Uncle Kyle


The last of the guests at my son’s wedding are starting to disperse. It is getting late and except for a few close friends most are gone if not about to leave. Leaning on the tree outside the tent I watch my son Andrew talking to his cousin Tenzy. My dick is starting to get hard again from thinking about her so much. It took all my strength to keep it under control during the wedding. But now, who cares, there is practically no one here. God, I need to blow my load.

‘You are one sad fucker Kyle.’ I turn towards the voice and see my friend approach and stand near me. ‘You have been staring at her all through the wedding. Instead of day-dreaming about her why don’t you go over and talk to her. But, when you do, maybe you want hide that snake. You might scare her off with that monster in your pants. You would think a man in his 50’s would have better control over his dick.’ He slaps me on the back and starts to laugh.

‘You are a funny guy Tony. Unfortunately, when it comes to Tenzy, I have a permanent erection.’ I keep studying every curve of her body as though I might forget it.

‘I personally don’t get your attraction to her. She is a big girl, too big for my taste. But, if she makes your dick hard, then by all means, figure out how to nail her. And if you want to make sure she never leaves you, get her pregnant and make sure she does not get rid of it.’ He hands me a beer and looks at Tenzy too.

‘You think I have not been trying to figure out how to spend some time with her without attracting unwanted attention from the family? You know perfectly well that in public I can’t touch her, too many eyes. I need to get her alone. As for getting her pregnant, don’t worry, I already thought of that.’ I smile at Tony.

‘So go on over and talk to her now, there is almost no one here. Unless you are all talk. If I were you I would have had her on her back by now begging me to make her cum. So go on, make your move, you two are related by marriage not blood. So relax, no flipper babies.’ Tony bursts out laughing and walks away.

‘You are a fucking ass Tony.’ I yell back at him.

‘Maybe, but at least I have the guts to go after what I want.’

So Tony might be right about a few things. Standing here and staring at her won’t get me between those huge white thighs. I have to figure out how to get her alone.

As I contemplate how to approach this delicate situation without it blowing up in my face, I see Andrew and Tenzy heading my way. I quickly pull myself up and try to think about the most mundane things so that my erection will go down. By the time they get to me I have my dick under control and I smile at them.

‘Hey dad, I was wondering if you can give Tenzy a ride home, her car won’t start.’ He smiles and winks.

‘Sure I would be more then happy to drive you home Tenzy. Just let me get my coat. Wait for me right here and I will be right back.’ I quickly go into the catering hall and get my coat from the coat check. I could not believe my luck. This was my chance to get my hands on Tenzy; I better play my cards right and find a way to seduce this little tart. She is a little tipsy so this might be the opportunity that I need and it’s all thanks to my son. I wonder if he knows how I feel about Tenzy. I never mentioned it to him. I will talk to him after he gets back from his honeymoon. Something tells me, he knows.

Returning back to the spot I see Tenzy still chatting with my son. ‘Are you ready to go Tenzy?’ I inquire.

‘I sure am. Have a great honeymoon Andrew and send me a post card. Thank you Uncle Kyle for taking me home, I know you still have a few guests here, but I really have no one to give me a ride home, that car is nothing but trouble.’ She flips her hair with her left hand and smiles at me.

‘Not a problem, I like being your knight in shining armor and helping a beautiful girl like you who is in distress. Andrew, have a great trip. We will talk when you get back.’ I give him a hug and hold my elbow out for Tenzy to grab hold. We head for the parking lot to my Range Rover. I help her get in and buckle her in. It’s a good three hours drive so she made herself comfortable.

‘The wedding was very beautiful Uncle Kyle, I am so happy for Andrew.’ She pats my arm and turns the radio up a little. Her perfume is intoxicating and is lingering in the car. I wonder if she knows that I have a hard on that can make steel envious. I try not to zone out, but it is hard. All I can think about it ripping her clothes off and fucking that tight cunt till she passes out. But I have to be patient; there will be plenty of time for that.

‘Yes they will be very happy. What about you? Are you seeing someone? I’m sure you have many men asking you out on dates, anyone special in your life?’ I casually inquire.

‘No I have no one at this time. I was seeing this guy, but that did not work out. As for men asking me out, please don’t make me laugh. If you have not noticed, I’m not exactly appealing to most. Men want thin petite Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort girls that look like porn stars, and I am so not that. I’m too big for most men.’ She looks down to her huge breasts and thighs then turns away to look out the window, obviously upset.

