Pixie Pt. 01 Ch. 13: Emm’s Dream


We stared at the screen, the account was in the first person written by Emm:

I remember being drugged, waking I found myself shackled securely to a St Andrew’s Cross.

Feeling intoxicated and euphoric, I gazed around the room, there was a small table next to the cross. Looking down at it, I saw a tall glass jar containing a clear liquid, and next to it a series of needles so fine I could barely make them out, each one about four inches long, with a jade bead on the end.

Hearing a door open and looking up, I saw my Mistress, dressed in a shiny black latex outfit and jet black high heels, an aura of dominance emanating from her very being.

She walked serenely and dominantly towards me. Looking down I saw a large shiny black ball gag in her hand.

Smiling, she kissed my lips, then placing the ball in my mouth, she securely attached the leather straps around my head, a feeling of vulnerability and fear must have shown on my face. Leaning forward, she whispered:

‘Do not worry, little one.’

She gently bit my ear.

She picked up two needles, and showing them to me, she placed them in the glass jar. Grasping my breasts, she massaged them, whilst whispering sexual expletives in my ear, and rubbing her latex encased thigh between mine.

I moaned, as her attention and the effects of the drug had the effect she had intended. I was a trembling bursa escort and frightened owned slut, hers to do with as she desired. This was what she told me as she pinched and twisted my nipples until they were glowing. They stood out red and puffy.

I watched as she took one of the needles and placed the razor-sharp point against my left nipple. I slumped against her latex thigh, my scream muffled by the ball gag as she pushed the needle through my nipple, two inches showing on either side. The pain was intense as she flicked the jade bead. I wanted it so badly

I watched intently as she did the same to my right breast, screaming as she flicked both the needles continuously. I closed my eyes as she whispered more degrading and depraved sexual expletives, humiliating me, telling me how much she was enjoying my suffering.

My cunt was moistening, the pain having its effect on me; the masochist in me was showing. I moaned as the pain took me over the edge into a world of pleasure, a pleasure I wanted to share with her.

My cunt juices flowed as I felt my labia opening, revealing my sweet clit, feeling euphoric in a world of pain.

Opening my eyes she was knelt in front of me gazing at my cunt, the rest of the needles were in the glass of liquid. I looked down, our eyes meeting. I returned her smile as her tongue licked across wet lips, a devious bursa escort and decadent expression on her face.

I smiled at her, a smile that said enjoy my love, as I am yours.

I was her Pet, her Sub, her Slave, her Toy, her Plaything. Her pleasure, her orgasms and her satisfaction was all that interested me. I wanted to make her cum so fucking hard, she would not be able to hold back.

Looking down and smiling, I watched as I felt her long fingernails caressing my labia, coaxing and enticing my clit from its protective hood. I could not help myself, my mind was now owned by her, my clit responded as I watched her take another needle between her long slender fingers.

Closing my eyes and knowingly, I drifted into a euphoric state of pure pleasure.

I felt the point of the needle against my clit, my whole body tensed, my scream muffled, but I gave a long moan as I felt the needle pierce the flesh of my clit. As she pushed it through, tears of pleasure ran down my face.

I woke up crying, not understanding why, involuntarily my hands caressed my breasts and cunt, a feeling of euphoric pleasure descended on me.

She unbound me. My nipples were aching from the needles as I slumped to my knees.

‘Do you want the ultimate mark, pet Emm?’

I somehow knew what she meant.

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Assume the bursa eskort position.’ She looked at me.

My head went to the ground, my naked ass in the air. I could feel the warmth of the fire. I knew what was coming. It was what I wanted, wanted so, so much. I knew she knew what I needed, and that was why I was submitting. Only THE ONE would know. If she knew, then that was her.

I trembled. I could hear a hissing. I imagined tongues of flame heating the metal. I felt her dab my ass cheek with anaesthetic. The flesh grew numb. Then a needle entered me. I felt nothing at all there. It was as well. Then it came. The sizzle. The scent of burnt flesh. I gave a grunt but held back from crying out. There was more wiping around what she had done. I knew it had been done. She would show me off. I was happy. The world grew dark.

There, the account ended.

I looked at Sarah.

‘Your friend has a vivid, if disturbing imagination, darling Pixie. Is this what you are into?’

I rushed to reassure her:

‘Goodness no, it’s one of the many reasons Emm and I have never got it on!’

We agreed that a walk along the sea path was called for.

Outside the air was warm, but clear.

A short walk took us into the dunes, and perhaps a chance to cuddle. We looked around, and it seemed we’d chosen a suitably isolated spot. But we heard voices, familiar ones.

‘Emm, show Emily’s friend your ass.’

Sarah and I peered over the edge of the hillock.

Emm was bending, her ass clearly visible. As she lifted her skirt we saw it. Stark, vivid, the mark was ‘A’, for Anne.

‘But it was a dream,’ Sarah protested.