Baby Sister Ch. 09: WET BACK


(Note to readers…I understand the degrading interpretation of the word WETBACK. Please understand that this title relates to how Maria does things in this chapter. Dry humping leads to wet humping as she is informed. How the wet humping precedes is why I termed this chapter as WETBACK. I considered changing the title but it just kept calling out to me to risk it. I ask forgiveness if this chapter title becomes insulting. Thank you for understanding my worry. No harm meant believe me.)


“Please don’t make me sleep in my bedroom tonight. Harriet is in there.”

“Calm down and let’s go check the room out. If Harriet gets testy we’ll decide who you sleep with tonight.” Owen Barnett calms Maria Blanco who was dogging his heels all the way up the staircase. He was tired after having driven home from Dallas and his clientele at the gym where he was a fitness trainer. He knew very well that the whole ghost of Aunt Harriet was just a sham, made up to create havoc in the naïve young girls mind.

The brothers wanted her to spend every waking moment with them in some sexual fantasy that pushed her toward womanhood. She was too fucking sexy not to crave. Rather than just rape her they concocted the plot to make her think everything was either bad for her such as clothing, or that becoming a woman meant the training of sexual acts without letting her think the worst of them. Doing their best to warp her mind in believing they were the best brothers ever and that they were grateful to have her as part of their extended family. Not far from the truth, they did enjoy having her around even without the sexual perversions. Those…were just fun.

“Have you not seen her before?” He opened her bedroom door and went in while she stood outside in the hall. His brother Matty manning the controls sent a loud buzzing noise through the room making Owen react spooked a bit himself. Leaving her room in a hurry he huffed his cheeks. “I told you Brother.”

“Yes you did. Sure, we’ve all had encounters with the lady of the house in some fashion. Auntie prowls the halls pretty much when you least expect her. She’s cranky I’ll give her that. Harmless for the most part but she does make herself known.”

“She opened my balcony door in the middle of the night. I hear bees buzzing in my room. My bed even moved. She even brought her ghost friends into my bed. I was terrified.”

“No shit? She must really have it in for you. I’m guessing she doesn’t like that you’re the new woman of the house. Well…girl that is, you’re still working on the woman part. Lots to learn still before I’ll ever call you a real woman.”

“I will do anything Owen. I had Jacob in my mouth last night. I thought I was going to vomit.”

“The big guy is pretty gross.”

“No he’s not, he’s very handsome. All of you are. I only say I might have vomited because his…thing is so big I choked on it.” Owen tried not to laugh but her words and expressions were just too priceless. Watching him fight off laughter made her pout. “Why do you laugh at me?”

“It was just how you phrased yourself is all. You need to get used to big dicks Maria. Most men pack large cocks with lots of white stuff hiding in them. The bigger they are the more agony they cause.”

“Jacob must be in pain all the time then.”

“Hey now, mine’s almost as big as his. I know how mine gets so yeah he’s living with chronic fullness.”

“What is chronic fullness?”

“It means the white stuff refills as fast as it comes out. We all suffer from that chronic fullness. That’s why you’re going to be a very busy young girl.”

“Do I have to be the only one to help? Can’t you all get a doctor?”

“We could, but we’re counting on you to keep the medical bills down. It’s a woman’s job to take care of a man.”

“Will I have…a man of my own? Like Mother has Oscar?”

“Someday. Until then you have us. You complaining?”

“No. I like my new brothers. I will help you all as long as I can.”

“Good girl. I think I’m gonna go sit in my hot tub and soak. Maybe have a couple beers from my personal fridge. Wanna join me?”

“In the hot tub?”

“Yup. We’ll fire up those massaging jets and let them take our worries away.”

“I have not used my hot tub. I am afraid Harriet might try and drown me.”

“She’s not that mean.” He chuckles. “Come on gorgeous, let’s go relax. You missy are having a beer or two.”

“I have never had a beer. Is it like the wine or the conak?”

“You mean Cognac. No beer has a distinctive taste. Follow me little Miss Perfect Ass.”

“You think I have a perfect ass? Jacob…spanked me last night. I…did not like it.”

“If you’re determined to be a woman you need to get over what you don’t like and start realizing it’s just a part of everyday life.”

“I would get spanked every day? I would not be able to sit down.”

