Liz Ch. 02


I was soon balls deep inside Aurya again, my cock now pushed into her without being washed first, just as she asked of me earlier. My sexy, slutty, Middle Eastern wife wanted to be fucked bareback with a prick that still had another woman’s juices lingering to it? That worked for me. She seemed to really get off on the knowledge that I had raw dogged Liz, just as Ryan next to me enjoyed the fact that his fiancee still had another man’s cum in her twat.

Something about sloppy seconds and a buttered bun or marinated sausage made both of them especially turned-on. Perhaps it was the reclaiming sex, but in any case, I was quite happy to deliver the goods, as I apparently did from the way that Aurya creamed herself all over my dick. Then again, Liz also came very messily and noisily with her fiance/slave, Ryan, her screams of ecstasy echoing throughout our house thanks to the wonderful acoustics of the place.

It helped, no doubt that Ryan and I took our turns rimming each of the ladies with considerable appetite for their bottoms, something that both women seemed to really appreciate. Of course, that cause wasn’t hurt by the delicious flavors of both ladies’ butt-cracks, to be perfectly frank. I know that I relished the taste of each ass, and from the way that Ryan behaved, he reminded me of Winnie the Pooh with his head in the honey jar with each woman’s tush. They just plain had delectable derrieres.

The delightful wetness of Aurya’s hungry snatch certainly rubbed my cock the right way, as proved with every stroke as I rammed her good and hard from above. I went missionary this time because I wanted to see the expression on her face as she took a recently used dick attached to her own hubby inside her slick slit. I wasn’t disappointed by the response, as I noted earlier. She pushed back at me from beneath me, kissing me ardently with plenty of tongue and heat as she wrapped her legs around my waist and drew me further inside her body’s heat.

My wife’s whole body seemed to be electrified with her lust, not that I was a cool customer, either. My every nerve ending was raw as I took my lovely bride and reminded her with every thrust that she truly was mine and I still very much desired her, body and soul. Aurya made it plain that she hungered for my prick and the rest of my flesh as well to melt into hers, becoming one seamless entity of two bodies right then.

My wife and Liz’s fiance were definitely onto something with this reclaiming sex business. There was nothing like the rush of returning to my wife’s arms straight from another woman’s. It was a feeling akin to that of the conquering general returned to Rome with the victor’s laurels in the triumphal chariot, that heady wine of bringing back the booty that I plundered with my hard-won victory. Few things could possibly feel so alive, so exhilarating. I felt like a Caesar right then to be sure.

I wasn’t quite certain which of us came first, but Ryan and I both exploded close enough to the same time, spilling our seed inside our significant others at last. I pulled my good lady wife up and carried her to the shower to run it, washing down both of our bodies at last, as I felt that some freshening up would make us feel more comfortable and relaxed right at the moment. Besides, it was a chance to touch base with Aurya and gauge her mood going into the rest of the long evening that we had ahead of us.

“Oh, God, honey, that was the best sex I’ve had with you since we got together! Knowing that you had been intimate with Liz earlier, added to the whole atmosphere of sexual anticipation, the raunchy fun that she and I had together, not to mention the way that you and Ryan rimmed us … damn … I was already a live wire, but when you finally slid that used dick back into me, I felt a charge like nothing ever before. I could feel her juices mix with mine inside me, stirring with each other on every stroke … and getting to kiss you as we fucked … wow!” Aurya exulted, confirming what I hoped were her feelings on the matter and then some.

“So, you’re totally on Team Triple S now, am I right?” I teased Aurya as I fondled and washed her luscious olive skin.

“Triple S?” my wife asked me to clarify.

“Swapping, Sharing, and Swinging,” I answered with a grin.

“And slutdom … and slavery. I’m your slave now, remember? I mean it. I’m your slave-slut wife now. Make me do whatever you want me to do. Suck a hundred cocks? Done. Do a sex tape with you or Ryan or Liz? Done. Have a threesome with you and Liz while Ryan sits in a chair and watches us together, jacking off? Done. DP with you and anyone who you pick? Done. Gangbangs? Done. Get pregnant to you while Liz does the same and Ryan has to wait his turn to knock us both up? Done. I know what I suggested earlier, but the point is that you can supersede that if you wish and I will be more than game to trust your instincts over mine,” Aurya reassured me, wanting it plain as day that she was absolutely and unconditionally my property.

