Like Mother, Like Daughter Ch. 02


Like mother, like daughter

This is a work of fiction that portraits social and/or racial stereotypes as well as domination among women that may not suit everybody’s taste. If you find this offensive, don’t read further.

Thanks to Eve Ashland for helping with the edition.

Chapter 2

Two weeks had passed since their encounters with the Joneses, and during that time Holly had managed to avoid contact with Jada. But maybe that was better explained because Jada also avoided Holly at school. Not because Jada didn’t want to (she couldn’t wait to get her hands on Holly), but because she and her mother had better plans for the Montgomery girls. Thanks to Holly’s posts on social media, mainly trying on different outfits for the occasion, they knew she and her mother would attend an important event that Saturday.

At the Montgomery’s, the hairdressers and professional makeup artist Allison had hired for the occasion had just left the house, leaving the Montgomery’s faces and hair ready for the big night.

It was a special Saturday afternoon for Allison Montgomery, as she was busy preparing for that evening event. The town’s Philanthropic Society was going to honor her as one of the “Top achievers” of the year. She was proud of the work she had done, although the other women who would receive the same award did not think the same.

They had not only worked hard for the Philanthropic Society, but, unlike Allison, they also had

full-time jobs. But the biggest reservation they had was that they believed the council, comprised of mostly male members, likely honored Allison with the award for other reasons, probably linked to Allison’s beauty and sexiness.

In her dressing room, Allison started with the lingerie, putting on a sexy set of french blue lace and satin bra, panties, and garter belt. She rolled a pair of sheer tan nylon stockings up her slender legs, hooked them with the garters and slipped her delicate feet into a pair of white patent 5″ Louboutin stilettos. In front of the mirror, she turned around several times checking that everything was perfect.

“I still got it!” She thought pleased to see what the mirror returned.

Allison followed with a designer dress in white metallic jacquard, with a short matching jacket. The dress reached just above the knee, with a wide neckline that acted as a display for Allison’s round breasts. Perhaps too much for the occasion, but with the jacket on, the end result was much more balanced.

“Mom, I need your help with the shoes!”

“Hold on a second, I am coming over there!”

Eager to see the final result, Allison put on the jewelry she had set aside for the occasion. It was a three strand pearl choker with matching bracelet and earrings. Again, looking herself at the mirror, the conceited mom smiled with satisfaction before heading to her daughter’s room.

“Wow mom! You look stunning!”

“Really? It seemed flashy perhaps.”

“I don’t want to be one of the ladies who have to share the stage with you. They will look like a bunch of old sad hags next to you.”

“You look adorable too sweety. I wish I could wear such a short skirt.”

Holly was wearing a pale pink tweed skirt suit, with a really short skirt that showed a great deal of her endless legs. Underneath the suit she wore a white lace lingerie set of bra, panties and garter-belt, and like her mother, Holly wrapped her legs in sheer tan stockings. After browsing the options of her daughter shoe selection, Allison recommended that she wore a pair of pink Jimmy Choo 5″ high heel pumps.

“I think the color matches. I know you want to look older and you are no longer a little girl, but you are only eighteen. Maybe you could do without the stockings”

Holly put on the heels and turned around posing for her mother, who gave her thumbs up in approval.

“And what about the stockings?”

“I know you are right mom, but…”

“But what?”

“But… I feel hot when I am wearing them…”

As she was quite familiar with that feeling, Allison smiled at her daughter’s answer, and the fact was that, with or without the stockings, Holly looked really hot and a little older than she was.

After grabbing her clutch purse, and a little nervous about the evening of events, Allison headed downstairs for the sole purpose of pouring herself a glass of white wine. She still hadn’t reached the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Allison checked the time, and as there was still a long way to go before the limo that would take them to the event would arrived, she walked curiously to the front door.

She paused at the mirror in the foyer, checked her hairstyle and makeup, and tugged the hem of the dress down before opening the front door.

“Hello Mrs. Montgomery!”

Allison was petrified. Try as she might, she couldn’t say or do anything. In front of her were the last people she had wanted to meet that kütahya escort afternoon. Jada and Kayla Jones seized the moment, and without any invitation, entered the house and closed the front door. Both were casually dressed, Kayla in a pair of jeans, black top and black boots while Jada was wearing tiny shorts and a skimpy top with sneakers.

“You were right, she’s a hot milf, mom!”