“Spanking is a guilty pleasure for a man Maria.” He opens his bedroom door and heads inside. While walking through his bedroom to his bath he begins stripping his clothing off. By the time he reached his tub he was nude and statuesque. She remembered those muscles well. masaj porno Smiling behind his back she enjoyed his physique, a wetness between her thighs evident. At first she never understood why she got wet, but the more she was around her brothers and their openness the better she grasped a certain nagging desire to see them naked as much as they obviously enjoyed her flesh. She was adapting well.

Turning the faucet on he moves about awaiting the tub to fill. Standing at his toilet he takes a piss right in front of her, her eyes curious as to how forceful his stream was. He ignored her observations deciding to discuss her past a bit more.

“Ever wonder why your Mother kept you so isolated? Especially from men?”

“Mommy never really talked about men in front of me. Not even my Nanny was allowed to. I do not understand why when she liked men. I see nothing wrong with any of you. I think now that I am in America she has let me realize what men are. She must trust you so I will trust you.”

“And, you did say she wanted you to obey us.”

“Yes, she did. Have I not obeyed all of you?”

“No complaints on my part. As long as you keep this up we’ll get along permanently.”

“May I ask you a question Brother?”


“Jacob…dry humped me he called it. He said wet humping is the goal but that it will hurt. When do you think I will be ready to face such pain?”

“Nobody is ever really ready Maria. When we feel the time is right one of us will just take you. When we do there can’t be any tantrums thrown. You accept it and endure. Once it’s over with and you get used to just how good it feels you’re going to want to…wet hump all the time.”

“I don’t even know what wet hump consists of?”

“That day I caught you spying on my Dad and your Mom having sex…you saw where Dad’s dick was correct?”

“Yes. It was right here, well up in here.” She steps back and shows him her pussy, prying her lips wide to reveal her hole. “I…don’t think I could fit any of you in here.”

“Oh they’ll fit Princess. Don’t you worry about that.” He sets about brushing his teeth and gargling to kill the time until the bathwater was full. She fidgeted and considered the whole idea and concept of intercourse. It stressed her out.

“How do you know I will want it all the time Owen?”

“A woman cannot get enough of a man deep up in her. It will make you all fuzzy inside, the sensations will drive you crazy in a good way. It becomes like an itch you just can’t stop scratching because it feels so good.”

“I hope you are right. I am scared.”

“That’s why we’re working with you Maria, preparing you for the final moment when you become a woman. Trust me, you’re going to want us a lot once we take you. I personally want you to want me.”

“I do want you. I mean…I like my brothers very much. I am glad you are patient with me.”

“There’s quite a bit to teach you before and after. The white stuff in us men sometimes makes us do things we don’t expect. Like pulling your hair.”

“Jacob pulled my hair. Did the white stuff make him spank me?”

“Probably so.”

“He said choking would happen too.”

“Definitely. Wanna know one thing it’s made me do before?”

“Yes, tell me.” She bubbles up with curiosity. Turning her back to him he bends her over, his massive hand on the center of her spine poising her.

“You recall my putting a finger in here?” He pokes her butt pucker making her squeal and look back in shock.


“My dick will go in there someday. You must get used to that idea.”

“That…will really hurt. You are too big Owen.”

“It will, but I’ll get you what they call a butt plug to stretch your ass out to make it less tight for a big fella like mine.”

“Butt plug?”

“Yep! It’s about this big and you stick it up there and leave it. You wear it all day until you get wider down there. Trust me once you get a taste of how good my dick feels up there you will beg for it.”

“I am told I will beg for all of you.”

“You better. We can get really cranky if you don’t.”

“I like begging if I get what I want.”

“I bet you do. Man I love how your voice gets all baby like sometimes. It’s cute as hell.”

“I am cute.” She poses tossing her hips from side to side once he releases her.

“Water’s ready.” He steps to the tub and shuts the faucet down then turns the controls on for the turbo jets making the water agitate with turbulence. Shyly standing at his side with her hands clasped behind her she watches him step over the tubs edge and set down in the cascade of whitewater. Looking up at her he notes her nipples dramatically rising. “Something just got you excited. Your nipples popped up pretty fast there Maria. Tell me what caused that.”

She blushes heavily while grinning, “I like looking at you Owen.”

“You can’t get enough of our attention can you? Tell me the truth.”

“I am learning what it feels like to be wanted. I want to be wanted.”

“Now that’s what a real woman would say. You’re off to a good start Gorgeous. I know I want you.”

“Is öğretmen porno it right for a brother to want a sister?”

