Sexy Sophie is a Piss Mop


A few years ago I joined a fetish site for the express purpose of meeting women to help fulfill a particular predilection of mine. To come straight to the point, I like having girls drink my piss. I like a girl sucking on my cock while I piss. I like seeing my piss stream into a welcoming mouth. Mostly, I love a girl who swallows whatever I give her. I suppose as much as anything, I love the power dynamics. Slurping down sperm is wonderful, but gulping piss is a sublime surrender. After all, what says ‘I’d do anything for you’ like someone getting down on their knees to drink whatever fluid a cock or pussy can dispense?

Even on specialized web sites finding someone to drink your piss isn’t the easiest thing to do. In fact, no matter how politely I posed the invitation, there have been those who take exception. Which under most circumstances would be understandable, but I would assume someone who voluntarily joined a fetish would consider the venue. Perhaps the difficulty is for the best though, because the scarcity of volunteers make the few exceptions a rare and special treat.

The last experience I had was with a lady I met off this fetish site. The woman was a lawyer from Vancouver. Her name was Sophie, she was in her mid-thirties with green eyes and blond hair to her shoulders. She looked buxom and fit, justifiably posting pictures of herself in a revealing bikini. I sent her pictures, I’m 6′, 200 lbs, fit, green eyes, with salt and pepper hair, along with a personal note suggesting she consider the possible delights of drinking my piss. It was a carefully crafted invitation that she responded to with favourable curiosity.

In addition to our messages she gave me her number and we began talking offline. Sophie enjoyed hearing every detail of my experiences with girls who drank my piss. In particular she was fascinated to know how the girls reacted. Sophie had an elegant voice and as you would expect of a lawyer her speech was quite precise. I found I was quite looking forward to the erudite commentary she would be able to offer once given the opportunity to taste my piss.

Sophie told me about a few exciting experiences of her own too. She hadn’t met anyone from the website, but she told me that her and her ex-boyfriend had taken a vacation to Cambodia where they found a lady-boy to share. They even brought her to a clinic when they first picked her up and paid to have her as well as themselves tested for STIs. It took a few days to get the results, but once they were all confirmed disease free, they enjoyed every potential variation that their three person combination offered.

Beyond the level of bold experimentation, the thing about Sophie’s story that I took to heart was the extent she would go to make her plans happen. They researched the places to go to find a lady-boy, as well as the location of appropriate clinics in Phenom Penh. The result was almost a month of once in a lifetime experimentation that even included a side trip for their little group to Angkor Wat. If she would go all the way to Cambodia to fulfill a fantasy, then overcoming the relatively minor distance between Toronto and Vancouver seemed quite manageable.

It was in the spring when we first started communicating and while we weren’t on separate continents the distance still made it tough to get together. Along with getting to airport and the pre-boarding regime, it would be about a seven hour trip. That’s a long way to go for a first date, regardless of the expectations.

Complicating things further, Sophie had a girlfriend that lived with her. If her girlfriend were in on the plans it could have made for a fun weekend, but Sophie was doing this behind her back. Unfortunately it seemed Sophie’s girlfriend was both a more committed lesbian and monogamist.

Her relationship made it tough for her to get away to meet. We kept hoping for the right situation to present itself, but it never seemed to pop up with enough notice to book anything. Finally with fall around the corner and wondering if our plans together would lose traction, I decided to visit an old friend in Vancouver. Sophie and I wouldn’t get a weekend together, but at least we could fit each other in for a few hours. That should be enough time for some concentrated fun.

I arrived in Vancouver a little after nine in the morning. The plan was to meet Sophie near her office for lunch. So even though I still needed to pick up my rental car, I was comfortably on schedule.

Once in the car I called Sophie to let her know I arrived and was on my way to meet her. “I think I could be there by eleven if you want to get things started early?”

Sophie sounded really excited in own measured well expressed way, but unfortunately she couldn’t get away from work any earlier. “It’s good that you’re early though, because the restaurant fills up quickly and you can get us nice table.” Then she slyly added, “Maybe you should try to find a table with a little privacy.”

The restaurant was right downtown on Burrard St and it was certainly a very chichi place to meet for kaynarca escort such unsavory plans. When I arrived I pretty much had my pick of tables. I might normally have picked something by the widow, but following Sophie’s sage advice I found a booth at the back. I ordered a coffee and sent a text to Sophie to let her know where I was sitting.