Jada circled Allison studying her carefully. Still dumbfounded with surprise, Allison came to herself when Jada squeezed her buttock.

“W… what are you doing here?”

As soon as she listened to herself, the blonde mom realized that she had asked a rhetorical question.

“She still has a nice ass, mom. Think we’re gonna have a lot of fun with her.”

“Please, you must leave now. We have an event tonight and a limousine will be here soon.”

Upstairs Holly could barely hear what was going on in the foyer. She leaned out the door of her room and loudly asked her mother if the limo had arrived. When Jada heard her, a devilish grin crossed her face.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Montgomery, I’ll leave you in my mom’s capable hands.”

Jada handed her mom her backpack before running up the stairs. Allison wanted to scream to alert Holly, but Kayla stood in front of her and subtly dissuaded her.

“Let the girls get better acquainted, don’t you think?”

Kayla moved toward Allison and grabbed her by the lapels of her jacket, pulling her closer until both mothers’ chests made contact. As she tugged on the jacket, Kayla sniffed at Allison’s neck, and when she began to slide her tongue from her neck and across her cheek, the blonde’s body shuddered as she let out a moan. Since that was all she needed to hear to verify that she was in control, Kayla released and straightened Allison’s jacket.

“I knew you were craving for this. Why don’t you show me a little more this nice house that you have?”

“Please, this is not the right time. We have to leave soon.”

“Well, that you and your pretty daughter leave, and how you leave, is something that will depend on how you behave from now on. Let’s go to the living room.”

Allison headed into the living room, but had barely taken a couple of steps when Kayla stopped her.

“No, no, no! Don’t walk Mrs. Montgomery, crawl on your four.”

“B… But my stockings and shoes are going to be ruined! Please, you know we have to leave!”

To Kayla, Allison didn’t seem to understand what was about to happen to both her and her daughter. Kayla approached the blonde and with the filthy heel of her boot stomped and ground the toe box of both her expensive white shoes until they were well scuffed and stained.

“Ooouuch! It hurts! Please stop! Ooouch!”

A single powerful slap was enough for Kayla to knock the blonde down to the floor. Kayla knelt by his side and with her nails tore apart her nylon stockings.

“You no longer have to worry about ruining your cute shoes and stockings. I took care of that for you.”

The message was very clear and Allison without protesting began to crawl into the living room followed by Kayla.

Upstairs, Holly was shocked to see Jada emerging from the stairs. As Jada approached her, Holly backed into her room as if that was enough to avoid the inevitable.

“W… what are you doing here?”

“That’s the same stupid question your mother asked downstairs. Guess you can’t say that the stupid blonde thing is not a cliché.”

Jada entered the room, closing the door behind her, while Holly nervously backed away. Standing a few feet from her blonde schoolmate, Jada checked her from head to toes and liked what she saw so much, that she almost started drooling. Though Holly was dressed to look older than she was, the pink suit with a skimpy skirt that showed off her endless legs still retained some youthful appearance.

“Get out of my room!”

“If you want me out of here, why don’t you get me out of here yourself?”

The shorts and top that Jada was wearing barely covered her body, showing off her muscular arms and legs. Holly, remembering the incident at school and the strength Jada had shown, had made it clear she didn’t have what it took to kick her out.

As her mother had advised her to show Holly who was in charge from the start, Jada decidedly approached her, but to her surprise, Holly attempted to push her towards the door.

“Get out now or…”

The shattering slap Jada gave her didn’t let her finish. Her slim body wobbled on her heels when another slap knocked her to the floor.

“Did your mommy tell you how my mom kicked her ass? Looks like you wanna get your ass kicked like her.”

Jada made her stand up tugging her hair and just as she had done at school, grabbed her by the neck and pinned her against the wall. Dumbfounded, Holly raised her hands as soon as Jada took her by the neck. The blonde’s body shuddered and her pussy malatya escort throbbed as she got wet. Jada slid her free hand up between Holly’s thighs, past the top of her stockings, lifting Holly’s miniskirt, who couldn’t help herself and released a soft moan.

“You like to dress up like mom? You like to put these things on to look like her?”

Jada squeezed Holly’s neck tighter, and as her other hand rubbed her lace covered pussy, she could feel the fabric quickly getting wet.

