John, Tara and Paul


I met John and Tara online. I have always been bi curious and they posted an ad for a mid 40s, tall in shape guy for a threesome. All week, I waited in anticipation, I had so many fantasies that this arrangement could fulfill. Everything from double penetration to sucking cock, getting my ass fucked and fucking another man’s ass.

We met for a drink at a bar a few blocks from their place. They were cool and attractive. Tara was petite in her mid 30s with dark hair and smallish tits and a great ass. She was pretty, her skin was tan but sun damaged. She wore a little cocktail dress and heels. John was in his mid 40s and tall, about 6 feet with a dirty, blond, grey hair. He had a barrel chest, and looked strong but not ripped.

We enjoyed each other’s company over a drink and John suggested we go back to their place for another. I followed them and we went into their typical one story suburban home. Tara poured us some wine and John and I sat on the couch and suggested that we watch some porn. He asked me what I like and I told him, “the nastier the better.” Tara overheard and said, “I think we are all going to get along really well then.”

The porn was indeed nasty, there were about 10 guys and 1 girl. It began with the guys ripping the girls clothes off and slapping her face with their cocks. They all took turns roughly fucking her ass, pussy and mouth. While they were waiting, they began sucking and fucking each other.

After John put the porn on, he and Tara began caressing me.. After a minute or so, John reached over and kissed me. I had never kissed a guy and at first was little taken aback but after a few kisses, I gave in and we began exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Tara joined in the kissing and we got a really hot and sloppy 3 way make out going.

As we were making out, I unbuttoned John’s jeans and was delighted to see a beautiful, cut, 7 inch cock. John took his pants off and put my hands on his cock. I didn’t need any encouragement though and began playing with it. It felt amazing and I couldn’t resist licking and sucking it. The taste was very manly and very sexy. I licked around the knob and worked my way down to his balls. In the meantime Tara undressed us and began sucking my cock. After a few minutes of licking, I looked up at John and said, “I love your fucking cock you stud”. He just said, “Fuck Yeah”. I then went down and began sucking his cock for all I was worth. I would take it as far in as I could and at one point deepthroated it to the point of almost gagging. I was salivating like crazy and spit was dripping everywhere.

John started talking really dirty. “You like my big cock don’t you. You’re sucking it so good. I can’t wait to fuck that tight asshole of yours.” I stopped sucking for long enough to look up and say, “I could suck your cock all day. I want you to fuck my mouth.” Immediately John began pounding his cock in and out of my mouth and said, “Take that fucking cock in your mouth baby”! As I was enjoying John’s cock Tara sucked my cock and prepped my asshole. She rubbed lube on it then fucked me with one finger, then two, then three. It felt really good.

After bursa eskort bayan a few minutes of finger fucking, I took my head off of John’s cock, laid back on the couch, put my legs up and began diddling my asshole. I looked up at John and said, “I want your beautiful cock in my asshole stud.” John leaned over and kissed me, then said, “Ok sugar, I am gonna fuck your little shithole now.” He put more lube on his cock and pushed it all the way into my ass with one smooth stroke. I didn’t need much prep, because I had been playing with my asshole all day to get ready. When his cock was in, he asked, “Does that feel good sweetie?” I responded, “So fucking good baby.” He asked, “Are you ready to get that little shithole fucked?” I said, “Fuck yeah studd. I’ve been playing with myself all day baby and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!!”

It took no further encouragement. He began with long slow strokes. He would push his cock in so his balls hit my ass then pull out until only the head was in. We maintained full eye contact the entire time except for when he leaned over and kissed me. His cock felt so fucking good, it was unreal. It was so much hotter than the dildo I played with and in a way harder and softer at the same time. He kept pumping my asshole slow, steady and strong for about 15 minutes all the time talking really dirty to me. In the mean time Tara just watched and masturbated.

He said, “Do you like my cock in your poop shoot honey”? I responded “I love it stud, I want you to shoot your cum into my bowels.” To this John said tenderly, “I love your little shithole so much”. The whole time John held my hand and with the other hand he gripped my hip and played with my rock hard cock. This assfucking was so tender, yet so hard and nasty at the same time. I could feel my asshole gripping his cock and decided I wanted to try sucking my ass juice off his dick.

I said, “Baby, I want to taste that beautiful cock.” He grunted, “fuck yeah!”, pulled out and put his cock in my mouth. I could feel my asshole close after he pulled out. His cock was clean and tasted like the coconut oil we were using as lube. After I sucked for a few seconds, John said, “I want to taste your sexy mouth and my cock.” So I got up, he opened his mouth and I half kissed him, half drooled into his mouth.

He swallowed all my nasty spit and said, “Bend over the couch baby so I can fuck your asshole again”. I happily obliged, knowing I was in for one hell of an assfucking. But first, John said, “I’m gonna lick that sexy little poo hole of yours”. I spread my cheeks and he ate me out for a few minutes. It felt really good to have his soft tongue sliding in and out of my now loosened up shithole. All the time he was jacking my dick with slow soft strokes.

After several minutes of tongue fucking me, he roughly grabbed my hips and pushed his dick into my ass hard. As he did this, I said, “Fuck yeah, jack my shit shoot again stud”. This time he pounded the fucking shit out of me, pistoning his dick in and out as hard and as fast as he could and grunting obscenities the whole time…

“Fuck…fuck…fuck, you bursa merkez escort feel so good, your pooper is so sweet. I love it. I could fuck you forever. fuck…fuck…I’m gonna shoot so much fucking cum in your beautiful shit hole baby.”