The text came back with the brief note: ‘Be there soon, in dark blue jacket and skirt. Can’t wait!’

I kept my eye on the door as I waited. The way the place filled I could tell that Sophie had picked a pretty popular place. Even though Sophie had sent me plenty of pictures, I was still unsure how easily I’d be able to pick her out in such a crowded restaurant. With all the traffic coming in a few times I thought I might have spotted her, but they were just false alarms. There’s a measure of doubt and uncertainly in the body language of people meeting a stranger and so far none of my potential matches had shown any of those telltale signs.

By the time she got there the place was so full that it was becoming difficult to maintain my view of the door. Sophie arrived wearing a professional looking dark blue suit over a white blouse. It was a confident look that was only slightly diminished by her furtive glances around the restaurant.

Standing up from my table I made my way towards the door to meet her. I could see that Sophie had caught my approach, but still unsure she waited for me to get to her.

“Sophie?” I tentatively asked.

“Yes. Hi Ryan?”

“Yep. Nice to finally meet I you,” I said ushering her toward our booth.

As we made our through the restaurant I carefully admired Sophie’s body. She was full figured in a way that even a conservative business suit couldn’t hide. Her photos hadn’t done sufficient justice to her face either. Her green eyes were hypnotizing and she a broad mouth that in person looked so soft and sensual. I couldn’t think of sexier mouth for the things that we had planned.

As we sat down I told Sophie without any exaggeration, “Wow, you’re looking really good!”

“Thank you. You’re not looking so bad yourself,” Sophie replied.

To start we ordered drinks. Sophie had a glass of chablis and I went for a pint of local Granville Island Lager.

Everything still started with same sort of general pleasantries of any first date. Despite all the things we had already discussed, we were still just meeting for the first time. We had to feel each other out, but by our second drinks arrived we were returning to familiar form.

When we ordered the next round we debated whether we should have a snack before heading back to her office, which Sophie told me we would have to ourselves. Enjoying our drinks together and considering their downstream benefits to our plans we decided to order some food.

Beginning to get a bit of a buzz going, we started talking about our plans as we ate. Sophie was brimming with excitement and looking forward to trying my piss. We were already sufficiently lubricated by alcohol and I was well primed with beer. It had me starting to think, ‘Why wait?’

“Since you can’t wait to drink my piss, I’d like to recommend you try a bold pairing with your ceviche.”

“Right here at the table? How are you going to do that?” Sophie said with a chuckle.

“Maybe I could take your glass to the washroom and give you a little top up?” I suggested.

“Not a bad idea. But if you want me to drink your piss right here, then you’ll have to fill my glass at the table too.”

“Hmmm,” I hummed as I looked around. The place was still packed and even though we were tucked away against the wall, there were still plenty of sight lines on us. My side of the table was especially exposed, making it an overly risky place to perform a refill. Meanwhile the high back of Sophie’s side pretty much blocked off most of the restaurant, except for maybe one table. Fortunately the people sitting there seemed sufficiently engrossed in conversation to likely take notice.

To take her dare I had Sophie change sides with me. With my back to the restaurant Sophie was assigned the role of lookout.

We took a few minutes to normalize the switch, just in case our movement caught anyone’s eye. I was wishing I’d brought my luggage with me about then too. I could have sat it next to me to provide a bit more cover. Still, I suppose more risk means more fun.

Sophie drank a bit more of her wine while we waited. By the time she got to the last remaining sip I really did need to go. First I undid my fly and took out my dick out. Next I took Sophie’s wine glass and surreptitiously lowered it under the table. It seemed filling the glass would be a little awkward. Not just situationally awkward either, the mechanics were difficult too. My cock was more than just a little hard, so I couldn’t easily angle my dick to dribble into the glass. I couldn’t tilt the glass over too much either, because as large as the white wine glass was, the blast of my stream was rimming around the goblet and splashing küçükyalı escort out. Then when I’d try to level out the glass I’d sometimes overshoot.

“Hey, watch the shoes!” Sophie cried.

I had to suddenly stop and act as nonchalant as could with my dick out under the table. “Shhh,” I admonished.

