Mobile Suit Royal Gundam Pt. 03


The Earth Republican Stadium was packed, the military band and the colour guard performed. A week had passed since the Zoya attack and the funeral for all those who perished was held. Bernkastel was dressed in a purple dress and Adriana was wearing her blue and silver Earth Republic Space Force dress uniform.

“For extraordinary heroism, I present Bernkastel Wheat with the Medal of Honor.” Chief of State Doris Bonaparte puts the medal around her neck. Next was Adriana. “For extraordinary heroism, I bestow the rank of second lieutenant to Adriana Rin.” Chief of State Doris Bonaparte takes the old rank insignia off and gives her the new rank. Adriana salutes her and she salutes back. The three ladies smile and the people cheer and take pictures.

Three days later Bernkastel was summoned to an inquiry at the Earth Republic Palace. “This doesn’t make any sense! Why me?”

“It must be something to do with the hostage situation,” Adriana guesses.

“So they want me to describe that hell in detail, great,” Bernkastel says sarcastically.

“It should be ‘testimony’ if anything not an ‘inquiry,'” Lorenzo growls.

When they arrive they find Alex there. “Mother what’s going on?! Why is Bernkastel under an inquiry?”

“I didn’t want to involve her but the counsel feels that it was important so we put it into a vote and I was out voted,” she says grimly.

Alex was angry.

“Don’t worry babe, I can handle it,” Bernkastel assures.

“But still.”

A few guards come in. “Excuse me, Ma’am it’s time for the inquiry.”

Chief Doris nods the two make their way to the counsel chamber while the others remained in the waiting room until the inquiry was finished for they weren’t permitted to enter the counsel chamber.


“We now begin the inquiry!” Chief Doris announces. “Captain Juan if you may.”

He nods. “The police have been interrogating the Zoya pilot but no success. Which only leaves Bernkastel. As you all know she was taken hostage by the Zoya pilot. The question is why.”

“Bernkastel you may speak,” Chief Doris says.

“What exactly is this inquiry about?”

“As I said we know you were taken hostage by the Zoya pilot but we need to know why, you were with him for a quite a while, we are aware that you were humiliated by this man and you may not wish to relive it but our national security is at stake so if he said anything to you we need to know about it.”

Chief Doris glares at the Vice Chief who diverts her eyes.

“He claims that the government destroyed two Zoya emissaries that wanted peace.”

The entire counsel was stunned.

“Emissaries? What Zoya emissaries? I’m not aware of any emissaries,” Chief Doris says. “Does anybody here know about this?”

Everyone was silent.

“Clearly the Zoya pilot is lying,” Vice Chief Glendarah says.

“Either that or infighting among the ranks has led to their destruction,” a councilmen adds.

“I agree,” a councilwoman says.

“Is that it or is there more?” Chief Doris questions Bernkastel.

“They came here scouting to that end because of the two emissaries. As for me he claims that my grandpa cause the war.”

“The Zoya pilot is clearly delusional,” Vice Chief Glendarah says. “We all know the Zoya is to blame! Clearly they are a bunch of savages that need to be destroyed!”

The other council members nod in agreement.

“Is that it Bernkastel?”

“Yes that’s all we talked about.”

“Did he ask you the reason why he thinks Mr Chez is responsible for WW3?” Captain Juan questions.


“Very well, no further questions.”

“The next issue is concerning the Royal Gundam,” a councilwoman reports.

“Bernkastel raises an eyebrow.”

“The Royal Gundam is a machine used for warfare and its pilot Bernkastel Wheat is a civilian, that is a clear violation of our laws. Mind you she stumbled into the cockpit by accident and she managed to defeat 5 Hunter Zakus without training but the Royal Gundam was intended for 2nd Lieutenant Adriana Rin but due to the BOSS she’s unable to use it.

“So Bernkastel do you know about the BOSS?” A councilman questions.

“Yes, my grandpa told me about it.”

“You have two options, either you join the Earth Republic Military or you turn over the Gundam,” Vice Chief Glendarah says.

Bernkastel’s eyes widen. “Do I have to decide right now?”

“Yes, time isn’t a luxury we can afford, the Zoya forces could be here at anytime especially since their remaining scout is in prison.”

Bernkastel didn’t want to fight, she didn’t want to war but she wanted to protect her grandpa, best friend, boyfriend and future mother in law. She wanted to live in peace. The Gundam was their symbol of peace and freedom, without it they would be living under the tyranny of the Zoya Empire. The Royal Gundam was a necessary tool for peace. “But my grandpa entrusted it to Adriana, why should I take that away from her?” She thought. “I’m not worthy.”

“Bernkastel we don’t have all day,” a councilman says.

