Susie Ch. 02

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Susie O’

— Kaitlyn’s Brother

I’m Susie. This story occurs just after I graduated from high school.

Earlier I told you about how I had sex with several boys along with four of my girlfriends. When our parents found out we were forbidden to see each other and lost the use of Jane’s house where we were free to hold our “sex parties.”

My best friend, Kaitlyn, wasn’t punished the way the rest of us were and was not forbidden to see any of us. I thought that was because her mom didn’t know or didn’t care.

Because Kaitlyn wasn’t forbidden to be with the rest of us I kept in touch with her and we stayed good friends. I didn’t tell my parents that Kaitlyn was one of the five girls who had the sex parties so they didn’t object to my seeing her.

I had met Kaitlyn just after her parents were divorced. She moved into the area and we met and hit it off the first day of middle school. We met at each other’s homes after school and did almost everything together. During the summer I went with her mom and brother, Corey, to the beach two or three times a week. Her mom had enough money from the divorce so she didn’t need to work.

Kaitlyn’s Confessions

One day, shortly after graduation, Kaitlyn and I were reminiscing about the days at Jane’s house and I said I guess her parents weren’t in touch with the others because she hadn’t been punished or told not to see the others. Kaitlyn said that wasn’t the case at all. “In fact,” she said, ” my mom knew about it after the first time we had a group of boys over for sex.”

I was astonished. “How?” I said. “Didn’t she try to stop you?”

“Well, she did try to talk me out of it but I told her I had already had sex and enjoyed it so I was going to keep it up.”

She then told the story.

“You remember how I agreed to have Corey get condoms for us? Well, he only brought me a couple of condoms. After all I told him that I just wanted to see what they looked like. When I said that wasn’t enough I had to tell him that it was for a group of friends and he said he wouldn’t get them. Then he told my mom what I wanted.”

“She sat me down and started asking questions. I couldn’t lie to her, she has a way of knowing. So I told her about the sex parties. Of course then we had only had Derek over and only Brittany really had sex with him but we had been watching those DVD’s and using the vibrator and had sucked on Derek’s cock and let him suck our pussies so I knew I wanted more sex and real sex.”

“Especially after the way Brittany acted.” I mentioned, wistfully. Brittany had a major orgasm with Derek.

“My mom had a long talk with me about the possibility of pregnancy and problems with having sex at my age and not married but finally agreed not to stop me. I’m 18 and I don’t think she could stop me anyway. In fact, she bought the condoms. She also took me to a gynecologist and he talked to me about diseases that could be given to people through sex. He gave me a prescription for birth control pills and told me to never skip a day taking them. the doctor also gave me a sex ed book that was detailed about how to have sex and what to do to avoid pregnancy and diseases. I think it was stuff I read in that book that helped me with those two boys. Remember, one couldn’t get his prick stiff (that’s called ‘impotence’, by the way) and the other squirted all over me before I could even put the condom on him (that’s called ‘premature ejaculation’). You know, I don’t even remember who they were.”

“Wow!” I said, “I wish my mom were like yours. She went ballistic when she found out about the sex parties. Maybe I’m 18 but I think she would throw me out of the house.”

“I don’t think she would do that,” Kaitlyn said and continued, “Well, my mom wasn’t happy but she knows I can have sex anyway and there isn’t much she can do about it.”

Kaitlyn added, “You know I still see Johnny Miller and I have sex with him.”

“I suspected as much,” I told her. “I still have sex with Randy.”

“You tell me about every time you get together with him, Susie,” she told me, ” so I know that.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Well my mom knows that I am having sex with Johnny and even lets us get together in my bedroom without disturbing us when he is over.”

“That’s too much to believe!”

“Well she likes him and she knows how good he is at pleasing me.”

“I can imagine,” I said thinking back to how Johnny had brought all five of us to orgasm just by playing with and sucking our twats in the right way.

Kaitlyn finished with a laugh, “It also doesn’t hurt that Johnny is one of the best students in the school. In fact he’s read everything he can about sex, that’s one reason he’s so good at it.”

I thought to myself that Kaitlyn’s mom probably wouldn’t be so accommodating if she knew how promiscuous Johnny was. “I understand he has sex with lots of girls.”

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn sighed, “I guess that’s the downside of lusting after a guy who’s great at sex.”

Kaitlyn’s brother

Kaitlyn Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort then told me, almost as an afterthought, “You know, my brother has never had sex.”