“Did your mommy tell you how she liked when my mom made her strip in the parking lot? Did she tell you how she moaned when my mom fingered her like a cheap slut?”

As Jada groped and taunted her, Holly moaned louder, moving her hips back and forth. Jada slid the panties’ crotch to the side and started rubbing Holly’s hairless pussy.

“You wanted me outta school. Well, now, I’m gonna kick your ass and I’m gonna fuck you hard.”

“Ooohh! Oh! Oh! Oh my!”

“I just don’t know what to do first… fuck you or kick your ass… what do you think?”

“Ooohh! F… fuck me, fuck me p…please!”

The blonde was so horny that she seemed to be in a kind of trance, and in truth she was the one moving her hips trying to fuck Jada’s fingers. The moaning turned into crying when Jada buried two fingers inside Holly’s tight pussy and she rhythmically thrust her hips up and down fucking Jada’s fingers.

“Oh my! Oh my! Don’t stop! Make me cum!”

“Not so fast bitch!”

Jada wasn’t going to let Holly finish so soon, so while still holding her neck, she withdrew her soaked fingers from her pussy and buried them in her mouth. The sight of that perfectly made-up model face, and those bright red lips wrapping around her fingers as Holly sensually sucked on them, made Jada wet. Once her fingers were perfectly cleaned, Jada removed them from her mouth, took Holly’s right hand and brought it toward her pussy.

“If you wanna cum, do it yourself”

Without hesitation, Holly slid her right hand under the lace panties, buried her fingers inside her pussy and started jerking off. Jada released her neck, took Holly’s left hand and brought it to her chest, sliding it under her jacket and over her bra. Holly’s body wiggled and her legs rubbed together, as if she were performing a very sensual dance, and her moans flooded the room again. Jada stepped back a few feet, grabbed his phone and started videotaping the blonde fingering herself.

“Say you are my bitch!”

“Oooh! I… I’m Jada’s bitch! Oh my!”

“It’s Jada Jones to you. Say it louder and look at the phone.”

“I’m Jada Jones bitch! Ohh! I’m going to cum! I’m Jada Jones bitch!”

Again, Holly was on the verge of an orgasm, but Jada tugged on her right wrist, forcing her to remove her hands from her pussy.

“Ohh! Please let me cum!”

Holly was so horny and so close to cumming that without hesitation she used her free hand to keep on fingering her pussy.



Angered by Holly’s rebelliousness, Jada slapped her to show her who was in charge, but surprisingly that turned the blonde on even more. Perplexed by that reaction, Jada let go of Holly’s wrist and began slapping her face with both hands; not hard enough to knock her down but enough to shake her face from side to side. Not even Holly understood why she got aroused so much by every slap she received from the black amazon.

“You really wanna get your ass kicked blondie!”

“SMACK! Ohh! SMACK! Please kick my ass! SMACK! I’m going… SMACK! Oohh my… SMACK! Oooohhh!”

Just a few slaps were enough for Holly to have an electrifying orgasm, the likes of which she had never experienced in her life. Her sight blurred as she frantically drilled her pussy with her fingers. Her moans of pleasure turned into howls and her body jerked uncontrollably. Since her legs could barely keep her standing she kneeled in front of Jada.

The young black woman could not resist the temptation and gave her a hard slap that knocked Holly to the floor, who kept on fingering herself and howling until the orgasm subsided.

The blonde still lay panting sprawled on the floor recovering from the intense orgasm when pulling at her hair, Jada made her stand up. Still dazed, Holly’s slender body wobbled like a rag doll.

“Let’s show mommy how her pretty daughter became a ghetto dike’s bitch.”

Without wasting any more time, tugging her hair roughly, Jada dragged her out of the room and then downstairs. Holly clumsily walked down the stairs on her 5″ heels while Jada kept pulling from her hair.

“Oouch! Slower please! Ouch!”

When they reached the ground floor, they both heard the loud moans coming from the living room. Tugging at her hair, the black girl led Holly into the living room where their mothers were.

“Please let go my hair! It hurts! Oh my God!”

The burning in her scalp took a back seat when Holly saw her manisa escort mother. Allison was leaning across an armchair, her calves dangling from one of the armrests and her head from the other. She was still fully dressed in the elegant designer dress, but with the jacket open, the skirt gathered at her waist, and her huge silicone breasts protruding above the dress cleavage.