“Not at all, well if we were blood kin then maybe, but we’re not. So want us all you want and we’ll return the favor. You coming in with me?” She wasted zero time in climbing in to sit across from him. The jets firepower catching her off guard as she sat too close to its forcefulness, the water cascaded near her cunt. She bulged her eyes as she let out a deafening squeal. “Something felt good there.”

“The water touched where you licked me during my massage. It…tickled.”

“You enjoyed my tongue licking you didn’t you?”

“Yes, very much. I hope you will do it again.”

“How about you stay in my room tonight and I lick every inch of your body until morning?”

“As long as I don’t have to go back to my room. Can I lick you all over Owen?”

“Of course you can. We’ll work together on getting the white stuff out. I’ll even dry hump you and you can dry hump me.”

“Teach me new things.”

“Absolutely. I’m proud of you wanting to explore new sensations. Like those jets you’re hugging now that you’ve discovered their purposes.” He winks as she sits right over one letting it’s ferocity inspire her hormones. “Oh! Jacob shot me a text and told me you were a pretty good kisser.”

“He did? I liked kissing Jacob. Kissing is fun.”

“Why don’t you come over here and show me just how good of a kisser you are?”

“You want to kiss me?”

“Ever since I first met you.”

“Really? As soon as you first saw me?”

“That very second I wanted to pick you up and smooch ya.”

“My Mother would not have liked that.”

“Only because she would have got jealous because we weren’t wanting to kiss her.”

“Oscar might have got angry if you kissed Mommy.”

“I don’t think so. Dad’s very affectionate and wants us all to be that way. When your Mom comes home you can expect us to be very loving toward her.”

“Like you are with me?”

“Yep. Your Mom will help keep the white stuff from hurting us too. You two can maybe team up to help me.”

“Only if Mom doesn’t get mad at me for learning so much from you.”

“She won’t be mad. She’s going to be proud of you. Esperanza might even teach you a few tricks.”

“I might not want her help. I like making you happy. I don’t think I could if Mommy was watching.”

“Let’s worry about that when they get home. It’s only been four days since they left. Let’s get you fully trained to be a woman and make sure you get good at everything.”

“Can I sit in your lap Owen?”

“Sure you can. Bring that sexy body over here. Face me so we can kiss.” She crawls to her knees in the water and makes the short journey toward him. Hands reaching out to accept her he moves her legs to each side of his hips and draws her right to his chest. Her tits directly in his face he wastes no time in devouring one. She gasped with a giggle at his eager claim over her flesh. Whimpering she caresses his scalp like a pro.

“That feels really good Owen.”

“Tastes good too.” He exhales sucking at her nipple between his lips. “Feed me these every day.”

“You may kiss them every day Owen. I want you to.” She wiggles in his lap feeling his massive cock taunting and rubbing between her legs. She found her right hand moving under the water to grip him and bring it forward to lay against her tummy. Stroking him as he inhaled her areolas one after the other she moaned, flaring eyes filled with necessity. Moving from her chest he palmed her breasts and licked her chin before devouring her mouth. His tongue exploring hers made her sigh heavily and seek to return his enjoyment with her own. For a good five minutes they Frenched, his left hand moving from her breast to her back, rubbing and palming her spine. She adored his touch, he hers.

Kiss broken he growls, “My dick hurts bad. You and I need to take this to my bed and work it out.”

“I can work it out here. I like the water.”

“Alright.” He draws her back in for more kissing while she uses both hands to jerk him off. Feeling his balls rub right over her labia excited her.

“Can I dry hump you in the water?”

“Yep.” He snatches her hands from his cock and brings her arms up to surround his neck. In kissing more she rolled her labia directly over his length and girth. She could not stop her persistent humping. Easing away to look her in the eye up close, breath to breath Owen Barnett sighs, “You need to let me wet hump you then you can ride like that with it inside you.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready yet.”

“The water will ease the pain. I’m not going to lie Maria, it’s still going to hurt but the pain will fade fast. You…might even bleed but it won’t last long.”

“I will bleed?” She panics suddenly but he holds her firmly, “No Owen. Please don’t make me bleed.”

“Calm down, I won’t do it yet. Before our parents get home though, we’re wet humping you all the time. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” She pouts, “I will…” She felt badly disrespecting his authority, “Owen?”


“Will oral porno you go slow?”

“Are you saying you will let me take your virginity?”