He was fucking me so hard, my head was pushing into the back rest of the couch. His hands alternated between gripping my hips and holding the back of my neck. Tara, saw my rock hard cock was exposed and began sucking my 7 inches. John kept up his vigorous fucking for about ten minutes and we were both dripping sweat. I wanted that stud’s cum in my asshole and said, “After you cum in my little asshole, baby I’m gonna shit it out into your wife’s mouth, then we can all share it.” This put John over the edge. He pumped me harder than ever for about 10 strokes then growled like an animal, pushed his cock all the way in, and shot all his beautiful cum into my bowels. I could feel his cock pulse for about 30 seconds and felt cum flooding my asshole.

He collapsed his sweaty body onto me, I turned my head and we tenderly kissed for couple of minutes. Tara massaged us both and said, “I want to eat that beautiful cum out of your shithole.” John pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth. I cleaned all the cum off. Tara got below my asshole and I pushed out which caused the cum from my asshole to go into her mouth and onto her pretty little face. John joined her. They swapped my cum and licked my asshole clean.

I was not an anal virgin anymore and loved it.

I had just been assfucked for the first time, but I had not cum and John’s wife Tara needed some attention. I said to Tara, “Do you feel like getting that pretty little ass of yours fucked too”? Tara looked at me with her sexy brown eyes and responded, “I’ll be tickled pink to take your beautiful cock any way I can.” With that, she laid on the couch, put her legs back and began diddling her click and fingering her asshole.

After watching for a minute, I went down on her and before long, I was sticking my tongue as far into her sweet little shithole as I could get it. She continued to diddle her clit and had a small orgasm. I came up told her to open her mouth. I spit her ass juice into it. Some of my dribble went into her mouth and some got on her face. She looked so sexy, all sweaty with cum and slobber dripping down her face.

I then, put some lube on my dick and on her asshole and said, “Get ready to get assfucked like you never have before.” With that, I placed my cock at the entrance of her asshole and pushed in with one stroke. She exclaimed, “Shit,, that wasn’t gentle, but I fucking love it!” I immediately began pounding her tight little shitter as hard as I could. I would push my cock all the in as my hips slammed her delicate little body. I would then pump back till only cock head was in her pretty little pooper. As I pounded, her she began to relax and loosen up even more, which allowed me to pump even harder.

I was looking her in the eyes the whole time and she looked back in a dirty yet loving way. Occasionally, I would tongue kiss her then spit in her mouth and bursa sınırsız escort bayan on her face. I played with her tities, groping each one then pulling hard on her nipples. She played with her clit and within a few minutes began cuming. All she could say was “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck my shitter.”

When she done coming I pulled my cock out of her ass and put it in her gorgeous pussy which had a nicely trimmed black bush above it. I fucked her like this for a few minutes until she came again at which point. I grabbed her by her little neck and fucked her mouth for a few minutes. She then begged me, “Fuck my poop shoot again baby”. I pushed her legs up and drove my cock into her little puckered up shitter. I began pumping furiously. I kept a tight grip around her neck and started ranting obscenities…

“Fuck, you are such a whore you could take on ten guys…Fuck you little bitch, take my cock in your fucking shithole… I’m gonna give you all my come honey… Fuck, your butthole is so sweet.”

She responded with her own stream of dirty talk…

“Fuck stud you are so good at fucking me… this is fucking heaven… fuck, your cock is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt. Fuck the shit out of me… pump your cum into my intestines. I fucking love it.”

In the meantime, John’s dick began to come to life and he began slapping Tara on the face with it, then fucking her face. I told him to make her lick his asshole. He proceeded to move so his ass was on her face and he was facing me. John and I had a sloppy make out while I fucked his wife’s asshole and he got his ass licked by her.

Then I said, “I think this bitch needs some double penetration. John agreed so he lied down and Tara climbed on his cock. I entered her ass from behind and we both began pounding the shit out of her. After a few minutes, I took my dick out of her ass and pushed into her pussy with John. We found a rhythm and began to push in and out. John’s cock would go in just as I was pulling out. He gripped Tara’s neck, I pulled her hair. It felt fucking amazing.

John said, “God baby, I love your fucking cock next to mine.” I responded, “I love your cock anywhere John.” Tara said, “I love both your cocks so much! Will you boys put them both in my asshole.”

We immediately pulled out and rearranged. It was surprisingly easy to get both our cocks in Tara’s shithole and we again began pumping like there was no tomorrow. I could feel John’s balls, they were tight and amazingly full. I could tell he was getting ready to pump another epic load of jizz. All of us were grunting and moaning.

“Fuck, fuck, shit, fuck my asshole studs, pump all your cum into me.” Tara said. John said to me, “I want to feel your cum all over my dick.” This put me over the edge, I began pumping even harder and within a minute I was releasing a massive load of cum deep into Tara’s ass and all over John’s dick. Right as I came, I felt John’s cock pulse and shoot come all over my dick. It was nasty and beautiful.

This time it was my turn to take some cum. I layed down and Tara put her ass over me and shit out cum into my mouth and all over my face. John came over and I spit about half the cum into his mouth. He in turn spat some onto Tara’s face. I lapped up the rest of the cum by sucking on Tara’s still open shithole.

We were all covered in cum and sweat. We made out and fell asleep. Me spooning Tara and Tara spooning John.

To be continued…