I was surprised, “Corey has never had sex? I assumed he must have had sex when you said he could get condoms.” I was also surprised because he was in college. I kind of assumed all college guys had sex.

Kaitlyn didn’t answer my question and continued, “One thing I did was to tell him that he could join the sex parties if he would get condoms for us. I really did plan to ask everyone to include him but then the parents found out.”

Kaitlyn said, “I also know he does almost anything when I ask in the right way and I felt, like, an older guy would be able to buy condoms easier than girls like us. But then he bought the smallest number he could and didn’t want to go buy a big pack.”

Wistfully she added, “It would sure be nice if some girl would introduce him to sex.”

Well, Corey is two years older than us, short and overweight. He was a really good student in high school and is now going to Caltech. He lives at the school but comes home most weekends. He is kinda cute in a chubby sort of way.

As I thought about Corey, I heard myself saying, “I could do that.”

I had spoken the thought aloud and now it was too late to take it back. I had been thinking about how nice he always was to me and the way he would pay attention to everything I said. I was thinking he deserved to have sex with someone who liked him. “Maybe it’s not such a bad idea,” I thought.

Kaitlyn said, “You would? I bet he would like that. He has told me you are cute and once asked me if you were one of the ‘sex party girls’. I could see his prick stiffen up when I told him you were.”

“How would we do it?” I asked.

Kaitlyn said, “we can plan it just like we did the sex parties. Maybe we can even ask Corey to help with the planning.”

“WHAT! Talk to him about how to have sex for the first time? That’s crazy!” I was aghast.

“Well who better to talk to about what he wants. You know how the plans we made improved our sex parties and thinking about them beforehand made them more exciting for us. I bet if he is involved you will both have great sex.”

“Well, OK,” I said, “but this is a one time thing. After this he needs to get his own girls. I insist that he know that.”

Planning for Sex

Kaitlyn went to get Corey and my thoughts were racing. I didn’t expect things to happen this fast. What would I say to him? I felt really embarrassed.

Kaitlyn came in with Corey. “I told him you wanted to have sex with him to make up for us not being able to come to any of the sex parties.”

Corey said, “Uuuhh, really?” in a very soft, shy voice.

I said a reluctant, “yes.”

Corey’s voice got a bit louder, “Great! When?”

“We’re going to talk about it and make plans about when and where,” I told him. “How would you like to ‘do it’?”

“I thought we would just get undressed and do it,” he said with a note of disappointment.

I found myself saying, “You can get undressed if you want but I am staying clothed right now. We will have a much better time if we think about what we are going to do. I also want to be sure you understand some things about what I like so I can enjoy myself as much as you do.”

“Uuuhh, OK,” quietly.

“So what would you like to do before we have sex?”

“Uuuhh, get undressed?”

“You sure have a one-track mind,” I told him, “No, I mean that we should do something like go to a movie.”

“Well, OK, if that’s what you want.”

“Here, sit next to me,” I requested.

After he did, I took his hand and put it on my leg. “You can rub my leg while we sit in the theater.”

I pulled his hand up to my crotch. “You can even feel way up here, I would even let you put a finger under my panties. Just be sure to do it so no one can see. Would that be OK?”

“UUUHH, Yes,” he said with enthusiasm.

“You can also touch my tits,” I took his hand and put it on one of my breasts. “Just do it unobtrusively. I am sure you will agree that will increase the excitement when we have sex later that evening.”

“Sure, I can see that!” he exclaimed.

“And I will probably do some of this.” I put my hand on his swollen dick and rubbed it lightly.

“UUUHH!” he exclaimed. “He’s so expressive for a supposedly smart guy,” I thought.

“We need to decide where we will have sex and talk about how we will do it,” I said.

“Can’t we just do it in the back of the car,” he proposed, “there’s a lot of space in my car.”

“No, I want something comfortable. It doesn’t need to be a bed but not a cramped car or hard floor. A motel room would be best. We could use your bedroom but Kaitlyn here will be listening in. I guess it will be OK with your mom?”

“Uuuhh, I don’t know.”

I asked Kaitlyn, “What do you think?”

“I think a motel or hotel room would be great. I bet I could even get my mom to pay for it,” she claimed.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” I said.

“No, I’ll go ask now.”

Corey joined me in saying, “No!” but she was out the door.

