Cat , Mouse


Waking from my slumber, I feel your member erect against my behind. Your arms are around me, gently holding me in place as we lay on our sides – spooning. Your warmth is radiating all over me, keeping me warmer than any blanket. Looking towards the window, I see the weak light of dawn creeping through the slits of the aged Venetian blinds. I turn my head slowly to see if you are awake, expecting mysterious brown eyes and a devilish grin to meet my own. However, when I turn my head towards you, I see that mop of black hair covering your face, your bushy beard barely peeking out from underneath. I should have known, as I can still feel the silent rising and falling of your chest against my back as you continue to sleep.

I know I should just let you sleep, but your morning wood has aroused me deeply. I begin to grind my ass against your cock, hoping to rouse you from your slumber. I can feel your penis slip between my cheeks, but it seems you are in a deep sleep, and my attempts to wake you are failing. I decide I will have to resort to different means to get your attention.

I move your arm off of my side; your other arm remains in its place, acting as my pillow. Detecting the easing of pressure, your body moves so that you’re lying on your back – still sleeping. Perfect…..just where I want you. I gingerly move across the bed until my mouth is near the head of your penis. I love how your erect penis looks, swollen, standing tall, and waiting for the gift it is about to receive.

I plant a gentle kiss on the tip. Looking towards you, I see no noticeable shift in your izmit escort demeanor. I continue kissing it until I reach the base of your dick. I want to surprise you into wakefulness with my warm mouth, soft lips and long, wet tongue massaging your thick cock.

I begin my assault by lightly tracing my tongue from the base to the tip, making a spiral motion. I glance up at your face and although your eyes are still closed, I can see your breathing has taken on a new pattern: shallow and rapid. I want to make your member even wetter because I know how much you like that. Flattening my wide tongue, I start lapping at it like dogs lap at water, increasing my pressure and urgency. I want to make sure you’re well lubricated for all the fun to come. I don’t think you realize it, but you’ve started bucking your hips slightly. It turns me on even more.

Parting my lips, I decide to take the plunge. I feel your cock filling up most of the space in my small mouth. I know what you want as your thrusting becomes more persistent, but I’m not ready to give it to you, yet. Instead, I tease you, my mouth sliding up and down on your dick, turning my head like a corkscrew, then pulling off completely. Your eyes are still closed, but you’re moaning…deeply.

I’m turned on even more by the sounds you’re making, and my sucking becomes more vigorous, more impassioned. Your hand has found its way to my head, gripping my long, blonde hair, attempting to stabilize my position as you thrust with the same intensity as I suck. I can feel your cock hitting the back of my throat, jabbing it quickly and causing it to sting. My eyes are watering and I start to gag, but you don’t stop…nor do I want you to. I am getting just as much pleasure from pleasing you.

The air is hitting my pussy lips, and I long to reach down and touch myself. My pussy is probably soaking wet; my clitoris as sensitive as ever. As though you’ve read my mind, you tug my hair and my head, forcing me to look up at your face. Your eyes, finally open, are frenzied; a feverish look etched upon your face.

Smirking arrogantly, you ask the question, “Are you ready for me to fuck you?” You let go of my head, and I crawl up towards your face, staring down at you.

I am desperately longing for your touch, but I am feeling mighty playful, so I initiate a game of cat and mouse. Oh how I love this game.

“No….” I respond coyly, and turn on my side with my back facing you. You can’t see me, but my face now holds that confident grin I am certain I just wiped off your face.

It takes a second to register, but then you realize the game I’m playing. Prodding once more, you question “You’re sure you don’t want to feel my thick cock fill up every inch of that pussy?”

As you say those words, I feel a pleasant sensation inside my pussy…tingling. The tingling starts small, but it soon takes over and becomes pulsating. You have also started poking your member in my back again, though this time, you’re aware, and I can feel the difference. The urgency and the need are present; the pressure is greater, the pace is faster. Feeling the insistence of your cock, hearing you say those dirty words…it is having a profound effect on my yearning, a yearning that can be felt by the soaked state of my pussy.

I repeat my answer, though I am sure my labored voice, breathless with desire betrays me, my ultimate intentions. “No. I don’t want to,” I respond hollowly as my senses are slowly being overcome with desire. My body is seemingly preparing me for what is going to come next.

So dulled by my insatiable lust, I don’t have enough time to react. You are suddenly above me, and your arm grasps mine as you flip me totally onto my back. You ask me, clearly aroused and ready yourself, “Do you surrender?”

I am just about to say no, but you play a very dirty trick on me indeed. Your lips and tongue have found my kryptonite: my neck, and they are licking, sucking, and kissing it fervently. The sensations are driving me mad. It’s almost too much for my already excited body. I can feel my body bucking, trying to escape the attack on one of my most sensitive regions. It is then that I notice your hands have loosened their grip on my forearms. So, with all my might, I push against you, wrestling with you until I am no longer in your grasp.

I shimmy down the bed as fast as I can, but it is apparently not fast enough. You catch one of my legs and drag me halfway, capturing the other leg. I can feel your body weight adjusting, but I don’t look back. Still holding my legs, you slide me closer. All the while, I can feel my pussy getting wetter, drenching my lips, staining the bed…my body is screaming for you; it wants you so very bad. You are going to have quite the treat once you finally catch me, but I’m not ready to lose this game just yet.