Beware of the Quiet One


Tom and I have been working together for a little over a year. Our cubicles are on a diagonal from each other in a square of four cubicles. Neither one of us talks much at work, and rarely to each other. That is, until our company held an event which ended up pushing us together. A group of us were sent to a conference to man a booth representing our company. Somehow Tom and I ended up being the only ones to stay at the booth while everyone else made themselves scarce. This gave us six hours to get to know each other.

I learned many things about him that impressed me, considerably. Both of us had moved far from home after college to places where we didn’t know anyone. Most of what I previously knew about him was from overhearing him at the office talking about going out and getting drunk every weekend. Something that I do not do.

Now Tom isn’t the most attractive man that I’ve ever seen, but he is good looking in his own way. He is fairly short for a man, around 5’6″, and he keeps himself fit. This doesn’t bother me at all because he is still taller than my 5’1″. I will admit that I don’t have a head-turning body myself being that I am a little overweight for my height, or lack thereof.

I didn’t live far from where the conference was being held so I had walked there in the morning. Since I knew that Tom would have to drive practically in front of my apartment on his way home I asked him to give me a ride home. It never occurred to me that anything romantic would happen, but it did. It started with the free drinks at the conference before we left. When we arrived Escort Pendik at my building I invited him up for another drink, which to my surprise he accepted.

All that I had was wine, so I opened a bottle. My apartment is rather small. I don’t have a living room, so we could either sit in the kitchen or in my bedroom. The bedroom it was. I popped in a CD to help ease the tension. I just grabbed what was closest, which turned out to be a mix of love songs. I offered the armchair to him while I sat on the bed.

We started off with small talk, gossiping about our coworkers, etc. Eventually, with more wine, the conversation turns to relationships. . .

“Did I hear you correctly earlier that you’re not seeing anyone?” I ask.

“That’s right. You? I never hear you talk about a boyfriend.”

“Me? A boyfriend?” I can’t help but laugh. “No. I’ve barely had a date since college.”

“But what about Steve? You two were always doing stuff together. There was a rumor going around that you were sleeping together.”

“Good Lord no. We could never be more than friends, especially with his bragging about his marathon dating. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex that I’m practically a born again virgin.” As soon as I say this I regret it and take a big drink of wine.

Tom shifts in the chair and then gets up asking for the bathroom. I point the way, kicking myself for my last comment, as I fall on my back. I roll onto my right side, facing the door, propped up on one elbow with my left foot on the bed. Tom comes back in and sits on the bed facing me. I start to apologize for my stupid statement, but he cuts me off, telling me not to worry about it. Then he leans forward and kisses me. It is a short, tentative kiss. When he pulls back he looks at me questioningly. I reach behind his head and pull him back into a passionate kiss. It has been SO long and I am very hungry for the physical contact.

He crawls on to the bed and I roll onto my back, pulling him on top of me. He kisses my neck down towards my chest. He unbuttons my blouse, kissing each newly exposed piece of skin. I giggle when he reaches my stomach (I am extremely ticklish). He sits back and runs his hands up my sides, keeping his eyes locked on mine, and then over my bra-covered breasts. I can’t help shuttering, which makes him smile.

I want, no, need to touch him. I roll onto my knees and remove my blouse before proceeding to unbutton his matching company shirt. I run my hands over his chest. He has more muscles than I had guessed. I slide my hands around to his back and up to his shoulders, pulling him against me and into another hungry kiss. He unhooks my bra and pulls it off my body as we kiss.

He kisses his way back down to my chest, this time fastening onto my left breast. I moan slightly as he kisses and sucks my breast while using his fingers on the other one. He takes his time before switching his attention to the other breast. I can feel the wetness building between my thighs.

I run my hand down his chest to his pants. I can feel his erection straining against the material. I gently stroke him through the layers. Before long I undo his pants and remove his cock. I continue to rub him for a few minutes before I pull away from his mouth and get up from the bed. I remove his shoes, socks, pants and boxers. Then I proceed to remove my slacks and panties.

I tell him to close his eyes. As quietly as possible I search though my nightstand for my package of “wishful thinking” condoms. I grab one and tell him to open his eyes. I toss him the condom. He looks at it, then at me. “Are you sure?” he asks. I climb back on the bed and start kissing him again. This answer satisfies him and he gets the condom on and positions himself over me.

Slowly he penetrates me. Once again I joke that I told him it was like I was a born-again virgin. He laughs and continues to slowly move in me. He feels so good inside. I don’t want it to end. As he begins to pick up speed he reaches down and starts rubbing my clit. Oh God it feels good, I can’t help moaning. I can feel my orgasm rapidly approaching, I push harder from below. He senses this and starts thrusting faster to keep pace. All of the sudden my orgasm rushes over me and I gasp with the intensity of it. I cling to Tom as I am pushed into pleasure overload. I am so wrapped up in my own pleasure that I barely notice that he has cum too. I lay there panting as he pulls out of me and removes the condom. He gets up to dispose of it, then climbs back into bed with me.

Lying there Tom tells me that he had no idea that I would be so wild in bed, even though he had fantasized of this happening. I tell him that he hasn’t seen anything yet. I remind him of what is said about the quiet ones; they are the ones to watch out for. He will never doubt that again.