The Candle


I watch my son get into his father’s car, wave and wait for them to disappear down the road. Then I close the front door, close my eyes and take a deep breath. This is where my time begins. Single parent with sensible job juggling bills and homework and cooking dinner is put to one side to allow somebody else to come through. Somebody a little bit darker, more indulgent and focused on pleasure. The sensible mom who always has change for dinner money and knows where everything is, despite the chaos, slips to one side.

Upstairs to the bathroom. Run a nice deep bath with something fragrant in it. Light a candle on the stairs and the house fills with the smell of roses. I let the hot water relax me for a while. Then it’s time to shave… under arms, legs, pussy.. I remember a time when I got a surprise phone call and could only find one already used razor. I had to make a terrible Sophie’s Choice – legs or armpits, it wouldn’t do both! (I chose armpits). I made a mental note then never to run out of razors again. That was before I started shaving between my legs. For so many years I didn’t bother, not realising what a delicious experience I was missing. The first stroke awakens a tingle of excitement, almost as if it knows what is to follow. And the feeling of tongue is intensified a hundred times on bare skin. Slow careful strokes then opening my legs and using fingers to expose new areas to the blade. Finally all is smooth and I ache to feel a firmer touch. I know I am already beginning to get wet, my body responding to the thoughts in my head. I take my phone and sit on the edge of the bath. I open my legs and photograph my naked lips and then press send. I know that my pictures are making him ever more ready for me. That as he is driving his cock is aching in his jeans.

In my bedroom have already laid my outfit on the bed. Black hold up stockings, lacy black knickers and a bra that despite being rather cheap gives incredible cleavage. Over the top a lace shirt, left open and high black shoes with silver heels. I take another photo, lacy stocking tops and another showing a glimpse of cleavage through black lace. I know I won’t get a reply. He doesn’t want to waste time. He just wants to be here, his hands on my body, his tongue escort bayan bursa on my wetness and my mouth on his hard, straining cock. He is married (aren’t they all) to a woman who has never wanted to nurture his inner self. Never allowed him to experience any of his fantasies. Still, her loss my gain because with the slightest encouragement he has flourished. All those wasted years, waiting for the right person to come along and let it all out makes our limited time together very special.

Once I am ready I am impatient for him to arrive. When the knock at the door finally comes I smile and jump up to open it. As soon as he is in he kisses me and pushes me to the settee. We kiss and hands begin exploring. His fingers touch my arms, my face, the naked skin at the top of my legs. I open my legs and he slips between them and pushes my shirt open. With a moan he frees a nipple from my bra and squeezes it gently between finger and thumb before taking it in his mouth. A few moments of this and I am a mess, moaning and pushing on his leg but he just laughs and moves. There will be no touching for me, not where I want it most, not for a long time.

Lets go upstairs he whispers. He likes to follow me up the stairs. I try to walk slowly despite wanting to get up there as fast as I can. I know he is looking, the shirt just covers my bum and he can catch the occasional glimpse of cheek as I walk up ahead of him. I know how that arouses him and I love to get him really worked up. Sometimes he can’t resist and his hand will catch my leg and stroke it, other times he just enjoys the view.

Once in my room he pushes me against the door and kisses me again, hard. I have some restraints for the door – simple pieces of wood with thick red ribbon attached. He closes the door and fastens my wrists above my head, the door is cold against my face and nipples. The feeling of utter vulnerability turns me on immensely. The thick ribbon wrapped round my wrists is soft but unyielding. He kicks my ankles apart then kneels between them. I’m holding my breath, waiting for him to touch me but he intends to make me wait some more. He strokes my stocking clad legs slowly from bottom to top, stopping irritatingly just short of my now damp bursa sinirsiz eskort knickers. It’s a battle of wills now. He knows how wet I am and how desperately I need him to touch me and he is also dying to open me up, to lick and taste me.

He stands and suddenly pulls down my knickers leaving them at mid thigh level. He runs one finger along my wet pussy and says ‘you are so wet – you are a dirty little bitch aren’t you?’ I open my legs a little more and bend over slightly -an unconscious reaction of what I know is to come. Again I’m holding my breath when the first slap comes and makes me jump. He gives me four, two to each cheek, really quickly and I catch my breath just in time for the next round of spanking. This time he doesn’t stop at four and I count about ten and can’t help but let out a little whimper. He kneels behind me and says ‘Mmm your cheeks are so red’. I’ll bet they are I think to myself. He stands and even though it still stings, I push my bum out for some more. Another six and I’m pressing myself to the door, trying to escape his hand. Now he slowly strokes it, admiring his handiwork. Standing right behind me he cups my breasts and finds my nipples whilst pressing himself against me. I love feeling how aroused he is, knowing how much he wants me. He kisses my neck and squeezes my nipples harder, pulling them away from my body and making me wriggle. The pain seems to be linked directly to my impatiently waiting pussy and I moan a little and press myself against him. He finally wants some relief and unties my hands and tells me to sit on the bed.

Still he hasn’t touched me and I am positively aching. He kicks his jeans off and stands in front of me, one foot on the bed. I begin to suck. Gently at first, licking the end, playing with it and constantly working my hand up and down the shaft. I squeeze the tip and lick off the little droplet of pre-cum and continue, wanking and sucking, wanking and sucking. I run my free hand up the inside of his thighs and rub the sensitive area between his scrotum and cheeks. He likes that. A lot. I run my finger gently across his anus and feel his cock twitch in my mouth. I know he is getting close. Using one hand to pull his foreskin escort bayan back nice and tight I work the rounded tip of his cock tightly between my lips. I can tell by the change in his breathing and the tensing in his legs that he is right on the edge and I take the finger that has been gently teasing between his cheeks and push it in. With a cry he empties himself over my lips and cleavage. There is a lot. He has been saving himself. As he slows, I take him in my mouth very gently and suck til he has finished entirely and I feel him relax. Thank God! I think. Now its my turn!

I lay on the bed and he finds ropes to secure my knees to the headboard. My bent legs are tied open, my hands tied behind my head. I can barely move. He opens a bag he brought with him and shows me the creation he has been working on all week. 7 inches long and 8 inches in girth, a giant candle carved into the perfect shape of a huge penis. How lucky I am that he has time on his hands and he spends that time thinking about me and how he can pleasure me.

‘I can never take all that’ I say. He just smiles and settles between my spread legs. He rubs it gently up and down my wet slit until it is coated with my juices. I am so horny at this point that any relief is welcome and I moan quietly. He takes this as a sign to continue and slowly he begins to push it into me. It feels uncomfortable, too big and cold and I moan again but more of a complaint this time. He leans over and licks my clit and this time I moan without any hint of complaint. I love his tongue, it does wonderful things to me. Slowly and gently he licks at me, all the time slowly increasing the pressure on the candle, gently fucking me with it but each time it goes in slightly further than it comes out. He increases the pressure of his tongue, licking faster and harder and along with pressure inside my stretched pussy, I can feel an orgasm building. It feels so good, being tied and made so available and being fucked by something so satisfying. When it hits me I can’t help but almost scream out it feels so good. The fucking continues along with his flicking tongue until slowly, slowly he lessens the speed and the touch on my now sensitive clit. The waves carry on for a while, gripping and loosing on the candle and then he slowly pulls it out. You took it all, he tells me. I can hardly believe it but the intensity of the orgasm I just had can’t be denied.

The ropes are undone. He kisses me and we lie together, skin on skin, stroking and touching until we are ready to begin all over again…