Husband Can’t So I Did Ch. 02


This is entirely fictional. It is an adult story about sex, cheating and cuckolding, so if you don’t want or like reading about such stories, then I suggest you close this and move along to something else.

Like all of my stories, it starts a little slowly, setting the mood but, or so people tell me, my stories are well worth the time it takes to read them. To best understand this story you should read chapter 1.

I welcome constructive criticism but will delete those critics who just choose to rant or complain about my writing. If you don’t like what I write, or want to rant…write your own story…

For a change, I’ve written this from the woman’s perspective. I hope I get it right…

David smiled down at me and asked if I wanted a moment or two to compose myself or to clean up. I looked at his muscular, tanned body. His cock was long and very thick and pointed proudly at the ceiling. He might have been the shortest of the three in height, and may have had only the second longest cock of them but he definitely had the edge in thickness, as his cock was the widest of the three with a flared head that was even wider than the shaft. I wanted to feel him inside of me and was ready for him despite having just been totally fucked!

I told him I was ready for him.

He climbed up onto the bed and lowered his lips to my thighs. I felt myself heat up as his lips touched me. I watched as his nose flared and knew he could smell my scent and that of Charles’ cum that was dripping from my sex.

He kissed his way up over my sex to my belly. His breath tickled the tiny hairs there as his lips found my belly button and then began to lick it. He could feel my stomach flutter as he tongued in and around the little bit of flesh.

My hips began to move against his chest as my arousal became more intense. David’s bright blue eyes looked up and seemed to smile at me as he continued to tease my navel. I was amazed at the flexibility of his tongue as he used it on me…I wondered what it would feel like inside me and was somewhat disappointed that he hadn’t at least lapped at me on his way up. Then I noticed that he was moving again.

His lips and tongue found my breasts as his stomach …and something else brushed against my sex. I realized that the head of his cock was touching my crotch! He began to lick, suck and nibble Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort around my breasts as he moved his hips around in a tight circle, pushing his cockhead around and around in a most maddening manner. I could feel myself heating up even more, could feel myself wanting him to push himself into me. I had gone from being exhausted from sex to wanting him to fuck me good in only a few short minutes!

He moved up a little further and gave me a long, deep French kiss. He demonstrated the incredible flexibility of his tongue in my mouth. I was sooo disappointed that he hadn’t used it on me!

His hips moved against mine and I felt his hard, thick cock slide its full length along and between my pussy lips. Each time the head hit my clit a tiny explosion occurred in my brain and I gasped into his mouth. I could feel him smile as he kissed me knowing what he was doing to me…

He slid back and forth several times, coating his cock with the combined juices oozing out of my body. At last, he pulled back a little further than previous times and I lifted my hips up knowing what would happen. I felt the head nudge against my entrance and bore down on him as he pushed upwards. The wide head hesitated for a brief moment before gently easing inside of me.

I had never felt anything so thick enter me. It stretched me wider than anything else ever had. We both moaned deeply into each other’s mouths as he slowly pushed into me. About an inch of his shaft followed the head until my body balked at taking something so thick. His attempt to enter me came to an abrupt halt.

He pulled back until only the tip of the head was still inside me and pushed forward gently. This time he managed to move another inch up into my body. Once again he came to a halt as my body resisted his entrance. I was shocked that he could not move further into me as Charles had just made me orgasm three times. I realized just how much wider he must be than Charles!

David pulled back once more and pushed forward a little harder. His cock slid in at least another inch but this time it triggered an orgasm. My loud climax was smothered in his mouth but there was no hiding the effects on my body.

My whole body went rigid when my orgasm hit me. I felt myself close down hard on David’s massively thick cock. He grunted into my mouth but held himself back from cumming. I don’t know how he did it because I could feel how hard I was squeezing his cock with my pussy. He was pushing hard just to keep himself inside me. I must have cum for over thirty seconds but what was even more amazing was when my orgasm stopped my pussy relaxed and David’s cock suddenly slid in another two inches before my body closed down on him again!

David lifted his mouth from mine and sucked in a great gulp of air. His body was tense as he tried hard not to cum. Sliding up into what to him must have been a very tight cunt, was making it difficult to control himself…especially after just watching Charles and I make out. I realized he must have been on the brink of cumming from the moment he moved onto the bed. I was very impressed with his control as I felt him relax a little.

He looked down into my eyes and began to move slowly inside me, moving out and in gently so as not to cause himself to cum. He moved into me further and further as he stroked carefully in and out. The slow motions were causing me to heat up all over again but I knew that it would also keep me from cumming too quickly.

I could feel his cock widening as it moved closer to the base. God! He was thick enough as it was and it was spreading me even more!

Now I could feel his pubic hair tickling my pussy. He was getting closer to the end…pushing all of himself up into me. I had know idea how long he pumped me but it must have taken at least five minutes to get all of himself into me. Finally, I felt his hips touch mine, tentatively at first, but then more firmly until he came to rest fully against me. He was all the way inside me and I was almost ready to cum again. But I could tell that David was too close to cumming and he just rested himself against me for a minute or so, kissing me softly as he did so.

I moved my hips against him so that my clit rubbed up against his stomach, trying to push myself over the edge but only just keeping me there. I felt rather than heard David’s growl from deep within him and then he began to move again.

He started out with long, slow strokes, his hips bumping firmly into mine at the end of each stroke. We moved together a little faster as the urgency of his needs began to come over him.

Our hips came together with more and more force as he gently sped up his strokes. The sound of our flesh coming together became louder and louder. Our breaths, grunts and moans were the only thing that could be heard in the silent room. Three men watched us as we fucked. None of them made a sound.

David lifted my knees and pushed them backwards towards my chest, opening me up even further to his needs. It was a move my body eagerly accepted as he fucked me deeply. I could feel my orgasm begin to build and by the tension I felt in his body I knew his was moving quickly on him as well.

I saw the lines of tension and the sweat building on his face. I knew he was close.

“Tell me when!” He growled. I couldn’t speak so just nodded at him. He pumped hard against me a dozen more times and then it hit me hard! My cunt grabbed onto his cock and squeezed it hard. I didn’t have to tell him…he knew…with a loud groan he slammed against me and emptied himself inside me.

Our groans melded together in mutual harmony as we rumbled through our climaxes. My body jerked each time he came in me. My vagina opened to accept his flood, knowing that it was receiving potentially life-giving fluids. My emotions were completely in turmoil as my body received his offerings. Because he was so thick, I felt each and every shot of cum he fired into me, his cock swelling with each deposit. My stomach fluttered as my vagina drew his gift a little further up inside me. I could feel his semen spreading into my womb. The sensation kept me on edge a lot longer than I would have expected as I continued to cum. But finally the tension left his body and mine and we crashed to the bed.

David rolled away from me pulling his ungodly thick cock from inside me. I groaned out loudly as it left my body. Our combined juices spilled from inside me like champagne uncorked from its bottle. The wet spot on the bed was growing pretty big!! the bad thing was that I knew I would be laying in it for a long while this night!

I felt my sex squeeze down hard, looking to grab unto something that wasn’t there…it felt so empty. I looked down the length of my body and there, starring at me from the bottom of the bed was Mark’s cock. It wasn’t as thick as David’s…none of them were thank god…but oh my it was long!

Mark didn’t ask if I was ready or not. He simply moved onto the bed and started to crawl on top of me. The emptiness was asking to be filled, so without any conscious thought, I opened my legs at his approach waiting for the third and final act of insemination this night…