A Slut Visits Ch. 02


I was so exciting, after what seemed like far too long, I was again going to meet, and use, my more than willing slut. To my good fortune, a training course had been booked, which required a four night stay in a hotel, to which I indented to make very good use. I can remember the excitement shared with my slut when I told her over our internet chat that we would be able to cum together again, for nights of filthy pleasure.

We again had worked ourselves into a highly aroused state, by chatting online, sharing more fantasies, telling each other of our need to act out our deepest and darkest sexual urges. More than once I had stroked myself to orgasm, as my slut described how she wanted me to use her beyond any limits, and give herself completely, and to debase herself before me, her master. All this had to be done in secret, as I am married to a loving yet sexually ‘vanilla’ wife, and she would be shocked to the core if I tried to bring her into the world of hot and hardcore sex I enjoyed online, and in person with a very select few.

Far too slowly the time came for me to board my train for London, a small adventure itself to find the hotel I had booked for my time away. I could hardly even think about the real reason for my time away, a boring yet essential course for work, no, my mind was on far more interesting things.

We had arranged to meet in Kings cross station, in the pub off the main platforms, so I bought a beer and waiting while watching the sport on the television. While I waited patiently, I looked around at the strangers, wondering if any of them were doing anything as exciting as I was that day. The smile was still on my lips as my lover walked in wheeling her travel case behind her. A smile, and a small peck on the lips later, we were heading towards the underground, just chatting about our journeys, the weather, and other small talk, both holding back for as long as possible, putting on such a normal appearance.

After the normal hot and sticky tube ride, we came out in one of London’s less exciting areas, and I was happy the walk to the hotel was not a long one. The hotel seemed better inside than the road it was on would suggest, and it was with renewed excitement we took the lift up to our room. After some problems with the lock (the delay was torture), we finally entered our new den of sin, happy to be able to drop our heavy bags.

I decided to make my slut wait just a little longer for what she needed, so made her endure my usual tour of the room’s facilities. While I watched my slut check the view out of the window, I walked over to her, deciding it was time to start the fun. Reaching out to her, I pushed her against the wall, moving my body in close, so to pin her against the cold plaster, while my mouth joined hers, our mouths opening hungrily to kiss each other with all the passion we felt. Our tongues explored each others mouths once again, lips sliding together, our frenzied kissing getting hotter and hotter every second, moaning as we kissed, the heat already building in our bodies like a sexual fever.

My hands explored while we continued to kiss, fingers pulling up her skirt, palms sliding upwards, feeling the skin of her thighs, continuing up to reach her naked pussy, already soaking wet in anticipation. “No knickers slut?” I asked while kissing down her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

“Of course not master, just as you commanded,” she replied, opening her legs to allow my fingers access to explore her folds, obscenely grinding against my hand. “You know I’ll do anything for you master, anything!” she emphasised, ensuring I knew just how far she wanted me to go in my complete use and domination of her body and mind.

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I was almost shaking with excitement as I guided my slut to the large king-size bed, pushing her on and down. Looking into her eyes I removed my trousers and slid down my underwear, letting my rock hard cock jump out, already dripping with sticky pre-cum. I needed to feel my cock in her talented and so cock çekmeköy escort hungry mouth, so I knelt astride her face, grabbing her hair so I could control the face fuck. I looked down so I could watch her lips open, tongue straining to reach my cock, a cock burning with anticipation, balls bursting with cum. I have my slut what she wanted, the first or many tastes, sliding the blood engorged meat into her mouth, pushing down, past her lips, sliding down her tongue, till the head hit the back of her mouth, trying to push down deeper, into her throat, holding it their to savour the sweet feeling, then pulling back so she could suck and lick. My dirty slut purred as she sucked me, licking up and down, letting her face get messy as the saliva dripped back down over her. My cock was all she could smell, taste, and feel, and I know she loved every second.

“That’s it slut, suck it all down, eat me you nasty whore. I’m going to fuck you so hard this week, fuck every hole,” I told her, describing every nasty act I wanted to perform, every word working her up a little more, building her excitement. Like all good sluts, she got off on not only the dirty sex, but also the degradation, the enjoyment of being used, and of her status of whore, slut, fuck toy being confirmed by her loving master.

We started to make the blow job messier, that little bit more nasty. I pulled my cock from her slut mouth, rubbing its length over her face, telling her to suck on my balls, lick the sweat from my crotch. I rubbed up and down her face, even pushing my arse towards her mouth, knowing she would keep licking, keep sucking. As her excitement and hunger grew, my own actions got wilder, driven on by the sexual energy, and the sun warming the room, making our own heat build. I pulled my sluts tits from her top, pinching on her hardening nipples as I drove my cock deep into her mouth, starting to get into a fucking motion, fucking her mouth like it was a cunt, making her gag and grunt like a fuck pig.

