E-Mail Submission


Mistress V clicked on the send button and sat back in her chair as the e-mail disappeared from the screen. She imagined sue sitting at the computer and the nervous excitement she would feel when she opened the mail and read the instructions she had just sent to her.

It thrilled her to know she could cause such strong emotions in her slave girl, the power she held over sue was intoxicating. She had carefully trained sue and manipulated her submissive desires to the point where she would do anything she was told. No matter how embarrassing or humiliating, sue would do it just to please her.

The dominant power and control she felt was becoming addictive and so exciting. She felt like a supreme queen ruling over sue, her slave. It was such a sexual rush. She closed her eyes and sighed softly as her hand reached down between her legs.

In the Internet café sue opened the e-mail that had dropped in to the inbox of the computer she sitting at.

She opened the e-mail and felt a lump rise in her throat and a flutter of delicious excitement in her stomach and with a dry throat and her heart thumping she read her Mistresses orders.


On arriving home tonight after work you are to remove all your clothes and stay naked until tomorrow morning when you may dress for work. You will put your collar on, the one with the tag saying property of MV.

At precisely 8 P.M. you are to lie on your bed and using your vib play with yourself for exactly 30 minutes. Bringing yourself to the edge of cumming at least three times but you will not cum

Remember slave you belong to me. I own and control your body. Your pleasure is mine to give or deny.

You are not permitted to cum.

At precisely 9 P.M. using just your fingers play with yourself for exactly 30 minutes and bring yourself to the edge at least three times.

You are not permitted to cum.

At precisely 10 P.M. insert your butt plug and leave it in all night until you go to work tomorrow.

Using your fingers and vib play with yourself for exactly one hour, bringing yourself to the very edge at least five times.

You are not permitted to cum.

At 11P.M. insert the vib and leave it in until the morning then go to sleep. First thing in the morning you will e-mail me and describe everything. What you did and how you felt, your Mistress wants to know everything.

Remember slave you belong to me.”

As she read her instructions a warm deep submissive buzz washed over sue and she felt her cheeks glow hot and her face get redder.

Nervously she glanced around the Internet café, she felt so hot and slutty she was sure people must be watching her. But they were all hunched over their P.C.s and no one looked at her as self-consciously she left the café.

The afternoon back at work seemed to last for an eternity, sue repeatedly glanced up at the office clock on the wall but the hands moved infuriatingly slowly.

She tried to focus on her work but her thoughts would keep drifting to her Mistresses mail and the things she was ordered to do. A hollow nervous sensation filled her stomach and she squeezed her thighs together in excited anticipation. She could feel the wetness between her legs.

At last! Five P.M. and she could go home. Her coat was on in a flash and with a few hurried goodbyes to her co-workers she was out the door and in to the night.

Once in her house she could breath easily, no longer did she have to stifle her thoughts. She was alone, she could play now. She could let her Mistress in to her heart and soul, she belonged only to her.

She went straight to her bedroom and removed her clothes, and as she shed her clothes so she shed her freedom. Naked she became a slave, her nakedness a sign of her status. She felt humble, weak and submissive.

She picked up her Mistresses collar and kissed the tag and fastened it tightly around her neck. Her cheeks began to glow and burn.

“I’m yours now Mistress. I’m yours.” She whispered.

Now it was time to be obedient. To wait until eight P.M. the time when she had permission to began her task.

She looked at the clock, 6.00 p.m. two hours to go. She made herself a light meal but gave up after a few mouthfuls, she was to excited and aroused to eat.

She lay on her bed and listened to music and did nothing but fidget and toss and turn, her stomach churning with nervous excitement while her pussy twitched and pulsed.

At 7.30, she had a shower so she would be clean and fresh for her Mistress. She was so aroused now. The waiting made her nervous and edgy. As she soaped her body she couldn’t resist massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Her olgun porno hands lingered between her thighs, her fingers brushed her sex. The tingling sensations made her shiver under the hot water.

She stopped quickly as guilty feelings swept over her and she remembered her training.

“My body belongs to you Mistress. I have no right to touch your property. My pleasure is a privilege that only you can give.” She said aloud as the hot water splashed on her head and face and ran down her body.

She lay back down on her bed, arms at her sides. She felt clean and fresh and lay still and calmed herself by breathing deeply as she waited for the hands on her clock to reach eight.

At 8 p.m. Mistress V put down the book she was trying to read and poured herself a glass of wine. Her thoughts focused on her little slave girl now about to begin the task she had set for her.

She smiled as she thought of how sue would be feeling right now, the waiting would have made her so aroused; she would be so hot and excited. But she wouldn’t dare touch herself, not until she had permission. Permission that only she, her Mistress could give sue.

The power she felt was intoxicating and it thrilled her to know how sue was desperate to please and serve her. sue was her little toy to play with and to do exactly as she pleased with.

She felt deliciously wicked at the way she controlled sue, ordering her to stimulate herself to the edge of her climax and then deny her permission to cum.

She leaned back in her chair and thought of how sue was enduring such sexual frustration, suffering just to please her Mistress. Her hand slipped down between her thighs, she was damp and hot with arousal. She sighed with pleasure as her fingers leisurely stroked and played.