‘I do not know about other men. But I know I like curves on a woman. When you hold a woman there has to be something there. Trust me Tenzy, you have all the right curves and in all the right places. You are beautiful just as you are.’

‘Thank you Uncle Kyle, but you’re my uncle, you do not see me the way other men see me, I’m a size 26 not 6, and to most men it’s just not appealing.’ She lets out a deep sigh.

‘Darling I am man first and foremost, and in my eyes you are very appealing, sexy and very tempting. You are young, beautiful and fertile woman. Any man would be lucky to be with you, and that includes me.’ As I finish my sentence I see her become very uncomfortable.

‘You shouldn’t say things like that to me, it’s just not right.’ She blushes and turns away. I watch as she starts to squirm in her seat. Is it from embarrassment or maybe the thought of sex with me has crossed her mind.

‘I’m sorry I do not mean to embarrass you. I just said the truth. I hope you are not mad?’

‘I’m not; I’m just shocked to hear you say something like that.’ She glances at me and starts to fidget again in her seat. I quickly change the subject.

‘You know we are very close to my home. Why don’t you stay at my house, you can have Andrew’s old room.’ I look at her and hope she says yes.

‘I’m not sure it’s a good idea, I would feel a lot more comfortable in my own bed.’

‘Come on, we are less then a mile away from my place. You have not seen the place in years, we have made a few changes and it looks great. I promise to take you home whenever you want to leave the next morning.’

‘But I have nothing to sleep in and no toothbrush and I do not want put you out.’

‘Don’t worry, I have an extra toothbrush and I have many T-shirts that you can choose from. You can shower and get some rest. What do you say?’

‘I guess its best that I do stay; I do not want you to be driving back so late. It been a long day and its safer to drive out in the morning then try to make it into the city so late at night and then back. Thank you Uncle Kyle, it’s very nice of you to let me stay, I really appreciate it.’ She gives me a smile.

In less then 5 minutes we pull into my driveway. I walk around to her side and help her out. She accepts my hand and I lead her toward the house. Dennis, my butler comes out to greet us. He smiles at me when he sees Tenzy.

Dennis has been with me for the past 10 years. He is a very interesting man, he stands at 6’6 and is built like a football player, very intimidating. He is 57 years old and has never been married. He is not easy on the eyes but very loyal and always seems to have females around him. The maids are always flirting with him and doing their best to seduce him. When Andrew moved out we spent more time together and found we had a lot in common, not only in our taste in women but the desire to sexually force women to be with us. Breaking and torturing the ones who rebuff and then watching as they succumb to their desires and then beg to be fucked to unconsciousness.

I had told him about Tenzy and how badly I desire her. Not only because she looks like she can be an amazing piece of ass, but the idea of fucking my niece who I watched grow up in front of my eyes was so dirty and wicked that the idea of fucking her and getting her pregnant was consuming me.

Dennis set me up a few times with some girls he knows, and I have to admit it was fun, but they were not Tenzy. We even had fun with one of the maids; she left shortly after we both cornered her in my bedroom and used that tight little cunt up. It’s amazing she has not reported us to the police. So when he saw me with Tenzy I noticed the sly smile on his face.

‘Hello Ms. Tenzy, it’s been a long time since you visited us here, a lot has changed since you last been here, its good to see you again.’ He bows a little and opens the front door for the both of us.

‘Thank you Dennis. Tenzy will be spending the night with us.’

‘Would you like me to prepare the guest room?’

‘No, that won’t be necessary; she will stay in Andrews’s old room. I will take her up to the room now. Good Night Dennis.’

‘Good Night Sir.’ Walking away from us, I see him look at me in a questioning stare. I gave him a nod and he knew that he should be close by. Tenzy was too busy looking around to notice this small but so important communication between me and Dennis.

‘Wow you guys really redid the place. What are you going to do now that Andrew is married? Will you live here or will you sell?’ She keeps looking around, mesmerized by the transformation of the home.

‘I’m not sure yet, I am hoping that I meet someone special who would like to stay here Kadıköy Çıtır Escort with me, so far that special someone has eluded me. But maybe things will change. Let me show you around the place, it been awhile since you been here. I changed a few things.’ We walk around the house with me showing her all the changes.

