End of Locktober


This is a companion piece to “Locktober Already”, which introduced Marsha and Mike and their best friends, Jan and Ryan and “Locktober for Mike”, which was Marsha and Mike’s story. While this story is written to stand on its own, better context can be achieved by reading “Locktober Already” first and then “Locktober for Mike”, or, to get the backstories, after reading this piece. All are intended to engage the imagination of the reader. This is the story of what happens at the end of Locktober, which both Ryan and Mike have consensually participated. (For the uninitiated, Locktober is the term for the month of October, during which a man is consensually locked in a cock cage for the duration of the month.) If you are not interested in consensual relationships or if the mention of cock cages somehow threatens your masculinity, you should probably skip this piece and read something more to your liking.


So, here I am at the airport, standing in line waiting to go through the TSA screening checkpoint. My wife, Jan, had assured me when she booked the flight at the last moment that cock cages were not among the listed prohibited items. Nevertheless, I envision the worst. Jan is in front of me in the line for the full body scanner. We both had just one, small carry-on bag. We had each previously checked a hastily packed suitcase at the check-in counter.

This trip to Florida was a last-minute decision; a decision I had readily agreed to when I discovered that our close friend, Marsha, who was now on her way to Florida with her husband, Mike, for the winter, had the only key to my stainless-steel chastity cage. Sure, I could have cut it off or drilled the internal lock to remove the cage, but that would have terminated the agreement that Jan and I had regarding our sex life. A little embarrassment at the airport would be small change compared with huge dividends I got from sex with Jan. Occasional chastity was just one minor part of our sex life, which was continually evolving and adding kink components each year. Even after twenty years of marriage, we were both still very much in love and finding new ways to please each other. Besides, Jan was still just as hot as was when we began dating in college.

Jan stepped into the scanner, raised her arms, and was quickly waved on through.

I stepped in, placed my feet on the yellow foot outlines, and raised my arms. An eternity passed as the female TSA agent looked first at the screen and then back to me.

“Excuse me, sir, would you mind stepping on through? I’m afraid you’ll have to have a separate screening. A male agent will be here shortly. Are you wearing any medical devices? … in this area?” she added and motioned to the groin area.

I felt my face burn and imagined that I was turning six shades of red. “No medical devices, but I am wearing a chastity device,” my voiced trailed off with the last few words.

“Excuse me?” She said and leaned in a bit closer. “I couldn’t hear you.”

As I leaned in as close as I could to the agent, I caught a glimpse of Jan who was trying to cover her broad grin with her hand but the twinkle in her eyes betrayed her mirth. “I’m wearing a chastity cage,” I whispered to the agent.

She relayed my message to the male TSA agent who had just arrived. He gave me a quizzical look and gestured for me to spread my legs and hold out my arms. I did as he directed. He waved a metal detector wand over my body, eventually narrowing the search to my groin.

“Sir, I’m going to have to do a pat down,” he stated matter-of-factly and handed the wand to his cohort.

By this time, I was starting to attract quite an audience, many of whom were openly grinning as broadly as Jan. “Whatever you need to do to move this along,” I replied as I started reconsidering my decision not to cut the cage off.

The agent ran the backs of his hands up each of my legs until they banged into my cage. He repeated the procedure several more times, each time moving a bit higher and with a bit more force.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to remove your devise for inspection.”

“I can’t remove it; I don’t have the key, but I’ll show it to you if necessary,” I said as I lowered my arms and assumed a more comfortable position.

“Are you traveling alone, Sir?” the agent asked.

“No, I’m traveling with my wife. Why do you ask?”

“Well, could she unlock you so we can inspect the device?”

“No, I’m afraid not. She doesn’t have the key, it’s with our friend in Florida. That’s why we’re going on this trip.” This screening had quickly morphed from an embarrassing incident into a pain-in-the-ass ordeal.

I saw Jan approach the female TSA agent, whisper in her ear, and motion at me and then the separate inspection area. The agent smiled and then whispered to her cohort.

“Okay, sir, would you please just step into the inspection room?” he said and motioned me toward the inspection area, which was little more than a high-walled cubical with a door. I entered mobil porno the area and he closed the door behind me. “Would you please display the devise for inspection?”

