An Exchange Not Au Pair

Double Penetration

It was my husband who suggested that I write my story. I have told it to him, and we have acted it out many times. He said that others might find my story exciting and that I should share it.

It happened many years ago when I first came to this country. I am from what was once called East Germany. I was 19 years old when I came here to be an au pair to an American couple from New York. They lived north of the city in a very nice suburban home. They were both lawyers, in their late thirties, married for about 6 years when they had their first child.

She worked in the mornings, in the same office as her husband. I will call her Susan and him Jim. Both were in good shape, attractive, and smart. He was average in height, 5’9″, with a nice body. She a bit shorter with small breasts and a pretty face, both with dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes.

I am blonde, fair skinned, blue eyed, 6’1″, with an athletic build and large breasts. I’ve been told I am attractive and have always had men and women coming on to me.

They hired me to take care of the baby in the mornings when they were both at work and in the evenings when they said they needed their private time together in the early evening. Both were loving and attentive parents. This private time that they needed together was explained to me right at the start of my employment. If there was a problem with the baby, I was to call them on the phone, they had another phone line in their bedroom. After the baby was put to bed, they would lock the door to their bedroom and spend an hour or two together, while I watched TV and listened to the baby’s intercom if he woke up, which he rarely did. He was a very good baby, he slept almost the whole night and rarely ever cried.

I was not very experienced sexually at that point in my life, but I understood that they wanted to have sex and not worry about the baby. Their bedroom had a heavy door that was thicker than the other doors in the house. Once I passed their bedroom door on the way to the baby’s room and paused to see if I could hear them making love. I could not.

Once, out of curiosity, when they were both out of the house, I went into their bedroom and looked around. There was nothing unusual except a large wooden chest at the foot of the bed that was locked.

I became friends with another German girl in the town where I lived. We hung out together on our days off, taking the train to the city to see the sights. She thought it was very romantic that my employers hired a nanny to take care of their baby while they made love. She loved that they did not want their sex life diminished by their new role as parents. I thought so too. I was enjoying my stay with them.

Then something happened. It began with a phone call to my girlfriend while Jim and Susan were having their private time together. We were talking when the call waiting click happened and I clicked back. It was my employer calling me from the bedroom. They were just checking to make sure that I could hear the baby monitor while I was on the phone, I said that I had it right there with me in the kitchen. He said fine and we ended the conversation, I clicked the phone to go back to my girlfriend, but I could only hear Jim talking to his wife. I clicked again but I could still hear them. Then I just listened. I was curious. I wanted to hear them making love and get off. But what I hear at first was confusing.

I could hear Susan saying, “Yes master,” and a loud slap sound followed by a cry from her, an apology and, “I’m sorry master.”

At first, I didn’t get it. I had only heard about those kinds of relationships from books or movies but didn’t know much else. As their conversations continued, I realized that she was being spanked by him. He would call her slave and she would call Pendik Öğrenci Escort him master. I could feel myself torn by what I was hearing. I shouldn’t be listening to this at all, but I became excited by what I was hearing. It made me think of my daydreams of being tied up by a man and taken control of, made to submit. But I had never made the connection between my daydreams and this type of thing that I was hearing over the phone. The sounds over the phone made me blush and made me wet. I realized that my friend would wonder what happened. I tried again and called her name but still I could hear my employers. I hung up the phone.

A few minutes went by and I tried again to phone my girlfriend and make sense of what I had just heard and of the warm feelings between my legs. Just then Jim walked into the kitchen just wearing a bathrobe. He looked right at me for a long moment, I looked away blushing. He went to the refrigerator, which was behind me. I could feel him looking at me. I became very nervous and hung up the phone.

“What’s wrong Ingrid? You seem a bit flushed,” he said as he came around me and took a seat in front of me never taking his eyes off me.

“Nothing Jim, I’m just a bit warm,” I managed to get out.

Just then Susan walked in the kitchen. She too was only wearing a bathrobe.

“Ingrid looks a bit flushed?” Jim said.

“Oh, she does look warm,” Susan said as she placed her soft warm hand on my forehead, “Maybe you are coming down with something?”

“No, I’m fine, I think I’ll go to my room and lie down,” I said and left the kitchen quickly. Much too quickly.

