Camilla Ch. 043


As Camilla rode in Bob’s car to the park where they were going to do a publicly nude photo shoot late that Monday afternoon, she tried to assuage her guilt feelings over Mr. Baker’s suicide. It wasn’t my fault, she told herself in her mind; he must have already been secretly crazy; I couldn’t have caused his insanity. Still, she couldn’t stop wondering how the deaths of a number of her lovers, all within such a short time, could only be a coincidence.

At about 5 PM, they arrived at the park and got out of Bob’s car. She, barefoot, was wearing a leather trench-coat of Bob’s to cover her nudity. Bob got his camera, and they found a suitable place in the middle of the park, quite crowded with people of all ages and both sexes.

“So how are we going to avoid getting in trouble with the police?” she asked Bob. “There are a lot of people here.”

“I bribed the cops whose beat is in this area,” he said. “There are probably a number of plain-clothes cops here now, not just to give us protection, but to enjoy the show.”

“If this is their beat, they can beat off all they like,” she said, ready to remove the trench-coat. “Ready?”

“This was your idea, Ms. Female Flasher,” he said while aiming his camera. “Are you ready?”

“Yep,” she said, knowing the thrill of exhibitionism would take her mind off of Baker. “Here we go.” The trench-coat fell on the ground, and Bob started taking pictures.

“Everybody’s looking at your body, Camilla,” he said as he moved up and down taking pictures of her. “Isn’t it exciting, all these people knowing what you look like naked?”

“Yeah,” she said with a grin and a giggle. “I wonder if anybody I know is seeing me now?”

“Could be,” he said as he came closer to her. “How does that make you feel?”

“Horny,” she sighed. The lustful look in Bob’s eyes as he was taking photos was also getting her excited.

The jaws of everyone in the area dropped to the ground as soon she was seen; soon Bob wasn’t the only one taking photos of naked Camilla, for several men had got out their digital cameras and started snapping. Mothers quickly took their children out of the park.

She squatted and spread her legs for Bob. She loved the way the blades of grass tickled her pussy. She, always grinning, looked insouciantly into Bob’s camera lens.

“That’s it,” he said as he squatted down, “You haven’t a care in the world. You love to show yourself off to the world ’cause you’re so beautiful.” Giggling, she spread her labia, and he, coming nearer for close-ups, got pictures of her opened vagina. “Let’s see you from behind, sweetie.”

“Agreed,” said a man standing behind Bob. A number of men had come closer to get a better look.

She turned around and got on all fours, spreading her legs wide apart so her vulva and anus were on display. She’d got so excited from seeing the arousal in Bob’s eyes that her pussy was already dripping wet. He got several pictures of her in this pose. One picture he got was with her head looking forward, as though she didn’t know any men were studying her holes from behind. Then she looked back and Bob got a picture of her with a feigned frown of suspicion, as if to say, ‘What are you yalova escort guys doing, looking at my pussy and asshole?’ A third picture Bob took was of her looking back at him and smiling lasciviously, as if to say, ‘Which hole would you like to fuck, Bob, my cunt or my ass?’

She noticed a young man she knew from her neighbourhood looking at her holes. She didn’t find him attractive at all; in fact, she didn’t even like him very much; but the thought of being seen naked by all kinds of people turned her on, just on the general exhibitionistic principle. He got closer and said, “Wow! So that’s what you poop through, Camilla.”

She laughed out loud, and Bob got a terrific picture of her with this giggling face.

“The world needs more girls like you, sweetheart,” a man in his fifties said to her. She giggled some more. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

She stood up, slowly swaying her hips, and with one hand on her hip and the other hand pushing up her hair by her ear. As Bob continued taking pictures of her front and back, more and more people, mostly men, gathered around up close to see this extraordinary sight. There were now at least twenty oglers surrounding Camilla and Bob. When one young man tried to touch her ass, a plain clothes policeman pulled him back and showed him his badge. He and the other cops also made sure no underage people got up close. Paying off those cops was a good idea, Bob mentally observed.

That first plain-clothes cop, however, hoped he’d have an opportunity to have that naked girl all to himself one day soon.

Camilla brought one breast up to her mouth and sucked on the nipple; her other hand tickled her hard clitoris. All these men watching me! she thought; I’m getting so hot! She squatted down, and with her legs spread wide open she continued masturbating. Again, the grass brushing against her vulva got her horny. All the men were cheering her on. Bob switched his camera to video. She pulled her spread-wide legs up so her pussy and asshole were showing. The index and long fingers of her right hand went up her cunt, massaging her G- and A-spots; the long finger of her left hand went deep inside her rectum, rubbing against the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. The men, whistling and shouting, were loving the show. Her screams of pleasure got higher and higher, nearing the whistle register. She looked out to the crowd of leering men: the lewd looks in their eyes got her even hornier.

Suddenly, she recognized one of them–it was Mr. Tremblay, her old French teacher, the one who saw the video of her nude and masturbating at the park the week before! He, a tall, thin man in his late 40s, was as handsome as he’d been when she’d had a crush on him those many years ago. The lines of grey in his hair didn’t make him look merely older: they made him look more distinguished; she loved that. The thrill of seeing his eyes looking down at her wide-open pussy brought her to orgasm: she squealed in whistle register, and her come flew out of her cunt in a high arc, splashing on the grass a couple of feet in front of her. Several more gushes of come flew out the same way. When edirne escort no more come came out, she received enthusiastic applause from all sides. She giggled her thanks to all the men.

“That…was incredible,” Bob said, trying to keep his own hard-on from ripping through his pants.

