As Always


My first story submission! A special note of thanks to LadyPineRose74 for graciously taking the time to read through, edit and encourage my work. You’re the best!


As always my thoughts were about making you cum.

There you were standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing your hair as I walked behind you and put my arms around you holding you in a warm hug. I laid my chin on your shoulder as we looked at each other in the mirror.

As I turned my head to put my lips on the side of your neck, I gently let my hands drop down to the button of your jeans. I lightly tickle your neck with the tip of my tongue and you acknowledge it with a low M-m-m-m.

I undue your jeans and slowly pull the zipper down exposing the top of your soft white underwear. My tongue is now making tiny circles on your neck. You lean your head back onto my shoulder giving me more access to your neck. You look into the mirror and see my tongue on your neck. Your soft moan tells me just how much you are enjoying the attention. You start to close your eyes but instead continue to look into the mirror. You don’t want to miss a thing.

You watch as I slide my right hand down into the front of your jeans and you feel my middle finger travel the length of your slit gathering dampness that is now moistening your panties. I nibble on your neck, then softly suck your skin. “Don’t you leave a mark!” you whisper. Out comes my tongue again teasing your neck as warm wetness bathes your neck; your body intuitively arches in response.

“I’ve got a place you can put that tongue….” you coo. I look at you in the mirror as you smile devilishly. I turn your head toward me and say “I bet you want it in your mouth” as I place a firm kiss on your lips. I open my lips and let my tongue touch yours pleased that you present the tip of your tongue against mine. It’s not long before our tongues are entwined battling to see who can penetrate the others mouth more. I hold my tongue rigid as I begin moving it in and out of your pursed lips with a fucking motion. My finger feels your panties getting wetter and wetter.

We break our kiss long enough for you to say “That isn’t where I meant for you to put your tongue.”

“Oh, you must want me to lick your nipples and suck on them” as I moved my hand from your panty clad pussy up under your shirt pushing your bra up off of your breast. My hand cups your breast and I then pinch your nipple rolling it around in my fingertips. “No, no you moan wiggling back and forth trying to escape my taunting. I look deep into your eyes in the mirror as I slip both hands to your sides at the top of your jeans.

I slip my fingers under your jeans and panties and slowly begin inching them down one side and then the other. We both watch in the mirror as the curls of you triangle become visible. As your clothes drop further they lose their cling and fall to the floor in a pile around your ankles.

I grab you by the hips and pull you back to me planting the bulge in my jeans into the crack of your ass. You wiggle back and forth to feel just how hard you’ve made me. You pull away just enough to reach behind you and slide your hand up and down the length of my hard as steel fuck rod.

You let out a low moan, “You’re so hard, baby. What are ya gonna do with this?”

“We’ll figure that out after we’re done figuring our where you want my tongue.”

You watch in the mirror as I use my fingers to softly pet the soft bush of curls. I keep petting your pussy in a circular motion carefully avoiding going any lower toward your pussy lips. You’re starting to rotate your hips trying to move your pussy up closer to my finger tips. I continue to nibble on your ear and slowly trace my left hand up under your shirt cupping your left breast and gently kneading your nipple.

Your breathing is getting a little erratic. You step out of your jeans and kick them to the side. You spread your legs wider egging me on to move lower with my finger tips. I’m now watching your face in the mirror as I slowly move my middle finger down between your legs and slide it the length of your love slit. I feel the folds of you pussy lips part as my finger moves back and forth. You are so hot and soaking wet. I look into the mirror and see your eyes focused on my hand and finger as they move back and forth in a sawing motion. I watch as you reach down and grab the top of my hand urging me to go deeper with my finger. “You’re being a fucking tease…oh-h-h…do it…finger me” you urge.

“What kind of tease” I ask. I look into your eyes and see the twinkle as you wrinkle you mouth into a seductive smile. “You must be getting really turned on to talk like that to me” I whisper into your ear.

