A Hot Card Game


The three couples had been outside most of the day enjoying the sun, some relaxation, and having a few drinks at the cabin. They were good friends and have known each other for quite some time. It was now early evening and they decided to begin their typical game of cards as they continued to sip away on their drink of choice.

Russ and Amber, the hosts, were in good shape, attractive, and each having dirty blonde hair. They brought out the deck of cards as they all sat on the floor around a large pillow to rest their cards. Amber began to shuffle the cards then placed them on the pillow.

Amber said, “We thought we would play a different game tonight. There are two sets of cards, but we’ll bring the other set out when the time is right.” as she smirked with a mischievous grin. “The object of the game will become obvious as we play.”

The other couples looked at her and each other, shrugged their shoulders and agreed, why not? Playing a different game sounded like fun.

Amber looked over at one of the couples, Ruth and Dave, who were attractive, in good shape and had brown hair, and asked if Ruth would like to be the first to begin the game.

“Sure,” said Ruth. “What do I do?”

Amber replied, “You need to put this blindfold on first” as she reached around and put the blindfold over Ruth’s eyes and tied it behind her head.

“What kind of game is this?” asked Ruth.

“You’ll see for yourself.” said Amber. “The next thing to do is that the partner of the person with the blindfold must draw a card, but do not read it out loud.”

Dave reached out and pulled the top card and began to read it. Dave looked over at Amber and smirked but did not say a word. He leaned over and gently put his lips on his wife’s neck giving her a soft kiss. Ruth shivered from the kiss, then sat up promptly and yelled, “What was that?!”

Dave put his hand on her shoulders and said, “This is part of the game.” Ruth got the picture, said nothing and wondered to herself, I think it was Dave who kissed me. Ruth and Dave had always fantasized about being with another couple or having a three-some.

The entire group now knew what the game was all about but no one said a word, the cocktails had set all inhibitions aside.

Amber said, “Let’s take that blindfold off Ruth and give it to Page.”

Page was Dean’s wife, both were good looking and had dark hair. Dean then picked a card and read to himself. He smiled at Amber. He leaned over and began softly licking his wife’s ear lobe with the tip of his tongue then gently sucked the end of it into his warm mouth, breathing into his wife’s ear. Page shrugged her shoulders as it tickled her, then began getting very turned on by her husbands actions.

“Now it’s my turn.” said Amber, as she placed the blindfold over her eyes. Russ pulled a card from the deck then gave his wife a soft passionate kiss, one kiss, two kisses, three kisses, each one in different places on her lips. Amber immediately got turned on even more than she was after seeing the other girls receive some attention from their spouses.

It was now Ruth’s turn again. Dave pulled a card from the deck then paused, looking at Amber and Russ, but said nothing. Dave passed the card to the first male sitting to his wife’s left, other than Dave himself. This was Russ. Russ read the card, got behind Ruth, pulled her hair to the side and gave her a soft kiss on the neck on both sides. Page and Dean looked in awe and almost began laughing out loud.

Ruth heard them snicker and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” said Amber.

Russ got back into his place by the pillow as Ruth pulled the blindfold off. She passed it over to Page who promptly put it on, in anticipation of her surprise. Who will it be she asked herself, maybe it will be Dean or maybe not, the excitement of it turned her on even more. Dean pulled a card from the deck and passed it over to Dave, who was the first male to his wife’s left. Dave got behind Page, pulled her hair back, gave her a soft kiss on the neck as he placed his hands over her breasts, softly squeezing and massaging them in his palms. Page moaned softly to herself as she felt a rush of pleasure run down her spine. She was very turned on, especially not knowing who it may have been who just touched her breasts that way. Page pulled the blindfold off as she smiled a sheepish grin and passed it over to Amber.

Russ pulled a card from the deck. He passed it over to Dean who then passed it over to Dave. Both men got behind Amber, puller her hair back as each of them softly kissed her neck on each side, reached over to her breast with one hand each, touching them, massaging them. Amber let out a moan that could be heard by all of them as she tilted her head back in pleasure. She knew that at least one of them was not her husband. This turned her on beyond her own belief.

None of the couples had ever done this kind of thing before, but were now fully aware of their situation, fully aroused and waiting in anticipation manisa escort for what was yet to come. Not a word was spoken by anyone. A hot evening with friends was in store.

