I’d known him a little while, a few months at my new work, we got to be quite good friends. I knew Eddie was gay, I was straight, this was just information, I didn’t need to persuade myself this was fine, no more than I had to persuade myself it was okay he was black, this was who he was, who I was. I guess I knew he had a slight thing for me, I didn’t mind, I slightly liked it, if anything. We started meeting on Saturday mornings for games of tennis, outdoors in summer, going for a beer afterwards. In winter we found an indoor club. One with changing rooms, showers. This was a thing. The first time I got there with my kit already on, and didn’t shower after. Eddie found this fairly amusing. He stripped quickly before the game, I didn’t look, then after to take his shower, I caught a quick glimpse of his bare ass.

This was silly, I told myself, so what if Eddie liked men. The next week I got there in normal clothes. Eddie noticed.

“Feeling brave?”

“Just, you know, control yourself.”

“I’ll try.”

We undressed together, shirts, socks and trousers, I hesitated in my underwear, I couldn’t help it. Eddie took his off first, facing me, bending and pushing off his white cotton briefs. Did he linger for longer than he really had to, looking for his shorts? I looked. Jesus. It was different, there was no pretending, I’d been naked in changing rooms before, even in front of men I knew, friends, other playing partners. Knowing Eddie though, having known him for as long as I had, knowing he liked men, knowing he liked me. And here I was, ready to let him look at my nude body. I was having strange thoughts, in the fractions of seconds before I stripped, aware of my body, my chest, my ass, the shape of me. It was the feeling of being looked at with erotic interest, being examined, judged. I realised, it was not unpleasant.

I pushed my own boxer shorts off and stood up naked. Both of us together for a few seconds. God Eddie looked beautiful naked, his body was lean, ripped, skin a light brown, like milk chocolate, covered with tight black curls. I stared, I didn’t stare, I glanced, the thick bush above his bare penis, trailing up to his dark navel. Jesus, he looked quite large, he was circumcised, I knew most American men were, his scrotum was firm, a round pouch behind his long, fleshy cock, his smooth brown tip fully exposed, wider than his soft stem, wobbling as Eddie moved.

He looked at me, pretending to be aroused. And that gaze, like a doctor’s, the same feeling. I was hyper aware of each part of my exposed body, concentrating around my crotch, around the bare tip of my penis. Eddie could look, was looking, could see my cock, could see me, see my pale skin, I was slim, in some sort of shape, hair across my chest and belly, thick dark curls above my dick. I knew what I was like though, when I was soft, my scrotum was taut, pulling my balls up high. I wasn’t circumcised, I felt my dick wobble as I turned. Eddie didn’t pretend not to look, to check me out, he saw my tight pouch, and my soft, slim dick, as pale as the rest of my body, a crinkle of skin covering the end, it tapered, almost, to a small point, pushed up by my balls, almost sticking out, almost horizontal. I was smaller, smaller than most guys I knew, when I was soft, my balls, my cock slim, like a curled petal of male sex.

Well, we had seen each other, we knew what the other looked like naked. We played our game.

And then showered. Now we’d seen each other, it seemed silly not to strip and shower together after we played. We’d both worked up a sweat, Eddie undressed, pulling off his T-shirt, his socks and trainers, then his shorts. He stood up, completely nude, gloriously nude, tall, so strong looking, this near perfect male body, shining with sweat, glistening wet as he stood and had a long drink of cold water. I stripped as I glanced at him, at his soft cock, smaller from exercise, his large testicles held tighter now inside their dark brown pouch, his dick seemed to curve over his balls, Jesus it was a thing of beauty, so smooth, his skin so dark, his stem looked almost as thick as mine when I was completely stiff, and that exposed tip, so thick, the rim of it so wide.

I stood and took the bottle of water, standing naked, feeling the trickle of sweat between my ass cheeks, within my pubic hair, along the length of my soft cock. I had to admit it to myself, this felt nice, standing nude in front of another guy, who was also nude, in front of my friend, my gay friend, both of us apparently just taking a breath, a moment, before walking to the showers, feeling the sweat drip along our naked bodies, prickling my scalp, I felt the hot moisture along the cleft of my ass, over my hairy scrotum.