“What kocaeli escort if I wanted to use your mouth as my toilet?” I asked her, just curious as to her honest thoughts.

“Well, I’d have to probably rebel and take some kind of punishment rather than go for scat. That’s one of my handfuls of limits. Sorry, but that’s too much to stomach, literally. I hope that doesn’t anger you, even if it makes a liar of my boast about your unconditional slut. I just … Most things that I picture you asking me to do, nearly everything was something that I’d gladly do. I hadn’t even considered that scenario, to be perfectly honest… , ” Aurya bit her lower lip as I kissed her hungrily and stroked her face.

“Relax, I was just testing you, though part of me does fantasize about pissing on each other. Or even having a woman who will drink my piss whenever I ask of her. That can remain just a fantasy, dear. I knew what you meant, but I wanted to make sure that you had sensible limits and enough self-respect to draw a line somewhere. I want a willing slave who still has a mind of her own and is still my wife, too, not a mindless doormat who would literally let me do things that would turn my own stomach to her.

“Obedience is great and all, but I want to dominate an eager slut wife, not one who I somehow end up abusing. It’s not healthy for any man or woman to have such total sway over another person that the other person cannot withdraw his or her consent. That’s why Liz refused to even consider taking such absolute control of their finances. She wisely understood that consensual submission becomes abuse and chattel slavery if the person cannot freely walk away at any point if no longer willing to stay,” I reassured my lovely wife, who had been at the point of tears for a second.

“Thank you for that. I’m glad that you care about me as a person still, a woman, that I haven’t lost your respect, and that my submission hasn’t been seen as a sign that I’m a pathetic bitch who will grovel and take any crap and abuse that someone sends my way. I’m still a woman, still a person, still a human being with rights and dignity, etc. I just happen to want to submit to a man, particularly you, and with what you just did, you reaffirmed why I love and trust you enough to surrender my power to you freely and happily.

“You truly are a loving, benevolent Master, not an abuser or bully who takes advantage of any perceived weakness to coerce others into doing whatever he wished. It’s one thing to roleplay, quite another to give up all of my autonomy and become someone’s object or possession rather than a person in my own right. This is why I married you, among other reasons that I’ve told you in the past. You treat me like a princess or queen, yet you also push my limits and guide me where we both want to go. You lead the dance, but you don’t tread on my shoes or feet. That’s a fine line and you’ve never crossed it yet,” Aurya kissed me even more feverishly than before.

“Hey, I married you for a variety of reasons, one of which is that you really are a woman after my own heart, at the risk of being cliche. You’re my kind of slut, my kind of girl. So is Liz, but you got in first and that in itself puts you ahead of her in my estimation. You wanted me enough that when she was gone, you grabbed me with both hands and didn’t look back. So, I dare say that you’re even more my kind of woman than she is, though she’s close. Close, but no cigar in this particular case,” I told my wife as she caressed my own flesh while soaping me up.

“Close enough for my liking, though. I rather like how close she is to us. And Ryan, too. I’m glad that we’re going to add them to our lives and our marriage. To our family. We should all go in together on a new, larger home, pooling our resources to improve our lifestyle, which is already pretty sweet, but can improve, I think. At the risk of topping from the bottom, of course,” Aurya declared, much to my delight.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. Did you read my mind or something?” I winked at her as I turned off the water and lifted her out of the shower to dry her off with a towel.

“We’re just on the same spiritual wavelength. We’re on the same page, babe. We’re both, what’s that word, I think? Polyamorous? Yes, I think that’s it. You love me. You love Liz. Liz loves you. She loves Ryan, too. Love could easily grow between Liz and me, perhaps even Ryan and me, maybe even Ryan and you. But, in any case, we have the basic building blocks of a strong kitchen table arrangement, I think. One where everyone shares and revels in the knowledge of the sharing, but also enjoys the daily routines that are enriched by each other’s company in even platonic matters.

“Take you men, for instance. Even if nothing happened between Ryan and you sexually, you guys could still form a strong brotherly bond over so much in common, such as sharing women and helping maintain a great home. You could joke, clown around, repair household issues together, visit the hardware store together, watch the game together, go fishing or golfing, shoot some hoops, share some beer, shoot some guns together, hunt, compare notes about us girls and any other women that you get to fuck, etc. That’s good, too.

