A Different Type of Treatment


Kim and Andrew go to a doctor’s visit, with a rather… unique treatment. Purely fiction, hope you enjoy!


I hoisted myself onto the table in the small examination room and felt the crunch of the paper under my butt. I was bloated, ugly, and sweaty. I had scheduled the appointment because I had been getting nosebleeds and felt really uneasy the last few days. At least the AC running high in the room made me feel like I wasn’t completely boiling in my own body.

“Hey baby, everything is going to be fine,” Andrew said with a reassuring pat on my leg.

I let his hand stay, but only gave him a weak smile. Sure, everything was fine for him, he wasn’t responsible for keeping the baby on track and growing correctly. Also, the whole part about his body not being completely wrecked by pregnancy was a big deal.

The doctor walked in briskly and looked at the chart before sitting in the rolling stool in front of me. She was tall, thin, beautiful, and looked cute in her doctor’s coat and business attire. I could barely muster the strength to get into a slip on dress and flip flops that morning.

“Hello Kim. I’m Doctor Pruitt. How are you feeling?” she said with a warm smile. I felt tears well up and my face turned red, she really looked like she cared about me, when I was just a terrible mess. I started crying and buried my face in my hands.

She got up and held my arm softly, putting her other hand through a slit in my medical gown and rubbing my tummy in soft circles, “I see… things are a little tough right now. When you’re ready, tell me a little bit of what is going on.”

Her touch was not only soothing, but her hands were cool and felt good against my bare skin. As she kept circling her hand on my tummy, I felt a jolt between my legs. I knew my body was completely out of my control, but I still felt a bit ashamed that I had gone from one extreme to the next so quickly.

I took as deep a breath as I could, and tried to compose myself, “I’ve been having nosebleeds lately, the last… week. And now I’ve just been feeling out of it, and really worried. I’m a mess, and I don’t know what to do anymore.”

As I calmed down, Dr. Pruitt stopped rubbing me, and I really wished she had kept going. She pulled up the stirrups and had me spread my legs. I could feel as the heat escaped, and I settled myself for the normal pokes and prods. Unlike most visits, her touch felt soothing and gentle, like she was a longtime friend. She would smile and congratulate me on good numbers, and would smooth or pat me gently where she had touched.

“Okay, I see on your chart you want it to be a surprise if you’re having a boy or girl, I’ll be careful when doing the ultrasound. I’m sorry, but this will be a little cold on your skin,” she said while getting a bottle of the lubricant out. She squeezed a large glob out on my tummy and then when she flipped it up a big drop fell on my pussy.

“Whoops, okay if we clean that up later?” she asked with her same warm smile.

“Oh, it’s no problem. I feel like lately my body is a science experiment more than anything else,” I replied.

She showed us the baby and then took a few more measurements, everything seemed to be going well, at least on paper. It was a sigh of relief for me, knowing that things were going as they should, and maybe my nerves were just getting the better of me. She cleaned up my tummy and then wiped my pussy with a fresh cloth. It seemed more like she was pushing the lube inside me than getting it off my skin, but it felt too good for me to complain.

“What about you, you’re the?” she said, directing her attention to Andrew.

“Hi, husband and bursa escort father,” Andrew said and then paused, waiting for her question.

“Hello Andrew, sorry I have to ask, I assumed too many times when I first started and boy howdy was it embarrassing,” she said with a big smile and a laugh, “how are you feeling?”

Andrew fidgeted with his wedding ring and looked away from her, “I’m fine, just here to offer support.”

Dr. Pruitt sat down again on the stool and looked at him, “Andrew, this is going to be a lot harder if you’re not honest with me.”

I felt a pang of jealousy. He was here for me, and now he was stealing away attention from the doctor and everything was going to be about him.

Andrew looked at her directly with a half smile, “well, I’m glad everything is good here with this checkup. I’ve been making sure that things are taken care of at home, making sure Kim isn’t doing too much. I dunno, I’m kind of worried about finances and just being a good provider. I had a kind of crummy childhood, and I don’t want to do that with my own family.”

The tears started welling up again, and I felt like a complete asshole. Of course he was here for me, when I told him about the appointment he said he wanted to go with me. He HAD been doing a ton of chores around the house, and he hadn’t complained about anything.