“You’re such a nasty slut aren’t you?” I demanded, as I abused her tits harder and harder.

“Yes master, I need to be used,” she panted in reply, “please slap me, hurt my tits,” she pleaded, begging me to do what we had described in many online sessions.

In time with my thrusts into her slut mouth I slapped, stinging slaps down and across her breasts, catching her nipples, leaving red hand prints on her delicate flesh. I was rewarded with muffled cries around my cock, and a body stretching and writhing below me. Each blow brought my slut the pain she craved, rewarding me with renewed sucking and licking, slurping down the mixture of saliva and pre-cum, letting it stream down over her chin. As I felt my orgasm near, I moved to lay back, pulling my slut with me, so she could now give, rather than just be taken. Her skilful hands rubbed up and down my slick cock, focusing her touch on my sensitive glans, spitting into her palm then rubbing the very swollen and shiny end of my prick in circular motions, sending intense feelings down to my spine.

“Oh god slut that feels so good, I’m getting so close. You want to eat my cum don’t you? Want to drink every drop?” I managed to gasp, becoming overcome with the sensations. Grabbing at her dark hair, I pulled her face down again hard onto my cock, pushing her down, forcing each inch of my flesh into her mouth, making her gag, producing even more saliva to run down over my balls. I start using her face, pushing down, using her face like a cheap fuck toy, not caring if she chokes. “Suck it, suck it,” I nearly scream, building closer, closer, sensation overwhelming, the cum of many days abstinence ready to burst from my body. My slut knows I’m about to explode, and eager to taste cum, wanks my shaft while holding only the head in her lips, tongue swirling around the head. Her other hand slides under my arse, quickly finding my puckered anus, invading my own secret hole with a finger, pushing me over the edge. “Oh fuck!” I cry, as I can hold back no longer, sticky hot white cum pumping from cevizli escort my cock, splattering her teeth and tongue with the first jets. My dirty slut now wants to swallow, now she has had her first salty mouthful, so pulls my cock into her greedy slut mouth deeper, sucking so her cheeks hollow, drinking my dirty gift.

Spunk leaks out, so much erupting from my dick, running down her face, like two little rivers down her chin, marking her out as the cum eating slut she is. “Mmm that taste so good master,” she purrs at me, lifting her face so I can see my cum covering her face, and opening her mouth to show me the last traces of her first cum meal.

“Wow that was amazing, I so needed that slut,” I grinned back, running my fingers over her chin collecting some of my seed, then forcing my fingers roughly back into her mouth, forcing her to lick them clean. Letting the sight of my cum covered slut re-build my excitement, I knew it was time to reward her for such a good performance, which meant using her more, using her rougher, and increasing her degradation.

“You nasty little whore, you want more cum don’t you, you want all the cum you can swallow, filling that fuck pig belly of yours,” I growled, jerking her head back roughly, I spat onto her face, making her gasp at the sudden and dirty attack. “What toys have you brought with you whore, show me what I have to stuff into your insatiable cunt!”

With a mischievous grin of pure expectancy, my slut jumped from the bed, cum and spit still coating her face. I could smell the excitement from her hot pussy, her wetness already dripping down her thighs. Out from her overnight bag appeared many devious toys; rampant rabbit vibrator, a long thick realistic dildo, a blow up dildo with small pump, butt plug, and her favourite, a cold, stainless steel speculum. Joining those was a tube of lube, an essential for the upcoming play.

“You’re such a dirty slut aren’t you, bringing all these nasty toys for me to fuck you with.” I laughed, taking the soft belt from a hotel dressing gown, beckoning the slut to lay down on the bed. Making sure she knew who was in charge, I pushed her roughly down to the bed, raising her arms above her head, making her breasts push out, begging for attention. Before I touched her body, I had to prepare her, ensuring she felt helpless for the next assault. While I firmly tied her hands above her head, I continued the mind games, “I’m going to rip open your cunt whore, I’m going to stuff it so full you’ll feel it pull you apart.” I promised, pulling her mouth open with my fingers, to spit more saliva into her wide open mouth, then sliding my tongue deep inside, enjoying the feeling of power as I pinned her to the bed, feeling her respond with her hot kisses.