“First of all I didn’t defeat 5 Zakus only 4, the other one Picture upload was defeated by friendly fire and second, I will had over the Royal Gundam to 2nd Lieutenant Adriana Rin, she was entrusted with it in the beginning.”

“My mistake,” the councilwoman admits.

“Very well then, the removal of the BOSS is paramount,” Chief Doris says. “Is there anything else?” There was silence. “Very well, this inquiry is over.”


“Bernkastel, how was everything?” Alex asks worriedly.

“Fine. Grandpa, I’ve decided to give the Royal back to Adriana.”

Both were surprised. “If that’s what you want then it shall be done.”

“A fully trained team will help you remove the BOSS,” Vice Chief Glendarah informs them as she appears.

“How could you do that!?” Chief Doris asks angrily.

“Our Earth Republic is in danger, you’re letting your personal feelings get in the way of that. The Gundam isn’t a toy it’s a tool used for war. It’s like a gun and according to our laws civilians are forbidden to carry firearms, only the police and military have them, it’s what’s kept the peace and how we maintain law and order and no one not even us is above the law!”

“She’s right,” Bernkastel says.

“I’m glad someone agrees with me,” she smirks.

“Grandpa there’s something I need to know. That Zoya pilot said you caused World War 3.”

“Bernkastel, don’t tell me you believe that foolishness!” Vice Chief Glendarah snaps.

“Bern, what are you talking about? We all know that the Zoya Empire started World War 3,” Adriana says.

“Yeah but, Grandpa have you been to Zoya before the war?”

“No the only time I entered Zoya was near the end, when the Earth Coalition Forces finally entered.”

“Bernkastel, that pilot was trying to poison your mind. Don’t believe anything he said,” the Vice Chief says.

“What about the Zoya emissaries?”

“Bernkastel, wake up, there were no emissaries, these Zoya are filled with nothing but lies and deceit!”

“He seemed pretty truthful about that at least.”

“Sigh, that’s the point, they make it seem so believable.”

“Maybe there were emissaries but they were destroyed due to infighting, or group posing as us to prevent peace,” Adriana suggests.

“That has to be it! I hardly believe that if Zoya forces were destroyed no one would have said anything, from what I hear from Adriana the troops love bragging rights.”

“So what now?” Alex asks.

“I want to speak to the Zoya.”

They were all surprised. “Bernkastel, that man humiliated and tried to kill you! How could you even think about being in the same room as him!?

“Well actually I’ll be on the other side of glass talking to him by phone.

“Oh yeah but still.”

“Why do want to talk to him?” Vice Chief Glendarah questions suspiciously.

“There are questions that I need answered. This could be the chance we need to get some information from him, think about it. That was part my inquiry anyway.”

The Vice Chief nods in agreement and then looks at Chief Doris for an answer. “Very well, I’ll arrange it.”

“What’s his name?”

“We don’t know,” Chief Doris answers grimly. “We know nothing, not even what he looks like under the helmet.”


“He refused to remove his armor so the police tried to overpower him but no success.”

“What about hygiene?” Adriana questions.

“He doesn’t shower, we assume he conducts his business in his cell bathroom. We gave him a washcloth, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste.”

“We would know but the Chief refuses to let a camera be placed in the bathroom,” Vice Chief Glendarah says angrily and rolls her eyes.

“He deserves privacy.”

“He deserves the death penalty!”

“I agree,” Alex says.

“So I guess he doesn’t eat?” Adriana questions.

“Oh he eats, there’s a small gap in his helmet that opens up. He doesn’t even remove his gloves or boots,” Vice Chief Glendarah answers.

“That armor must smell awful.”

“I would love to know more about the armor, bullets can’t penetrate it.”

“Well to be fair they were just pistol rounds, could it handle heavier rounds like a fifty cal, even explosives?”

“Good question. A new type of armor would definitely work in our favor.”

“Ah!” Bernkastel suddenly Exclaims.”There is one more question, I had forgotten until you said it.”

“Said what?”

“During our time I sort of… Well he knows I’m the Gundam pilot which he did not believe until he used a truth serum on me.”

“Barbaric! Don’t we have that?”

“No we don’t have that,” Chief Doris answers sternly.

“Anyway he asked me if I was a Newtype.”

“What the hell is a Newtype?” Alex questions.

“Something stupid I’m sure, more delusions for a delusional man,” Vice Chief Glendarah mocks in answer.

Lorenzo ponders this.

“Grandpa, you have any idea?”

“No I never heard of it.”

“I had no training and yet I was able beat them by reading the manual and adrenaline pumping in my body. I guess a Newtype is someone with great skills or images upload something.”