Without Bycasino hesitating, I find the opening of your love tunnel and bury the length of my middle finger until the palm of my hand comes to rest on your mound slightly brushing your ever sensitive clit. “Oh shit……. oh does that feel good…….., that feels so fucking good”

Your eyes are glued to my hand waiting to see what I will do next. Slowly I pull my finger straight out and hold my finger tip just at the opening of your pussy. Again, I insert it as far as I can in one swift motion. “Oh yea, that’s……. it finger fuck my hot cunt.”

I sense you are really turned on as you rarely utter words or phrases as those currently being expressed through your gritting teeth. My hard cock twitches within it’s confines at hearing you refer to your “cunt”.

“You like being finger fucked, don’t you sweetie?” I breathe into your ear.

“God, Yes!” as you tilt your hips to allow me better access, permitting me

to drill your cunt harder. My finger now pounding and rubbing. Rubbing and pounding. “Oh…Fuck my cunt more……. please!”

“Go on baby, enjoy it. Get off on it; it makes my fucking cock hard.”

I lower my hand in between your thighs and spread the soft petals of your pussy.

You are so amazingly wet and your cunt cream permeates the air. The perfumed

essence fills my senses. You smell so good… I sink my fingers into you again and watch your eyes in the mirror as I rotate my finger tip teasing your G-spot.

“Now, just where was it you wanted me to put my tongue?” I labored to whisper in your ear.

“You know where… just want to keep teasing me. Can’t you see I’m fucking horny as hell? You need to stick that tongue into my pussy……now!”

You watch as I pull my finger from your pussy, I lift it to my mouth, you can see the slippery pussy juice coating the entire length. I close my lips around my finger and swirl my tongue around it savoring the taste of your pussy.

I lean forward to kiss you and our lips meet gently. As I open my lips touching yours with my tongue, you open your mouth and lick my tongue and then suck on it like it’s a cock. Oh yeah, you really are horny as hell. You usually won’t kiss me once I’ve tasted or licked your cunt, but now I look in the mirror as you lick your lips so seductively almost tempting me to the taste your wetness. You already know the effect you’re having on me by just gently tasting your pussy on my tongue. I need more, you taste so sweet. You want more, I can tell by the look in your eyes.

I turn you with your back to the wall and lean you back against it so that you can continue to watch in the mirror. This is so erotic as I drop to my knees in front of your pussy. You spread your legs giving me full view of your swollen pink lips and glistening wetness. You lift your left leg up and put your foot on the counter opening your pussy even further.

“Oh baby, I can see my cunt in the mirror. I want to watch you eat my pussy. Make me cum with your tongue. You know where I want you to put it. Lick my pussy….. lick my fucking pussy……please….”

When were you ever this hot? You never talk like this. I am so loving it. My dick feels like it could explode in my pants just hearing you moan such direct instructions. I can feel the pre-cum wet spot inside my briefs as I move to bring my mouth closer to your sweetness.

“You want me to tongue fuck you sweetie?” My finger lingering near to your hole. I flick your clit with my tongue. “O-o-o-h……..” I dipped my finger in a little more.

“You want me to tongue fuck, your pretty little pussy?” I rub the plentiful juice

over the curly mound of your hair covered pussy.

“Yes! Fuck my cunt please….” As you grip my hair, and pushed your cum

drenched pussy into my face. “Fuck it.”

You thrust your hips, and begin riding my face in slow, deep circles. I try to match the

rhythmic movements of your hips and bury my tongue and nose into your wanton

precious pussy. Your sweet juice slathers my face and you arch your back driving your mound at my face.

I stop long enough to look up at your face to see you mesmerized by what you are watching in the mirror. You look so hot, so insatiable. Your chest is heaving in and out as your breaths are short and excited.

I reach behind you to grip your ass, and bury two fingers into your quivering cunt.

“I’m gonna eat your fucking cunt until you fill my mouth with your sweet, sweet

cum.” I draw your clit into my mouth and suckle your honey. The dark depths of

your heated pussy sets my fingers on fire and I suck harder on the solid ball of

your clit.

“You Bycasino giriş like that too huh? Being finger fucked while I lick you.” I circle the walls of your cunt nice and slow before slipping them all the way up back inside your tunnel. “Oh yeah you do. You like me fucking you with my fingers.”