“I need to be frank with both of you, when was the last time you were intimate?” she asked.

The words hung in the air. I felt like such garbage that I couldn’t muster the energy for sex for the last couple weeks. Not to mention that I took up so much room in the bed with my pillows and things that Andrew had resorted to sleeping on the couch to not be in my way.

“Its uhh… been a couple of months,” Andrew said with a small wince.

God, had it really been that long? We had been reasonably sexually active before I was pregnant, but I felt like even after we were still doing it every week, until a couple weeks prior to now.

“Do you sleep together, or cuddle? What about massages or other touch?” she said.

I tried to hold back the tears, and again she was at my side, holding my arm and rubbing my tummy through the gown. God, it felt so good to have her touching me, and the baby underneath rolled and kicked with my sudden flutter of excitement.

“I’ve just felt so ugly, and I’m always sore. Everything is too hot and gross and I’m just, just always upset. And, not that it was that way today, but I just feel like whenever we come to the doctor I am treated like a lab specimen and no one cares about me, and I am so tired, no matter how much sleep I get,” I said with a wavering voice.

It felt good to let go of the thoughts I had been holding inside. It was almost like the weight of them was gone, now that I was able to say them out loud. I couldn’t exactly breathe deep, but my chest didn’t feel quite as tight anymore.

“Andrew, come here,” she said while directing him to stand between my legs, “touch her here.”

She took Andrew’s hand and he started caressing my tummy over the gown. The sensation was nicer with both of their hands, and I let out an involuntary sigh. I closed my eyes and just let myself enjoy being touched softly.

“Kim, we’re going to try some… alternative treatment. Keep your eyes closed,” she whispered in my ear.

It was so good to have the soft touch that I just nodded and waited.

“Andrew… tell me what you think about your wife,” she said while caressing my arm and face slowly.

I could feel his hands all the more as he traced along my body, “I love her. She is beautiful, and I’m excited to have our baby growing çanakkale escort inside of her.”

“What do you find beautiful?” she asked.

“I like her hair, its very thick right now. I…” he hesitated.

“You can tell her, nothing will leave this room,” she said softly.

“Her… her breasts are bigger, and… so are her nipples. They’re darker too. Her tummy is swelling up with our baby, and her ass is getting bigger. She has never been more of a woman,” he said with growing confidence. His touches became a bit firmer, and I could feel him moving his hands to the sides, where I still felt I had hips.

“Kim, what do you think about that?” she said, whispering again in my ear.

I could feel her fingers pulling apart the ties on the gown behind my neck, and she gently took it off of me. I was completely naked, with my legs spread wide. Andrew’s hands returned to my tummy, the skin on skin contact electric. I was surprised, to say the least, when Dr. Pruitt’s hands started caressing my breasts. She must have been over the head of the table, as I could feel her breath against my ear.

“How do you feel now?” she whispered again.

“I… I had no idea, I feel… ah amazing,” I responded with another sigh.

“He is right, you know. You’re gorgeous. Your breasts are very full, and your nipples are supple and dark,” she whispered.

I moaned a little, “really?”

“Really, you are so beautiful,” Andrew said with more loving caresses to my tummy.

“Andrew, I see you’re reacting well,” she said to him, “it’s okay, just do what comes naturally.”

I tried to pick out the sounds, but with Dr. Pruitt massaging my breasts and kissing along my neck, I couldn’t focus. I heard lots of shuffling, and my body felt on fire with the attention I was getting from her. Then a very new sensation came along, as I felt something sliding around my pussy. I opened my eyes briefly and looked down, Andrew wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, and he was rubbing his swollen cock against my slit.

“I’m sorry Kim, for this procedure to work, you need to keep your eyes closed,” Dr. Pruitt admonished sweetly.

I closed them again and focused on the sensations around my body. Dr. Pruitt’s hands, Andrew’s cock sliding against me. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I felt so wanted, so pretty, just bubbling over with excitement.

“Kim, have you and Andrew ever had anal sex?” Dr. Pruitt asked, her voice cracking a little.

“Yes,” I groaned, “we’ve done it a few times.”

She squeezed my breasts and I could have sworn I felt milk leaking out of my nipples, “and how do you feel about it?”

“It felt good… I liked it,” I said.