“Sorry,” Sophie quietly giggled. “Let me take my shoes off just in case.” Sophie might have been excited about the prospect of drinking my piss, but that didn’t mean she wanted any of it splashing her Manolo Blahniks.

“There, now you can go ahead,” she said with a smile.

With my back to the aisle I returned to filling Sophie’s glass. It wasn’t easy, but eventually I finished my pour. Lifting the glass back up to the table it looked to be filled beyond normal serving height. I slide it over to Sophie, noticing that the cool feel of the glass was gone. Now the glass felt warm and instead of condensation the glass was wet from my errant splashes. One way things didn’t changed was the hue. It seems after several drinks the colour of my piss nicely matches that of a pale white wine. So contents aside, Sophie could sit with the glass on the table and drink my piss at her leisure.

At the point of no return Sophie declared, “Looks like this is happening.”

Sophie started out by swishing my piss around the bowl as if studying the body. While it didn’t seem to cling to the glass like a quality wine, Sophie still nodded in approval. Then she slide her hand up the stem and cradled the bowl. Suddenly realizing that the side of the glass was wet Sophie released the glass without raising it. Rubbing her finger together she brought them to her nose to confirm the scent and smiling at me licked her fingers. My cock was firming even more with Sophie’s performance.

Sophie went back to her glass, raising it to her nose. As she closed her eyes her nostrils flared, taking in my aroma and bouquet. When her green eyes reopened I felt I was looking at the sexiest girl I’d ever met. A sentiment confirmed when she looked me in the eyes and licked the damp side of the glass. Then with her preliminary evaluations complete Sophie raised the glass to her lips and took her first sip.

If I could have put my cock inside Sophie right then I’m sure I would have cum instantly, but for the moment all I could do was watch and enjoy.

After Sophie’s first small sip she followed up with a larger one that required a heathy swallow. “It’s really not bad at all she declared,” she declared between sips.

Putting down her glass Sophie went back to nibbling on her ceviche. “You know it not a bad pairing,” she said with a chuckle. “Your piss might not be exactly refreshing, but it does blend nicely with this dish. I’m not kidding.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I told her, “because there’ll be more where that came from.”

“I’m counting on it. I want to be your dirty piss mop all afternoon. I want you to give me everything you got!”

“I’m already having a great time, but I’m certainly looking forward to filling you up all afternoon,” I promised.

Sophie kept sipping my piss as we ate. At one point deciding to pour a bit of piss on her ceviche. Playing with her fork, she mixed the piss around her dish. Despite her appreciative talk, I thought she might be finding a creative way to get rid of some piss without drinking it. At least that’s what I though until she stuck her fork into a morsel of trout and raised it to her mouth.

“Mmmm, it’s really quite nice. It actually adds to the complexity of flavours,” she said with a little laugh.

She took another sip of piss and then offered me a prawn.

“Maybe something smaller?” I suggested.

Sophie broke a little piece of trout in half for me and dabbed it in the blended dressing. Reaching her fork across the table she said “Here you go.”

I bravely took what was offered and while my mind searched for the taste of piss, I couldn’t find it. Whatever my flavour was, it had blended with the dish. Only my knowledge informed me that the morsel in my mouth was coated with a patina of piss.

When the waitress came over to check on us Sophie told her everything was delicious.

“Can I get you more drinks?” she asked.

“No, we need to get back to the office,” Sophie told her. “If you could, please just bring us the bill.”

Before she could leave us, I gave the waitress my credit card to speed things along. Meanwhile I finished my tuna tartar and Sophie polished off her piss infused ceviche. My beer was long finished, so I drank water while Sophie kept sipping on my piss.

When the waitress returned I asked Sophie as I signed for the bill if she was ready to go?

“Just about,” she said. Then in front of the waitress she picked up her glass and downed the last mouthfuls of piss. “Ahhh! Now I’m ready!” She declared.

Once out on the street Sophie pulled me to her and gave me a big wet kiss. I could taste the hint of piss in her mouth. The flavour was certainly more detectable on her tongue than it sancaktepe escort was in the ceviche.

“From now on I want you to call me Piss Mop,” Sophie declared.

“No problem Piss Mop,” I agreed. “Let’s hurry up and get to your office, I really need to go.

It was only about a five minute walk to Sophie’s office. She led me to a two story house that was converted into an office.

