First Encounter


Even though we never talked about it afterwards, looking back, I kind of think James knew what I had in mind when I called him and asked if he’d like a few drinks. When he asked what the occasion was, I had replied to loosen some inhibitions, maybe. I knew he was gay, and I think he had a pretty good idea I was interested, at least curious. Although we’d never watched any of his films before, he had caught me looking through his gay porn videos once, and another time I asked him where he got them. He knew I was interested too, I think, because I would make comments about how nice this guy looked or about whether or not some actor or other had a big dick, and that was why all the actresses loved him. I’m a nervous and shy man by nature, and at the bar it took a few drinks for me to settle down and get used to the crowd. But it was about that time that James decided he didn’t want to hang out at the bar anymore. Perhaps he could see my inhibitions were fading. He said we could have a few more drinks over at his place if I liked.

His apartment always smelled of vanilla candles. When we got there he lit a few . . . I don’t remember how many, but enough to give the room a sensual, romantic glow as we had a glass of white wine. Still, I felt unable to tell him what I wanted; the wine still hadn’t seemed to do its job quite yet. Still, I was hinting around—putting my hand in my pocket to adjust my scrotum and telling him it was never quite comfortable, placing my hand on his knee what he made a funny remark about something. After we finished two glasses of wine, James took the bottle and said, “I think we’ve had enough.” He picked up the glasses and told me he’d be right back. I feared that maybe I offended him, that perhaps he thought I was mocking his sexual persuasion. And he was taking a long time just to take the glasses back into the kitchen. While he was gone I started thinking of how to apologize to him, that my intentions were totally different, that I didn’t mean to offend him, and maybe, just maybe, if I told him why I was really there, then we could do something together, that something I wanted but was too afraid to say outright.

When James returned, though, I saw that he had read my intentions correctly from the beginning. He came back dressed in only a purple silk robe, tied together loosely at his waist. I couldn’t see too much because of the candlelight, so I couldn’t tell if he was erect or not yet. But I was getting there as soon as I saw him. I could only sit there and wait for what he might say next. I didn’t wait long.

“You think you’re sly, Chris?” he asked me. “Trying to entice me to make it with you. If you would have come right out and said what you wanted, it’s hard to tell what might have happened.” He smiled. Ankara escort “Oh, we would have done it,” he continued, “but now, now it has to be done my way.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but the edge in his voice, the command almost, turned me on, made me willing to do as he asked. Still, I couldn’t form any words to reply to him. I only sat there, waiting for what seemed like ages for what would come next. Despite the wine we had had, I was again beginning to tremble a little. An excited, needful tremble shook through my limbs as I sat there waiting. “Well?” James asked.

“Yes?” I replied, still trying to make out what was happening behind the belt of his robe.

“You want me, don’t you?” he asked. My reply was a simple mm-hmm. “Good, I think I need someone fresh, someone yet untouched. But how do I know you’re untouched? Oh, I could take your word for it, but I think a little inspection is in order.” I liked the sound of that, even though I wasn’t sure what he meant by it. “I want you to stand up,” he went on, “and take your clothes off for me. Everything expect your underwear.”

The request was simple enough, but hearing it made my cock grow larger than it already had. The idea of him watching me pushed it even more. Standing up, I began to oblige, taking my shirt off first, then unzipping my pants and letting them fall to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking them aside. Instinctively, I moved my hand down and rubbed my dick, wanting to stimulate it even more. “No,” James commanded. “You cannot touch yourself. You have to leave it all to me.” That rocked my world. I had masturbated hundreds of times, letting myself reach the point of cumming before I would stop and let it all settle back in and I began again. This experience, I knew, would be like that, but much more intense. To make him happy I couldn’t touch myself; a thought like that had never crossed my mind. I had thought that this would an experience totally for me, but was finding that this would be his pleasure too. Not touching myself became even more difficult as James undid his belt and let his robe fall to the floor. I saw his cock for the first time. It wasn’t exactly hard, but it hadn’t grown too much, and it bobbed merrily as he walked towards me, standing in front of me and planting a kiss on my lips. The kiss soon grew, then his tongue was in my mouth, and mine in his, as we explored each others’ mouths. But just as it became very passionate, he withdrew and stepped back and kneeled in front of me.