I lick the opening of your warm slick cunt. “And you like me fucking your hot cunt with my tongue.”

“Fuck yes-s-s-s-s-!” You hiss as you push your hips further into my mouth and deeper onto my fingers. In a moment you’ll flood my mouth with your heated cum as my dick begins to contract in a wave of burning aches.

“O-h-h yea, o-o-oh , yea, m-m-m-m-m-o-m-m-o-o-o-o…….”

As I increase the back and forth motion of my tongue I look up and see your eyes are now closed and your lips are pursed as you begin to tremble. I pump my fingers in and out of your steaming wet cunt. I can sense you are just about to cum as I reach behind you with my other hand and slowly slide my middle finger tip down the crack of your ass.

Delightfully I find the object of my search as my fingertip comes to rest on your rosebud. Playfully I trace around the edges of your asshole as I lick your clit and continue to pump my fingers in and out of your cunt. You push your ass back against my finger….grinding your puckered opening against my finger tip. I take that as a hint to go even further. I wiggle my fingertip as I push upward and feel your tight hole start to give way to my probing action.

“Slow, go slow……I don’t want it to hurt…….Yeh, that’s it…. A little more……Oh that feels so-o-o-o-o-……M-m-m—m-m-m” You are totally taken by all of the licking and probing and humping that you feel the sudden rush of a massive orgasm as my finger bottoms out in your ass. It’s just more than you can handle at once. You look into the mirror and see both of my hands moving up and down as my fingers are ramming both your holes and above all you can’t take your eyes off of my tongue as it continues to flick, flick, flick across your clit. Just as soon as the first orgasm is easing, you fill the sensation of yet another one roaring deep within your pussy.

You moan loudly “I’m cumming, cum-m-m-m-ing, Oh my…… I’m……..Oh fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, lick my pussy…….make me………”

Your legs are trembling as you drop your leg over my shoulder. “Wait….wait.. give me a minute…….” You pant as you try to catch your breath. You can’t remember ever cumming this hard. You have both of your hands holding onto my head trying to balance yourself against the wall. “I need to lay down….”

I stand up and hold your arm as I walk you into the bedroom and lay you down on the bed. You lay there with your knees up and your legs spread apart just enough for me to see the shiny wetness left over from your orgasms. The overwhelming orgasms have left you almost overheated. I reach for the bottom of your shirt and lift it over your head. Next I reach behind you to unfasten your bra. There you go, now you are laying there totally naked and obviously still very aroused. I can tell by how stiff your nipples are in the way they are sticking out. I bend over and put my lips on your left breast and slowly start to circle it with my tongue. I nip at it with my teeth and get the response I would expect. “Suck my tit……It feels so good……your making me horny again.”

As I continue to kiss and lick your nipples, back and forth, I slide my hand down the inside of your thigh, inching closer and closer to your pussy. As I get closer to the tender petals of you cunt you lift your ass off the bed and gyrate your hips in an effort to lodge my finger into your steamy wetness.

Standing up I grab both of your knees and open your legs wider providing me with an unobstructed view of your hair covered pussy. You watch my face as you place both of your hands to the sides of your love triangle and gently pull the lips open revealing your love tunnel and right above it the extended dark pink nub of your clit.

“Do you like looking at my pussy? I know you like licking it, fingering it and making it so hot and juicy. How do you like what you see?”

My dick is throbbing and nearly bursting through the front of my jeans as I take in the view between your legs. I’m nearly hoarse as I try to speak, “I love looking at your pussy. It drives me crazy to watch you touch yourself like that. I get so hot watching you move your finger tip across the surface of your clit slowly circling around and around.”

I know that you are usually reluctant to jack yourself off while I watch but today is different. You take my Que as I described your finger tip and you begin stroking your clit. Again, Bycasino güncel giriş your hips raise up from the mattress as you thrust your mound toward your own fingers. I watch intently as you move your finger lower and oh so slowly inch it into you sopping wet canal until it bottoms out with your palm against your bush. I can see you rotating your finger in tiny circles as you gather cum juices all over it.