We chatted as we walked, I knew this was deliberate, for both of us, walking without a towel, without anything covering us, our bodies exposed, our asses bare, our penises bouncing and swaying. We chatted, pretending this was nothing, as we stepped under the water and cooled off. Eddie didn’t seem bothered at all by being naked, seemed so at ease walking, his bare penis swaying in front of acıbadem escort his legs, knocking between his thighs, then showering, washing his firm body, looking, he stared at me as we spoke, looking down, looking at my bare body, soaping himself, lathering suds in his chest hair, his pubic hair, lifting his soft cock, pulling it through his fingers, then turning into the water, I stared at my friend’s smooth bare ass, full and firm, a fuzz of dark hair, thickening along the cleft of it, the shadowy split between each of his round cheeks.

I barely dared to touch myself, I wasn’t sure I was going to start to get hard in front of him, I stroked my skin as Eddie turned back around, both facing each other again, feeling the tightness of my own chest, my abdomen, stroking into my thick bush, letting my slim dick flop up and down as I washed myself, fuck, I slid my foreskin back, knowing Eddie was looking, let the tiny smooth tip of my cock slip into view and soaping around it.

Eddie turned his tap off, I followed suit, we walked, dripping wet, shining with water, my small cock bouncing, almost stiffly, up and down as I stepped, Eddie’s large, fleshy prick swinging in front of him, slapping from thigh to thigh.

This became our routine, all through summer, we went to work, went out for drinks after at least once a week, then met up on Saturday mornings for a game. We sat in the same office, I glanced, and remembered the sight of Eddie’s nude body, his firm muscles, his skin, his large dick. I let my imagination wander, it seemed harmless, sitting, re-creating the moment of undressing, seeing him, being seen, I imagined him at home, in his flat, naked, walking in and out of rooms, lying on his bed, his perfect ass facing up, rolling over, his cock casually erect. I sat at my desk and felt my own cock stiffen.

I found myself looking forward to Saturdays more and more. I started picking Eddie up in my car, driving us both there. We found a spot in the changing room, and stripped together. We seemed to be taking longer each week to change into our tennis gear, spending as much time as possible with each other naked. I knew this was turning into something, despite being straight, having a girlfriend, never having thought about another guy like this, I felt it, each time Eddie pushed his tight briefs away from his body, each time I saw the spring of his black pubic hair, then the thick length of his beautiful cock, his dark stem, his thick, smooth tip.

I pushed off my underwear, I couldn’t explain why, it was part of the pleasure knowing my cock was smaller, I knew it was, tight, slim like my little finger, not even as long, shielded within a wrinkled mass of pale skin.

We played, worked up our sweats, stripped again, dripping hot and wet, taking more time to stand and drink, both of us naked, looking, each week making less and less effort to pretend we weren’t, walking, moving, I couldn’t stop looking at my friend, his firm round ass, his shoulders, drawing into his slim waist, his dick, it wasn’t enormous, I don’t want to suggest he was huge, big though, noticeably so, bigger than most other men we saw in the club, and cut, which most of the other guys weren’t, the way his tip was so visible, how it jumped off his thighs as he walked. Eddie looked at me as I stripped, as I showered.

“Is it okay to say?”?


“How completely attractive you are Jans, you are such a beautiful man.”


“Ha, I mean it, is it okay for me to look, and say so?”

“Um, yes, it is.”

So he looked, I let him, I didn’t quite admit how much his gaze was starting to turn me on, was starting to turn me. On our fifth summer Saturday, we were showering, staring, the water flowing from the dark tip of Eddie’s dick, cascading along the smooth lines of his back, over his tight ass, over me, we washed, facing each other, Eddie stared, unapologetically, down, devouring my naked body, stopping in the middle of me, staring at my soft, slippery wet dick. I watched Eddie slide his fingers over himself, over his belly, into his hair, around his long cock. And, I did the same. What was this, what the fuck was I doing? I had some soap, some slather, I rubbed my fingers into my pubic hair, and stroked my fingers along my dick, pulling my hand down along the length of it, Eddie was doing the same. I held myself – was I still washing, could I pretend I was? – I let go of, I knew he was watching, I stood naked and faced him, I could see he was – was he? – stroking his cock now? Was this still just showering? I felt an electric tremor of arousal. I felt my cock start to tremble. I looked. Oh god. Eddie was sliding his fingers along his stem, from his base to his tip. HIs cock was getting bigger, as I watched, still not touching myself, I saw Eddie’s dick lift out, up, it straightened, he let go of himself, wanting me to see his arousal. And I let him see mine. I felt the thickening of my stem, I felt myself getting longer, dizzying pulses of sensation, Eddie’s dick started to rise up near the horizontal, fuck, I’d never seen this happen, not in life, atalar escort so close, so real, my friend’s cock was lifting up, out, I could feel mine doing the same, both of us, naked, offering this glorious proof of arousal to each other.

There was movement behind us, voices.