‘Doesn’t she think we have money of our own?” I asked him. “I could pay for a motel room from the money I make at the coffee shop.” I have a summer job as morning hostess at a chain coffee shop. “Don’t you have money?”

“Of course,” he answered, “I have payments from the trust fund my father set up as part of the divorce settlement.”

“Well, unless one of us runs after her I she will talk to your mother,” I said, doing nothing.

He stayed sitting next to me. I think he liked it there. “Let’s talk about details,” I said.

“Why?” Corey asked.

“Because I want to be sure you know how to do this. I am the one with experience here and I know that boys can be satisfied with sex when the girl feels like nothing happened. I agreed to have sex with you for myself, not just for you.”

A thought crossed my mind and I asked him, “You do know that this is just for this one time and I don’t expect you to be asking me for sex after this.”

He looked very disappointed, “No, I didn’t know that.”

I told him, “It’s not that I don’t like you but I already have boy I usually have sex with and I think you should get your own girls. If you give me a really good time I may ask you for sex again but I don’t want you asking me. Understood!”

“Uuuhh, yeah,” he stated with great reluctance.

Kaitlyn’s Mom

Kaitlyn came back in the room with a big smile. “She wants to talk to you. Right now!” That was addressed to me, not Corey. Now I was in for it.

I went downstairs. Kaitlyn’s mom was waiting for me in the family room.

“Hello, Mrs. Daniels. Kaitlyn says you want to talk to me.”

“Yes, dear. Susie, Kaitlyn says that you plan to have sex with Corey.”

I gulped. “Yes, Mrs. Daniels. Kaitlyn said that Corey likes me.”

“Well, dear I think Corey has had a crush on you since he started noticing girls,” she said.

“I never noticed, Mrs. Daniels. Kaitlyn just said that he liked me,” I answered honestly, surprised at what she had said.

“Well if you paid attention to the way he would look at you when he was with you, you would have noticed.”

“I noticed that he was looking at me but I assumed he looked at all the girls. A lot of boys look at me and other girls, you know. He never said anything.”

“I know very well, Susie. Believe me when I tell you that Corey was not looking at all the girls, mostly he was looking just at you. And like many boys he is shy about girls and would not have said anything. You were also quite young for most of the time he has known you. He may have thought it wouldn’t be right to talk to such a young girl about his feelings. I have worked very hard to get him to consider other’s feelings, especially girls’ feelings. His father was not like that and I don’t want him to be like his father that way.”

“Well, Mrs. Daniels,” I said “Kaitlyn said he liked me. She also said that he has never had sex and that when he learned I was one of the girls having sex with boys at Judy’s house he was excited and sad that he wasn’t able to be there. I thought it might make him feel happy if I had sex with him anyway.”

“So you don’t really want to have sex with him, you are just doing this to ‘make him happy’?”

I thought and thought. “I’m not sure exactly why I want to have sex with him. I like Corey and he has always been real nice to me. I didn’t decide to do this just because it will make him happy. I know I wouldn’t have told Kaitlyn that I wanted to do it unless I really wanted to. I guess it’s several things. I think Corey wants it and it will make him happy. And I guess I want it too. For sure, I like him and I know I want to make him happy.”

“And afterwards. Will you be seeing him as his girlfriend?” she asked me.

“I have told him that this is for one time only,” I told her. “This may not be the only time but I can’t think past this one time so I don’t know. I wouldn’t want Corey to be hurt because we don’t do it again but I don’t want to say we will when I don’t know. I have been having sex with another boy and I told Corey that”

“Susie, dear, does your mother know you are still having sex?”

“Goodness no!” I exclaimed, “Mrs Daniels, she went ballistic when she found out about the sex we were having at Judy’s house. I couldn’t tell her I am still having sex.”

Mrs. Daniels persisted, “Well, Susie, I do think you should tell her. There are things she could help you with, I am sure.”

“Maybe she could, Mrs. Daniels, but I am not sure she would. She would be too upset.”

“Well. Please consider telling her, Susie. You are so young, just like Kaitlyn. I am not sure it’s good for you to be having sex.”

“Eighteen isn’t that young, Mrs. Daniels. I bet most girls our age have had sex,” I claimed. “And you let Kaitlyn have sex. Kaitlyn says you know that she and Johnny are having sex in her room.”

“Yes, I do. I have told her I disapprove but I would rather she have sex here than somewhere else.”