It was Ruth’s turn. The blindfold was put on by her husband who then pulled a card from the deck. His eyes lit up and looked over at the guy who was sitting to his wife’s right, Dean, then passed him the card. Dean’s eyes grew suddenly larger, as he read the card and looked at Dave with a grin. Dean walked over to Ruth then gently slipped his hand into her top that was revealing her cleavage, then under her bra and began feeling her bare breast in his palm. His cock began to get hard as her soft skin was so very warm to his touch.

Ruth jumped slightly as his hand probed her bra. Was it Dave? she asked herself. She felt a tingling that ran down her spine to between her legs. She was getting wet just thinking about what was happening to her. Dean felt her breast for one minute, just as the card told him to. He gently pulled his hand out then sat down beside his wife, who was looking and smiling at him as he got comfortable again beside the pillow. All of the couples looked at each other except for Ruth who still had the blindfold on. Not a word was said. Ruth pulled the blindfold off and did not say anything and just looked at her husband.

Page then put the blindfold on. She wondered what was next, and who was it going to be? She felt her pussy getting very wet thinking about it. She was already wet just watching her husband feel her friend’s breast for the first time. Dean then pulled a card from the deck, also wondering what was going to happen to his wife!

He read the card, then passed it to Russ. Russ read the card, looked at Dean then immediately got behind Page. Dean told his wife that she needed to stand. She slowly got up and waited patiently. Russ then reached around her waist and inserted his hand down her jeans, under her panties, and touched her soft pubic hair and pussy lips with his fingers. His face was close to her ear and she was able to hear his breath increase as he grew excited.

Page squatted slightly to open her legs for him and allow his palm to cover her entire pussy. She grew weak to his touch and tilted her head back in shear ecstasy, moaning slightly to herself, and getting very wet to his touch. Russ felt her juices, as his hand became very moist and warm. He began to massage her lips in slow circular motions and inserted his finger-tip into her dripping pussy. He wanted to feel the inside of her pussy so badly even though the card did not say to insert a finger, he was very horny.

Ruth was in disbelief as she watched her husband feeling the pussy of her friend right in front of her. Ruth unknowingly softly bit her lip as she stared at them. Page openly moaned out loud and was breathing heavily just like Russ and even had a brief small orgasm that made her body quiver, but only Russ felt this. He knew what had just happened. This turned him on even more.

After one minute was up, he slowly pulled his hand out of Page’s jeans then sat down beside his wife, who was in utter shock but also so very turned on and wet at the sight of her husband feeling up one of her friends. Ruth did not know why this turned her on so much, all she knew was that she was sopping wet watching this spectacle.

Page had difficulty sitting down but managed to do so as she took the blindfold off and handed it to Amber. Her juices were still flowing and began to soak her panties. Not a single word was said by anyone. All of the men were very hard and trying to squirm into a new position that didn’t make it so obvious. Russ had the biggest hard on after feeling Page’s wet pussy. His cock was poking at his pants, making a bulge that was visible by all. Amber noticed this and smiled at him, as she reached over and grabbed him for one small second.

Amber then put on the blindfold. Her panties were soaked through long ago but were now so wet that her juices were seeping down her leg, across her butt cheek and onto the floor. Russ pulled a card from the deck. What was next, they all were wondering, especially Amber, who was visibly squirming in her seat.

Russ read the card and passed it to Dave. Russ did not look at anyone but got visibly excited by what he just read. Both Russ and Dave got up. Russ told his wife to stand. She promptly did so and put her arms at her side. Amber was wearing a short dress to her knees, with straps over her shoulders.

Dave softly grabbed both straps and pulled them down to her elbows, exposing her sexy lace bra. She shrugged her shoulders slightly in pure excitement. Russ then undid her bra and let it slide down, exposing her soft 36c breasts, with her nipples now very hard and erect, just as Dave liked. He could not believe the beauty of her breasts as both men were now very hard and bulging in their pants. Dave then moved in front of Amber, bent over slightly and put his tongue on her breast, licking it in a circular kütahya escort motion. Russ then reached under her dress, pulled her panties aside and inserted a finger into her dripping pussy.

