First Date with My Little Girl Ch. 01


I was getting impatient. I had been in the library for two hours grading papers, but as the hour approached I could no longer concentrate. Distractedly, I browsed the new book shelves, waiting for my cell phone to ring, and then suddenly I heard a young, feminine voice say “Hi.” And there she was, smiling coyly, even bashfully, blushing. She had on a stylish trenchcoat that completely covered her dress – or was she even wearing a dress under that? The coat came to mid thigh, and her legs were bare. Ballet flats, some makeup, and a “Hello Kitty” necklace completed the outfit. If a girl could be suggestive and innocent at once, Emily had captured it. I kissed her on the cheek and welcomed her to town.

I had met her only a week or so earlier, when she had contacted me on FetLife. Why me? I was the right age, and I was local. She was a 23-year-old recent college graduate looking for a Daddy, and had found my profile on there. I was twenty-one years her senior. We began to chat shortly afterwards. She was shy and sparing with words, but she was also game to play, and oh so very obedient. Was it our first day chatting that I told her to pull her thong up so that it sat tightly against her clit, rubbing it all through the work day? I think it was, and she did it for as long as she could until the distraction just didn’t let her work. The pushback only came when I found out that she had been camming for other men, all of them older than she, none of them local, and I told her I wanted her to cam for me. No, she said, saying she hadn’t known me long enough. So I told her that when she got home, she was to read my stories on Litererotica and masturbate to them, making sure to report what she did to herself, and send pictures along with the report. I logged on that night not expecting to find her, and found an email saying she had read my stories, that she needed to cum, and that she wanted to do it for me on cam. I knew then she was becoming my plaything.

Two days later, she was there in the library, having driven an hour to meet me. And she knew why she was there. I was going to take her to my office and fuck her. We made our way to her car, to make sure it was parked in an OK spot. When I slipped the money for the parking in her trenchcoat pocket, I could feel the heat rising from her pussy, and knew she was ready for me, and eager. We made our way to the office, along with crowds headed for the football game. I noticed some glances from people who wondered what we were up to.

A drunk even asked me directly, “Is that your woman?”

I made up an answer, when what I really wanted to say is “No, she’s my little girl. We’ve only just met in person for the first time, but I’m going to fuck her brains out.”

Once in the building, I had her wait while I headed into the office ahead of her. I wanted to make sure there was no bağdatcaddesi escort one around, and I wanted to be sitting at my desk when she came in. I heard her footsteps down the hall, and my heart pounded. She was only moments away from becoming my fucktoy. In she walked, indistinguishable from one of my students coming in to get a form signed or to ask for help with a paper. There I sat, at my desk, just as I would if it were office hours. I hold her to come in and close the door, and to take her trenchoat off. My plan had been to have her strip for me right away, but I just couldn’t. She looked too pretty. She had told me she thought of herself as stylish, and took care in picking her clothes, and now I could see how true this was. The dress she wore was perfect. A one piece cotton affair with a high waist and a very open neckline. The top was a shade of . . . and the bottom was a floral print. So girly. So pretty. Her straight blonde hair came to her shoulders, and her bangs hung just above her pretty blue eyes. I knew I would have to wait to take that pretty dress off.

I got up, took her in my arms, and kissed her, as I let my hands travel to her ass. She had not been shy about sending me pictures, gorgeous, revealing pictures that had kept my desire at the boiling point for days. I wanted to kiss her mouth, caress her shapely ass, taste that amazing pink pussy. In time, though. In time. I let my hands wander down and I could feel that there was nothing but the skimpiest thong under that dress, and I imagined it was very wet. I pulled away, looked her up and down, and instructed her to sit in my reading chair. She did so, with a smile. Such a good little girl . . .

I leaned over her, feeling the power of my position, and she spread her legs, but without revealing anything. I put my knee there and brought my mouth to hers, kissing her hard, hungrily. She clutched the armrests as I pushed my leg against her pussy. Instantly, she started to grind. I could feel her warmth. I could feel her wetness start to soak through my pants leg, and I broke my kiss long enough to tell her that I wanted her to cum, then brought my mouth back to hers as she moaned in pleasure, grinding against my leg like a bitch in heat. Which was precisely what she was . . .

Then I knelt down. What to do with her? How to fuck her? Her eyes were bright, her smile broad, and I knew I needed to taste her young cunt. I pulled her dress up and exposed her. She spread her legs open like a good girl. Such beautifully pale skin . . . A skimpy teal thong, clearly soaked through, clung to her mound and disappeared into her slit. I looked into her eyes and asked me if she wanted me to lick her pussy. When she said yes, I told her to ask properly.