When I stepped into my room, I was surprised to find Susan right behind me. I had not heard her follow me.

She took my hand and led me the edge of my bed and made me sit.

“Ingrid, I want to ask you something and please tell me the truth.”

“Ok,” I replied.

“Did you ever go into our bedroom and snoop around, look in our things?”

“No, I would never do such a thing.”

Just then Jim appeared at the door, he had been standing just outside of my room listening.

“You’re lying young lady, I have you on tape looking through our stuff. I have a hidden camera in there, so don’t lie,” he said as he stood there in the doorway with a videotape in his hands.

I began to cry.

“I didn’t mean any harm, I wasn’t looking to steal anything, I was just curious.”

As I said this Susan sat on the bed next to me and placed her arms around me and gave me a hug.

She said, “It’s alright don’t cry we understand you were curious as to what we do in there right? You’re just a curious young woman who would like to know about the world and what people do in their bedrooms. Aren’t you?”

She began to stroke my hair and face with her soft hands, wiping away my tears. I could see her bathrobe open and reveal her breasts to me. She could tell that I was looking. He words of comfort and caresses soothed me. Then she began to kiss my face, all over lightly at first then harder. Her bathrobe opened all the way. She reached over, took my hand and placed it on her breast. She let out a low moan. She forced my hand to caress and squeeze her breast. They were wonderful to touch. I could feel myself grow wet between my legs. This went on for several minutes. I was completely lost in the sensations of my first female petting session.

Then Jim spoke, ” Excuse me but this little tramp was in our bedroom snooping around. I demand satisfaction. She needs to be punished.”

I had forgotten he was even in the room looking at his wife make out with another woman.

“I think a spanking would be in order don’t you think Susan?”

Susan stopped kissing me and said, “Jim is right you must be Pendik Çıtır Escort punished Ingrid for what you did. I think that it’s only fair and right. Don’t worry Jim will be very gentle with you, I’ll be right here with you.”

Susan pulled me to my feet and as she was taking to me, she quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans and panties around my ankles. At this point I was in a daze. It was all happening like in a dream. I made some sounds of protestation, but they were ignored. I was naked from the waist down. Jim seated himself on the edge of the bed and Susan led me to his lap. She laid me across his lap holding both my wrists in her hands.

My naked bottom was now totally exposed to my employer.

“This is one fine looking ass,” he said as his fingertips explored the surface of my ass cheeks.

I grew wetter.

“Say thank you sir,” Susan purred into my ear licking my lobes.

Just then Jim’s hand came down hard on my ass. I was being spanked. A pause. Then another. It was like my daydreams. I was being made to submit. Others were in control of my body. The sting of the blows on ass aroused me further.

Again, she repeated, “Thank you sir.”

This time I replied, “Thank you sir.”

Susan said, “Excellent, this little slut has potential.”

It took a few moments to realize that the slut she spoke of was me. A final spank came down on my now on fire ass. Susan let me go and helped me to my feet. She began to kiss me passionately on the mouth. Jim left the room and returned quickly with a cream that he began to spread on my ass cheeks. I was moaning now, the effect of having two people feel me up was intoxicating. They swiftly undressed me and laid me on the bed.

“Have you ever eaten a woman’s pussy Ingrid?” Susan asked. “No,” I replied, “but I have always wanted to try.”

It was true but had I’d never spoken of it to anyone.

She smiled at this and sat up straddling my face pinning my arms down with her legs and presenting her shaved pussy to my mouth. She lowered herself.

“Well lesson one begins now,” she purred.

I licked her pussy as she used her fingers to hold herself open to my mouth. I sucked on her clit. She talked to me, instructing me like her pupil, telling me how and where to lick and suck. I followed her instructions eagerly.

All the while I could feel Jim lightly playing with my pussy, just teasing me. Giving my pussy a light tap or two on my clit. Then running his hand over it a few times, then pausing. Opening my labia lips, running his fingers up and down. But never long enough to get me off. This went on for quite a while.

Susan was close to an orgasm, when Jim pushed her off my face,

“That’s enough of that for now I don’t want you to come just yet.”

“Yes master,” Susan said breathlessly.

