Claire Reborn Ch. 02


Author’s Note: I strongly suggest you read chapter 1 if you have not done so already. There are oblique references within this chapter that may not make sense without knowledge of the first chapter.

Thank you to those of you who gave me such kind comments. Consider this multi-chapter story a kinder gentler exercise in BDSM, wherein I try to explore the feelings and motivations of the main characters, while experimenting with communicating the true depth of feeling and sensual experiences of the characters.

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We lay on the floor for about twenty minutes, saying nothing. I had grabbed her robe, throwing it over the two of us as best I could. Claire seemed to be dozing, but then sighed and squirmed in my arms, twisting to face me.

“I’m not, you know!”

“All evidence to the contrary, you still think so? Well, let’s say you’re a submissive with a need for control. But, after all, that is what defines many submissive people.”

Her head, which had been nestled into my pecs strained to look up at me. “Huh?”

I smiled at her, hugging her close to me. “No two people are alike. It’s not like they stamped you out of a submissive mold. I wouldn’t presume to believe I know everything about you. But I do detect evidence of strong submissive tendencies.”

The moue on her face told me exactly what she though of that.

“Would you like to leave now?”

I laughed at the alarm on her face. “You don’t have to, but remember I did say it was always an option. I was just checking.”

“No. I… I’ve nowhere to go.”

“Is that the only reason? I’d be glad to give you enough to get set up somewhere, and you’re welcome to keep the clothes you’ve bought. I might even be able to find you a job, depending on what you can do.”

Emotions criss-crossed her face; I imagined a thousand things flitting through her mind. Suddenly her eyes were brimming with tears as she whispered, “I hated what you did to me… and I loved it. I’ve never taken orders like that before. I’m able to take care of myself, and yet I feel so safe here with you. That scares me most of all.”

“Is that why you’re sad?”

“I’m not sad, I’m not happy, I’m both, I’m neither, I’m so confused. You need to decide for me.”

“Decide what?”

“To stay or go.”

I smiled sadly at her upturned face. “I need to decide? Doesn’t that say it all?” I thought.

But I shook my head. “I can’t. This is your decision to make. I can’t make it for you. There are things I want from you that you don’t know yet. You might hate me later for my decision, for it would certainly be for you to stay. At any rate, if you stay you can change your mind. I won’t ask a commitment yet, at least until you know what a commitment means.”

She laughed. “I can guess what it means.”

“I doubt it. Let’s get more comfortable. Did you buy something to wear around the house?”

Her head bobbed up and down.

Good, why don’t you go get dressed, and meet me in the media room. It’s just down the hall here on the right.

We stood and she reached for the robe, but I held on to it. “No, go as you are.”

Curtsying gracefully, she pronounced with much solemnity, “Yes, mi-lord. Whatever mi-lord asks. Your wish is my command.” Then she laughed, turned and pranced down the hall and up the stairs.

The sight was enchanting, the muscles in her calves, thighs and ass flexing as she went, and the lips of her pussy peaking out, not quite as inflamed now. I was finding it increasingly hard to keep my lust in check. I adjusted myself and went to the media room.

As I sorted through a pile of DVDs Claire entered the room and sat in one of the viewing chairs before the large screen. She was dressed in a knee-length jean skirt, artfully faded and ripped of course, and a dark green t-shirt with a deep v-neck. Her feet were still bare.

As I continued to sort through the DVDs she grew impatient, and said archly, “Master, are we going to watch some porn now.”

I turned to her and said in a grave tone, “You may come to regret your flippant attitude.” Then I winked at her, and she dissolved into laughter.

I inserted my selection, but did not start the DVD. Serious now I said, “I thought you should see what you might expect should you stay with me.” Her eyes went wide. I don’t think she was expecting this.

I took the remote Pendik Olgun Escort and sat a few seats away. I did not want her to be put off by my proximity. Also, I wanted to watch her.

When I pressed start the lights went down and the screen came to life. I had the sound turned up so that every nuance of sound could be heard.

I had paid a lot of money for the production of this video. It was a time when I was young, immature and conceited. Or, at least, more conceited than I am now.

The screen showed a room, approximately thirty feet on a side, with ten foot ceilings. It was filled with various odd pieces of furniture and cabinets. From the ceiling hung chains, hook and rods. Center foreground knelt a young girl. I knew her to be twenty two at the time, but she looked no more than eighteen. She was naked, and in ‘present’ position as I had shown Claire.

She was blond, with long hair pulled up into a high pony tail, braided and interwoven with leather strips. The strips hung down between the cheeks of her ass. Unlike Claire she was tall and voluptuous with large breasts and wide hips. In ‘present’ her breasts stood high and wide. Her nipples were pierced each with a silver circlet set low in the nipple. As a result her nipples tended to be in a constant state of excitement.

