space, which probably was used as a film set. James announced himself to kıbrıs escort a secretary seated by the first open door he encountered, and she led him towards a corner of the large open space where three women sat on Director’s Chairs. Behind them there was a desk, a table, and a few chairs. A laptop computer was on the desk. The three women were talking amongst themselves and were oblivious to James’ presence until the secretary introduced him. Quickly sizing him up, the three women switched their attention to James, who stood there before them.

The first woman to speak was about thirty years old, with dark blonde hair cut in a short bob. She had on a white blouse and black skirt, with black boots completing the ensemble. Another one of James’ turn-ons was a woman who wore boots, so she passed his initial test: Mr. Penis was interested. Wait a minute, she looked vaguely familiar. Could it be? Yes, it could. James recognized her as the MC from the Muscle Men video. All of a sudden this audition was getting more interesting.

“So how did you hear about Donkey Productions, asked the woman, whose name was Monica?

“My girlfriend…” James cleared his throat. “…my girlfriend…she has all your videos.”


“Yes, she’s a big fan, and she suggested that I audition. You see…well, we can use the extra money…and besides, she thinks I might be Donkey Production material.”

“How so,” asked Monica?

“Well, I stack up pretty well down there, and I’m not shy about showing off what I got.”

The woman sitting on the right hand side laughed. She was in her mid-twenties, with dark blonde hair similar in color to Monica’s, but much longer, extending halfway down her back. James could tell that she had large breasts – a plus – and she was wearing what appeared to be an extremely short skirt. James felt a stirring in his loins. Could this be his lucky day? Mr. Penis was starting to think so. James was getting turned on. A tent was beginning to form at the front of his pants. The old James would have been mortified and clumsily try and cover his groin area. But it was a much more confident James who stood there now, and he made no attempt to hide his arousal.

The woman with the large breasts soon shifted her position in the chair, and James could tell that she was wearing short-shorts, or hot pants. Mr. Penis was disappointed and James’ tent slowly faded away..

But James’s penis wasn’t down for long, especially after the third woman spoke. She was the one sitting in the middle. She was drop-dead cute, and was also in her mid-twenties. She had naturally blond hair that went down to her shoulders, and a very pretty face, but it was her legs that riveted James. They were long and lean and tanned. She was wearing an incredibly short dress; it was white, with black polka dots. It definitely wasn’t hot pants! She sat on the edge of the Director’s Chair with her legs crossed, and there was a gap between her thighs that only a skirt could induce. The thought of getting a peek at her panties was a real possibility, and the anticipation sprung Mr. Penis back into action. Seeing her panties would be far superior to seeing those of the large breasted one. Not that the large breasted one wasn’t attractive, but the one in the middle was…well, she was spectacular!

James didn’t know whether he should stare at her crotch area. On one hand he didn’t want to come across as a pervert, but then again, he was auditioning for a porn shoot. Maybe being a pervert was a plus. But seeing that he was standing in front of three women, and the hottie in the micro mini was sitting in the middle, James was positioned directly in front of her, perfectly placed to get a panty peek should one be in the cards, and there was no way he was going to pass up that opportunity.

“So you think you stack up pretty well down there?” It was Jane who spoke, the hottie with the white dress with the black polka-dots. All three women smiled.

“He’ll get his chance to prove it,” said Monica. “We’ll find out if he’s all talk or not. A lot of men claim to have a large one, but then you get them naked and it shrivels up like…”

Before Monica could finish the other two girls erupted in laughter.

“We have some questions we’d like to ask you.”

Monica was interrupted by Olivia. “Monica darling,” she said, “shouldn’t James be naked when we grill him”?

“Oh yes, that’s right,” Monica answered. “We have found that a naked man has nowhere to hide and will bare his soul, so-to-speak, and answer our questions more honestly.”

“Okay, hot shot,” said Olivia, “it’s show-time; let’s see what you got.”

James removed his shirt and awkwardly looked around for a place to leave it. Olivia rose from her chair, walked over to James, and took it from him. James wasn’t a big fan of hot pants, as they didn’t allow for a panty sighting, but it was still better than long pants. Mr. Penis was okay with it. He was stirring again; it was going to be a good day. The thought of stripping nude in front of these three woman was arousing. There, there, James thought to himself, addressing Mr. Penis, behave yourself. I think you’ll have a good workout today. Mr. Penis responded the only way he knew how, by getting rigid and growing in size. It would feel good to be freed konya escort from the restraints of clothing.