I dropped my pants and briefs and lifted the cage so the agent could see that I was not concealing any dangerous materials or ordinance in my pants. He looked at it from the front and both sides and concluded that it was harmless to everyone except perhaps me. “Thank you, sir, for your cooperation. Have a nice trip.” He motioned me to the door. “Good luck with getting that key,” he added with a broad grin.

I pulled up my briefs and pants and was still tucking my shirt in as I left the cubicle. The small crowd that had gathered at the end of the screening lane broke out in applause, with Jan leading the cheers. I took a mock bow, picked up my screened items from the end of the conveyor, and rejoined Jan.

“Are we going to miss our flight?” I asked as we began walking toward our gate.

“No, we’ve got plenty of time. I thought there might be a little delay with screening, so I allowed an extra half hour,” Jan said as she gave my hand a little squeeze. “I had a nice little chat with the TSA agent while you were in the inspection area. I think she may try a cage with her boyfriend. Did you have fun?”

“I wouldn’t call it fun exactly. It was … interesting,” I said. “I’m curious, though, you had told me it was permissible to go through screening with a cage on, but you added an extra half hour for the screening?”

“I told you the cage wasn’t on the prohibited list. Reading some of the blog postings, I thought you might get a little extra scrutiny, but I knew you could weather the storm.”

“Well, it certainly seemed that you were quite amused by my ordeal.”

“You have to admit, it was kind of funny.”

“I suppose so, but it was a little embarrassing to get cheered by the other passengers.”

“Don’t be embarrassed! They were all rooting for you once I told them what was going on!”

“You told them that TSA was checking out my cock cage?”

“Well, you didn’t want me to let them think they were giving you so much more attention than everyone else because you were a terrorist or worse, did you?”

“No, I guess not. It’s just that I noticed quite a few of the gallery are also on our flight. It just makes things a little … uncomfortable.”

“Don’t worry. Half of the men wish they were you and most of the women wish they were me.”

We boarded the plane and took off on schedule, non-stop to Florida and, hopefully, my key.


Mike and Marsha had driven a little over half the way to Florida on the first day, November 1st. They had already left the motel the following morning when Marsha received a call. Mike listened in on half the conversation, which consisted of a lot of ‘greats’ interspersed with giggles and ended with a ‘we’ll see you there’.

“Who was that?” Mike asked.

“That was Jan! Guess what. She and Ryan are flying down and are going to join us at the condo for a few weeks. We’ll pick them up at the airport on the way.”

“Well, there’s certainly enough room, but I was hoping we’d have a little special time after we got in. You know, just you and me.”

“Oh, I promise you we’ll have some special time,” Marsha said and gave Mike’s cock cage a couple love taps. “I think you’ll find the celebration of the end of Locktober to be very much to your liking!”

Mike tried to concentrate on driving but kept finding his thoughts drifting more towards upcoming love sessions with Marsha. After nearly a month in chastity, his mind channeled more towards is wife’s pussy and less towards the actual driving. Nevertheless, the miles flew by and late in the afternoon the signs to the airport began appearing.

“What time is their flight due in?” Mike asked as he turned into the airport.

“Jan just texted me that they have already landed and will be waiting for us in the passenger pick-up area.”

Mike took the drop-off/pick-up lane and, right on schedule, Jan and Ryan appeared with a couple of suitcases and two small carry-on bags. Mike pulled in, popped the trunk, and jumped out to give Jan and Ryan a hand with their luggage. Jan and Marsha exchanged hugs and jumped into the back seat. Ryan joined Mike in the front seat, and they pulled away from the curb and headed toward the condo.


“Mike, don’t forget we need to pick up groceries,” Marsha said as they left the Interstate and headed into town.

“Anyplace in particular?” Mike asked as he turned right and merged into the westbound lane.

“How about the mall up ahead that has that little store that carries those skimpy bikinis you like so much on those young beach bunnies? Jan and I each need a new swimsuit. While we’re shopping, alman porno you and Ryan can pick up the groceries. Make sure you get plenty of wine; we have a lot of celebrating to do.”

“Moscato or white zinfandel for me,” Jan chimed in as she took the grocery list from Marsha and passed it to me.