“Sounds plausible, throughout history people with above average skills and abilities have been labeled such names as ‘Mighty Men,'” Lorenzo says.

“We’ll find out, Alex order lunch while I make the arrangement.”

“Yes mother.”


Earth Republic Prison: Bernkastel and company walked through the prison, the police officers salute the Chief and Vice Chief as they passed by. They approach the visitation room.

“Are you sure about this Bernkastel?” Alex asks worriedly.

“Make sure you record it all,” Vice Chief Glendarah whispers to the police officers.

She nods and takes a deep breath. She goes into the visitation room and finds the orange Zoya pilot sitting in a chair on the other side of the glass waiting. They both pick up the phone.

“Well isn’t this an unpleasant surprise,” he mocks.

“Feelings mutual,” she shot back.

“So why are you here?”

“I have some questions that need answering.”

“Very well before we get started, my name is Wing, Marius Wing. I know everything about you so it would rather rude for you not to know my name.”

“Well thanks, that was actually one of my questions. Next one is what did my grandpa do to caused the war?”

“He’ll have to answer that himself?”

“He doesn’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Tell him to think real hard. Think real hard!”

“Ok. Tell me about the two Zoya emissaries.”

“I already told you what you needed to know.”

“No you didn’t, you stand here accusing us of destroying the emissaries but yet you don’t have any evidence and you refuse to talk. It’s more likely that infighting among the Zoya resulted in their destruction or maybe it was you!”

“Your first answer is a plausible explanation but for the second you are in serious error!”

“Well until we have some sort of proof the latter still stands!”

“My aren’t we brave today!” He mused.

“Ok my last question, what’s a Newtype?”

“It’s nothing for the likes of the bimbo Gundam pilot,” he chuckles.

“I’m not a bimbo nor am I the Gundam pilot anyone. I’ve given that up!” She says proudly.

She waits for him to respond but he doesn’t, he just sat there with the phone in his hand.

“Hello in there? Are you still alive?”

“You BITCH!” He screams. “You honestly think you can just walk away from this?! You killed my comrades! How dare you! I should have killed you back then. Oh I bet it wasn’t enough that I humiliated you? Was shoving your pissed soaked panties in your mouth such a thrill?” Bernkastel starts glaring at him. “You’re parents must be rolling in their graves knowing that their own daughter is such a bimbo fuck up!”

“Don’t you dare talk about my parents!” She screams.

“Ha, can’t handle the truth! And how’s your boyfriend? At least he tried to protect you, but honestly he’s just wasting his time. I could introduce him to some real women instead of a last resort like you!”

Bernkastel charges at the glass hitting herself and he laughs. “You’re so predictable. Like an animal!” She starts beating on it but it doesn’t threaten him one bit. “It’s been real but I have to go now oh and tell Lorenzo he can go fuck himself!”

Bernkastel storms out of the visitation room full of anger and sadness. She walks pass everyone.

“Bernkastel! Bernkastel!” Lorenzo calls.

She stops and weeps. “He’s right!”

“About what?”

“I am weak, you all have been protecting me all this time and I’ve done nothing but been a burden! I am a bimbo!”


“Well it ends here. I can’t walk away from this, I’ve crossed the threshold! I’m the pilot of the Royal Gundam! Tomorrow I’ll enlist in the Earth Republic Space Force!”

They were all surprised at her.

“Bernkastel, don’t you wanna think this through first?” Alex questions.

“I have thought it through, I wanna protect everyone, I wanna protect our peace. I have no choice but to be prepared! They were originally scouts so that means he has some sort of time table and if and when it’s passed and he’s not reported in what do you think will happen?”

Chief Doris was in shock.

“2nd Lieutenant Rin, you’ll be her flight instructor, understood?”

Adriana looks at Chief Doris who was still in shock and then looks at Vice Chief Glendarah. “Yes Ma’am!” She says and salutes.

The Vice Chief salutes back.

“I guess we should go now,” Lorenzo says.

“Yes there’s a lot we must be prepare for if we wish to survive!”

“Come on, mother, we have to go,” Alex says, helping her up to her feet.

“Uh-huh,” she answers in a lifeless tone.


The next day Adriana, Bernkastel, Lorenzo and the Vice Chief drive to the Earth Republic Military HQ with the Royal Gundam. Bernkastel wanted Alex to come with them but being worried about his mother, he told them to go without him.

“I hope Chief Bonaparte is alright, she didn’t look well after we left the prison,” Bernkastel says worriedly.

“She got a heavy dose of reality yesterday, her bubble world she built up is about to pop. She’ll be fine, she’s gonna have to be if she expects to continue leading us,” Vice Chief Glendarah says bitterly.

Lorenzo shakes his head.