“We girls could be girlfriends in every meaning of the term, not just the lesbian context. We could go shopping together, get our pedicures and manicures and hair styled together. We could gossip about you two men and other men in our lives, both sex partners and platonic friends, hang out with some cool gay guys, scheme to get them into bed with you sexy men, try to set up some of our horny and lonely gal pals with you guys for dates that end in them getting fucked by you guys as they really deserve, have some wine, do parties, do play dates together, etc. Watch chick flicks together, you get the idea. Find some hobbies together. Play some tennis.

“By the way, my limit is drawn at scat. Golden showers are perfectly fine with me. I can’t speak for Liz, of course. So, piss away in my mouth or on my skin, just give me a chance to wash my mouth or my flesh afterward. I’m your piss whore as well as your cum slut. Just thought that you should know that, too,” my wife elaborated a bit, her words generally showing me that we were absolutely thinking along the same lines about our future.

“That’s … very nice to know, babe. Thank you for that. And, yes, it’s quite clear that we think much the same way about this and probably always have. What a wife! I picked a winner!” I slapped Aurya on her fine Assyrian booty as we exited the bathroom, still naked.

An eager Liz greeted both of us with enthusiastic tongue kisses before gesturing at the shower and waiting for my answer.

“Guys, this is your home now, too. We’ll be living together, if Aurya and I have our way, very soon, the sooner the better. Make yourselves at home. In the shower. In the kitchen. In bed. You get the picture,” I encouraged the other couple as Liz smacked Ryan one on the tush, too, before going into the shower and not bothering to close the door.

I could hear the water running and some more playful swats through the open door as Aurya walked down the hallway to the kitchen in the nude. My wife got the leftovers out and began heating them, knowing by now that my appetite was very high after sex. Anyway, she wanted us all to have the strength and stamina for a lot more fucking tonight. Such a great wife, I thought again, getting us a great meal together for orgy fuel! How many wives would do that? I was a truly lucky man, wasn’t I?

“You know, she means it when she says that she’s your cum slut, right? I can just tell. I love it! I mean, I really do! Someone else who shares my addiction to your wonderful cock! I know that you don’t ever have to ask me ahead of time before fucking me and I’m quite sure that she feels much the same way. That’s pretty obvious. She adores Ryan, don’t get me wrong, and she’ll never deny him sex, either. She just desires you roughly as much. The only edge that he has is that she is protective and nurturing toward him, as a Domme should be toward her subbie boy toy. So if it ever comes to both of you wanting her body at once, I’m pretty sure that it will be DP time, won’t it?” Aurya encouraged my lust toward Liz, not that I was too stunned by that.

“I think that he’ll likely be submissive with you, too, you know. Just not as much as with her,” I noted as I prepared what didn’t require heating.

“And toward you, if you wish it. That much is clear. He’ll suck your cock like nobody’s business, but only if you want it. She’ll submit to you, too, though not as completely as I do, of course. You’re clearly the head of this household, babe. Cock of the walk. You take your pleasure as you wish and the rest of us take our cues from you. I think that she would even submit to me if you asked it of her and I know that I would gladly submit to her! Just sayin’, honey, that you’ll find that this new arrangement is going to work out particularly well for you, lucky bastard,” my wife teased me somewhat, but she was also earnestly pleased with herself with having helped create my new harem.

“So, if I asked you to drink her piss or Ryan’s, you would?” I tested her a little more.

“With pleasure,” Aurya told me, smiling before licking her lips in obvious delight at the thought.

“Is that so? I’ll have to remember that,” I mockingly threatened Aurya before slapping her again on the buttocks.

“Redden my buns as much as you please, Master. I’m quite thrilled to be your naughty little slut wife!” Aurya pushed her booty back at my hands.

This was just seconds before my wonderful wife took the food out of the microwave and plating it as well as pouring more shots of tequila with salt and lime for us and our new lovers. Smart girl, I thought. Tequila was always a panty-dropper, or so I heard, but if the panties were already dropped, what else was left to do but fuck until the light of day? Tomorrow was Sunday, anyway, and I was certainly in no mood to attend church, being Jewish myself. Aurya was a Christian herself, of course, of the Assyrian variety, but she could take her pick of services to attend whenever she wished. If Jesus didn’t like that, he must have been asexual or something.

