It’s Good To Be Me Pt. 03


A lot of good things transpired with Jessie since my last chapter. We both ended up going away to school together. Jessie and I took off to NC State with both of us just taking generic courses. Not only that, but Deano’s ice hockey scholarship took him to Boston College. Oh darn. Poor Deano and good for me. Jessie and I are finally an official item. Both families were happy for us, so we ended up getting an apartment together at school. Of course, with all the different programs we were in completely opposite ends of the school during classes and some of our classes overlapped. A couple days a week, we didn’t see each other from 8am until late afternoon, not even for a quick kiss. Such is life.

It was good living together. We already knew we had good chemistry and now that we’re exclusive, it’s just like being married. I guess that can be taken either way, depends on if you like marriage or not. Anyhow, the time away from each other, just made us stronger and more appreciative of each other. No different than at home, we both still brought new ideas to the sex life. One new thing we added to our repertoire was internet porn movies.

We watched pretty much every genre there is. We really enjoyed some of the movies that centered around the college dorms and parties. We both noticed an extra level of intensity in our fuck sessions after watching some videos. It was just one of many different tools in our sexual toolbox.

We ended up attending some wild parties that were just like in the movies. We did a lot of flirting with other people and even did some naughty stuff for the videos that were being taken, but neither of us actually fucked anybody else.

As mid-terms rolled around, Jessie got into a couple study groups. She would meet a gang of 5 or 6 other kids in the library for an hour here or there during the week. I preferred to keep it small with my group only being 1 or 2 others. Of course, with both of us in different curriculums, we didn’t have any mutual classes. It was during a quiet night of relaxing when she hit him with some questions out of the blue. We were lying in bed watching the last of one of our favorite shows when she turned sideways facing me and propped her head on her elbow.

“Jam? Do you ever flirt with other girls? I mean, I know you do when we’re partying, but like, when you’re not with me.”

Oh shit. Where is this going? Have I done something wrong that I should know about? I tried thinking as quickly as I could, but didn’t want to appear to give anything away.

“Um, I don’t know. I guess I never really thought about it. Why, what’s up?”

“Nothing really. I just sorta wanted to know if you do it or not. It’s no big deal, I think flirting is a natural thing between 2 people.”

After thinking about it for a moment, I did come up with that cutie in my anatomy class. I don’t even know her name, but we talked for a couple minutes when I ran into her on the sidewalk one day and she was good at batting her eyes when we spoke and flipping her hair. She definitely gave off a flirty vibe.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, so yeah…I guess I flirt somtimes.”

I left it hanging to see if she was going to continue, but she sorta clammed up and looked a bit uncomfortable, so I offered some bait.

“Let me guess. You’ve been flirting with a guy and now you’re feeling guilty.”

Her face blushed a cute shade of red as she tried to look away. Bingo!!

She looked back up at me with puppy eyes and I consoled her fears.

“Relax baby, just like you said, it’s natural. A little harmless flirting certainly isn’t gonna get me worked up. You’re not doing anything else, right?”

Jessie has a ton of friends and gets plenty of male attention. She always has. She’s cute and has a great personality and people just love to hang around her, so this isn’t really a surprise or concern. Suddenly, she seemed as if she needed to confess something.

“No. But, at 1st, I just thought me and this boy were doing some innocent flirting, but he keeps asking me out.”

That struck me as odd. Why would he ask her out repeatedly if she has a boyfriend?”

“What did he say when you told him you already have a steady?”

She looked down again, not sure how to tell me.

“Well, I ummm…haven’t exactly…told him I have a boyfriend. I just sorta left that part out of the conversation.”

Okay, that’s different, but not quite a relationship emergency yet. A little more digging just might clear some things up.

“Okay, so why haven’t you said anything to him yet? Do you like the attention?”

She bit her bottom lip and gave me a slight nod. She wasn’t sure how I was going to react, but still had her hand on my chest as if that were going to keep things smooth. I kept the momentum going with more questions.

“And let me guess, he’s a hunk.”

Another awkward nod.

“I see.”