I glanced at the list and then stuck it in my pocket. “I think we can get everything at Publix; its right next to the swimwear store. We can all meet back up at the car after we’re done.”

Mike pulled into a parking spot about equidistant between the swimwear store and the Publix. Marsha and Jan hopped out of the car and scurried toward their store, giggling like teenagers. Mike and I when into Publix, grabbed a cart and proceeded to conquer the list, paying particular attention to acquiring adequate wine supplies.

“This is on me,” I said as we breezed through the checkout lane. “It’s the least I can do to show our appreciation to you and Marsha for sharing your condo with us.”

“No, we really appreciate you coming. Now that the kids are grown and gone, its much too big for us. This will help justify why we need to keep a three-bedroom condo in Florida to use for just four months out of the year. I suspect that once the kids get married and have kids of their own, they might use it in the summer. But until then or until both Marsha and I fully retire, it just sits empty for the other eight months.”

I knew that Mike and Marsha could easily afford the condo. They had inherited a thriving construction business from Marsha’s father, and they could confidently delegate day to day operations to senior staff members and get away for extended periods. Jan and I were both professionals and were economically secure, perhaps even a bit more affluent than Mike and Marsha. Now that our kids had also gone out on their own, we were considering acquiring a condo as well. We looked forward to experiencing Florida condo life to see if it was something we might want to jump into in the coming years.

We leaned against the car and chatted for quite some time about the condo association, the pool, the distance to the beach, and a myriad of trivial things to fill the time as we waited for Jan and Marsha to return. When, I ran out of chit chat topics, I went for the big one.

“So, Mike, are you ready for the big celebration tonight?”

“Celebration?” Mike asked with a bit of hesitation.

“You know. The end of Locktober,” I replied as I tapped my cock cage with my knuckles.

“You too?” he said and exhaled a long breath.

“Yep! Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Cage!”

I confessed that it was Jan and I that were responsible for giving Marsha a cage and teaching her how to use it, how that resulted in me being locked up as well and how it was that Marsha had the key to my cage as well as his. He seemed relieved that his ‘secret’ was out, and he was not alone.

“I’ve got to say, I wondered how Marsha got a cage and how the hell she knew how to put it on me!”

“Guilty,” I confessed.

“I also got to say, this cage has done wonders for our marriage and I’m even hornier than I was as a teenager. About the only thing I can think about is fucking Marsha. I’ve got nearly a month of fucks on backorder!”

“I’ve got that plus a day or two,” I replied and gave him a slap on the back. “I think tonight is going to be our lucky night.”

It was Mike who saw them first, not coming out of the swimsuit store but, rather, the adult novelty store next to it.

“Damn, we’re in for it now,” he said, more in anticipation than dread.

We watched as Marsha and Jan walked across the parking lot to the car.

“So, what did you get?” Mike asked as they drew closer.

They each carried two bags, one from the swimsuit store and one from the adult novelty store.

“New swimsuits and surprises,” Marsha volunteered as she put her bags behind her back and away from Mike’s outstretched arm. “If you’re very nice and feed us, we might model them for you later.”

Jan and Marsha slipped into the back seat while Mike and I reclaimed the front seat.

“How about Chinese take-out?” Marsha asked, leaning forward between the two front seats. “You know, that little restaurant near the condo. They have enough variety everyone should be able to find something they like.”

“Sounds great to me,” Mike offered, “how about you and Jan?”

“We love Chinese!” Jan chimed in from the back, “besides, its fast and I’m starving!”

We were in and out in no time with an assortment of soups, rice, entrees, and, of course, fortune cookies. Five minutes later, we were at the condo.

“Marsha and I have a couple of things to do inside,” Jan said as she and Marsha grabbed their bags and headed into the condo. “You guys bring in the food, groceries, and luggage and then we’ll eat.”

“Mike, why don’t you make some green tea for Jan and me and whatever Ryan would like,” Marsha said over her shoulder as alexis texas porno she and Jan entered the condo.

Clutching the take-out bags, Mike and I followed closely behind. By the time we reached the entry, Jan and Marsha were just closing the door to the guest bedroom behind them.

“I might as well start brewing the tea before we go any further,” Mike said, putting his half of the take-out bags on the counter. “Any tea preference, Ryan?”