I felt pretty darn frisky by then, so I began actively groping Aurya, feeling my wife up in a way that she relished, of course. I even poured my shot of tequila down her back, just in time to see Liz walk up to us and lick it all off her skin before I could think up a protest. Liz winked at me and poured another shot, downing it before closing in on my mouth for a wild and raunchy tongue kiss now. Then she knelt and put her lips on Aurya’s butt, kissing and licking it for good measure before returning to my mouth to swap spit with me.

“Sorry, I was just curious as to how Aurya’s sweat would taste to both of us mixed with tequila. Now I know! Delicious! Every last drop! Here, Ryan, do the same for me! Pour some down Jake’s back and tongue his ass with it on his skin! Then kiss me afterward!” Liz ordered her hubby.

Ryan didn’t even hesitate to pour some booze down my spine toward my crack and lick his way to my puckered bunghole. He parted my cheeks and began eagerly kissing my bum before licking up every single drop of the booze that he could find on my flesh. Then he slipped Liz enough tongue to qualify for a butcher’s shop, much to her brazen delight. The part that stunned me was the greed with which he rimmed me, to be perfectly candid. I never would have guessed that Ryan would really throw himself into the act so completely.

“Yep, the perfect blend of salt, lime, and tequila there!” Ryan laughed before planting a tongue kiss on Aurya, who didn’t even pretend to object.

“Something about butt sweat is especially delicious when mixed with tequila and lime, much as I hoped. They’re right about that. Here, honey. Try it. On Liz,” my wife encouraged me to do the same and I went for it with gusto.

They were all quite right. Liz’s bottom tasted even better than usual with the tequila, salt, and lime flavors mixed together with her sweat. I ran my tongue along the crack of her sweet ass and she backed into me with her hips, grinding with pleasure at my mouth to feed me more of her fine culo. I licked her buns, too, making her curl her toes so much that she nearly lost her balance and fell. It was touch and go whether Liz had the yummiest booty in the world or Aurya did, but it was a very close competition indeed.

“Okay, enough for now or we’ll get far too plastered to bother to eat actual food, and we won’t get to have the rest of our fun until the morning when we wake up starving,” I had to play the killjoy for just long enough to remind people to eat something other than ass.

“Yeah, we really should save dessert for later,” Liz winked at me before planting herself on my lap.

“Does this mean that I can sit on Ryan’s lap, then?” Aurya asked Liz and me, both of us smiling as we looked at each other and nodded.

“Help yourself, sweetie. A woman with a booty that delicious should absolutely get the privilege of sitting on my man’s lap. From now on, I might start calling Aurya ‘sweet cheeks,’ among other pet names, of course,” Liz licked her lips as we dug into the scrumptious supper.

“Feel free to grind away, too,” I encouraged my wife to rub her bottom against Ryan’s dick so that he would be forced to dry hump her.

“Oh, God, yes! I certainly plan to!” Liz made her point very clear when she began pressing her culo against my cock to excite me.

“God, woman! You really know how to turn me on there, baby!” I groaned as we ate our delicious meal of classic Middle Eastern dishes.

“I’m your cum slut, remember? I wasn’t lying or kidding about that! This is what cum sluts do!” Liz reminded me, even as she took a bite out of my shawarma and fed me some of her kefta.

“Does that include being my butt slut, too?” I teased Liz, who nodded before giving me her most fervent kiss yet, one hot enough to melt lead.

“Always. Your. Slut. Always. This is yours. Take it whenever you wish! Isn’t that right, Ryan?” Liz turned to her intended, who grunted a “yes” as my wife kept teasing and feeding him in turns.

“I don’t care if you fuck Liz half an hour before the wedding and she walks down the aisle smelling of wild, steamy sex and your hot jizz. Feel free to do her that way! Be my guest, just as we’ve been your guests here. I don’t care if you tell her to pull a train with all of the groomsmen and the priest. She could stand there at the altar with a thousand loads of white-hot cum running down the crack of her sweet, brown ass and her legs. She could be drooling spunk down the sides of her mouth, dribbling off her chin, and under her bra down between her tits, and I would still happily take my vows to her. I just want her to be happy, horny, and hungry for more of me!” Ryan freely confessed what we already knew about him … he was a very happy cuckold or whatever of a very wild woman.