Her eyes looked to the floor, and her mouth hung open. Between her legs was a small puddle of liquid, indicative of her aroused state. The camera moved in for a close up of the girl. On closer inspection one could see that the girl’s legs were shaking, and her interlaced fingers clenched tightly. I think it was then that Claire noted the thin cord that led into the girl’s groin. I heard her gasp.

The camera drew back and I walked into the frame; a much younger me. I walked up to the girl and lifted her chin, looking her in the eyes. “What do you want?”

She licked her lips, her mouth dry from panting. “I… I… want to cum. P…please master, let me cum.”

I reached down and took the remote, adjusting it. The girl cried out, “No master, please let me come.”

I removed the vibrator from her cunt and she cried out in frustration.

“Not yet my pet. It’s time for your punishment. Get on the cross, face down.”

Standing gracefully in a single motion she walked daintily over to a St. Andrews cross, the camera following, lowering as it went until it was looking between her legs. Her pussy and thighs were coated in a think viscous liquid. She had thin labia majora and long labia minora which made her pussy look like a red orchid. A she walked the lips rubbed back and forth, swollen and trapped between her thighs.

I could not help but contrast them to Claire’s, as she had a large gap between her thighs which highlighted her pussy quite nicely I thought.

On the screen the girl had lain on the X of the cross, arms and legs spread wide. I attached cuffs to her wrists and ankles then began to adjust the ropes. I started with her ankles tightening the ropes until she was forced to slide down so that her groin was suspended over the space just off the center of the cross. The girl struggled against this saying, “NO, please no master.”

I looked over at Claire to see how she was doing. She was curled up in the chair, her arms around her knees. She watched raptly as things proceeded. Her mouth hung open as the girl’s had on the screen. She seemed lost in her own world. I thought I detected a hint of blush on her neck. It was then I noticed that she had not put on any panties.

Back on the screen, I finished adjusting the wrists so that the girls limbs were pulled taut. Then I took the leather from her ponytail and tied it to a chain hanging from the ceiling such that her head was pulled upward and supported. The camera moved round to take a shot of her face. Her expression was wary, yet aroused.

Pulling back the camera showed me walking over to a rack and selecting a flogger from a selection of whips. It was comprised of thick cords. Going over to the girl I showed it to her and said, “You will count for me. If you miss the count I will start over.”

“Yes, Master.”

The first stroke was across her upper back, and delivered somewhat gently. “One,” she said. I then proceeded down her back alternating sides, my strokes becoming progressively harder. She began to moan, but maintained the count. My rhythm Pendik Sarışın Escort was measured, as I approached her ass I paused and the camera zoomed in to show her pussy soaked and swollen even more. Even her anus throbbed as we watched. Looking down the camera found a growing puddle on the floor,

The next strike was delivered significantly harder on her right buttock, causing it to quiver. “Ahh, twenty one,” said the girl, squirming in place. The next nine were delivered alternately on left and right buttocks in equal force. Still the girl kept count, but now she was moaning and her pussy dripping almost continuously. Her back and ass were glowing a bright pink. Then I started on her inner thighs, close to but not striking her tender pussy lips. Her head flipped upward as she shrieked at the first strike, but she kept count her head thrashing from side to side.

After ten more blows I stopped and walked up to the girl’s head presenting her with the flogger. “What do you say my pet?”

“Thank you, Master.” Then she kissed the flogger. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. As my on-screen self walked to the rack I glanced over to Claire. Her eyes were wide in rapt attention to the screen and I saw that one hand was slowly playing with her wet lips. Her other hand was up under her t-shirt and tugging at her nipples.

From the rack a thin cane was taken and I saw myself walk back over to the cross. Leaning down I pressed a button and a small door opened below the young girl’s wet pussy. A shorter section of cane similar to that which I was carrying extended, directly in line with and about two inches away from the girls quite swollen clit.

I showed her the cane saying, “You have my permission to cum, whenever and as often as you wish.”

She swallowed nervously, and nodded, not daring to say anything else.

At the bottom of the cross I stood looking at her pussy. Reaching out I gently touched her ass. The girl started and reared up as best she could in surprise. Then I tapped her ass lightly; in response the cane between her legs did the same with her clit. She moaned. I hit a bit harder but still quite gently, the other cane repeated my motion with equal strength. “Aaah,” went the girl.

Looking over at Claire I saw realization dawn on her face. At first she was horrified, but then a look of extreme lust erased that and she began to lightly slap her own clit in time with the video.

On the screen I had begun to lightly beat out a rhythm on the girl’s ass, the other cane keeping time. The girl was moaning non-stop now, writhing as best she could. The taps on her clit at this point were likely no worse than the buzz of a vibrator, and slowly she climbed that hill coming closer and closer to its peak.

Just shy of the top I brought the cane down quite smartly with a crack. There was an odd double shriek as a microsecond later the other repeated my action. This clearly broke the mood for her as her orgasm was cut short. Now she was desperately pulling at her bindings. It took a few minutes for her to settle down. I watched Claire. Her hand was clasped to her pussy and she seemed strung tighter than a drum. I realized she was staving off her own orgasm in sympathy for the young girl.