I traced my tongue down her neck, licking and sucking, dragging her head back to expose more of her soft throat for me to taste. My hands we massaging her breasts, pushing them up, squeezing hard, twisting the nipples, making them hard, tempting me to lick and suck on them. The slut started to try and grind her pussy against my leg, as I attacked her breasts with my mouth, sucking as much of each into my mouth as I could, biting at her nipples, marking them with teeth marks. I could feel the slick heat of her cunt as it rubbed against me, dry humping me in her excitement. Again and again I spat on her tits, then licking and rubbing my face against their wet softness.

Sliding further down her aching body, I licked my way down, leaving a wet slippery path down her belly, until I reached just above her pubes. “We will have to shave you soon slut, I think I’ll have my slut completely shaved next time we meet,” I told her, knowing that her need of my cock will ensure she complies with my wishes.

Taking up the as yet soft and floppy inflatable cock, I opened the lube and started to coat its rubber surface, looking into my helpless sluts eyes as I did so, an evil smile on my lips. “Lets see just how much cock your cunt can take shall we my cum slut?” her only answer was a whimper, erenköy escort and an involuntary opening of her thighs, letting me see her glistening folds. Squeezing the bulb of the pump I semi inflated the dildo, just enough to firm it up, allowing me to rub her pussy up and down with its very slick tip. “Want it slut? Do you want it this up inside you, fucking your dirty cunt?” I demanded, teasing her clit with her toy.

“Yes master,” she replied, “rip your cunt open, please master, use your cunt however you want to.”

Egged on by her dirty words, I opened her up with one hand, the other guiding the black inflatable cock inside her, slipping in easily with the lube and her own flowing juices, stuffing her hole with the semi rigid cock. “Now let us see how wide I can open you up my slut,” I told her, starting to squeeze the rubber ball in my hand, which pumped air into the slowly expanding rubber embedded inside her. “Open those slutty legs wider bitch,” I growled, wanting to see more as I stretched her open. Complying completely, she raised her knees closer to her chest, opening them wider, so making her pussy open up a little more to my intense stare. Leaning forward, I spat onto her cunt, aiming for her red clit, covering it with my saliva. Now that I was nice and wet I started to rub small circles over it with my free hand, starting slowly, enjoying the sight of my slut grinding herself back against me, moaning with the pleasure of my touch, and the feeling of the expanding dildo inside her.

Pumping more and more air in, I had to keep forcing the base of the expanding cock inside, the toy already as wide as the biggest cock she will have ever taken. “You like it don’t you cunt, you nasty little slut. Can you feel it stretching you? I know you want more in that dirty nasty cunt of yours, don’t you?” I teased, making her beg for more before pumping yet more air in, starting to stretch the rubber, stretching her pussy lips several inches across now. I could only imagine how full her pussy must feel, the huge cock now stretching her open, invading her so deep.

A couple more squeezes and I knew I was reaching her limits, “Oh god.. oh god… stop, stop.” She gasped, back arching, body shuddering from the pleasure and pain. Wanting to take her over the edge, I leaned in, breathing in the moist humid smell of her sex. My tongue darted out to lick and tease her clit, lapping hard, while pushed against the dildo, forcing in the inch that had escaped as it grew and opened her up. I could feel her body tense, her voice lost, only gasps now escaping her lips, her body covered in sweat from the effort of being stretched to her limits.

I opened my mouth, taking her clit in between my lips, sucking, nibbling, driving my slut crazy, bringing her closer and closer, blood engorging her clit, enhancing the feelings of my mouth sucking hard, licking biting. Wanting to take her past her limits, I pumped more air, again and again, stretching her pussy beyond anything she had ever taken, almost ripping her insides open, making her cry out, screaming, bucking violently against the bed. I pulled back to watch her intense orgasm, rubbing her clit furiously with my fingers, roughly frigging her, making her explode, pussy trying to contract against the invasion of the enormous cock inside her, the extreme fullness making her orgasm build past the norm, finally exploding causing her whole body to shake, her breath coming out in ragged gasps.

As she started to come down from her high, I pulled the air hose from the rubber cock, pulling the dildo roughly from her, leaving her cunt gaping wide, red raw, and so wet, almost as if she’s gushed piss as she came. “I can see right inside your cunt, my cunt, my cunt to use.” I told her, knowing she loved to gape open, to have me look inside. I knew what she’d love me to do, so leaning close again, I held her lips open again, and spat deep inside her, using my fingers to rub it around her insides, amazed at how hot her muscles felt, enjoying her little whimpers as I explored her open twat.

“Later I’m going to really fill that pussy of your slut,” I grinned, promising more dirty fun to come…

** —- **

More to cum, please let me know if you’ve enjoyed this continuation. You may be excited to know it’s based very much on reality. D.G.