A Young Man’s Sexual Odyssey Pt. 01


Note-All characters are mature adults who participate in consensual sex, there is no sexual violence and all scenes conform to Literotica guidelines.



Part One -The Faithless Fiance and The Spider Gals

Part Two – The VibratingTranny Hooker

Part Three – The Korean Love Fandangle


My name is Wilson Roseguard. I’m an Petroleum Engineer, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985, which if you don’t know, T&A, as it is jokingly called, is the number one school to attend if you want to be a petroleum engineer. Employment is automatic, I got my first job with Shell oil several weeks before graduation.

My college girlfriend, Lauren, kept me company for the last three years of college. She was a leggy Texas blond who looked like a sex bomb. Her breasts were near perfect though far from natural, her ass was a splendid, that I attributed to her regular exercise and she even had the female version of a six pack.

As for sex, with Lauren anything would go with the exception off fellatio, an act she did not consider lady like. As Buster Keaton responded in “Some Like It Hot,” nobody is perfect.

Although I was signed up to report to work in six weeks, I was trying to convince Lauren to accompany me overseas so I’d have my private pussy. The job had a stipend for a wife. But Lauren seemed rather “iffy” on that subject, she said she hated Korean food, that the Korean make “Cock Soup” and she pledged to wait for me faithfully but was not wanting to commit to a quicky marriage. It seems she wanted a full fledged ceremony mimicking that of the royal family’s and perhaps she had her eyes on a bigger money maker then myself- I was just starting out. With only two weeks left before my departure, I began to resign myself to leaving alone but I knew the experience would open new doors for me to explore. As for what “doors” means dear reader, I leave that to your imagination.

But my consternation was at that moment being vexed by a different open door. When I stopped by to see Lauren and get an afternoon shot at her pussy, I arrived without notice at her parent’s home early that afternoon, it seemed no one was home but the side door was ajar. I knocked several times, shouted a hello and figured I was no stranger so I headed up to Lauren’s bedroom, knowing she was probably having her afternoon beauty rest and might be open to demonstrating some affection.

Well I was right about the affection, except that the affection wasn’t headed in my direction. There to my astonishment, my college sweetheart Lauren, aka my fiance, was in the middle of what she considered a very unladylike activity. There she knelt, in the middle of a torrid blow job encounter with Juan, the Mexican gardener her family had used for years. Juan was not very tall, in fact they called him Juanito, but like most day laborers he was wiry and slender with yet to be discovered assets. When I opened the bedroom door the two of them froze, like deer caught in the spotlight, just the two of them in flagrante delito.

Little Juan looked scared to death, in Texas this sort of thing is a capital offense, he was Eskort Bayan a little guy with a thin mustache that had now developed a nervous tic and was bouncing up and down like a metronome, of course Lauren said nothing, how could she, his cock, which was quite thick for a little guy, was stuffed halfway down her throat and the other half, still waiting to dig deeper, was quite formidable.

I exploded, “If that’s what you want,” I shouted, “marry him!”

I don’t know if I was more shocked by her infidelity or the fact that she’d refused to suck my cock?

I ran out of the house never looking back, realizing that this Juanito blow job was probably the tip of the iceberg and that he’d probably been doing her for God knows how many years. I recalled how on another occasion when I arrived and Juanito was mowing the front lawn, Lauren’s pussy smelled not so faintly like a taco and it seemed like she had lubed herself in anticipation of my arrival, which was strange, she never needed lube, her pussy usually dripped like a Saint Bernard’s mouth. I also suspected her reticence to give me a blow job was based on a teenage pledge to service only Juanito’s cock.

Disgusted with my “fiance,” I drove to the Dallas airport very late that night and got a standby ticket for an early morning flight to Las Vegas. I boarded at 6:00 AM and a short time later and a few drinks more we landed at McCarran Airport in the bright warm desert morning. The town was jumping due to a Nascar auto race, you couldn’t even rent a car at the airport. I took a cab from the airport to the only place that still had a room at a reasonable price, the Gold Coast Hotel, where I planned to spend the next few days.

In case you never heard of it, The Gold Coast looks like a small place, with a good Chinese restaurant, a decent buffet and a few fast food places thrown in, but the place is a lot bigger than it looks and you don’t have to leave at night and walk to the “Strip”as they had free entertainment in the downstairs Gold Coast Showroom. They even have a bowling alley upstairs! After a day of wandering the casino, drinking beer and bourbon and playing various gambling games, and even betting on some televised boxing matches in the evening, I realized I was a bit hungry. While in line at the buffet restaurant, I met some school librarians who were in from Cleveland and we seemed to get along just fine. They invited me to sit with them for Saturday night dinner. They told me they were in town for some sort of computerized Dewey Decimal Seminar and it turned out that when they weren’t getting “seminar-ed,” I ended up busy seminating them, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Seems the three of them considered themselves party girls. One, named Arabella, was a tall thin black girl with long black cord-like hair, pert medium size breasts, a very thin waist and a large curvaceous butt. She said her dad was black, a college prof and her mom was from India. Karen was an attractive girl who looked vaguely Asian, she was small breasted with a nice boyish ass, she was of medium height, wore a pale green dress with some green jade beads. The girl I was most attracted to was Cindy, she wore her blond hair in a ponytail and was a small breasted but lithe acrobatic gal, who said she had been an olympic gymnast when she was a teenager. Who doesn’t want to fuck a gymnast? Like most gymnasts she was petite but muscular and although not the most glamorous of the trio, she turned out to be the most enthusiastic of the three when my cock was squirting inside her. Women who like being fucked are always my favorite.

