Costume Party with Friends


We sent out the invitations to friends that we thought would be interested in attending a party like this. “This”, being a costume party with our “other”, friends that are involved in the types of parties that include serious sexual playing. The party this evening allowed us to invite our “regular”, friends to see if they were interested in partaking in this side of our lifestyle. The other people attending did so as well. We were surprised at the response we received from our invites, stating that they were intrigued and willing to try anything once.

So here we are preparing for the party. Christine and I were to dress as Antony and Cleopatra. Christine is 5’2″, 38 DD’s and curves where they should be. I was in a classic toga with nothing underneath and Christine’s costume involved a thin gold wrap and gold thong with 4 in heels. Both our costumes included masks, as everyone was to wear. She looked nothing but spectacular, and ready to play, and I was positive that by the end of the evening she would be attracting a whole lot of male attention.

The place the party was to be held, was a ranch that was decorated in an Ancient Roman motif, and had room for everyone invited to spend the night if they wanted. The guests were starting to arrive and we saw some incredible outfits. From lifeguards, to the usual pimp and ho’s, and many many togas. Some were really creative in using body paint to create the costume directly on the skin. We saw a football referee completely made from body paint over the woman’s upper half with a black spandex boy short covering her lower half. A chef, wearing and apron, and his assistant wearing nothing but an apron and stiletto heels. Everybody looked absolutely fantastic and the sexual energy in the air was palpable.

What we liked about this evening’s festivities was the anonymity of it all. We knew that our friends were going to be there, we just did not know whom they were coming dressed as. The friends that responded were Christine’s old boyfriend Fred and our mutual friend Chris. Dana and her husband Jeremy, who Christine has fantasized about fucking, along with her friend Nicole and her husband Chad. Another couple who surprised us with a response was Jeff and his wife Andrea. We thought that of the people we sent invites to this couple would be the one not to respond and we would never hear from them again. These were the people we felt would be interested in exploring a new aspect of their relationship.

The guests, upon entering had to pass through an enormous arch with Doric columns flanking either side into a great room that had large bed like structures and pillows located in all of the corners. This was to provide areas for playing as the night wore on. There were bowls of condoms throughout the room and all sorts of toys to be used by anyone interested. The only rules for the evening was that you had to ask before touching and “No”, meant “NO!” end of story.

As well as the sexual playthings there was and open bar and huge buffet. Both men and women, balıkesir escort dressed as Roman slaves were tending the bar. They were people who were part of the group and would participate in the evening’s festivities as the night wore on.

The room filled up nicely by 10 pm and everyone was having a ball. Christine and I were socializing with the people present. The one thing that I noticed was that no one was trying to guess who anyone was. It worked out that everyone was on the same page in just having a good time and keeping up the anonymity as long as possible. We were all aware that the masks would be shed at some point in the evening but at that point nobody would really care.

As the party continued, more and more couples were becoming more adventurous with each other. Some were petting, while others were starting to remove costumes and find corner areas to continue playing. At one point, as many of us watched, the couple dressed as lifeguards were situated on a pile of pillows with the man eating out the pussy of his partner, bringing her to mind blowing orgasm that brought a round of applause from the various spectators.

On the other side of the room the woman dressed as a football referee was doing the reverse cowgirl on someone’s hard cock while another woman was licking the guy’s balls. Watching this open display just enhanced the sexually charged energy already felt throughout the room.

I noticed that Christine was having fun while working the room with many admirers feeling her enormous breast and rubbing up against her ass. In my journey around I too was being rubbed and stroked by several of the female attendees. When we met up I gave her a deep kiss and told her again how fantastic she looked.

“So tell me my beautiful Roman Goddess are you having fun with all the attention I see you have attracted?” I asked.

She gave me an extremely satisfied look and said, “I am loving every minute of this evening so far. My pussy is so wet I can’t wait to have a hard dick in it. I wish someone would just come over to me and shove their dick in my pussy.”

I kissed her again and told her that if no one satisfied her desire shortly that I would take my sexy wife’s pussy in front of everyone.

At this point it was about midnight and another rule of the party was that all costumes had to be removed in order to increase the energy for the evening, not that it was necessary with this group. The sounds of ecstasy could be heard through out the room. Moans and cries of men and women having the time of their lives were quite evident. As an observer for the moment it was a great feeling knowing that people were enjoying themselves to the fullest extent possible. While Christine and I were standing conversing with a couple dressed as a pimp and ho two men wearing nothing but their masks came up to my wife and asked if she was ready the play and be taken as Cleopatra had been for crimes against her people. (Yeah I know, cheesy, but balıkesir escort bayan who cares)? She got this gleam in her eye while looking at me.

“Go ahead honey,” I said, “You’ve been waiting for this.”

