The Maid’s Slave Ch. 01


Ever since a tender age I had always been drawn to female feet and I don’t know why. There’s just something about female soles and their perfect pedicured toes that drives me wild. Well my name is Michael and my story begins when I was 18. I was a promising student in high school, the top of my class. I was also a fairly good basketball player although I mainly spent games on the bench I was a crowd favourite. My Dad had been part of the founders of the first large scale investment corporations in the country but he had retired early to focus on other ventures. Meaning to say we were quite well off. My mom had never been in the picture I knew little to nothing about her.

On one day which I got home late because we had had a match with a rival school late in the afternoon. I got home to be introduced to a new maid by my Dad, apparently the previous one had let in burglars and all our electronics had been ransacked. My Dad seemed quite pissed off to say the least. Well luckily I carried my laptop illegally to school but I was just going to claim it stolen so I would get a new one. I secretly thanked the burglars.

Anyways looking at her (the new maid, Margaret was her name) I couldn’t believe it when my father uttered the words ‘this is our new maid.’ She didn’t fit the criteria even if there wasn’t one. She had full lips the cutest nose, ample breasts that stood proud on her chest, curvy hips and oh my God you should have seen her ass. I kept digesting her features until I got to her feet. I stared because in that moment I honestly couldn’t help it. She had on these jean sandals and a deep shade of red nail polish on her toe nails which looked divine. I gently licked my lips then looked up to her and saw her smiling. A little bit of fear crept up into me thinking she had seen me staring at her feet. There was the hint of a belligerent attitude with the way she addressed me but I brushed it off. Her erotic appeal would far outweigh unsatisfying things about her. I pictured her naked right in front there in denizli escort front of me.

Well the next few days went by swiftly, every single day I couldn’t wait to get home. I would sneak in glimpses of Margret’s gorgeous ass whenever I could. The fact that she walked around the house with bare feet even drove me worse into lust. Pretty soon I started snapping pictures of her, her breasts, her ass and her feet. I would master-bate deep into the night looking at them, dreaming of my tongue pleasuring her clit and having her suck my dick. Although on one near fatal occasion I made the mistake of leaving the camera flash on and I could have sworn she saw it flash. As the days went on by me and her got a little bit acquainted. We would talk in the lounge all the while I would be staring at her feet. She was quite the joyous but she had a string of rude traits which for some reason I found quite appealing. I was pussy whipped in mere days and she didn’t know it.

I started giving in to the devil in me, sneaking into her room while she was bathing and kneeling down in front of her bed while I licked the soles of her sandals. Then after she finished her bath I would suck the water out of her towel and washed underwear, fantasizing about tasting her juices. The way I craved her drove me to the point of stealing a pair of her bra and panties which I kept underneath my mattress. This somehow went unnoticed by her. I would fall asleep with them in my hand and at times I would even wear them. I kept getting bolder and bolder with what I did. Till one day I decided to take a peep while she was bathing and masturbate.

The scene was set. It was a Saturday, my Dad was away and it was just me and her at home. I heard her enter the shower and I was ready for our most intimate moment yet. Dick in hand I knelt down at the door and started stroking it gently. Looking through the key hole I could barely make out anything, so I soon got frustrated and decided to open up the diyarbakır escort door just a bit. This was going to be my worst decision ever. Anyways I opened it bit by bit until I had enough space for a good view. It all seemed well and good as her back was turned towards me. I then gently let go of the door as to be able to get back to stroking but somehow in that instance the door then swung wide open. I froze in horror, Margaret turned around and let out a scream. “What are you doing there?” she asked.

I couldn’t answer I just stared in shock and in awe. With her delectable breasts now facing me I wanted to keep stroking. She looked at me with utter disgust ‘Put away that disgusting little right’ (I knew she meant my dick) . Her look of disgust slowly faded and I saw a naughty grin come over here face. She snapped at me and told me to get her drying towel. Wrapping herself with it she got out of the bathroom and led me to her room. “Kneel at my door and wait for me you stupid boy” she said entering her room, then turning around and spitting in my face before slamming the door shut. My heart was palpitating and I was breathing in gasps. I wiped the spit of my face and sucked on the fingers I had used. I could only imagine the fate that awaited me.

Finally after what seemed like ages she came out dressed smelling all kinds of delicious. She passed me there kneeling by her door she went to the kitchen. I could hear her making a snack for herself, I didn’t dare move from my spot though. After almost an hour (My knees were getting quite painful now)) She came back opened her door and told me to come in. She told me to strip totally naked and I did as I was told. This wasn’t the moment for me to test her. I kept thinking of what would happen if she decided to tell my father. From her closet I saw her withdraw a leather belt with metallic designs all over it. I was bended over on the edge of the bed and knew what was coming. I clenched my teeth and my butt antalya escort cheeks. The air was still like the calm before a storm.

Twat! I shut my eyes as the first stroke hit me. It wasn’t that strong, I told myself I could survive this, little did I know she was just testing the waters. She flicked the belt again and I just flinched and groaned. She yelled out “Oh so it’s not painful” and began slashing away viciously at my ass, my thighs and my back. I tried blocking with my hands but she kept on the assault. It was an angry rampage she kept shouting “STUPID,STUPID,STUPID.” It was excruciating, I couldn’t take it anymore I started crying “Please stop, please Margaret I’m begging you, please I’m so sorry, I’ll do anything, please just stop.”

Finally she ceased the onslaught, the room went quiet except for my sobs and her very audible breathing. “Now here is how things are going to go from now on” she said climbing on to the bed with the belt still in her hand. At this moment I realized I had my hardest erection ever, even though one of her flicks of the belt had gone to the tender region of my nutsack. Margaret then lifted up her skirt revealing her muff she had no underwear on “Climb up hear and put your tongue to work while I dictate your new life”

I reluctantly obliged. Her pussy was unshaven and had a strong erotic scent about it. I took in a whiff and hesitated for a bit but then dove in tongue first. I started with long strokes up and down making them extremely sloppy. I had never done this before but trust me i had watched enough the porno. I soon built up a rhythm driving my tongue deep past the gates of her labia. She starting humming in delight and my dick jerked in response.

I then heard her voice. “From now on you’re the maid, in fact you’re more than the maid you’re my slave. You’re going to make sure every single thing around the house is done and that my needs are taken care off. From the laundry to the cleaning, the dishes and even the cooking.” Twat! She flicked the belt and went on to say “You will follow me without question, do you hear me stupid boy?” I let out a loud yes in pain. I began tongue fucking her vigorously her humming increased frequency and became more pronounced. She began flicking me again with the belt as she Oohed in pleasure. I didn’t care anymore she had completed taken power over me.