First Time Mistress and Slave


Jane had rung the doorbell and now stood on the doorstep waiting anxiously for Fran to answer the door. She was very, very nervous and fearful that if her friend didn’t answer the door quickly she would bottle out altogether and run for cover. But what she didn’t know was that Fran, approaching the door from the other side, was also anxious, and genuinely concerned that she wouldn’t be able to go through with what they had arranged either.

The week previously the two women had enjoyed a very explicit alcohol fuelled discussion about their most secret sexual fantasies. That afternoon had revealed a mutual interest. Jane had confessed to fantasizing about both giving another woman oral sex and about being dominated and disciplined, fantasies that dovetailed neatly into Fran’s craving to enjoy the services of a female sex slave.

On the back of that they had arranged to meet today to satisfy those secret longings, but now, faced with the real possibility of fulfilling their fantasies, both women were worried that they might let each other down. Neither had ever done anything similar before, and neither really knew what they were doing, apart from what they had read, or fantasized.

Much as Fran wanted to be ‘served’ sexually, especially by a woman, ordering someone about in the bedroom was something new, and she was a little bit daunted at the prospect of having to discipline her friend. She was, after all, a very slim five foot two, while Jane was curvy and four inches taller. She would need to dominate her slave without using physical strength.

For her part Jane was scared that she would chicken out of everything at the last minute. She had never, ever, had any sexual contact with a woman before for any reason and she wasn’t sure just how far she could submit.

The door finally swung open and Jane gazed at her friend, her soon-to-be mistress and lover, and thought how beautiful she looked. Jane had taken care with her make up and appearance, dressing in a long colourful gypsy skirt and white blouse with her long blonde hair hanging loose over her shoulders, but Fran was dressed as usual in jeans, coupled this time with a Betty Boop tee-shirt, and looked simply gorgeous without any artificial help.

Fran motioned Jane into the house without a word and the pair walked into the lounge in silence, suddenly very aware of why they were meeting and with their hearts pounding in sudden trepidation. The moment of truth had arrived, fantasy was about to become reality.

Jane watched as Fran poured wine for them both, this simple act of hospitality the last thing she would be doing for her today. From now on it was Jane who would be the servant. She wondered too how an evening’s sex might affect their ongoing friendship, but shrugged that problem off in the belief that they had known each other long enough to separate the two. For a little while they sat facing each other in a silence so heavy as to be almost visible, sipping wine and looking more than a little apprehensive, while Jane tried desperately to think of a way of starting things off.

“Do you wish me to call you ‘Mistress’?” She asked finally, solving the problem with a question.

“Yes, but not until we start. There are things to agree first.”

Jane sat silently, waiting for Fran to continue.

“First. You will give me pleasure and you will refuse me nothing, in return I will give you humiliation and pain. Do you agree without reservation?”

It sounded a bit contrived, as if Fran had carefully rehearsed the line to cover everything and to set the tone. But Jane didn’t mind, far from it, she felt a delicious shiver run through her as her Mistress began to set out her conditions.

“Yes. Completely.” Jane replied, knowing that her answer committed her into Fran’s control.

“Second. I do not want to know what your preferences are, because it is only mine that count. I intend to do and to order you to do whatever I want without considering your enjoyment at all, but if there is anything in particular that you know you can’t face, now is the time to say. Is there?”

“Oh no, absolutely nothing!” Jane’s reply was immediate, that scenario was just what she had envisaged. “I just want you to make me do whatever you like.”

She hesitated for a moment, and then spoke again.

“I’ve been thinking about today and the more I thought about it the surer I became, and I want you to know that I will do anything you ask and take absolutely any discipline or abuse that you want me to, the firmer the better. But my husband doesn’t know anything about this, so all I ask is that you don’t leave me with any lasting marks to explain.”

“I can promise you that.” Fran assured her. “Now, I want you to pick a word, one that is absolutely not going to come up normally today. That will be your safe word, a word that you can use if things get too much for you, because if you say it, then everything will stop immediately.”

Jane thought for a minute. “Geronimo.” Casibom She said eventually.

“Geronimo?” Repeated Fran, clearly surprised at the choice.