Since her partner was on vacation and the staff had been given the afternoon off, Sophie had to unlock the doors. I could hardly wait to get to the bathroom once she let us in. I had to rush Sophie along as she led us there too. Not only because I needed direction, but she was also my toilet. I suppose I could have used her right there on the lobby, but in my panic to piss I didn’t adequately consider all my options.

Sophie was laughing like crazy as she led us upstairs to the washroom. She gathered herself though when she sat down on the toilet seat in front of me. “Now give your Piss Mop something to drink!” she demanded.

Normally after a stretch of on again and off again hard-ons I like to freshen up, but there really wasn’t a chance. I had a coating of pre-cum marinating my cock when I pulled it out for Sophie. Luckily she was a dirty self-declared piss mop.

Undeterred Sophie took my slimy cock in her mouth. She didn’t really get a chance to tell if the taste of my dick was to her liking or not, because a stream of piss immediately blasted into her mouth. Sophie had taken off her jacket and of course her shoes, so when my surging torrent burst from her mouth only her blouse and skirt got drenched. My pissing cock was expelled from Sophie’s mouth as she choked on her excessive mouthful. Unable to stop I kept on pissing in Sophie’s face for a few moments as she coughed and caught her breath. It wasn’t intentional, I just that I needed to go so badly. By the time I was able to hold back, Sophie’s face, hair and clothes were all pretty wet.

Finally getting herself under control Sophie apologized, “Sorry, that was more than I was ready for.”

“No worries, but now you’re really looking like a piss mop.”

“No doubt about that,” she said before clearing her throat a few more times.

“So are you ready for more Piss Mop?” I asked.

“Just give me one more second,” she said.

Untucking her shirt Sophie reach up behind her back to remove her bra. “Okay, now I’m ready,” she declared and again opened her mouth for more.

Still raring to go, but at least able to hold my water, I positioned the head of my cock at Sophie’s waiting mouth. This time instead of releasing an uncontrolled cascade I neatly filled her up. Without choking Sophie puffed out her cheeks as she closed her mouth, then she swallowed bit by bit. With her first mouthful gone, Sophie opened up for more. This time I went for a little longer until my overflow spilled from Sophie’s mouth. She tilted her head back in an effort to contain more piss, but the excess ran down her neck soaking her blouse even more. Her shirt was actually developing a yellow hue as it clung to her tits, which were looking rather majestic under the wet fabric. When I stopping again I rested my cock on her face while she swallowed.

“Good job Piss Mop,” I said appreciatively.

“Thank you! Am I good piss mop?”

“You are a fantastic piss mop,” I whole heatedly agreed. “You’re the shamwow of piss mops.”

With the emergency over, I took a few moments to pull off my clothes. Standing naked in front of her, Sophie welcomed my cock back into her soft mouth and I started pissing again. Sophie sucked on my dick like a kitten hungry for milk and it felt amazing. She kept sucking and drinking all she could with the excess spilling from her lips. My balls felt wet on her chin as the surplus that she couldn’t swallow dripped down to her body.

By the time I finished Sophie was a piss sodden mess. I knew she’d swallow most of my piss, but her clothes were so wet that it was hard to believe that more had gone down her throat than had splashed over her body.

Sophie looked disgustingly hot. Particularly because she still had my hard cock in her mouth. Normally it takes a fair bit of time for me to cum when I get my cock sucked, but as soon as I stopped pissing I felt on the verge of losing control. Of course there was more than just Sophie’s sexy mouth that had me rushing toward an eruption. Ever since Sophie drank my piss in the restaurant she had me feeling like a stiff breeze could have made me lose it. It seemed about the only thing stopping me from blowing my load was the need to piss. So it didn’t take long once my last drops of urine drained from my body to feel the unstoppable rush of an orgasm. It felt so overwhelming that I had to grab the back of Sophie’s wet mane and drive my cock into her throat. My Piss Mop didn’t resist as I fucked her face either. There was just her release of a deep guttural grunt every time my cock hit its full depth. I didn’t know how long she could have handled having her face fucked, but on this occasion at least she was able to handle it longer than me. Holding her tightly with her nose flattened against me I groaned uncontrollably and let a giant wad of cum flood the back of her throat. I kept pumping until with my strength waning I relaxed my grip on the back of Sophie’s head.