We turned into the water, putting our backs to the men entering the shower, turning the water to its coldest setting. I willed my hard-on away. Stood, without touching, glancing at the two new guys, as naked as we were, older, bigger, I saw their shoulders, their hairy chests, they turned and nodded to us, I nodded, hoping my cock didn’t look hard any more, perhaps only bigger, than it was naturally. I looked at theirs, what was happening to me, I wanted to see these men, their sculpted wet hair, their soft dicks, one longer than the other, hanging down more, his foreskin curled beyond the tip of it, his friend thicker, his fat cock bunched up within his foreskin, poking out from his wet mass of dark pubic hair.

I looked away, I felt myself starting to stiffen again.

When we walked back, both of our penises were still retaining some residue of our arousal, I felt the heaviness of mine, longer than usual, hanging lower, and Eddie’s, straighter, it jerked in front of him, it didn’t swing, it bounced with his stiffness.

We dressed in silence. We had to say something. We didn’t, until we were in the car.



“Listen, it doesn’t need to mean anything.”


“You know.”

“Sorry, I do, yeah.”

“It doesn’t mean anything. Does it?”

“Doesn’t it?”

There was nothing else said until we got to Eddie’s apartment.

“Quick coffee?”

“Um, got to shoot, meeting Klara”

“Sure, speak later.”

“Bis bald.”


I wanted to go up, I wanted to carry on. I chickened out. I kidded myself I was thinking of Klara. We’d been seeing each other a few months, we were still pretty eager to fuck whenever we could, I didn’t think it would be odd to go round to hers a little early, open the bottom door to her building, without letting her know I was coming over, still not saying much when she let me in, then to ask if her housemates were out, and then to pull, push her into her living room, and kiss.

“Oh, mmm, Jans…”

Her passion lifted to mine. I pulled her skirt up and pushed off her knickers, Klara undid my belt and buttons. She reached, my cock bounced out, already stiff, primed. I stroked between Klara’s legs, her hair, thick and dense, lower, god she was wet, beautifully, thrillingly wet.

“Oh fuck, I want to fuck you.”

“Do it, fuck me hard.”

I gave into the hint of the game. I pushed Klara around and onto the floor, her knees, pushing her against the sofa and kneeling behind her. I pushed her skirt up over her ass, her back, stroking, fuck she was so hot, so slippery wet, I ran my fingers along the hairy seam of her pussy, gripping my penis, bending it down to her and pushing in. My arousal soared, I was consumed by it, greedy, selfish. I pushed myself in hard and fucked Klara quickly, roughly, gripping her hips, pulling her ass open, staring at the tiny slit of her soft pink asshole, the tiny creases, the circle of fine dark hairs.

The apartment was quiet, apart from us, our breathing, the thump of our bodies, my legs pushing against hers, my cock sliding in and out of Klara’s beautiful tight cunt. I felt my orgasm start to fill me. Would she mind, if I gave into it, if I didn’t slow down, stop, shift us around. I didn’t care, I needed to come. I held Klara’s ass, looking at my penis entering her, stretching her pussy, the fringe of hairs around it, above, from my angle, the delicious crinkle of her soft anus.

“Fuck… fuck…”

Klara was gasping, as I pushed inside her, I hadn’t felt this urgent, near desperate need for pleasure. She wasn’t taking the pill, I hadn’t put a condom on, this wasn’t completely unusual. I thrust harder, quicker, pulling her onto me, so rough, slamming forward as I jerked her hips back, sliding her pussy onto my penis, moving a hand, stroking her back, her buttock, looking at my slippery cock sliding into her sweet, tight pussy, I touched her asshole, oh, I felt it start, I touched harder, stroking Klara’s soft anus, the murmurs of pleasure starting to rise in volume, entering me, becoming inevitable. I slid my penis from Klara’s pussy, a few strokes from coming, gripped myself and masturbated, looking down, this was different, I usually stroked against her belly, sliding over her pussy, or along the valley of her ass until I ejaculated. I gripped my penis and stroked, touching Klara, looking at her tight asshole, I pointed my penis, my foreskin back, my tip slippery and smooth, I pressed myself against her anus as I came, tightening, pushing, watching the pale spasms of cum splash from my cock and slide over Klara’s asshole.

“You came,”


“You came over my ass.”


“Kinda nice.”

I watched Klara push her hand under her belly and start to stroke her clitoris

“Touch aydınlı escort me…”

I gripped my penis again, I’d just come, I was still stiff, I masturbated with Klara, both of us stroking ourselves quickly, I put my hand on her back, lower, touching the warm streaks of my own semen, sliding it over her anus.