Amber almost collapsed from the excitement and opened her legs slightly, as she did not know who was sucking her nipple and fingering her pussy. The thought of not knowing sent a brief orgasm through her body. One finger became two as the palm of his hand was touching her clit that sent another orgasm through her lower body. The feeling of having her nipples sucked while being fingered by two men was sending Amber into wave after wave of orgasms, but they were not mind shattering orgasms, just strong enough to feel very nice and not let anyone know what was happening to her. After one minute, both men sat down and Amber soon followed. Nothing was said by anyone.

Ruth put the blindfold on once again. Her husband pulled a card from the deck and passed it over to Dean, who then passed it over to Russ. All of the men looked at each other and smiled. Dave told Ruth to get on her knees. She did so. All of the men then unzipped their pants and pulled out their hard cocks. All of them were still hard after what they just saw and experienced. They were all nicely sized and shaped.

Dave put the end of his cock at the opening of his wife’s mouth, as her lips were closed. She felt the warm head of a cock press against her lips. She immediately opened her mouth and took the length of the shaft half way into her mouth. She closed her mouth around it and Dave began to move his cock in and out of her as she opened and closed it in good timing with his thrusts.

Twenty seconds went by, then Dave pulled out his cock. Russ then moved toward Ruth and pushed his cock into her lips. Without hesitation, Ruth let him inside of her mouth as he fucked her back and forth. Ruth noticed that this cock was different, it was wider. As Russ kept fucking her mouth, he began to push his cock deeper into her mouth going all the way to his balls. Ruth gagged and knew that this cock was longer that the first, about 7 inches or so.

Russ pulled out and let Dean insert his cock without any delay. Ruth thought it was the same cock but soon discovered it was not. This cock was also different. It was slightly thinner than the last, almost the same width as the first, which she thought was her husband at this point. Dean pushed his entire length into her mouth making her gag again. She felt the tip of this cock go down her throat more so than the second one. She knew this cock was longer than 7 inches, so it could not have been her husband! She moved her head back and forth taking his length into her mouth. Her pussy was dripping wet knowing that she just has three different cocks in her mouth within a minute! They all sat down. Ruth took the blindfold off. They all were smiling at each other.

Page’s turn. Dean picked up the card and as he read it, his eyes grew large, which everyone noticed. He smiled and handed the card to Dave who also was in amazement of what he just read.

Dean told his wife to stand, then he reached under her dress and pulled her panties completely off and put them on the floor. He then laid on the floor on his back with his cock standing straight up in the air for all to see. It was over 7 inches long, maybe 8 and very hard. Dave then nudged Page over to Dean and told her to spread her feet apart and squat down. She did so, facing away from Dean. As she squatted slowly, Dean positioned himself so that her ass would drop down onto his cock. Dean had already lubricated his hard, pulsing cock.

Page squatted down and felt her ass touch something, she did not know what. Dave told her to press down. She did so and felt something pressing into her ass. All of a sudden, it entered her and she almost lost her balance as the two men guided her down. She sighed as the cock went into her, deeper and deeper as she squatted down further and further. She could not believe what was happening, but the thought of everyone watching her get fucked in the ass was making her think about what it would look like. She has had her husband in her ass before, so the feeling was nothing new to her, but was it her husband’s cock in her this time? She thought

Dean began fucking her ass, in and out, as he pulled her back toward him, exposing her ass and pussy. Dave then pulled out his cock and positioned himself at Page’s open pussy. The others in the room could not believe what was about to happen. They all gasped.

Page suddenly felt a cock pressing at her pussy, she could not believe it. She has never done anything like this! The thought of having two cocks in her at once made her scared but excited at the same time. What would it feel like, and who is doing this to me she asked herself. The very thought of this sent an orgasm though her body as she quivered. Both men knew what just happened and made them hornier than ever. Dave wasted no time and pushed his cock into Page’s sopping pussy, malatya escort all the way in.

Page moaned out loud and suddenly said, “Yes, come on, fuck me, fuck my ass and pussy, I wanna feel it!”

Everyone was shocked to hear what Page just shouted, even Page was shocked, but it felt so good, she did not want it to end.