She moved her hands away from my breasts and directed me to keep the motion going. I pinched my nipples out of habit, and felt my pussy clamp down in reaction to the new sensation.

“I see, then he may need this,” she said with a cough.

Andrew’s cock retreated. I heard a snap and then felt cold globs of lube landing on my pussy and sliding down my ass. The cold brought some of my senses back to me, and I thought about the situation I was in. Dr. Pruitt’s actions were completely different than the friendly doctor voice she had been using. Andrew moaned and I wondered what was happening.

“Good, good, pressure is right. Looks like you maintain yourself well. I think that is enough lubrication,” she said with a small grunt.

I felt Andrew’s slippery cock on my pussy again, and then I felt him sliding down lower. God, he was really going to fuck me in the ass. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it. I wanted his cock. I wanted Dr. didim escort Pruitt to watch. I wanted to be right in the middle, with all eyes focused on my beautiful, naked, body.

“Kim, please make sure to relax,” I felt one of her hands on my breasts, and she moved my hands to my sides.

Andrew pressed the tip of his cock against my asshole, and I did my best to loosen up and let him inside. With all the lube everywhere, it didn’t take much force for him to pop the tip past my tight outer ring. While he inched his way inside, Dr. Pruitt slowly drew circles with her fingertips on my tummy and breasts. Andrew’s cock seemed longer and harder than I ever remembered it, and the pressure of it inside my ass was driving me crazy. When I felt him bottom out and his balls touched my ass, I finally let my breath go in a hiss.

“Now you’re going to feel a bit more pressure, let me know if you’re feeling any pain,” Dr. Pruitt said.

I felt her hand slide down from my tummy to my hot slit and a finger dip inside me, while the other pinched one of my nipples again.

“Is that too much?” she asked, still maintaining her composure somehow.

“Wha? What…? I… uh.. No… no, I’m fine,” I said through the fog of my mind.

“I see, thank you,” she said.

Suddenly another finger slipped inside, and then a third. Without warning my body was convulsing and my toes were curling. The orgasm ripped through me like a had been thrown into a cold river. I clamped down onto Dr. Pruitt’s hand and Andrew’s cock, but no matter how hard my body squeezed they both pressed hard into me to keep from coming out. Just as suddenly as it started, the orgasm released me, and I went limp on the table.

“Oh my god… oh… I’m, I…” I tried to speak.

“Just relax, the procedure is almost done,” Dr. Pruitt said, whispering closed my ear.

Andrew pulled out, almost all the way, and then put the full length of his cock back into me slowly. The fullness and sensation of the thin separation between Dr. Pruitt’s hand and his cock, started building me towards a second, somehow larger, orgasm. In time with Andrew’s metered pumping, her fingers slowly pumped in and out. I could feel her rubbing my g-spot in tight circles, and her wrist was pressed against my clit.

My breath was ragged and I lost myself in the moment, “fuck. Fuck! Andrew, fuck me in the ass. Oh god, Doctor… Doctor Pruitt, please, don’t stop.”

No sooner had I spoken than they both reacted, Dr. Pruitt moved her fingers and it felt like she was trying to get her entire hand inside me, I was being spread so wide. Andrew pumped into me hard and fast, his balls slapping against the table. His breathing was labored, and his pumping became erratic. I knew he’d cum soon. The pressure dipped slightly at my pussy, but the fullness was tremendous, Dr. Pruitt had her hand inside me, and was fucking me with it. I clamped down again, but could do nothing against their onslaught. I felt something warm and wet on my breast and realized that Dr. Pruitt was sucking my nipple. It was the last straw, and the floodgate opened. The waves of my orgasm were so big that all I could do was let them take me. I completely lost all sense of where I was, and just relished the pleasure.

When I started to regain some sense of where I was, Dr. Pruitt was finishing up cleaning me and Andrew was sitting again at the chair to the side of the table.

“Kim, how are you feeling now?” she said with the same bright and friendly tone she started with, the one that made me feel like she really cared about me.

“Great. …just… great!” I replied with a huge smile.

“We’re all done, you can get dressed now,” she said while writing a note on a small pad, “this prescription should help if you have issues again.”

She turned and left the room, and I looked down at the prescription. It was just a phone number and the words, “I make house calls too.”