Olivia stood there and waited while James lowered his trousers. She would collect all his clothes at once. James could smell her perfume as she stood near him. It was nice. Mr. Penis was feeling so frisky that James wouldn’t mind his cock getting lost in the canyons of Olivia’s cleavage.

James knew what was going to happen next, and so he took his time, trying to savor the moment. He lowered his undershorts very slowly – boxers, by the way – and his huge cock sprung into sight. At first it stuck out like a flag-pole, but very quickly it stiffened and hardened more than it already was, and climbed straight up, all the way to James’ naval. Mr. Penis rarely disappointed, and he was living up to his reputation. Maybe it was the surprised look on the faces of the three women, maybe it was the subtle smile that Jane the hottie had on her face, or the way she shifted her position in the chair, making her legs even more pronounced; maybe it was the fact that James was buck naked and he was technically at their mercy, seeing that they were in charge; maybe it was thinking about Muscle Men, knowing there was a chance that James could be put into a similar situation; maybe it was a combination of all those things, but whatever the reason, James’ cock was protruding straight up in the air, as it did when it was at the full fourteen inches. It was massive, his shaft was thick, his aroused cock-head slightly reddened. James was enormously proud of the way Mr. Penis had chosen to behave at this, a pivotal moment. For the moment James forgot that he was an undercover cop; right, now he was a porn star, or at least a porn star wannabe! James stood there with his hands on his hips, thrusting out his enlarged member at the ladies.

Olivia placed James’ clothes on the desk and took her seat on the Director Chair. All three women stared at James’ nakedness with silent approval. He might not have the built up muscles of the stereotypical Donkey Production male, but his body was good enough. It was tight and firm. And the penis; oh my! Whatever James lacked in muscular development he more than made up for it with his love muscle.

Finally, Monica spoke. “Well, ladies, what do you think? He certainly has quite a whopper!”

Jane giggled, as did Olivia.

Monica cleared her throat. “If you don’t mind, James, we’d like to ask you some questions. Just relax and answer as honestly as you can. Whatever answer you think we want to hear…trust me, we’re probably looking for something else.”

“Okay,” said James. With the three ladies back in their chairs, and James standing directly in front of the micro mini dress, he knew that as long as he kept his focus on those lovely legs right at the spot where they disappeared into the white cloth of the garment, he and Mr. Penis would pass the audition with flying colors

“Let’s begin,” said Monica. “What is for favorite sex act?”


“That’s interesting.”

Before Monica could continue, James added a comment. “I enjoy all types of masturbation, but my preference is to masturbate in front of women, especially when they’re sexy and dressed provocatively…sort of like the way like ladies are.”

Jane then spoke. “Why is that, do you think?”

“I don’t really know,” answered James, honestly. “I never thought about it much. I guess there are a couple of reasons. I think that if I’m naked and a woman is clothed then she is in control. Even if I am beating my meat in front of her, she is calling the shots. I suppose, deep down inside, I like being dominated by a beautiful woman. On another level…oh what the hell, I’ll admit it. I get turned on by seeing a woman accidently flash her panties. That’s my biggest turn on. It’s weird, I know, but I prefer that to seeing her naked. Maybe I’m just a perv.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that that years of therapy couldn’t cure,” said Monica, jokingly. “But based on what you just said, I think you’ve come to the right place.” Monica and Olivia both turned and looked at Jane. They knew what James had been staring at. They saw a direct correlation between Jane’s legs and James’ boner. Jane blushed ever so slightly and, although it defied the laws of physics, James gigantic penis got harder. It began to flap and bounce. It felt warm, no, make that hot, as it pressed against his flesh. James could tell that it was filling up with semen. It would only take a few strokes form him to get off. He was hypnotized by Jane’s crotch, but he couldn’t help it. Just as water seeks its own level, an exposed penis will focus on the greatest source of its arousal. If Jane was aware of it, or of the effect that she was having on James and his penis, she acted ignorant. Then it happened. Jane shifted her position and her legs parted slightly. It wasn’t much, but it was just enough for James to catch a glimpse of the forbidden fruit. A little , tiny speck of blue triangle right at the exact juncture her legs disappeared into the cloth of the dress. The panties were blue, not that the color mattered. To be naked in front of clothed women and catch an accidental panty peek was James’ idea of heaven. Mr. Penis began to ache and throb. He demand attention, and for a moment James feared that spontaneous combustion might take over and he would have an unforced eruption. He had to do something, so he shifted his gaze downward, away from the lovely Jane’s mini dress, away from her long, tanned legs, and away from her delightful blue panties!