“Yes, Geronimo. Sam shouts it sometimes in fun when he jumps on top of me, but I hate it, so it’s one I’m going to be really hard pushed to use it.” Jane wanted to make it difficult for herself to back out.

“Geronimo it is.” Fran looked at her and took a deep breath. “Then are you ready?”

Jane felt a sudden jolt of adrenalin at those words, but she nodded and answered meekly. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Then take off your clothes.” Fran’s tone was not harsh, but it didn’t allow for refusal.

It had begun. Jane rose from her chair with her heart pounding and walked quietly to the centre of the room, kicking off her shoes as she went. Then, having reached a clear space she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor, taking pleasure in showing Fran her long slim legs and the tiny black thong that she had chosen to wear.

She stood facing Fran; her feet planted firmly about eighteen inches apart, and began to undo the buttons of her blouse, all the time looking her friend in the eye. The blouse slid from Jane’s shoulders and joined her skirt by her feet, leaving her in just her matching black underwear.

Jane stood still for a few seconds, mustering the courage to carry on, but then just as Fran’s mouth opened to prompt her to continue, she reached behind and unclipped her bra, sliding it down her arms and letting it fall from her wrists. Then she quickly hooked her fingers under her thong and, with a single stoop, slid it down her legs and stepped neatly out of it. Now breathing just a little heavily she stood upright to watch Fran’s gaze roam over her naked body.

“Lower your eyes in front of me, and tidy away your things.”

Jane immediately complied with Fran’s instruction, blushing slightly at her first reprimand. As she moved to pick up her discarded clothing she turned around, consciously wanting to allow Fran a view of her beautifully rounded bottom and just a tantalising glimpse of her pussy when she bent over. Without rushing, but without deliberately dawdling, Jane neatly folded everything and placed in a neat pile on the side table. As she did so Fran got to her feet and walked forward.

“Now undress me.” Fran lifted her arms above her head and waited for Jane to obey. “And with a little less theatre, if you don’t mind.”

Jane’s cheeks flamed from her second rebuke in so many minutes, but she took hold of the hem of Fran’s t-shirt, sliding it up her body and over her head, while at the same time allowing the heels of her hands to brush over Fran’s breasts, catching her erect nipples as they passed. That very fact of touching Fran sexually for the first time, even in such a small way, gave her a definite thrill, especially as Fran seemed not to have noticed, or had deemed the touch accidental.

But Fran had noticed, she waited until Jane had pulled the top clear and then deliberately reached forward and twisted Jane’s left nipple hard. Jane gasped as the unexpected pain coursed through her, her face showing a shock that masked the joy that she felt at experiencing her first punishment.

“I will tell you if, when, and where, you may touch me.” Fran told her harshly. “Now kiss my feet in atonement.”

Jane felt much happier now because her fear that Fran wouldn’t be strong enough was proving to be wrong. The immediate response and abuse of her nipple had settled any doubts she had about Fran’s confidence. She believed now that her Mistress was deliberately testing her willingness to submit, and that it would be a day that she would both endure and enjoy.

“I’m very sorry, Mistress.” Jane murmured as she knelt before Fran, lowering her face to her feet and pressing her lips to them in turn.

“Now remain kneeling and continue to undress me.” Fran commanded, placing her hands on Jane’s shoulders as her slave made to rise.

Jane sat back on her haunches and reached forward to obey. Then while she fiddled with Fran’s belt, trying to unfasten the buckle from this unfamiliar angle, she felt Fran run her palms and fingers lightly over her shoulders and neck, softly caressing her and absorbing the sensation of touching female skin in this intimate context. She sensed Fran shudder slightly at the unfamiliar sensation and she glanced up instinctively to see her Mistress’s eyes closed in pleasure before she hastily lowered her gaze once more. She smiled inwardly with contentment knowing that Fran was finding their contact pleasurable.

The belt finally gave way and Jane freed the waistband, opening the front 0f Fran’s jeans and feeling that little tremulous vibration through her fingers as the zip descended. Then with two soft and gentle hands she wriggled the jeans over Fran’s hips and down her legs, careful all the way not to touch her skin any more than was necessary. Fran raised one foot, leaning slightly for balance on Jane’s Casibom Giriş bare back, allowing her jeans to be worked over first one foot and then the other, so that she was left with just her black briefs.