“Oh… oh… ja… oh ja…”

She pushed back, her fingers rubbing, I did something else I’d never done, I bent, licking along her back, my penis was still rigid, I felt more pleasure, I stroked myself, opened my mouth and licked Klara’s asshole, I licked my own cum, I tasted it, still warm, soaking into her skin, caught within the filaments of her hairs, I coated my tongue with my own spunk, pushing harder over Klara’s anus, feeling around it, over it, smooth, finding the tight slit of her opening.

“OH… fuck… oh ja do that… das ist so gut… so gut, oh ja… oh scheiße…”

I felt my girlfriend’s orgasm blossom inside her, I strained to touch her vagina with my tongue, sliding back to push hard against her asshole, drinking semen, sliding it over her, masturbating hard, tasting her and me together, feeling her skin, the softness of her ass, her asshole a tiny tight slit, a small wave of pleasure broke over me, the sweetest, smallest orgasm, a thick pearl of fresh semen oozed from my slit. I ran my finger over it and sucked greedily on my own cum.

We sat back.




Eddie and I played again the following weekend. We’d seen each other at work, we’d had lunch together one day, a couple of drinks one evening. I couldn’t shake the image of my friend’s naked body, bending, stripping, his soft cock dropping free, showering, when we’d faced each other, washing, stroking ourselves, was I re-writing this moment? Had it been on purpose?

I drove and picked him up, the weather was getting warmer again, we had the windows open. Would we still play at the club when we could play outside, when there were so many public courts to use? My nerves were exquisite, exam tension, a physical exam. We found our spot. There were a couple of other guys already there, half undressed, sipping water, bouncing rackets together, Eddie pulled off his jumper, a white vest underneath. He peeled this over his tight, lean body. Bent and pushed off his grey sweat pants. I saw his briefs, the familiar shape of his cock. He didn’t wait. He slid his fingers in and pushed them off. I saw him again, my friend, his naked body, his soft, smooth dick, his thick dark curls, his smooth tip.

Eddie stood up, looking, barely pretending to be doing anything else. I fumbled the buttons of my shirt, my belt, buttons, looking at him, glancing behind at the other men, standing, stripping, I saw more hair, chests, soft penises, slim, the shapes of their tips showing. I pushed my cords and underwear down in one movement and stood up nude. We faced each other again. Arousal was throbbing inside me, deep, currents of electric pleasure, trembling, pulsing in my belly, my legs. I didn’t dare let these sensations surface. I pushed them down, dissipated them, felt the tingles slide into my dick, start the sweet seep of moisture escape my tight slit. I saw naked men everywhere, myself, Eddie, the two behind us, firm bare bodies, their asses, their soft cocks, Eddie bending, his dick pushing out as he did.

I knew I liked looking at nude guys, I liked being nude in front of other men, I knew this. This felt different, I was looking at Eddie differently, it wasn’t simply the quiet eroticism of mutual exposure, now even the other two men I could see, turning, bending, our age, maybe older, fit, god, one standing side on, one almost facing me, the curve of his bare ass, the thick point of his cock.

Eddie and I dressed, and played. I was energised by my own arousal. We worked up another glistening sweat. We got back to the changing room, and stripped even before we had a drink of water. Eddie sitting to take off his trainers, I pulled off my T-shirt, he stood to lift his top off then step out of his shorts. I did the same. We faced each other. His skin was damp, reflective, his cock smaller now, reduced by the exertion of playing, I looked and let him look at me. My bare body, my sheen of sweat, my damp pubic bush, my soft, slim penis, made smaller as Eddie’s was, pointing out. We drank standing up, naked, looking, Eddie turning, letting me see his perfect bare ass, so firm, full, round, a fuzz of dark hair showing between each cheek, turning, still so thrilling to see him, to be naked with him, looking at his thick hair, his fleshy penis.

We walked to the showers, voices behind us, the two guys who’d changed the same time we had, as naked as we were, towels over their shoulders, their soft dicks bouncing and wobbling in front of their legs. All four of us showered together, denying the chance to allow arousal. We faced each other, Eddie and I chatted in English, they spoke in German until they heard us. Were we all looking, all enjoying this? I was sure all men secretly did, the straightest guy, I was sure, enjoyed the feeling of being looked at, and of looking. Was this only that? I found myself admiring, more than admiring, enjoying the sight of all of them, Eddie, his now slippery wet body, his dark skin shining, his soft cock swinging as he washed, water flowing over his smooth oval tip.