‘I can’t wait to see Andrew’s room. It must look amazing.’

‘Here we are, this is Andrew’s room, I’m sure you remember it differently. I had a fireplace put in here, so now all the bedrooms have fireplaces and it is great on cold nights. I will start a fire for you so you will be warm and comfortable.’

‘You do not have to, I’ll be fine, and I really do not want you to trouble yourself.’

‘I want you to be comfortable, the firewood is all here, its no trouble. Let me get you something to sleep in and give you fresh towels. You can freshen up in Andrew’s bathroom and I will get the fire going.’

‘Thank you Uncle Kyle, it’s been a long day. I am very tired.’ I got the towels out of the closet for her and gave her one of Andrew’s old T-shirts, it’s a size smaller then her so it should really show everything off, if she wares it.

Once she is in the bathroom and I hear the water running, I get the fire going and pull the cover off the bed. It’s been awhile since Andrew stayed here. By the time she came out, the bed is ready and the room is a glow with warmth and light coming from the fireplace.

‘Thank you so much Uncle Kyle, I really appreciate this.’

‘Well I will let you get some rest, we can catch up tomorrow. If you need anything just press the intercom button and Dennis will get it for you or stop by my room, it’s just down the hall and to the right. Good Night Tenzy.’

‘Good Night Uncle Kyle and thank you again.’

Leaving her in that room was one of the hardest things that I had to do. It took all my strength to keep myself from ripping at her clothes. I walk out, closing the door. All that is left is to wait.

I walk down stairs and see Dennis by the stairs waiting for me.

‘Is she asleep Sir?’

‘No not yet, let’s give her an hour; she had a lot to drink at the party so it won’t take too long.’

‘Do you think you will need me with her?’

‘Lets see how she responds to me, if I see that she will be like that maid who fought till the end, I will need you to help me with her at least initially.’

‘Not a problem Sir. I will stay close. Would you like a drink sir?’

‘Yes please and a cigar.’

We head towards the library, where Dennis pours me a drink and lights my cigar. We sit and talk for a little while before heading back up.

Opening the door to the bedroom, I could hear Tenzy’s rhythmic breathing, she is asleep. We both enter quietly.

‘I will stay in the shadows, Sir.’ He moves into the corner of the room and sits down in the large chair. He is completely hidden from view; the light from the fireplace does not reach into that corner.

Walking up to bed I carefully place my hand on her shoulder and she does not stir. Pulling the covers back I expose her and notice that she is not wearing the T-shirt that I gave her. She is in her pink panties and bra. This really makes things easier for me.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to test the waters and see what response I will get. It is risky, but if not now, I may never get the chance. I shift my cock and open the zipper to my pants as quietly as possible; the sound of the zipper just blends in with the crackle of the fire. My cock springs out of my pants; it has been waiting to be released after being hard and stuffed in tight tux pants.

I remove my shoes and still fully dressed slide next to her in bed, I start playing with her large breasts through her bra and she starts to moan a little. I then slowly slide my hand down her panties and insert my middle finger inside her. She is slick and hot. I have a feeling she pleasured herself before falling asleep. Her reaction to my finger sliding in and out of her is wonderful to watch. She moans louder and starts to push herself against my finger trying to bury it deeper in her. She opens her eyes a little, still in the dream state and moans again.

‘Uncle Kyle?’ She whispers.

‘Its okay sweetie, enjoy this.’ I whisper back in her ear.

‘Uncle Kyle, what are you doing?’ She opens her eyes, trying to focus.

‘I’m giving you what you so dearly need.’ I give her a smile and shove another finger into her hot tight cunt. She is becoming more lucid and is beginning to realize this is not a dream.

‘What are you doing? Stop it.’ She starts to try to push at me.

I take her hand; her skin is so soft and so tender. The thought of it on my cock made my dick grow even harder. I grab her firmly by the wrist, pulling her closer to me and shoving her hand against my hard dick. I want her to feel what affect she has on me. She starts pulling away frantically. ‘Let go of me. I’m your niece, what is wrong with Kadıköy Elit Escort you?’ She keeps pulling her arm away from my cock.

‘I want you to feel and see for yourself that I meant every word I said earlier tonight.’ I keep a tight grip on her, but her pulling and pushing almost makes me fall out of bed. I finally let her go, getting up from the bed, I zip up.