“It’s time I get a bit of service from this slut,” he said as he pulled my arms over my head and pulled my body to the edge of the bed.

My head fell back over the edge of the bed. Susan grabbed hold of my face. Jim then stood over my face with his large cock and balls in my face.

Like a man inspecting the goods he said, “Let’s see how she sucks cock.”

He commanded Susan to keep my mouth open. With her hands she forced my mouth wide. He then pushed his penis into my mouth. He pushed it in and out several times, then Jim pumped his cock in deeper. I had given my boyfriend blow jobs but I had never had my mouth fucked. The man did the work, he was using me to pleasure himself. I liked it.

He would pull on my nipples, twist them with his fingers then let go, not too hard yet with just enough force to make me feel my nerve endings were being abused. His hands explored my breasts as he fucked my mouth. Pendik Elit Escort

“Well she needs work in the cock sucking department but that will come, Rome wasn’t built in a day,” he said as he withdrew his wet cock from my mouth.

I was disappointed I was not up to his standards.

Jim pulled me by my ankles to the other end of the bed so that the lower half of my body was now was over the edge of the bed. Susan sat over my face facing my feet and Jim pushed my feet towards her till she grabbed both of my ankles and pulled them back and apart till my ass was spread wide open and my feet were almost behind my head. I was glad that I was flexible and open for Jim to take. I was very wet by this point. Standing up, he placed himself between my legs, he wet his cock tip with my wetness and easily slipped his hard cock into me. He began to fuck me hard and fast. Susan lowered her pussy onto my mouth, but it was hard to concentrate on pleasuring her with Jim pounding his cock onto me.

Jim would take a break from fucking me, stand on the bed in front of his wife, grab a fistful of hair and fuck her mouth. I looked up, legs still in the air, and watched his balls swing back and forth as he fucked Susan’s mouth. Then he went back to my pussy to pound it some more. This went on for quite a while. I remained on my back, Susan holding my ankles to keep me wide open for her husband to mount at will.

After a long spell of fucking, Jim picked up speed and furiously pounding his cock in and out of my pussy, until he pulled out and shot his cum on my breasts and stomach. It seemed like a gallon of semen to me. Jim let out loud guttural groans as each hot load landed on my body.

It really must have been a lot because Susan shouted, “Oh my God that’s so much fucking cum!”

After he was finished Susan rubbed Jim’s cum all over my tits, taking some in her mouth and licking her fingers clean.

We lay together in a heap catching our breaths for quite a while before Jim spoke, “This little slut has a lot of potential.”

I liked being referred to as a slut to be used.

“For being such a good slut, you need a reward, a mind shattering orgasm. Susan is a world class pussy eater; slave make this slut cum. Show her how it’s done,” Jim commanded his wife.

“Yes sir my pleasure,” she purred.

Jim moved to sit with his back against the headboard pulling my body to sit in between his open legs. I could feel his wet now limp cock on my back. Susan moved in between my legs on her stomach. Jim reached around my body and played with the breasts. Susan lowered her face in between my legs and with her fingers slowly explored my outer lips, interspersing hard quick licks with her tongue. Soon her lips, tongue and fingers were expertly exploring my pussy. I realized just how amateurish my pussy eating was compared to hers. My German boyfriend had licked my pussy a few times, but it was lame compared to what Susan was doing. I was lost in haze of sensation. Jim hands on my breast and Susan’s magic tongue sent my whole body shaking. Jim held me from behind and Susan held onto my legs as every muscle in my body spasmed. Being restrained by the two of them heightened my pleasure. I screamed loudly. It was the most intense orgasm of my young life.

I don’t know how much time passed, I may have even blacked out, I don’t know.

Susan asked, “So now you know what we do Miss Ingrid behind closed doors at night, and what do you think, like it?”

“Yes, I do, it’s wonderful what you do.”

Jim said, “And we will be doing more, much more my dear, we are going to be training you for your future husband, to be a good wife and slut to him.”

I liked the sound of that.

Although we had many great fuck sessions during the rest of my stay, that first one will always be special. It’s the one that I role play with my husband most often. He loves to play the top and give me spankings.

The great life I have now I owe to Susan and Jim, they got me my green card and now I’m a citizen. Thank you pervert lawyers.