Jane paused momentarily to admire her Mistress’s body, letting her eyes rove upwards to appreciate the small firm breasts, flat stomach and boyish hips, taking in a snapshot of her beauty and then returning to her task before Fran could reprimand her. Hooking her fingers over the waistband she gently lowered Fran’s briefs, removing them completely as Fran lifted each foot in turn. She placed the briefs alongside her with the jeans and sat back on her haunches to await instruction, gazing surreptitiously up at Fran’s nakedness and the trimmed fuzz of curly brown hair over her pussy with a thrill of apprehension and anticipation.

“Tidy my clothes away, please, and then stand before me.”

Silently Jane folded the clothes neatly and placed then with her own before returning to stand before Fran, her hands by her sides and her eyes downcast.

“Kiss me.”

Jane was a few inches taller than her diminutive Mistress and had to look down to Fran’s upturned face for them to kiss properly, but there was still no doubt as to who was in charge. She felt one of Fran’s arms go around her back, pulling her close, while the other entangled itself in her blonde mane to draw her face down to the kiss. At first it was Fran’s tongue that found its way into Jane’s mouth, probing and exploring, but as it withdrew Jane followed it with her own tongue, tentatively seeking admission between Fran’s lips, wanting to taste Fran as she had just tasted her. Permission tacitly granted Jane gently explored between Fran’s lips, finding her Mistress’s tongue and allowing it to run over her own before retreating once more, withdrawing before consent could be removed, happy at being allowed that one deep kiss.

Both women taking pleasure from the contact between their naked bodies and both were instinctively moving one against the other while caressing each others backs, though it was Fran as always who led the way. It was Fran who eventually broke away, breathing heavily and, to Jane’s delight, looking less than ice cold.

“We’ll go to my bedroom, you lead the way.”

Jane knew that Fran had deliberately wanted to follow her so that she could gaze at her bottom swaying before her and watch for the quick little glimpses of her glistening wet pussy as she climbed the stairs, but she didn’t realise yet just how unexpectedly hot Fran was getting at the prospect of disciplining her, or that the main reason for wanting to gaze at her smooth white bottom was to contemplate it being an entirely brighter shade. Fran was dropping into the persona of Mistress with unexpected ease and totality, but all that Jane knew was that the prospect of flaunting her already aroused body before her friend was stimulating her greatly. She made sure that Fran saw as much as possible as she climbed the stairs in front of her, and in the process inadvertently increased her chances of chastisement.

As they reached the top of the stairs Jane stood waiting meekly until Fran held her bedroom door open and gestured for Jane to go first, smiling unnoticed with horny satisfaction at the gasp of surprise and apprehension that Jane uttered as she entered. Laid out on Fran’s dressing table were purchases that she had made with today in mind.

Taken aback, Jane stared at the items laid out on the table with elated disbelief. She hadn’t foreseen Fran going to this amount of trouble for their shared pleasure, nor had she thought that her new Mistress would take things so seriously. There, spread out before her were all the things she dreamed of, including handcuffs, nipple clamps, a whip and a tawse, and more besides. Jane felt adrenalin flood through her, making her heart beat so rapidly that for a moment she felt slightly faint and mildly euphoric. This was going to be a time to remember and she turned to Fran with an astonished hand over her mouth.

“Your job today is to make sure that I get all the satisfaction I need, and now you have seen how I intend to ensure that you do it.” Fran raised her hand to cut of the thanks that Jane was about to express. “We’ll wait and see just how good you are and what pleasure you deserve.”

Fran walked across to the foot of the bed and sat on it, her feet on the floor and the back of her knees against the end of the mattress. The bed had been stripped of its duvet, leaving the mattress covered only by a deep red fitted silk sheet against which Fran’s pale skin showed enticingly vulnerable. She looked at Jane and then lay back flat and opened her legs.

“Kneel between my legs.” She instructed her slave, at the same time raising her knees and drawing her legs back to expose her pussy.

Silently and obediently Jane left the dressing table and walked over to the bed where she knelt on the floor facing it and waited for Fran to tell her Casibom Güncel Giriş how to continue. Reaching down, Fran spread her labia wide, showing Jane her very wet and open vagina, and remained like that, silently watching Jane’s face as her slave stared longingly at her mistress’s pussy.