Pulling your finger out, you raise your hand towards my mouth….”Would you like a taste of my juicy finger?” I open my mouth as you insert your finger. As I close my lips around your finger and begin to suck it and lick it you start pushing it in and out of my mouth as if you are finger fucking my mouth. I close my eyes and savor the insistent probing of my mouth. I open my eyes aware that you have removed your finger cock.

You spread your legs even further and use fingers from both hands to spread your pussy lips even wider. “I love looking at your pussy, you are such a tease today”

You respond “The only thing that would make this pussy look better would be cum oozing out of it, you know…….cream pie delight…..” “Would you like to make a cream pie baby?………Would you like to eat my cream pie…..huh?”

You move your hands, close your legs and roll to the side of the bed where I’m standing .

You reach out with your hand and grope the front of my jeans as a sultry smile takes over your lips. “It feels like you would like to fuck my hot cunt and shoot me full of cream” you taunt. You start stroking your hand up and down the length of my erection letting out a low moan as you look up into my eyes. Both of us are bursting with lust and the eagerness to tremble with orgasms.

You unfasten my snap and pull down my zipper, oh what little relief it provides to the hardness of my turgid cock. You lock your fingers inside my briefs and jeans pulling them down below my knees. In two quick steps I am out of them. As I kick my jeans away from the bed, I pull my shirt over my head now standing totally naked beside the bed.

“Oh baby, you’re so big, so hard” as you begin to jack my cock, stroking the entire length. Your other hand is now cradling my balls as you massage them and knead them with gentle squeezes. I’m trying to catch my breath as I caution “I’m close already, you need to stop jacking me off if you are hoping to use that load for whipping up a cream pie”

You smirk, “I’m just thinking about you……I know you like making and eating cream pies” I know even better, “You like having your cream pies licked and eaten as much as I like making them. You know how hard you cum when I lick your cream covered cunt.”

I’m now contemplating just how much I love this queen sized bed with the extra thick mattress and high side rails. Standing at the side of the bed, my dick is perfectly lined up with your hot steamy cunt as I grab your legs and turn you toward me. I grab your ankles and lift your legs straight up. It’s easy to do with my feet on the floor. Your pussy is now at the edge of the bed and is glistening with a renewed coating of fuck juice.

You reach down and grab my spire pulling it toward your opening and I give a gentle flex of my ass muscles pushing the tip of my penis into the snug opening of your cunt. “Oh, you feel so big” you mutter as I begin to sink deeper into your awaiting cock vise.

Your cunt is so hot its like shoving into a volcano. I slowly pull out then push back in. Over and over I repeat the motion each time moving just a little faster. You start pushing back to meet each of my thrusts, your breathing is getting ragged.

“N-n—n—n—n—nnn, O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o…….Fa-Fa-Fa……M-m-m-m- ” you groan as I feel your grip on my dick start to pulsate. You’re cumming, already, I can tell. I feel the gush of your love juices ooze out of your fuck hole. You are so incredible. Your eyes are closed as you enjoy every move, every tingle coursing through your body.

“Oh yeah sweetheart, that’s it……come all over my dick….. make it slide in and out with your hot lubrication…..squeeze my fuck stick with your cunt……..that’s it……I getting close”

“Yeah, Yeah fuck my cunt……ram me……Oh………. I’m cumming again……fill my pussy….make it a juicy cream pie……..” You arch your back up off of the mattress and let out an animal like grunt.

I can’t hold off any longer. I feel the boiling in by balls as my cock begins twitching and spewing jet after jet of molten semen into your cunt. It’s so hot, so slippery, I just keep pumping in and out, enjoying the hot sloppy feel of your saturated pussy. Gradually my dick starts to soften as I pull out of your well fucked cock shaft.

You lean forward and look down at your “V” and purr as you see the white meringue of my cum pooling in the opening of your fuck hole, some of it oozing down toward your tight little rosebud. “Look honey, you made a scrumptious cream pie…….do you remember where I like that tongue?”