She abruptly changed the subject back to Corey and me, “Susie, Kaitlyn tells me that you and Corey want me to pay for a hotel room for your sexual encounter.”

“Oh no, Mrs. Daniels! That was Kaitlyn’s idea. Both Corey and I told her no but she rushed down here to ask you anyway. I would never ask for such a thing! Corey and I can certainly pay for our own motel room if that’s what we want.”

“Thank you for your time, Susie. Please tell Corey that I would like to talk to him.”

As I went upstairs I thought about how she had said she disapproved but then didn’t really do anything to stop us. I wondered if she really approved. Perhaps she liked the idea of Corey, and Kaitlyn, having sex. Kaitlyn had told me that she thought her mom was having sex with guys when she went out in the evening.

I entered Kaitlyn’s room, “Corey, your mom would like to see you now.”

After he left I told Kaitlyn what her mom and I talked about. I told her that I wasn’t sure whether her mom really disapproved and Kaitlyn replied that when her mom had found out about the sex parties at Judy’s her grandmother had said some things that made her believe that her mom had also had sex at an early age. Kaitlyn thought that her grandmother had tried to stop her mom but her mom had sex anyway as much out of defiance as anything else. Kaitlyn’s mom didn’t want to be like Kaitlyn’s grandmother since what she had done had so clearly not worked. Kaitlyn claimed that her mom and grandmother still didn’t get along well.

“What do you think your mom is saying to Corey?” I asked.

“Probably stuff like what she asked you. ‘why do you want to have sex with Susie?’ ‘Do you expect to do it more than once?” ‘What’s this I hear about you wanting a hotel room?’ ”

“And what is she going to say?”

“Just like with you, ‘I disapprove but can’t stop you.’ and unless he really blows it, which he won’t, she will agree to pay for your hotel room.”

“And how would he ‘blow it’?”

“By making my mother think he is using you just for sex. That’s the one thing she really disapproves of and she drums it into Corey over and over. I think it’s because she feels used by my father and other men.”

Corey came back. “She says she will pay for our hotel room.”

The he asked me, “would next Friday be OK?”

I was astonished, “Yeah, sure.” I had no idea what to make of this. First his mom was paying for us to have a place for sex and then he was bold enough to propose a day to get together. Up until that I felt like I had been doing all the planning and wondered whether he was really interested, given his one word responses.

“Let’s finish up the planning,” I said.

“Uhh, What more do we need to plan?” Corey asked.

We decided Corey would pick me up Friday at about 5 and we would go to a movie and then to the hotel. We would have sex and then do whatever we wished for all night or we would leave after a single session of sexual intercourse. I would tell my parents that we were staying at Kaitlyn’s and she would cover for me.

I talked a little about the sexual activities I liked and then had a thought. “Hey! Johnny really knows how to please a girl, doesn’t he Kaitlyn?”

“Yes, he does.”

“He gave all of us girls at Judy’s an orgasm and, from his reputation and from what Kaitlyn tells me he does a good job of pleasing her. Corey, the next time Johnny comes over I want you to ask him for some tips about how to please me. I think that will work out well. What do you think, Kaitlyn?”

Kaitlyn answered, “I think that’s a good idea. Corey, if you don’t ask him, I will.”

“Then I think we’re all set!” I said. “Corey, I will see you Friday at five, if not before. You pick the movie.” I gave him a peck on the cheek.

After he left Kaitlyn said, “That peck you just gave him will last him for weeks. I can’t imagine what he will be like after having sex with you. He will be in the clouds for years!” She giggled.

After the Movie

I told my parents that I was going to stay overnight at Kaitlyn’s on Friday and that her brother was picking me up. He came by shortly before five and we went to a movie.

I don’t even remember what was showing. He took me at my word and spent the whole movie with his hand in my panties, usually with his finger up my twat. He also spent a lot of time feeling up my tits.

I spent the movie with a tight grasp on the seat armrest on one side and a tight grasp on his cock on the other side. I was trying to keep from yelling out. I was so excited by his fingering that I wasn’t sure I could hold it in. I didn’t want to tell him to stop either. I could feel my panties getting wet and my skirt was wet where I was sitting on it.

When the movie was over, and I stood up I was sure people would think I had peed in my seat. I supposed the seat was wet too. I told Corey, “My panties and skirt are all wet. People will stare.”