“Poor sue.” She chuckled.

At the exact moment the minute hand touched the hour sues fingers flew to her pussy and she rubbed herself vigorously with a flurry of released frustration. Her breathing was heavy and ragged and she moaned as the familiar warm sensation spread through her groin.

She knew she had to control herself and reluctantly she slowed her eager rubbing and picked up the vib. With the tip she started to lightly stroke her labia, the tingling sensations made her shiver.

So long as she took things slowly she was sure she could control herself and not orgasm.

She was already wet and she eased the vib slowly inside herself, it slipped in easily between her soaked folds and she sighed with pleasure as it stretched and filled her. The delicious sensation of being so full made her moan softly, she could feel the lovely solid hardness inside her.

She drew the vib slowly back and then thrust it in again, building up a rhythm that made her gasp.

She was almost caught out as the hot rush of an orgasm nearly surprised her. For a moment she teetered on the edge as she fought back the hot waves of pleasure that threatened to engulf her. Being so close to cumming scared sue, she was horrified at her lack of control and how she nearly betrayed her Mistress.

She took her time now and went carefully, using the tip of the vib to work gently around her clit. It felt so nice, so exquisite. She let the sensation build until she felt herself close to cumming then stopped quickly and lay still. Clenching her fists and squeezing her thighs together, fighting back the delicious sensations.

Then she began all over again. She felt how easy and lovely it would be to just let go, to let her orgasm wash over her. But her desire to please her Mistress was stronger, so she brought herself to the very edge of climaxing again and again.

At 8.30 as ordered by her Mistress she reluctantly stopped playing and lay still on her bed, forcing her arms to stay rigidly by her side. Her clit was swollen and ached madly and her breathing was heavy and ragged. She felt hot and edgy with a nervous empty hollow sensation knawing away in her stomach. She felt edgy and agitated and so aroused. She had to fight back an almost irresistible urge to touch herself, to rub and stroke herself to a powerful orgasm that she so badly wanted.

She clenched her fists tightly and squeezed her thighs together and whimpered. It would so easy to give in, just the slightest touch would send her over the edge. But her compelling need to submit and obey was strong. She didn’t understand why she felt this way, why she felt such an over powering intense need to please and serve. Why submitting to some one with a forceful and dominating nature made her feel so good. Being controlled and dominated turned her on so much, she just couldn’t resists her need to submit. It was her porno place, where she belonged and felt happy.

She had no right to touch her Mistresses property without her permission. She would show her devotion and make her Mistress proud of her.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply and kept her arms rigidly by her side.

At 9.p.m. Mistress V closed her eyes and imagined sue lying naked on her bed, hot and flushed. She thought how frustrated sue would be feeling after being ordered to stimulate herself to the very edge of climaxing and then being prevented from cumming. She would be in such a state now, agitated and restless and desperate to cum.

The power Mistress V felt was exhilarating, she loved to control her slave girl like this. She wished she was with her now, kneeling at her feet, her cute face looking up at her. Her eyes beseeching, pleading and her soft small urgent voice begging.

“Please Mistress…please may I cum.”

She picked up sue’s last e-mail and smiled as she read how her slave girl had expressed her devotion and how eager she was to please and serve her Mistress.

Mistress V was pleased at sues obedience and at how submissive she was becoming to her.

Keeping her slave girl constantly aroused and sexually frustrated was an excellent way to control her. It kept her focused and so eager to please.

If sue was with her now she would have her beg and plead and kiss her feet, then make her use her slutty tongue to pleasure her.

Her pussy quivered at the delicious thought and her fingers began to play, bringing her to another sweet orgasm.

At exactly 9.p.m. sue started stroking her fingertips along her thighs, sliding them over the soft warm flesh. Then she slipped a finger inside her moist hot folds and held it there, feeling its hard stiffness inside her.

Slowly she moved the finger in and out while at the same time rolling her thumb over her clit. The sensation made her shudder and gasp. She tried to move slowly but couldn’t, she was too aroused and went faster as she became more excited. Her fingers making soft squelching noises.

She felt the hot rush flow and she stopped quickly. She still panting and gasping. It felt so good she didn’t want to stop.

She lay still for a few minutes until she was calm and then started again sinking her fingers deep into her pussy. They slipped easily between her soft wet vulva and she slid them deeper until she gasped with pleasure. She twisted her fingers and stroked her clit.

It felt delicious, she felt so sluttish and dirty and she spread her legs wide and rubbed and stroked. She was her Mistresses pet slut and she was performing for her.

She felt the hot wave flow through her and she stopped quickly.

Breathing hard she lay still until she was calm and then raising her knees and spreading her legs she slipped her fingers inside again.

Rubbing and stroking, she felt so slutty. She squeezed and rubbed her clit. The sensations ebbed and flowed and every time she reached her peak she would stop, wait, and then start again. Over and over, such exquisite torture.

At precisely 9.30 as her Mistress had ordered, sue stopped playing. Panting and gasping she lay still and forced her arms to stay by her side, the temptation to carry on until she climaxed was intense, the slightest touch would send her over the edge.