Kayla had her pants rolled down to her knees while standing beside the couch, with her pussy directly over Allison’s face. With one hand, she was pulling Allison’s blonde hair, her face in her crotch, while with her other hand caressed the slender woman’s breasts and pinched pink her nipples.

Both mothers groaned with pleasure, although Allison’s moans were muffled by Kayla’s pussy. Allison also had her hands busy stroking her chest and fingering her pussy, and when she heard her daughter’s voice she withdrew her tongue from Kayla’s pussy.

“You better keep sucking Mrs. Montgomery!”

“B…but… mmmphh!”

Kayla simply pulled her hair harder and twisted her nipple a bit rougher to get Allison’s tongue and hands back to work.

“Look at your mom, look how the slut likes to be under my mom! Betcha you wanna do the same, don’t you?”

Jada didn’t wait for an answer, she laid Holly on the coffee table and took off her shorts and panties. She kneeled straddling Holly, pinning her arms with her legs and leaving her hairy pussy inches from Holly’s mouth. As she had imagined, without having to ask, the blonde put her tongue to work on Jada’s pussy. The black girl was already very horny and wet, so soon her moans joined those of Kayla and Allison.

Jada wiggled her hips and Holly found it difficult to keep her tongue in her pussy. Jada stretched her arm back until she could grasp Holly’s panties, and each time she stopped feeling her tongue, she jerked Holly’s panties roughly to let her know her displeasure.

But like the previous face slapping, the painful wedgie had a stimulating effect on Holly, who was soon moaning like Jada.

“You’re a horny slut! You came just a few minutes ago and you’re already moaning again!”

At that moment, a scene was unfolding in the living room that would have been unthinkable only a few days before. The rich white mother and daughter, still dressed in their elegant clothes, were subdued underneath the black mother and daughter, eagerly sucking their pussies. Their muffled moans paled compared to Kayla and Jada’s loud moans.

Kayla was on the verge of coming, not only because of the pussy licking Allison was giving her, but also because of the sense of power she felt over that beautiful blonde sprawled under her. And then the orgasm hit her like lightning. She instinctively tugged at Allison’s hair and pulled at her chest so hard it looked like she was going to rip it. Kayla screamed with pleasure and moved her crotch back and forth, rubbing it all over Allison’s face as she squirted profusely.

“Holly shit Mrs. Montgomery! You really are a fast learner!”

After climaxing, Kayla wiped her crotch with Allison’s hair and still panting she pulled up her pants while Allison was still lying on the couch fingering her pussy. Once recovered, tugging at Allison’s breasts, Kayla made her stand looking at the coffee table, where her daughter lay beneath Jada. The black mother came up behind Allison and wrapped her left arm around her neck and with her right hand buried her fingers into her pussy.

“Betcha it turns you on seeing your daughter under mine. Watch the little whore wriggle in pleasure under a black girl’s pussy.”

The way Kayla was holding her, Allison was the image of submission. Being taller than Kayla and in 5 “heels, her thighs and knees touched, while her calves were wide open with the toes of her shoes pointing inwards. As Kayla pressed her neck and fingered her, the blonde mother looked like a rag doll with her arms dangling by the sides.

“Uuughhh! N…not so hard! Mmhh!

“Don’t be so shy. You know you like it hard.”

“Oooh! Oohh!”

“We both knew this was going to happen. Maybe you ladies dressed up like that for us.”

“Oh my! Ooh my!”

It seemed as if Kayla knew that Allison was thinking of her when she dressed, imagining that the black mother forced her to undress again. As Jada squeezed her neck and fingered her harder and harder, Allison felt completely at Kayla’s mercy, a sensation much stronger than the one she had felt in the parking lot, and it drove her crazy with pleasure.

“I can’t hold it! Oooohhhh! Oooohhh!”

“Yes, cum like a slut, cum like Kayla Jones’ bitch!

Kayla kept the grip on her neck, fingering Allison’s while her body trembled with the never ending orgasm. Eventually, Kayla withdrew her fingers and released the grasp on her neck and Allison collapsed at her feet.

“Ooohhh God! Ohhh! Ohhh!”

Allison lay curled on the floor, frantically rubbing her crotch until the orgasm nearly knocked her out. Even after having finished she let out moans as she rubbed her nyloned legs together. Kayla took the opportunity to take some photos of Allison on the floor and also of Jada on Holly before making Allison stand up.