There he ran his finger down the bottom of my shaft, which was pushed against my briefs and ready to pop out. James took a finger on either side of the elastic and slowly, very slowly pulled my briefs down. I swear I thought Escort ankara I could hear a pop as my cock tasted the air, free from its encasement. “Nice,” he said, blowing softly on it. “What is it, a good eight inches?” I shrugged my shoulders, not sure what to say. A dribble of precum hung from its tip. “Look at that,” James said in a cute voice. “We must take care of that, shouldn’t we?” And then, for the first time, James put his lips around my cock, only the head, and lapped away the precum that was there. I thought that maybe I would cum then and there, but he moved away. Again, instinctively I reached for my cock, but James caught my hand in his and said “Oh no, no touching, I said. Now you need to place your hands on top of your head and keep them there until I am finished.” I did as asked, and could only wonder what would come next.

He pressed my cock against my belly, and with an open mouth blew hot air onto it, cradling my balls with his other hand as he did so. He then blew on them with the same hot breath before blowing cooler breath on them. I was in agony; I could feel myself close to cumming, but I couldn’t, not yet, this had to go much further than this. Sensing that I was could cum, he pulled on my scrotum as if to alleviate the need. That worked, but I settled even more when he moved behind me and ran his hands against my bottom. “You can take your hands off your head now,” he told me (I had actually forgotten I had them there to begin with). He then asked me to bend over and grab a hold of my legs. I did as asked, but must admit I was kind of frightened. I hadn’t thought of anal, nor had I ever tired it on myself, but now I was faced with it. I thought back to what James had said earlier, about if I had only been a little more straightforward. But now, as he had said, he was calling the shots, and I knew he must be allowed to do what he wanted. He spread my cheeks apart and, like he had done with my balls, began to blow into my ass. He was so close I thought I could feel his lips touching me. The feeling was strange and new, and most of all, very stimulating. He continued to blow, cradling my scrotum from behind, his grasp fluctuating between a commanding firmness and a caring gentleness.

Finally he stood up and took me by the hand and led me to the couch, where all of this had begun. He laid back on the couch and made me kneel before him. “Here I am, Chris,” James said. “This is what you want, really? Isn’t it? My cock.” I nodded my head. I did want it. It was very erect, a good eight inches, swollen and red. I could see that James had became just as excited with his inspection as it had made me. I leaned onto of him and kissed him, and our cocks touched. I felt the precum emanating from Ankara escort bayan him mingle with what was coming from me. It was magical, surreal in the candlelight that still glowed erotically through the room. “Take me,” he said, “take me into your mouth. It’s what you want and what I want for you . . . for us.

I obliged, for both of us. The cock tasted sweet and the precum sweeter as it dripped in my mouth. I took James in as far as I could, to my throat. I feared at first that I might gag, but it didn’t happen. Oh it was wonderful! I sucked on him attentively, like someone caught up in a good book. At first he laid there and let me do what I needed to do, but soon he started moving his hips in motion with my mouth. I could feel his swelling more inside my mouth, and I could taste more and more trickles of him releasing into my mouth. I wondered what it would be like to take a load into my mouth, and I sucked harder and harder as he thrust harder trying to get him there. But it wouldn’t happen. As I heard him release his first serious moan, he pushed my head away from him and stood up, telling me to bend over the couch. The fear I had of anal was about to be confronted, but at the same time that fear had turned into a dire need. I bent over the couch as asked.

“Not too far,” I pleaded.

“Don’t worry, Chris, my sweet,” he said, and entered me, only about an inch, maybe. As he entered, I felt my own cock grow even more erect, something I didn’t think could happen. It was a little painful, but it was a gratifying pain as he moved in and out of me and his moans became more intense as he released into me. I felt myself filled with his cum as he moved in and out of me and stroked his own cock to aid the release, his hand slapping against my butt. We moaned together has he released himself entirely. He didn’t exit right away though, but remained there, rubbing my back and letting his breathing come under control. He pulled himself out finally, and I could feel his ejaculate dripping from my ass, and he took his finger and played with it a second before grabbing my hips and turning me over onto the couch.

There were no words. James went right to work on me. The feel of his sucking on my cock was more than I had ever imagined. He was an expert, rolling his tongue in the right places, along the head, taking me to his throat, pulling on my sack, he did everything perfectly. I knew from the start I wouldn’t last long. Within only a few moments I began to cum. James pulled off of me a moment and the cum splattered in his face, and I was back on his mouth. He sucked every bit out of me then leaned up and kissed me. I could taste my own cum in his mouth and our tongues intertwined. All I could think of was that this was all I wanted, and James, my friend, now my lover, had made it come true.

Afterwards we sat in silence for a long time, laying naked next to one another, our hands cradling each other’s now soft cocks. “Thank you,” I finally said.

“There will be more,” he assured me with a smile.