“Please, daddy. Please lick my pussy,” she said, smiling in her almost bashful way. beykoz escort

How could I say no? Why would I ever want to? I brought my mouth to her thighs and started to kiss and lick, making my way to her panties, sucking on them, licking her through the material, inhaling her fragrance. I pulled her thong aside, exposing her totally shaven pink little cunt. She had shown me pictures, but they had not done her pussy justice. So petite, so pink, so ready to be licked and fucked. I pulled the panties off her, and brought them to my face, inhaling and sucking. I held them to her face, so she could do the same. And then I feasted on her gorgeous young cunt. A blissful smile spread across her face as she closed her eyes and started to whimper and emote. Her speaking voice is in the alto range, but her little cries revealed that she was really a soprano. She reacted to everything I did, barely saying anything, but always crying out in these sweet “ohs” and “ahs” that left no doubt that her pussy was responding to my tongue and lips. I wanted her to cum like this. I wanted to drink her juices before I fucked her. As I worked her clit between my lips and flicked it with my tongue, she arched her back and cried out, her young body trembling.

That was it. I had tried her. I had tasted her. And now it was time to fuck her. But no, not yet. First I would have her worship my cock. I had her stand up so I could take her place, and I told her to strip. Without any hesitation, she smiled and undressed for me, as I sat in the chair, fully clothed, watching. The dress came off over her head. She reached around and unclasped her bra. I remained fully dressed, taking her in head to toe, my eyes lingering on her perfect, round nipples, her cute tattoo, her naked mound. I wanted to do more than fuck this girl. I wanted to corrupt her. I wanted to run down the list of things she’d never done, even things she was afraid of doing, and I wanted to do them all. And I wanted to do them to her. We weren’t there to fuck, in my mind. I was there to fuck her. She was there to be fucked.

But she was going to start by sucking my cock. I told her to get on her knees in front of me and I took my jeans off. She pulled my hard dick out of my black boxer briefs and immediately brought her mouth to my head. I loved how she held my thick cock in her hands while she licked me. I told her I wanted her to worship my cock, to get to know it very, very well.

“Yes, daddy” she said, as she took my length into her mouth and started to suck.

I closed my eyes to better enjoy the warmth and wetness of her mouth on me. I opened them, to watch her. I looked into her pretty blues as she took my length into her mouth. My cock hardened, and I knew I needed more. Off came my boxer briefs and my little girl knew immediately to suck and lick my balls. caddebostan escort I moaned out, feeling her mouth there, telling her what a good little girl she was.

Now it was time. We got up, and I told her to get on the chair, but this time on her knees, facing forward. Once again, perfect obedience from my good little girl. She presented her ass to me, ready for whatever I was going to give to her. I got down on my knees and spread her cheeks, seeing her tight little asshole for the first time. I knew she was a virgin there. She had told me. And I had told her that I would one day fuck her in the ass, and cum inside her. It had to happen. How could she submit to me and withhold that from me? How could I pretend to make her mine without taking her in every way? But I had promised her it would not be this time. I kissed her asshole, licked it, pried at it with my tongue, and listened to her glorious little oh’s and ah’s, before bringing my mouth to her pussy to enjoy her warm silky wetness one more time before I sank my cock into her.

Finally I found myself standing behind her, ready to work my thick cock into her tender young cunt. I had suggested we use condoms, but she had asked me not to. She wanted my cum inside her. Who was I to say no? There was nothing I wanted more, in fact, than to shoot my cum deep inside her and send her home with it dripping out of her pussy. I wanted to claim her cunt as my own. I pushed against her opening and felt my cock enter her. Her tight young cunt closed around my head, grasping it, and I immediately pressed into her. SMACK. SMACK. I slapped her ass as I slid my cock in deeper. SMACK. SMACK. I slapped harder as I realized that the paleness of her skin showed every blow. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck hard and deep, my pleasure building every second. She whimpered, moaned, called me “Daddy,” and I told her to reach down and masturbate as I fucked her. For a split second I stood outside of myself, watching as I fucked this gorgeous young 20-something right there in my office. My orgasm built, and I told her I was going to give her my cum. I held her hips and groaned as I shot into her pussy, deep and hard, then I started fucking her again, eager to make her cum once more, wishing I could fill her a thousand times.

After pulling out, I had her turn around and sit. I just had to taste her. I had to suck my cum out of her pussy and savor our juices mixed together. Her pussy lips were red and swollen and oh so juicy, but I soon realized that much of the cum had leaked out when I pulled out. I got up and had her stand. A pool of cum had formed on the vinyl seat of the chair.

“Be a good girl,” I told her, “and clean up the mess. Let me see you lick that up.”

She looked at me, grinned, and knelt, bringing her mouth to the puddle, licking up every drop. I watched enraptured as her blonde hair, all mussed now, brushed the seat of the chair, as I listened to the noises she made slurping up her daddy’s jizz.

“Yes, such a good girl,” I told her, as if she were a pet. I kissed my pet, tasting my cum on her lips, and knew this was only the beginning.