“Yesssss,,,,,,” my slut of wife purred.

This was all the permission these two needed. They quickly pulled her costume off of her and picked her up roughly and carried her over to one of the corners filled with large pillows and shackles attached to the wall. I lost track of them as the crowd closed around them and went to refresh my drink.

While I was at the bar getting a refill I removed the rest of my costume, since it was approaching midnight, and had the beautiful slave girl stash it behind the bar. She then allowed me to massage and suck on her pierced nipples before I left to see what debauchery my wife as involved in. I told the slave girl that I would return for her pussy later. As I felt and groped my way through the crowd of bodies stopping every so often to let someone stroke my very hard cock, I finally made it to the corner where I last saw Christine taken to.

I found a good vantage point and was able to see that her wrists were placed in the shackles and that there was enough chain to allow her to be placed in any position. At the present moment she was on all fours being roughly fucked by one of her masked takers while the other was shoving his dick in her mouth. The sound of her moans and squeals of excitement could be heard over the others. On the same pile of pillows was another hot-bodied redhead being fucked by another very well endowed man.

While I continued to watch my wife being used like the whore she liked to be, a shapely brunette approached me and asked if I wouldn’t mind her playing with my cock. I told her that I didn’t mind at all. She stood next to me and asked, “Is that your wife being fucked?”

“Yes it is,” I replied, while she slowly stroked my dick.

“I can see that it turns you on to see her be used like that.”

“I really get turned on because I know that she is loving every minute of it.”

At this point the brunette got on her knees and started to blow me. As I looked up at the action, I noticed several other men were now around my hot wife. Some of the masks came off and I saw her ex-boyfriend Fred having her sit on his cock while her friend’s husband, Jeremy, fucked her face. Another masked man was slapping her ass and lubing a vibrator that he then started to work into her ass.

The brunette that was sucking my cock stood up and kissed me hard on the lips and then pulled me by the cock to a set of pillows a few feet away from where Christine was. She maneuvered herself on her hands and knees so we could both see the action and guided my cock to her shaved wet pussy where I slid in without any resistance. Now I was in heaven, fucking this beautiful woman and seeing my wife be used the way she likes to be used.

As the men continued to fuck her and change escort balıkesir positions you could hear them say, “That’s right bitch take my cock!!!”

“You like how I fuck your mouth don’t you whore?”

In between a cock being shoved in her mouth she’d respond, “Yesssss!!!!! I love being a whore!!”

I was approaching my orgasm and expressed so to my willing partner. She removed herself from my cock and turned around to finish me off. She only had to suck me for a short time before I blew a huge amount of cum into her waiting mouth and throat. This woman swallowed everything that came out of me. Breathless I leaned over, kissed her on the lips and told her, “Thank you for fun my dear.”

“My pleasure, I really liked having your cock up in me.”

With that she got up and made her way to the bar for a drink where she met up with another man and started to play with his dick.

I carefully stood up and made room for anyone else wanting to use the space we just occupied. As I looked back at my slut wife she was now on her back with her legs in the air and this time our friend Chris was banging her for all he was worth. The sound of skin slapping skin could be heard quite loudly in our corner of the room. I walked over to where she was and went to her head and kissed her saying, “You are so hot when you are being a slut.”

In between grunts of pleasure she turned her head in my direction and smiled with a look I know so well. A look of pure satisfaction and pleasure.

I left her to her enjoyment and went to get another drink and see how the other guests were making out. No pun intended. I saw that all were involved in some sort fun and games. I noticed, due to their masks being removed that our friend Jeff was banging some hot blonde while his wife was next to him on the receiving end of a huge black cock. Everyone I saw was having a great time, and as the night wore on couples were starting to make their way to the rooms to stay the night.

Christine eventually made her way to where I was accompanied by Fred and Chris and informed me that she would meet me in our room. They headed in that direction and I went back to the bar to retrieve the slave girl. Upon entering our room they were continuing where they left off. Everyone’s mask was gone and they had Christine on her knees sucking Chris’s cock while she stroked Fred’s.

I moved over to the large sofa where the slave girl and me settled in to play with each other while watching the show in front of us. We continued throughout the night and into the next morning fucking, sucking and playing until everyone was totally exhausted and fell asleep.

As we started to wake up, we each showered and thanked each other for a fun and exciting night. When it was just Christine and I alone, I asked, “Did you enjoy what happened last evening?”

The HUGE smile on her face answered my question. She kissed me and said, “Honey, I love doing the things we do. The fact that we do them together just ads to my excitement and satisfaction.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more. What do you say we get some breakfast or whatever meal of the day it is and see how the others made out?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

With that we ventured out to see how our other friends made out and inquire if they were interested in planning our own adventure.

To be continued……..