I let that sit for a minute and searched her eyes to see if there was something more than harmless flirting that made her feel good. Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort It sorta turned me on, the idea of seeing her flirt with another guy. I enjoyed watching her flirt at the parties. Earlier, I said we’ve done a few naughty things at the parties. As part of winning and losing at the drinking games, oral sex comes into play.

The girls have to give blowjobs to random guys and the guys have to lick pussy with random girls. It actually made for some exciting sex, later in bed on those nights. But this is a bit different, as she’s out on her own while this is happening. I know that sounds crazy, but I should be jealous and shouting at her. But for some reason, it’s getting me a bit aroused.

“Okay, well, no big deal I guess. You don’t have plans of hooking up with him, right? I mean, you’re not gonna cheat on me or break up with me?”

She didn’t answer right away, so I knew there was an ulterior motive of some kind. I just looked her in the eye and stayed quiet waiting for an answer. She took a few minutes to compose her thoughts and then spilled the beans.

“Well, it started out harmless enough and yes, I think he’s hot. But the more I’m around him, the more I find myself kinda…attracted to him. I sorta got to thinking about our night with Laney and my thoughts sorta snowballed from there, if you know what I mean.”

Holy shit, Laney. Back when Jessie and I were fuck buddies in our senior year of high school, Laney enlisted her help in learning some sex techniques from me. It ended up being a full blown 3-way. It never occurred to me that Jessie might want to turn the tables and have a 3-way with me and another guy. But the writing is on the wall. Okay, my first response is ‘what the fuck’?

But in reality, why not? We’re very in tune with one another and quite secure in our relationship. Besides, I sorta do owe her. Would it really hurt? I guess it’s only fair. How about I see exactly what she really wants and then go from there?

“Wow, okay, guess I just never thought of that. It never really occurred to me that you’d want to try that?”

“Please don’t misunderstand Jam. It’s not like I’ve been thinking or planning it. It just kinda hit out of the blue. It’s not like you owe me or anything, it was just me thinking out loud, I guess. I thought it might be cool, you know? Trust me, if you say no, I’m not going to be mad or anything, it’s just …a thought, that’s all. But a very interesting thought.”

It’s pretty good thought though, especially if she’s attracted to the guy. Seriously? I don’t have an issue with this. I’m gonna be part of it, so she’s not cheating on me. We’ve done some crazy shit so far and I guess it’s just due time that things progress further. I’m sorta warming up to the idea and trying to see how much fun I can make it.

“Alright then, let’s just say that I’m okay with this. How do you think things would play out?”

“Well, I’m not really sure how I could spring it on him. He might not like that idea with you already being my boyfriend, I hope it wouldn’t scare him away, so I guess I’m open for suggestions. He’s asked me to meet him at an off-campus party on Friday night and he’s dying for me to get back to him. Maybe we can just start drinking and then when things get mellow, I can suggest it. We pretty much have a clean slate to start drawing something up.”

We both spent some time thinking of a potential game plan. And we came up with a few good options. After tossing ideas and variables back and forth, we came up with a general plan and then just wing it as things play out. She would go to the party to meet up with him. But conveniently, she would also meet me too, except, I wouldn’t be there as her boyfriend, just another guy that she meets and wants to get to know better. She would say that she can’t decide which one of us to be with, so we can both have her at the same time. It was very basic and most of it would happen on the fly. This could be cool. We spent quite a bit of time discussing this and that.

The rest of the week went by quickly with neither of us broaching the subject. I wasn’t even sure if things were still on or not. It wasn’t until late morning on Friday when she got a text from her new buddy. She giggled as she texted back and forth several times. I didn’t bother inquiring, I just let her have her fun.

So, it finally came time to get ready and of course, I was done in 20 minutes. Took her over an hour, but it sure was worth the wait. When she finally came out to the tv room, my jaw literally dropped. She was wearing some white spandex leggings, tight all the way to the ankle. They rode way down on her hips and the strings of her thongs panties actually appeared out and up the sides, riding high on her hips. The spandex was wedge up in her cunt creating the meanest camel toe on this side of the Mississippi.

The seam of the pants also separated her meaty ass cheeks, making her even hotter. Her top was a simple plain black tube top. Who the fuck still wears tube Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort tops? And a bra? Nope, no room under a tube top for that. Of course, here firm 36D breasts were barely covered and ready to make an escape. She wore some 3″ hoochie mama shoes that made her as tall as me.