On screen I began to tap again, but occasionally I struck harder, not hard enough to make the girl scream, but she did give out a peep the first time. As this went on the peeps were replaced by moans. A second camera was focused on her face and the picture inset showing that her eyes had glazed over and her mouth hung open, as she gasped at each strike. She was in subspace now.

The taps became harder, but the girl no longer cared. Her clit was twice as large now, swollen not only from her arousal but from the punishment it had been taking. Her pussy pulsed open and shut in rhythm to the cane. Then she began to keen, her wail rising as her muscles tighten in a spasm of ecstasy. By now I was slapping her ass quite sharply, and the other her clit equally as hard. Suddenly her body wrenched in a massive spasm and she bayed her ecstasy. I struck her very hard between the cheeks of her ass, directly on her anus.

Her eyes shot open and she was suddenly silent, the breath driven out of her by the sheer power of her orgasm. I began a constant tap tap tap on her anus. She continued to squirm her face twisted in the Pendik Şişman Escort pain and pleasure of it all. I kept this up until, “Please, oh please stop.” I did.

Looking over at Claire I saw her own face twisted in pleasure, eyes screwed shut, her body rigid as she dug at her pussy. Now that the video was quiet I could hear her moaning. I got up and sat at the foot of her chair looking at her pussy. She had left a large wet spot on her skirt and the chair. I turned and continued to watch the video.

On screen I closed the door on the cross, removed the bindings, and held the girl in my arms. She lay there moaning for a good five minutes. During this time I heard Claire straightening herself out, then her legs slid down on either side of my head resting on my shoulders. The heady aroma of aroused pussy wafted over me, and my erection became even stronger.

On screen the girl had recovered, and she looked up and smiled, he face a mask of pure lust. “More.”

Claire gasped.

The lights came up and I craned my head to looked up at Claire. She had neatened herself up but it was patently clear what she had done, even had I not seen it myself. Her neck and upper chest glowed pink.

She shook her head. “You won’t do that to me.”

I shrugged. “To each their own. You never know. This was intended to let you see one extreme of what we might do. Clearly you found it arousing. I wager there will be a big cleaning bill for that chair.”

She blushed, biting her lip.

“Let’s go to sleep. Its gotten late and I think you could use the rest.”

I took her hand and helped her up. There was indeed a large stain on the chair and the back of her skirt, but she blatantly ignored them both. Her legs wobbled a bit at first, but she quickly righted herself.

Upstairs she made to go to her room. I held her hand though, saying, “In my bed, please.”

She didn’t complain but did say, “What happened to no fucking?”

“Who said anything about that. I just want to sleep.”

We both stripped down. Looking over at me her eyes widened when she caught sight of my cock in all its rampant glory. “I thought you just wanted to sleep.”

I laughed. “He may want something else, but I’m still the one in charge. I made a promise and I keep my promises.”

We got into bed, and she snuggled up spoon fashion. As we lay there getting comfortable she slid down until the cheeks of her ass grasped my hard cock. Then she began to slide slowly up and down.

“Stop it.”

She giggled and continued to stroke my cock.

I said, “That video, it was filmed downstairs in my playroom. I can arrange similar treatment for you.”

A shiver ran through her and she stopped rubbing. She did however grab my hand and shove it down to her pussy. It was hot and moist, lips swollen. She began to encourage my hand to rub up and down.

I pinched her clit, and she squealed, “Yesss!”

She was so small it was easy for my to reach my other arm around over her shoulder and with this I began to rub her clit in circles. The first hand slid down and I thrust two fingers into her opening, getting them wet. Then my hand slid down further until my finger began to circle her little pucker.

She moaned and pushed, her pucker opening a little to allow me entry. As I slid one finger in her ass my thumb entered her pussy. I pressed forward until my finger was into her ass up to the second knuckle. Then I began to thrust fingers and thumb in and out, rubbing the thin membrane between them.

My other thumb and forefinger trapped her clit and began to stroke up and done pushing the hood over and back. She wanted to move, but I was virtually wrapped around her and she was trapped. I shoved a second finger into her ass and she began to huff, panting as I stroked in and out. Faster and faster until she quivered and I could feel cunt and ass squeezing me. Then I pinched her clit and shoved my fingers into her ass as far as they would go.

A massive quiver went through her as I felt my fingers being squeezed even tighter. She straightened her little body out despite my attempts to stop her and screamed at the top of her lungs. I crushed her to me, continuing to abuse her ass and clit, she panting and moaning until she screamed for me to stop. Even then I did not let go, simply stopping. I felt little tremors come and go, like after-quakes; she moaned with each. Even the slightest movement on my part met with complaint. Finally she settled down and I removed my hands carefully. Even then, she jumped when I did so.

She appeared to be nodding off so I kissed her hair and said, “Tomorrow we talk.”

(To be continued)