“Would you like to lick my cunt?” Fran asked, sending another burst of anticipatory adrenalin into Jane’s bloodstream.

Jane nodded silently, unable to speak even if she was allowed to.

“If I let you lick me, you must be aware that I want you to make me cum very hard, and if you don’t do it well enough I will punish you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Very well, then you may go down on me.”

As Jane leaned forward to obey she noticed how strangely easy it had been to take this intimate instruction, almost as if it were quite normal to be asked by another woman to give her oral sex. She didn’t find it at all embarrassing to follow Fran’s order, in fact, not only was she expecting to enjoy complying, but she was already actively looking forward to receiving further orders, no matter what they might be.

In the same way Fran found that she didn’t feel in any way embarrassed or inhibited by spreading her legs to her friend. She had begun to feel that Jane was simply an object, something for her use and enjoyment, and she wasn’t quite sure why she liked that feeling so much. She was also wondering what a woman’s mouth would feel like on her pussy and hardly able to contain her eagerness at the idea of feeling a feminine kiss there for the very first time.

The first touch of a tongue on Fran’s pussy was very hesitant and nervous, because all though she’d had her own pussy licked many times, Jane had never actually had the opportunity to do it herself to anyone before and she wasn’t quite sure how to set about it. She wanted to feel both the tawse and the whip on her body, and she shivered deliciously at the thought, but she also dearly wanted Fran to enjoy her attentions. To take her Mistress to orgasm would almost be reward enough in itself.

At first Jane simply allowed her tongue to travel gently along Fran’s slit, experiencing and enjoying the unfamiliar scent and taste of another woman’s juices, but then, as she became more adventurous she began to probe and explore among the folds and contours of her Mistress’s pussy. Fran sighed with pleasure and let herself lie back on the bed, allowing her fingers to slip away from her opened labia and lie motionless by her side. Now given unrestricted access Jane moved her own hands to spread Fran open, using her thumbs to hold her Mistress’s labia wide apart so that her mouth could now do as it wished.

Not knowing quite what was expected of her, Jane improvised using memories of Sam’s mouth on her own pussy as her base. She remembered how erotic it had been to have her clitoris gently nibbled, and how nice it had felt to have a tongue investigating the entrance to her vagina, and she did both of these things to Fran, enjoying every moment.

Licking and sucking another woman’s pussy was something that Jane had long wanted to try. She had fantasised about the texture and the taste, even going to the extent of licking her own fingers after masturbating just to get some idea of what it would be like. Now she was doing it for real, and not only that, but she was being allowed to do it as part of her service to Fran. Her dreams had been answered and she nuzzled deep between the folds of Fran’s pussy, pulling her thumbs away and letting her Mistress’s juices wet her cheeks and nose. Her own pussy now responded as she became more aroused by her task and she could feel it lubricating as if getting ready to be entered.

Pushing her face into Fran’s pussy Jane probed into her vagina, licking and lapping to fill her mouth with Fran’s taste, exploring as deep as she could into her tunnel. She groaned from her own pleasure, wrapping her arms around behind her partner’s held back legs to grip her hips and hold herself close, while in the background she was conscious of her Mistress letting out little sounds from her own pleasure. She began to wonder if she might cum just from what she was doing without Fran touching her at all. Her hands wandered higher, coming to rest on Fran’s breasts, gripping and tugging at her nipples almost without conscious effort. She was so fucking horny and this was so fucking good.

“Stop!” Her Mistress’s voice came without warning as if piercing through a fog of desire. “Don’t move.”

Jane stopped with a jolt, trying to clear her head of her arousal as she raised her eyes to peer along Fran’s body to find out what was wrong.

“Look where your hands are.” Fran spoke as if to a child instead of a grown woman. “Who gave you permission to play with my nipples?”

Jane was silent.

“Nobody did, did they?”

Jane shook her head almost imperceptibly.

“Stay where you are.”

Fran wriggled free, lifting her leg clear of Jane’s head and rolling away to stand by the side of the bed and leave Jane kneeling on the floor with her torso prone along the bed and her arms extended.

“That position will do nicely.” Fran walked around the bed and out of sight behind Jane.