Benefit Love


I am a former plus sized model in my mid-40’s that organized and chaired one of the largest charity benefits in our area. The one that would stand out for me was held at a huge lodge with a seven course dinner, a silent auction with all the proceeds going to my favorite charities.

This particular year’s event had a fashion show with 10 gorgeous models with all those proceeds going to a battered women’s shelter in our area. It was black tie and everyone dressed to impress.

The entertainment was usually local, but this time I arranged to secure Constantine, the rising star just coming off a tour. How I did that I am still not sure, but I wasn’t going to complain.

I have had a crush not unlike a teenage girl on this man for a long time, but I am sure that his entire night would be spent with the many fashion models vying for his attention, however, I had him at my table for dinner anyway.

I spent a fortune on my black Armani gown but it was all worth it, I know I looked great and I felt great, since I’d also lost twenty pounds recently, but still had some kicking curves.

I made my way downstairs to the ballroom to wait for Con to arrive. The room was filled to capacity once they found out the evenings entertainment. Finally, he arrived. It was nothing like the minute he walked into that ballroom in a black tux.

Somehow I managed to greet him and introduce him to the few important people there before dinner started. At dinner we chatted and got along Escort Kız famously, he was so well spoken for a man barely thirty.

After the silent auction and the fashion show, he sang a number of songs for us and dedicated one especially to me. My heart skipped a few beats as he walked off the stage and held my hand as he sang it.

I barely saw him after the show was over, he very graciously signing autographs and taking pictures for donations to the causes we were supporting. I left him being mobbed by a crowd of beauties all vying for his attention.

I went to my room and was standing on my balcony reminising about the great evening when I heard a knock on the door.

“Room Service.”

Room service, I did’t order room service, I had thought.

I opened the door and to my amazement there stood Constantine with two glasses and a bottle of champagne.

“How about a nightcap?”

Of course, I asked him in.

We poured the champagne and sat on the balcony talking and laughing about the evening when out of the blue he leaned over and kissed me.

“I have been wanting to do that all night. I want to put my arms around you and hold you and never let you go. I want to make love to you all night long.”

I just looked at him and I could tell he saw in my eyes exactly what I was thinking.

“I know what you are thinking. All that eye candy downstairs, what is he doing here with me?”

“You have that exactly,” I whispered.

His ‘fuck me’ eyes were hypnotizing me and I found it hard to get the words out.

“You have made this one of the most enchanting evenings of my life. Not only are you very beautiful, very sexy and exciting, have you ever thought that I might like to be with some just like you and not just some eye candy who are self absorbed in their appearance?”

“But I am old enough to be….” I began.

“Oh baby, you can mother me all night long. Please let me stay, let me make love to you.”

I couldn’t say a word, he held me close to him and touched my face and kissed me, raping my mouth with his tongue. I tangled my hands in his beautiful hair and kissed him back, licking his neck and his ear and playfully biting his lips.

I was dizzy with desire. He gently stroked my shoulders, my back as his lips never left mine. He pulled down the zipper of my dress and let it fall off my shoulders to the floor, realizing I had nothing on under it.

“Oh baby, you are so beautiful.” He led me into the bedroom.

He continued to stare at me with those dark eyes and I felt like I was drowning. I watched as he took off his tux and lay down beside me.

He touched my face, whispered in my ear. His lips left a trail down my neck and onto my breasts. He licked and sucked my nipples until they were hard as rocks and I felt I could cum with the sensations he was creating.

I gently asked him to lay back and let me look at him. I wanted to touch him, touch every inch of his body with my hands, my mouth.

I wanted to show this guy that bigger certainly was better in bed.

I ran my fingers down his back, over his tight ass, up and down his legs, over his testicles and everyplace my hands went my mouth followed.

I licked up his enormous shaft and around the head until he moaned and asked me to please take him into my mouth. I sucked him into my mouth and continued to caress his inner thigh at the same time.

I could feel his muscles tightening as he was reaching his orgasm, I deep throated him as far as I could until he exploded down my throat.

The emotion on his face was priceless. He pulled me to him and lay me down, his mouth still raping mine.

He continued to lick and kiss my nipples, my stomach until I finally asked him to stop teasing me, I couldn’t take it any longer.

He found my clit ready for a tonguing and he sucked and licked it until I came right into his mouth.

Before I could recover, he mounted me and rammed that beautiful cock into me. I couldn’t get enough. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulled him to me by the hair and asked him to give it all to me. We both were covered in sweat by the time he had his second orgasm.

We lay beside each other in the bed and he kept stroking me and looking at me and telling me he wished we could spend more time together.

“You are everything I have ever wanted in a woman.”

Somehow I managed to whispered that he was everything I had ever wanted in a man and more. We fell asleep in each other arms.