She groaned in despair, her forced stopping and starting was driving her insane.

MistressV looked at the clock, 10p.m. By now her little slave girl would be extremely frustrated, driven almost beyond the limits of her endurance. She had made her slave stimulate herself to edge of cumming and then made her stop, over and over all night long. It must have driven her to distraction. She had been suffering all night, getting progressively more and more worked up and now it was going to get a great deal worse.

It gave Mistress V such a buzz to control sue like this, to control her orgasms. It made her feel so powerful. She was discovering the more she toyed and teased sue the more it turned her on. Sue’s submissiveness and obedience towards her was so exciting.

She could tell sue was following her orders perfectly because of the detailed e-mails she insisted sue send back to her at the end of each session in which she was to describe everything, how she felt and what she did.

It gave Mistress V such a powerful sexual rush to know the power she had over her slave.

She thought of sue lying naked on her bed, so frustrated and desperate to cum. Her fingers stroked and slid deeply into her pussy as she worked her way to another powerful orgasm.

At exactly 10 Porno izle p.m. as her Mistress had ordered sue knelt on her bed, her face pressed into the pillow and her naked bottom raised in the air.

She poured the lubricant between the cheeks of her bottom and used her thumb to press the thick smears of gel into her anus. The gel was cold and slippery and it dribbled down the cheeks of her bottom. She slowly inserted her thumb and carefully twisted it back and forth to soften the tight muscle until her thumb could enter with relative ease.

She was breathing deeply and quickly now and she screwed up her eyes as she prepared herself for what was to come. She placed the tip of the plug against the muscle and pushed. The tip of the plug entered, its broad softness beginning to stretch her. She pushed slowly and felt it slide inside her making her gasp.

Panting, her body quivering, she nudged it further in and a groan of pleasure escaped her lips. The feeling of having her rear filled grew more and more intense; the sensation of being forcibly stretched made her pussy ache and twitch.

She pushed again and felt it slide deeper inside her, hard and solid filling her, it felt unbelievably exquisite. She squirmed and arched her back, she felt stuffed and stretched and full.

Her body felt as though it had been invaded and abused. She felt so subservient, so submissive and humiliated. Her face burned with the shameful pleasure she felt.

With the plug deeply embedded sue rolled over on to her back, she could feel its hard solidness stretching her, forcing her cheeks wide apart. She moaned and reached for the vib, her breasts rising and falling with each ragged breath. Spreading her legs wide she slid the vib between the hot slick folds of her vulva and deep in to her pussy. She lay still for a moment drinking in the delicious sensation of being filled and stretched both front and rear. The vibrations in her pussy made her whimper and moan and she thrust the vib in and out feeling its hardness send shivers right through her. Warmth rippled through her pussy and her clit hardened and ached, she moaned feverishly and tossed her head from side to side. With a cry of frustration she forced herself to stop, her body jerking and writhing, her legs slithering across the bed as she frantically fought back another orgasm.

She lay still, her pussy throbbed with the urgent to cum, the sensation was almost too much to control and she shuddered with pleasure.

Again she slid the vib past her soaking folds pushing it deep in side her and at the same time her fingers teased and stroked her clit. Panting fast and shallowly she was agonisingly close to climaxing. She threw her head back and groaned, biting down on her lip and writhing on the bed.

Her whole body was washed with frustrated pleasure, her pussy throbbed from the relentless attention and her clit was swollen and ached like mad.

She wished she could let go and let her orgasm wash over her but she was a slave, she was the property of her Mistress and she must prove her devotion through her obedience.

She moaned feverishly and felt between her thighs to find the soft wet lips of her sex. Her fingers slid through the fleshy folds deep inside her where they stroked and rubbed. She ground her hips against her hand, squirming twisting. She twisted her fingers and slowly withdrew them bringing a shuddering gasp of ecstatic pleasure.

Her hips began to buck and she arched her back as she almost drove herself to fevered climax.

At precisely 11 p.m. as ordered, sue stopped. Exhausted and breathing hard she lay still, her body slick with perspiration, her thighs spread wide and her knees raised.

She whimpered, her sex was so sensitive it ached and throbbed from the relentless assault she had inflicted on it.

She was agonisingly aroused and the empty hollow unsatisfied sensation made her groan despairingly.

She pleaded and begged to everything that was holy that her Mistress would give her permission to cum tomorrow.

It would be a long sleepless night. Sue left the plug and vib inside her as her Mistress had instructed her to do and she tossed and turned all night. Full of sexual longing and frustration, no matter in what position she lay, the plug and vib kept her agonisingly aroused.

Tomorrow she would beg and plead with her Mistress to show mercy and let her cum. Surely she had deserved it through her devotion and obedience. Her Mistress must let her cum, surely.

Relaxed and pleasantly satisfied from several intense orgasms Mistress V closed her eyes. Her last thoughts before she drifted of to a deep peaceful sleep were of her slave girl. Poor sue, kept constantly aroused and yet kept so frustrated all night. Denying herself any pleasure because her Mistress would not allow it. She suffered all night just to please me.

“Perhaps I’ll let her cum tomorrow. …then again, maybe not.” Mistress V smiled.