“I agree,” Tremblay said. “Is your name Camilla?”

“Yes,” she said, getting up. “Hi, Monsieur Tremblay!” She ran up to him and hugged him tightly, rubbing her breasts from side to side against his belly. The erection in his pants poked at her belly.

“You remember me?” he asked in surprise.

“Of course,” she said. “You were my French teacher back when I was in grade seven. I had such a crush on you.”

“How sweet,” he said. “How old are you now?”

“18; I’m graduating from high school tomorrow. Do you like my body?”

“You’re flawless; you blossomed gloriously.”

“Thank you,” she said with a grin and a high-pitched giggle. Her eyes wide open, and with a smile of feigned would-be innocence, she asked, “Would you like to fuck me, sir?” She was doing the slutty persona of ‘Candy’.

“Who wouldn’t? Are you free to go now, or are you going to pose for more pictures?”

“Bob, what do you say we stop for tonight?”

“Yeah, I think we have enough for today,” Bob said. “With the pictures we have from today and yesterday, I think we have enough to put them in categories for your website: pussy, ass, pissing, public nudity,…”

“Speaking of pissing,” Camilla said, squatting to pee.

“Wait a minute,” Bob said, aiming his camera at her. “I wanna get some video of this.”

“Good idea,” she moaned. Bob clicked play for video, and Camilla let her urine pour out on the grass. Again, the blades of grass, now wet with her piss, tickled her pussy, increasing her pleasure. Tremblay looked down in awe at the pissing goddess, whose golden urine gave a dew-like gloss to the grass. “Uh-oh,” she said as the pool of yellow expanded to where her feet were. “I’m getting my pee-pee on my feet,” she said, giggling.

“That’s OK,” Tremblay said. “Now you have golden feet.”

Many other men with a taste for urolagnia stayed to watch Camilla pee. She squirted her last few spurts of pee, letting out a squeal with each squirt. “Now I need to wipe myself,” she said. “Who has tissue?”

“I do,” Tremblay said, giving her one.

“Thanks,” she said, and wiped herself. She stood up. “Let’s go.”

“Don’t you want to get your clothes?” Tremblay asked.

“What clothes?” she asked, handing Bob his trench-coat. “Is your car near here?”

“Yes,” Tremblay said, pointing to it. “Just over there.” Conveniently, his car was next to Bob’s. The three of them walked to the cars together, with four plain-clothes cops surrounding them for Camilla’s protection. She said good-bye to Bob, and got in Tremblay’s car. Tremblay got in and drove her to his house.


It was about 6 o’clock in the evening when he, hoping Camilla wouldn’t be seen by any of his neighbours, got the still-naked girl into his house. They went into his bathroom so she could wash the pee off her pussy erzurum escort and feet. He turned on the bath water, and she got in the bathtub, sitting down. As the bath water slowly rose up around her body, he lathered up the soap in his hands. She raised her feet so he could clean them.

“Please be careful not to wash off the toenail polish, sir,” she said, afraid he’d see those black lines on her toenails.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he began cleaning her feet. His gentle hands rubbed all over her feet: her soles, heels, and around and between her toes, always careful to avoid the nails. She sighed with delight from his sensual hands. When he was finished cleaning them, he said, “OK, stand up.”

She stood, and after lathering his hand again, he put it between her legs. She squatted slightly so he could get to her pussy more easily. He soaped up her clitoris, her urethral orifice, and her vagina, putting his fingers deep inside. She moaned in a high pitch from the thrilling sensation. Obviously, she wasn’t wet only from the water. He thoroughly rinsed the soap away, stroking her vaginal walls to make sure no soap was there. Her moans turned into squeals. He unplugged the bathtub, and she got out. He got a towel and dried off her pussy, legs, and feet, again careful not to remove her toenail polish. Now that her vagina was wet, her clitoris was hard, her labia were swollen with excitement, and his cock was rock hard, he took her upstairs to his bedroom.

He lay on the bed on his back, and she got on top of him in the cowgirl position. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down; she enjoyed watching the full length of his phallus become increasingly revealed to her hungry eyes as she slowly pulled his underwear down. When the elastic of his underwear pulled against his knob and snapped away, his fully-erect penis wiggled and bounced when it was completely uncovered; her mouth was watering as much as her pussy was. Then she slowly brought her pussy down to meet the tip of his cock, gradually feeding it into her dripping wet cunt. She sighed in ascending pitches, her breathing heavier and heavier, and her sighs louder and louder, the deeper his dick slid inside. When it was all the way in, the tip pushed against her A-spot. She went up and down on his cock a few times, and after his knob poked her A-spot the third time, she came a puddle all over his groin. She screamed with pleasure, and continued going up and down on his cock; he enjoyed watching her delicious breasts bounce up and down, and he fondled them for a while, gently squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She squealed her appreciation for his sensitive hands. Then he put his hands on her ass; opening her buttocks wide, he fingered her anus.

She continued going up and down on his cock, delighting in the stimulation of her G-spot as his cock’s length and thickness rubbed against her happy vaginal walls. She came three more times, each in rapid succession. He was approaching orgasm himself, and she, sensing this, took his cock out of her cunt and masturbated it as she brought her face up to it. She had his dick-hole pointing right at her upper lip area as she continued moving her hand along the length of his shaft, all lubricated with her come. He shot his load all over her face: the first splash hit her nose; the second, her chin; the third, her right cheek; the fourth, her lips. With his come dripping off her nose, lips, and chin, she moaned and giggled.

“Magnifique,” he said, looking down at the grinning, gooey girl.