‘You are disgusting pig; I will report you to the police for this. Let me out of this house.’ She jumps out of bed and runs to the door and attempts to open it, but with no success.

Not wanting this to end, I walk to her, grab her and pull her to my side. She starts to slap my face. Grabbing her by the neck I pull her in for a kiss that I have been waiting for almost 25 years. It’s just as hot as I imagined it to be. Even though she keeps pulling away and fighting me, it’s amazing to taste her. Pulling her even closer and forcing my tongue deeper into her mouth. Her attempt to dislodge me from her mouth was not going well until she bites my lower lip. The pain is so intense and I taste blood. I push her away from me and slap her across the face.

‘You fucking cunt, you will pay for this. I wanted this to be nice and pleasurable. But you want to do this the hard way. That is fine with me. Dennis, see if you can teach her a little respect.’ Dennis is all ready, I saw him jump up when she bit my lip. He already knew he was going to be needed. I grab her by the shoulders and throw her against Dennis.

She looks up at Dennis and I watch her panic as she realizes that Dennis is more then happy to teach her a lesson. Grabbing her tight and forcing her arms behind her back I watch as she starts to thrash and cry. He guides her towards the bed.

‘Please Uncle Kyle don’t let him do anything to me, just take me home. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone. I just want to go home.’ She starts sobbing and begging.

‘Too late, you should have been more cooperative. Dennis knows how to deal with a cock tease like you. When he is done with you, I’ll get my turn. Maybe then, you will be better behaved and more willing.’ I am really going to enjoy this.

‘Dennis, don’t. Please, I beg you don’t.’ she begs.

I watch as Dennis shoves her on a bed and she tries to scramble away from him. He grabs her by her ankle and pulls her back to him. She screams from pain and fear, and does not move, just shakes. He takes his coat off, his tie and his shirt. He then pulls his belt out and folds it into two, giving it a good slap against his knee. She starts shaking with fear and starts to cry harder. Dennis does not talk to her; he knows exactly what to do.

‘Get those clothes off her, I want to see her naked.’ I start taking my tux jacket, shirt and tie off as well.

‘Please Uncle Kyle, do not do this. I am sorry that I bit you on the lip, but please do not do this to me.’ She is pleading with me again. But her pleas do not work on Dennis and they have even less affect on me, but my dick is hard from hearing her beg for mercy.

‘Do not make me mad anymore then I already am. Dennis, rip it off.’ I give him the go ahead.

Dennis grabs the bra and in one swift move rips it off her body, and her panties quickly follow.

‘Nooooooooooooooooo.’ She screams and cries, attempting to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands.

‘Have fun Dennis.’ I give him a wink.

I watch as Dennis grabs her by the neck and flips her on to her stomach. She squeals and tries to fight him. Holding her neck with one hand and his knee on her back, he proceeds to spank her ass. Each hit leaves a red mark on her white creamy ass. In no time her ass is red and turning darker from Dennis’ continuous strikes. I watch as her struggles subside and all you hear is her soft whimpering.

‘Please Uncle Kyle, please make him stop. Please do not let him touch me anymore.’ She begs.

‘Will you do as I say or will you give me trouble?’

‘I promise to do whatever you want me to do. I swear. Just make him stop.’


Without a word Dennis stops and lets her go. He backs away and I take his place.

‘Thank you so much Uncle Kyle.’ She tries to get up.

‘Where do you think you are going? I want you on your back and spread those legs wide open. I want you to play with yourself. Dennis needs a little show, he worked up a sweat with you, and it’s only fair that you treat him to a view of your pink pussy. Go on, open up.’ I stare at her very seriously.

‘No Uncle Kyle, please not that, don’t humiliate me like that. I can’t do that in front of Dennis. Please I beg you, not that.’

‘Fine, Dennis, continue where you left off.’

‘No, wait. Okay, Okay, I will do it, just no more spanking, please. I will do it.’

‘Then what are you waiting for, open up.’

She lies on her back and opens her legs wide, she starts sobbing as she slides her fingers up and down her wet slit, messaging her clit and sliding her fingers inside her. I look at Dennis; he is mesmerized by her manipulation. I could see he is trying hard not touch himself. I see he wants to do more then just watch. He wants to taste, not really taste, but brutally torture her wet pussy with his mouth.

‘Oh, oh yes.’ She starts moaning as she plays more and more with her clit.