“What is virginity?” She was truly that in the dark. Blame her Mother.

“A girl is a virgin until a man wet humps her pussy. If we do this here in the tub the water will help. Once I do though I’m taking you to my bed and I’m fucking you all night long. You will not tell me no. Understand?”

“Yes. I will be a woman tonight.”

“Slow it down. You’re a woman when we say you are. You have way too much to learn before you’re a woman. Making love is just as important as sex.”

“Make love to me Owen. I want to know what love is.”

“Love and passion is great, but primal fucking has to happen too.”

“Primal fucking?”

“I’ve made up my mind. We’re doing both tonight. Tomorrow you do it with another of your brothers. Commit to feeling each of us daily.”

“I want to feel each of you every day.”

“Alright! Let me take the lead here.” He reaches under the water and coaxes his dick toward her inner thighs. Searching amid her labia for her hole he lines up as her hips lift to accommodate his size and angle. She felt the pressure of teetering on his crown and began to tremble, tears welling up out of fear. “Okay, I’m going to push up into you slowly. Grit your teeth and hold your breath. It’s going to pinch and feel really strange because I’m so big going into a very tight space. Once I break through you need to go back to humping on me with it inside you. Can you do that?”

“I must do it. For my brother.” She was just too adorable in her respect.

“Here goes. Hold on to me tightly.” He pulls her forward into him, her arms holding his neck with all her might, his lips kissing her shoulder to relax her under the circumstances. The more pressure felt Maria clung tighter until he could barely breath, her chest rising to his chin. Gripping wet hair he holds her firmly. “Almost there. Just trust me Baby Sister.”

“It hurts.” She whines with rapid breaths.


“Nooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” No becomes owwww. Maria felt her hymen burst and Owen Barnett ramming deep up inside her. The water all around them became bright red. Eyes sealed to absorb her agony she quickly learns the difference between pain and pleasure. With his beast agitating her G-spot she brightened up and dared to fight her tears away. What dampness in her eyes quickly faded in favor of awe. Maria Blanco liked being fucked.

“See? Not as bad as you thought was it?”

“It still hurt.” She pouted but nonetheless kissed him on the lips. He melted at her tender embrace, lifting her hips to attempt humping him herself. Settling back he let her take over.

“That’s my girl. Take it slow and get a good feel of that big cock up in there.”

“It…feels really good inside me.”

“All night long.” He winks as she gyrates on his beast. Nodding with a hopeful smile she grew to enjoy his cock immensely. The intimate sensations she explored made her giggle. He shared in her amusement by caressing her cheek, just before switching to her throat. Gripping her he sat back and sneered at her. She choked slightly at his pressure on her windpipe. “Primal. Ride that cock like you mean it.”

Hearing his tone of voice she understood and bounced up and down harder, splashing about in her excitement. She almost feared his gaze but did her best to comprehend that he was just showing her new things as she requested. Maria recalled Jacob telling her about choking, therefore she accepted her fate quite easily. A sudden thrill entered her as she felt a brewing orgasm. Not truly knowing her own body this was still briefly new to her. She had blacked out her first time but this one was her first true rare orgasm that she was conceiving of her own volition. The storm raging inside her led to soft moans, becoming intense ear piercing squeals.

“Fuck your pussy feels good wrapped tight around me. You’re feeling it too Princess. Ride it harder. Do as you’re told.” He growled. Primal took over naivety within her and Maria committed her thighs to a slam dance on his beast. Each deep dive she nearly screamed but his grip on her throat increased to quiet her. Hearing him snarl she knew the white stuff wanted out. Not knowing how deadly it could be exploding inside her she had no care in the world. He knew better and tensed up to take her backwards into the water. Rising with his dick still embedded he lays her on the tub floor almost submerging her under the current of jets. Just as he could barely contain himself he pulled out and rose to his knees. Jerking off over her he shot her chest in a coat of semen. All while his grip on her throat persisted. She had no choice but to watch and await his release.

Shot after creamy shot streaked her tits, glossy from the water itself. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Looking around them at the pinkish water Owen Barnett was tired of bathing in blood. Dragging her upward toward him he relinquished her throat hugging her, then picked her up carefully in his mighty arms. Standing tall he slowly left the tub. Careful not to slip and drop them both he didn’t bother to dry them off. Carrying her to his bed he just laid her down and crawled back up between her legs and took that tight pussy all over again. She wept at the painful return but accepted it with a, “All night Owen.”