Of course it’s nice to make love to a very beautiful woman, but is that really important. This group were attractive but who says no when a nice looking gal spreads her legs. I really don’t care what a women looks like when the lights are out, and some of the ugliest gals have the best trained pussies. I’m sure some of you fussy guys will disagree with me but I believe unattractive females are still as entitled to a good sexual experience as the beauties, and as Benny Franklin put it so many years back, “they are so grateful.”

You see, the thing was, these three were actually on the lookout for one guy who turned out to be me. Had I known what they had in mind I might have taken a rain check. You see, they liked to party all together in the same bed with one guy. They wanted to take their pleasure but they also wanted to demonstrate their female sexual superiority over the man they’d chosen. They identified with the female spider who is not only physically larger and superior to the tiny male spider, but after the little guy fucks her, she eats him. They intended to come as close as possible to destroying me, short of fucking me to death; And these three spider ladies had caught me in their web. They knew full well that one man could never satisfy three horny women, they knew in the end they would triumph when he would realize his limitations and then it would be their turn to humiliate him. That’s what they intended to do but I was stupidly out to prove them wrong.

Once the party started, we were all pouring Tequila shots, and then kissing and grabbing my cock. Pretty soon we were all naked and I was all over them.By the end of the first hour each gal had sucked my cock and I was busy on my knees up to my neck in pussy slobber. The girls had no problem mixing it up with each other and if their lips tasted like cock or pussy I was too gone to care. We started out with a full bottle of Patron Tequila and what we didn’t drink, we ended up rolling in what we spilled in the bed. On that Saturday night I had more than enough sex to wipe the image that was burned into my corneas of my fiance open mouth with Juanito’s big cock right out of my memory bank, well not completely, that guy’s cock was still intimidating me.

These three librarians had no qualms about oral sex, either performing or being performed on and I’d wished I’d brought some knee pads with me but the bed pillows served the same purpose and avoided rug burns. Arabella wanted to be butt fucked so I busied myself fucking her big ass, Karen insinuate herself so her cunt was right next to my mouth while Cindy was lube-licking my cock on the up stroke while I was busy fucking her “sister.” You get the idea. I tried my best not to cum, pulling out and trying to grab a cooling off period as I penetrated one by one each “Dewey Decimal Gal.”

Naturally I knew from the start I could not cum in all of them, if I was lucky I could pop maybe two or three times, so I just had to spread it around as best as I could- fertilizing every flower just isn’t possible. By the time a few hours had passed I had spread my cum as thin as peanut butter on a potato chip. But they still were not done with me, and they wouldn’t tolerate my cock drooping in exhaustion. The gymnast gal, Cindy was determined to push me beyond my limits, she pulled me aside and slipped a viagra into my mouth to help keep me erect, even though I protested, but she just shoved into the back of my tongue and held my nose until I swallowed it. At that moment I believed I just couldn’t fuck any more, but to no avail, within 20 minutes I had a full fledged hard on once more and they started the go around again. My muscles were just too exhausted to even flip my hips, Cindy, the gymnast pushed me back onto the floor and split jumped off the bed onto my cock with spread legs wide like wings, I was scared to death as she hurtled towards me but my cock and her cunt met with an earthy “splat” and she was off to the races. While she satisfied herself on my hard on, the other two maneuvered my face between their thighs and next thing I knew my tongue was working their pussies as if they were harmonicas that I was blowing. By the time they were done with me my hair was plastered with pussy juice and my cock was as drained as an empty swimming pool. Eventually I passed out. They had won the contest.

I woke up around 2pm and found myself in the bath tub. I remembered vaguely that they had walked me into there and maneuvered me into the bath tub. They had taken turns laughing as they squatted over me and pissed on me. When I awoke, stinking of piss, I had the presence to shower off, gathered my clothing. They were all in bed together locked in each other’s arms and legs like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

I opened the door quietly and walked nude down the hall to my room carrying my clothes. At that hour the hotel halls were vacant except for some old lady, she must have heard the commotion earlier and opened her door to see me pass by. As I passed her door she made a grab for my limp cock. I stopped and gave her a dirty look, so she punched me in the balls. Finally limping into my room, I fell on the bed and when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

On Monday the place was deserted, the three girls had dropped my my room early that morning, knocked on the door until I woke up. They stuck their heads into the room and told me I was a good sport attempting the impossible and they left a few email addresses should I want to repeat the party. Arabella titty twisted my left nipple so hard it hurt for an hour. They left, fairly sober to my surprise, for their flight back to Ohio.

Oh my God, was I glad they were gone! I was afraid they would have killed me if they’d stayed another day and the piss party ending was to say the least a trifle disrespectful. As Arabella said to me as they were leaving, (that was when she titty twisted me)

“We just wanted you to know your place.”

“Yes,” I responded in the words of the Iron Sheik,

“You humbled me,” and they all laughed.