They meet with the base commander General Tan and once the proper procedures were done, Bernkastel gets her picture taken and was given a military ID. She’s issued her military uniform and official rank of Spaceman First Class.

The four are escorted to the hanger where the JSDF-6MS1 Royal Gundam was being stored.

“Well I have work to do so 2nd Lieutenant Adriana Rin will handle it from here,” the Vice Chief says and leaves.

“I should be going too, that library isn’t going to run itself,” Lorenzo says. “But before I go, Bernkastel I am proud of you, both of you!” Adriana nods happily. He hugs both of them. “See you all later.”

“Ok, from this moment you are to refer to me 2nd Lieutenant! And I will refer to you as Wheat! Am I understood?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Ok first order of business is a flight normal suit and then high g-force training.”


“When you were found you were unconscious, high g-force training is to prevent you from becoming unconscious. Once you proven you can handle the high level of g-forces you can pilot the Gundam.”

“So I won’t be able to pilot Royal?”

“Not until you’re able to withstand g-force. Understand Bernkastel, you’ve never been to outer space. You realize you will have to go right?”

She gulps and nods. “I thought I was just Wheat now?”

“You are, I’m just making sure you know what you’re getting into.”

“I do, I have to face my fear, I want to protect everything I care deeply about.”

2nd Lieutenant Rin nods.


Bernkastel puts on a pilot normal suit which was all white. “Definitely going to get a purple one,” she thought. She steps out a few minutes later and the two reach the room where a human centrifuge was waiting. She gulps and enters the human centrifuge.

“Are you ready?” 2nd Lieutenant Rin asks.


“For the record state your name and rank.”

“Wheat Bernkastel Spacemen First Class.”

“Ok let’s begin! We’re doing 1G, hold the stick, breath normally and enjoy the ride.”

Everything was fine at first but as the speed increases Bernkastel starts feeling strange.

“Relax and focus. Try and keep your head back. Breath.” A few minutes later Instructor Hong slows the g-force centrifuge. “Breath.”

“How does it feel? Any vision loss?”

“No, I’m fine. I can go on.”

“We’re going up it to 2G now. Ok breath, tighten your legs and fine ass.”

“Um, ok,” Bernkastel says awkwardly.

“Ok in 3 2 1!”

Bernkastel starts breathing and relaxing her body.

“Get your ass nice and tight for me!”

“I can do this! I have to do this!” She thought.

“1 2, breath.” Bernkastel does this. “1 2, breath.” She repeats it. After a few minutes pass, 2nd Lieutenant Rin slows the g-gforce centrifuge. “Ok, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, no vision loss.”

“Yes. You need to concentrate on breathing more, I’m hearing a cough, I need here a K sound.” Bernkastel nods. “Ok I’m increasing to 3G.”

“I’m ready.”

“Ok here we go. Breath.” Bernkastel makes the K sound. “Keep your knees together. Squeeze that ass.”

“I’m feeling weak,” Bernkastel radios. Her vision was becoming grey. “I…ca…” She sees her parents walking in front of her. They turn and smile. “Mom, Dad!” And then she sees a star approaching. “Mom, Dad watch out!” 12 seconds later she regains consciousness. “Bernkastel! Bernkastel!”

“Professor Kirstein?”

“No it’s me.”

“Oh, you’re?”

“I’m 2nd Lieutenant Adriana Rin, your instructor and best friend. Do you know what happened?”


“First you had a greyout and then went into a G-LOC which means you lost consciousness. It happened at 3G and then your arms and legs started convulsing and you just woke up.”

A few minutes later Bernkastel was out of the the human centrifuge. She nearly falls.

“It’s ok I got you.”

Bernkastel starts crying.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.”

“I saw my parents.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Do I have to do this?”

“Yes, if you want to pilot Royal you must complete your g-force training,”

“When will that be?”

“Entirely up to you.”

“When will that be?”

2nd Lieutenant Rin sighs, “We’re done for today with g-force, we’ll pick it up again tomorrow.”

“When will that be?”

“You should lie down for a bit.”

“No, I’m feeling much better now.”

“We will take a thirty minute break and then run a simulation.


The MS Chief Engineer Vulcan Roth was making his way to the Earth Republic Military HQ. When he gets to the main gate he presents his ID, once that was done, he parks his car and heads inside the main hanger.

His secretary Rouge Blanch was waiting for him. “Good morning, Sir!”

“Good morning, Ms. Blanch. Has the Gundam arrived yet?”

“Yes Sir, about two hours ago.”

“That’s good, and the pilot?”

“She’s here as well.”

“Good I shall very much like to meet her.”


“Ok here we are, the mobile suit armory,” 2nd Lieutenant Rin announces.