Both men pumped their cocks in and out of Page, feeling her pussy and ass pulsing as she had wave after wave of orgasm. Page could not believe how good this felt, she felt so full. She was in a lustful bliss and now bucking her hips to meet the thrusts of the cocks.

“Yes, yes, oh my God, keep fucking me, harder, harder … I’m cumming again” shouted Page. “Yes, yes, oh fuck, it feels so good,” she screamed, as her head tilted back with the most mind blowing orgasm she has ever had.

After one minute, the men began to pull out, but Page shouted, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” as she reached out and pulled Dave into her again and squirmed over Dean to ensure his cock remained in her ass.

“Keep fucking me damn it, and don’t stop!!” she screamed.

They kept fucking her as she screamed out loud, “yes, yes, it feels soooo fucking gooood, keep fucking me, keep fucking me.”

The men were moaning and Dean said under her, “you like to be fucked by two cocks babe, you enjoy this don’t you?”

Page then knew that it was her husband in her ass. But who was fucking her pussy? She came again and again at just the thought of what was happening to her as her juices were running all down her legs.

The sight and sounds of this made Ruth, Amber and Russ very horny. Russ could not hold out any longer and pulled off his pants and rushed over in front of Page, then quickly pushed his cock into her mouth. Page took his whole cock and let him fuck her face as the other men filled her ass and pussy at the same time. Page felt like a wild animal in pure lustful passion. Russ fucked Page’s mouth and she sucked his cock as he pulled back in each thrust. Page felt completely taken by the three men and was loving every thrust.

Ruth and Amber were watching in disbelief and looked at each other. Ruth said, “To hell with the cards.” Then began to strip and walked over to the foursome. She squatted over Dean’s face with her back to Page, then sat down on his waiting tongue. It felt so good she began to buck her hips back and forth, pushing her pussy into Dean’s face. She suddenly had an intense orgasm that she had not felt in a long time. Just the thought of what was happening to Page as she sat on Dean’s face pushed her over the edge.

Amber had already pulled off her dress and was rubbing her pussy while watching the show, she had a small orgasm as she heard Ruth cum hard on Dean’s face. Dave was amazed at what Ruth, his wife, had just done, and loved every second of it. It made him even more horny, if that was possible, as he fucked Page’s pussy faster, making her cum yet again. Page screamed with pleasure.

Russ then saw his wife rubbing her pussy, then quickly pulled his cock out of Page’s mouth, leaned down and began eating his wife’s pussy as she continued to watch the lustful show in front of her. She could not take her eyes off Page’s facial expressions, as she was being fucked by two men at the same time. Amber wondered what it would feel like. The thought of it sent her into a mind blowing orgasm while her husband was eating her. She grabbed his head and pulled him into her dripping pussy and grinded her pussy into his face. She had a long intense orgasm that she had not felt in a long while. The show in front of her made her so horny and lustful.

Ruth turned around but kept sitting on Dean’s face and had orgasm after orgasm while watching her husband fuck Page’s pussy. Ruth looked at him and he looked at her. He whispered to her, “I love you.” She then leaned into her husband and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. They were both so horny that they didn’t care about what was happening, it felt so good.

Dean suddenly let out a loud moan and shouted “OH SHIT, I’m gonna cum.”

Page said “Yes baby, yes, cum for me, I wanna feel your cum inside me baby.”

Page fucked her hips up and down faster to make Dean cum hard. He pulled her down with each thrust while Dave kept fucking her pussy.

Dean moaned loudly and shot his cum deep into his wife. “Ohhhh, fuck, that feels sooo good” he said. His cock still inside her as cum was now dripping out of her ass. This sent Dave over the edge as a huge orgasm was about to explode.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” said Dave out loud.

“Yes baby yes, I wanna see you cum.” Ruth yelled.

Dave could not hold off any longer and suddenly pulled his cock out of Page and placed it in his wife’s mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” he blurted.

His pulsing cock shot a huge load of cum into his wife’s mouth as it dripped out the sides of her mouth. Two, three, four, blasts of cum shot into her mouth, all of it dripping down on to Page’s breasts and down her stomach.

By this time Page pulled the blindfold off and saw Dave standing over her with his cock in Ruth’s mouth, and his cum all over her. Dean pulled his cock out of his wife’s ass, as cum quickly dripped out of her.