Her outfit included her mesh trucker hat that said ‘Boy Crazy’ on it and huge hoop earrings. The ensemble was topped off with her big neon blue nerdy glasses that aren’t even a prescription. They just have glass in them for the effect. Of course, her tramp stamp and naval piercing were on complete display. To top it off, she wore some slutty fingerless mesh gloves. When she smiled, those sexy silver braces shined as if they had just been polished.

She did a pirouette and my cock got hard fast. She stepped over and gave me a quick little kiss and off we went. There wasn’t any conversation other than her giving me directions. I dropped her off block out and she walked the rest of the way. I parked out front and came in 5 minutes later, so as not to be seen together.

By the time I made my way in, Jessie was chatting with a group of people. As people came and went, they hugged her and some even made comments regarding her outfit. I couldn’t hear any of it as I was standing across the room. She struck some poses, so her body language indicated some compliments had been given. Nobody paid any attention to me, which was good. She knew some of the people here from various classes, but none of those people knew me.

As she made her way from group to group, I could see various guys trying to flirt with her. But it was obvious that there was no connection, so I still hadn’t figured out which guy was hers. Suddenly, her demeanor changed, and a huge smile crossed her face, she must have spied him from across the room. I looked to where she was facing, but didn’t see anybody that stood out. She thrust her chest out and pulled her shoulders back as she nervously danced from foot to foot in anticipation.

Just then, a guy emerged from the crowd and gave her a huge hug as if they were long lost friends. Her guy, obviously. He lifted her hand and twirled her around, eye fucking my girlfriend right there, with everybody standing around. I could read his lips enough to know that he was impressed and complimenting her on the outfit. She turned 3 shades of red and thanked him.

The biggest thing that stuck out, was the fact that he was black. Come to think about it, she never told me his name or even described him at all. But a black guy was quite the shock. I guess I don’t have anybody to blame, but myself. I just assumed the guy was white and that just makes me an ass.

However, I found myself quite aroused by the contrast in their skin colors. Interracial porn is just one of the many genres we’ve watched. No more or no less than any other, but I get hard just the same. My mind went into overdrive, replaying some of the scenes I’ve watched over the course of time. This could be pretty good, my girlfriend getting fucked by a black guy and me. Let’s get this party started. The plan was for them to dance a bit, before she gave me a pre-determined signal. Then she would head to the bathroom and coincidentally, meet me.

Right from the get go, they settled into some nice, tightly connected dirty dancing. Nothing overly physical, just the norm for today’s standards. Her heels put her the same height as him, so they matched up quite well and looked good together. For the first few songs, his hands were on her, but in a very innocent way that indicated they were just dancing. But things changed quickly.

She spun around and with her hands in the air, he was spooning her. Her back was pressed tightly to his chest as their bodies melted together as they danced around. His dark hands went to her hips, while she deliberately gyrated her ass against his crotch. His grip tightened as he met her with the same movement while he dries humped my girlfriend in in a very slow and provocative manner, even though there were tons of people around.

She moved her hands down to his, and their fingers were interlocked while still on her the smooth skin of her waist. Nobody was paying attention as they were all caught up in their own connections. But it was obvious, this was the guy alright. I can see she’s been doing some pre-game planning on her own.

She was supposed to make eye contact with me and give me a signal that it was time to progress, but I never got it. She must have forgotten. I moved around a bit, trying to get in her field of view, but without success. She never looked for me and I couldn’t get her attention. She was absolutely focused on him. After a bit, they went to the drink table and made themselves some mixed drinks. She gulped hers down and quickly made another. They talked and laughed for a few minutes, with neither of them really breaking physical contact. Either he had his arm around her waist or she curled up around his arm as it hung by his side as if they were Kadıköy Vip Escort boyfriend and girlfriend.

Not once had she looked my way yet, and I was getting edgy, waiting for my turn. A new variable suddenly entered the mix while I waited patiently for her to give me the signal. Another black guy walked up to them. The first guy introduced her to the second guy and they shook hands. He held her hand a bit too long for my taste, but then it ended. They talked for a minute and then she grabbed each of them by a hand and dragged them to the middle of the dance floor.