“Green is fine with me,” I replied and watched as he sat two pans of water on the stove. Into the first, he placed a tea ball filled with gunpowder green tea. Into the second, he placed a clove, a stick of cinnamon, and a palm full of fresh peppermint.

“Marsha tells me I’m a tea snob because cinnamon mint tea is about the only tea I’ll drink with Chinese. So be it. We all have our crosses to bear,” Mike concluded and turned the burners down so the water would just simmer.

Four trips back and forth to the car and we finally had the last bag inside the door. We then finished putting away the groceries and set the table for dinner.

“Isn’t it great to be served by two handsome men?” Jan said as she and Marsha came into the dining room and were guided into their seats.

“It is!” Marsha replied, “but there seems to be something missing or, should I say, not missing. Okay, guys, shed the duds! We want to see what’s for dessert!”

I looked at Mike, we both shrugged, and began a slow strip to imaginary music and the enthusiastic applause of our wives. When we were down to just our cock cages, we took a polite bow and then brought the food and the teas to the table.

Dinner was great but the mood and the conversation was even better. Jan insisted that I recount my ordeal with TSA security. I had to pause the story at several points to allow Marsha and Mike time to wipe the tears of laughter from their faces. A final round of tea and then it was time for the fortune cookies.

“The smart thing is to prepare for the unexpected,” Marsha read.

“… between the sheets!” Jan interjected.

“What?” Marsha asked.

“You add ‘between the sheets’ after the fortune message to make it fun,” Jan explained. “Mine says, Life is a series of choices; today yours are good ones.”

“… between the sheets!” we all added.

“Something wonderful is about to happen,” I read.

“… between the sheets!” we all added.

“Mike, it’s your turn,” Marsha said. “Come on, it can’t be that bad!”

Mike nervously held his fortune up. “A close friend reveals a hidden talent,” he read and laid the slip on the table.

“… between the sheets!” Marsha added and gave Mike a wink.

“Well, how about you guys cleaning up while Marsha and I put on our new swimsuits so we can model them for you?” Jan asked and then added, “I think it’s also about time to break out some wine!”

Jan and Marsha disappeared into the bedroom with a wave and a wink. Mike and I cleared the table, refrigerated the leftovers and loaded the dishwasher. We were just done pouring four glasses of wine when they returned wearing long, white bath robes.

“Ooh, that’s good,” Jan cooed as she took a sip from the glass I offered.

“Nothing like a little wine to cleanse the pallet!” Marsha added as she took a somewhat larger sip from the glass that Mike handed her.

“So, let’s see those swimsuits!” Mike said as he took a long draw on his own glass.

“Be patient!” Marsha said, “remember your fortune!”

“You guys take a seat on the couch,” Jan directed with a wave of her hand. “We want to gage your reaction to our swimsuit reveal so we can tell if we’ve found that sweet spot between naughty and nice. It’s kind of a cock gage. We’ll just have to make allowances for the restricted responses due to your cages.”

Mike and I sat on the couch, our wine glasses in our hands and our cocks rapidly filling our cock tubes in anticipation. Jan and Marsha proceeded to perform a synchronized reveal, showing a little more with each turn and wiggle until at last they were standing in front of us in two of the skimpiest swimsuits that either of them had ever worn. Judging from the way my cock cage was bobbing up and down, I think they had nailed that sweet spot! Glancing at Mike, I could see that little Mike also concurred.

Jan and Marsha joined us on the couch and kisses and caresses quickly evolved into more and soon both were completely naked and ready for the end of Locktober. Jan took my hand and led me into the guest bedroom while Marsha led Mike to the adjacent master bedroom.

“Now for the surprise,” Jan said as she pulled the restraints onto the bed from beneath the mattress. “Spread eagle, Buster!”

I did as directed and Jan slowly attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles and then tightened the straps, so my movement was severely restricted. As she straddled me, she bent over to check each wrist, brushing her breasts against my face with each pass. Turning around into a reverse cowgirl position, she checked my ankles, pausing just long enough to lower her moist pussy to my lips for a brief taste. Finally, she slipped a blindfold over my eyes.

“I’ll be right back,” she said as she climbed off the bed, “I forgot to get the key from Marsha.”