Immediately, she was smashed between like the white filling of an Oreo cookie. Both of were taking the liberty of grinding their crotches against her which she allowed. Every minute or so, she spun around, giving each guy an opportunity to be in front. Then, without warning, she began to make out with the first guy. Okay, what the fuck? Where did this come from? And to top it off, my girlfriend Jessie was the one who initiated it. The guy behind her had a firm grip on her curvy hips and was dry humping the fuck outta her meaty ass.

This wasn’t part of the plan and I just might have to intervene and find out. But I couldn’t move. I was absolutely mesmerized with the sight of my girlfriend getting groped by these guys. My heart raced as I felt my breathing pick up. A brief wash of dizziness came and went, and my vision cleared. She alternated back and forth, kept spinning around, so they each had a chance to kiss her. Neither one seemed to care that they were getting each other’s saliva. I kept trying to keep them in view, but the dance crowd was pretty thick. Then she whispered into the first guy’s ear and she began to drag them by the hand, heading my way. My heart raced as I tried to gather up the nerve to ask her what was going on.

She was on a mission, with her two black buddies and almost passed right by me in a big rush. The only thing she said as she cruised in front of me was, “Things kinda changed, follow me.” Before I could even reply, she was headed out the front door with her black boy toys in tow.

Okay, so she’s gonna have these two guys compete against each other to see which one goes home with us. This could be good. She likes to have fun with competitions and stuff, so I’m sure I’ll be entertained with whatever she comes up with. I jumped into gear and followed them into the yard towards a quiet spot. They had stopped and spun around upon my arrival. Jessie saw the inquisitive look on my face, but began talking, in order to keep me from questioning things. She looked to the first guy and spoke.

“LaVon, this is my boyfriend Jam.”

He looked at me a bit shocked and then back to her with a reply.

“Dang, baby girl. I didn’t know you was already hitched.”

She just played it nonchalantly and coyly.

“You never asked. I guess I just forgot to tell you. And Jam, this is LaVon, the guy from my study group I’ve been telling you about.”

Well, she didn’t really tell me shit other than she was hot for some guy, so I hope I don’t show too much shock and surprise. While we shook hands, she nodded her head towards the second guy.

“And this is his cousin Gerard.”

He just gave me a nod and some kind of hand sign that must have been a greeting. I nodded my head in response and was getting ready to ask her about this new dilemma.

“Well guys, here’s the deal, my boyfriend here wants to see me get fucked by two black guys, how’s that for a headline.”

Okay, somehow, I missed that memo, so now I’m utterly shocked and flabbergasted. How did this change and why wasn’t I made aware of the new plans? Well, I guess this is my notification, but I still have some questions. Was this her plan all along?

“But honey, I thought the whole 3-way thing was for me to be included.”

She played dumb again as she manipulated the cards to fall her way, in order to give herself the winning hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry, you must have misunderstood me. The 3-way we decided to try 1st was with me and 2 black boys. Sorry baby, I’ll make it up to you next time, I promise.”

Bull shit. She knows full well what the original plan was, because there had only been 1 plan. But I certainly can’t call her out on it now. She just might kick my ass to the curb and I’m out of the picture completely.

“Uhhhhh…ummmmm…okay…yeah, I guess I got mixed up.”

She stopped me cold and gave me a perturbed look as if I was totally forgetting something. She looked back to LaVon and Gerard.

“Sorry guys, he can be a bit forgetful at times. It goes like this. One night last week, after we fucked, we played a little game called ‘Fess Up’. We each have to fess up some things about our sex lives with previous partners. Of course, Jam told me how much he liked to watch his previous girlfriends getting fucked by black boys.”

They elbowed each other, and LaVon replied.

“Daggone girlfriend, dat’s fuckin hot. We can hook you up wif dat.”

“Well, that’s where it gets a bit exciting, because I’ve never been with a black boy before. But Jam told me that everything would be alright, and he would be right there to watch, to make sure everything is going the way he likes. He even told me that having two boys at the same time would be the best way to test the waters. So…here we are.”