Domestic Wife Ch. 04

Mouth Fucking

All character depicted are 18 years old or older. This chapter is non-erotic (except for hints of dominance and submission). If you were looking for something erotic, try chapter 1 (dominance and pussy eating), chapter 2 (dominance and cock sucking), or chapter 3 (first time, vaginal).

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Darcy waited for her husband to dismount his horse. Once his feet were on the ground he helped her off as well. Darcy looked around at the town square. She could smell the bread from the bakery. The sweet, cinnamon smell wafted towards her from the other side of the street. Each store was made of brick or grey stones with steps leading to the door and large storefront windows. Beside the bakery was a fabric store. Its windows displayed beautiful patterns and colors. She thought of how fine the fabric would be to touch. By their texture, she could tell that they were silky smooth, and would most likely be very expensive.

She gazed at the other stores. Each one was familiar to her. The hat store sold modest bonnets as well as large bright hats with wide brims. There were clothing stores that sold fancy pleated dresses and fur coats. A small jewelry store was displaying a string of black pearls in their window next to a large emerald ring.

On the other side of the cobblestone street there was a butcher who sold many different cuts of meat. A small shop devoted to selling soaps and linens as well as various housewares was next. Darcy and her husband stood in front of a large furniture and custom woodworking shop. However, they headed right, walking underneath the signs for various boutiques, hairdressers, and food stores. Finally, they reached the store he had been heading towards.

Tucked away in the corner of the town square was a door that lead directly to a staircase. Darcy followed her husband up the steps, holding his hand until they were at the top. Once there, they walked through a narrow doorframe into a large square room. The room was dark and dusty. Every wall was filled with shelves, each containing books. The smell of old paper and leather filled the air. There were cushioned chairs in the center of the room and small tables that were just big enough to hold the lamps that were resting on top of them.

“Sit down on one of the chairs, while I pick something out,” Her husband said to her.

Darcy sat in a large faded pink armchair. It was missing a button on the back, but was otherwise in tact and very comfortable. She rested, viewing all of the books in front of her. The shelves were crammed so full of books that some of them rested on top of one another. There was one shelf, however, that had captured her attention.

Darcy had come into this bookstore by accident once when she was a young girl and found a man in sailor’s clothes. He had reached onto the shelf and pulled off, not a book, but a scroll instead. When he’d unraveled the scroll, she caught a glimpse of what was inside. Different colored splotches as well as dashes and lines. There were mecidiyeköy escort words over each splotch, but she couldn’t have read them if she’d wanted to.

Before she’d even had a chance to ask what the man was holding, the storekeeper chased her out of his shop. When she was back outside her mother reprimanded her for getting away and reminded her that there was nothing for a girl in that bookstore. The women’s stores were all in the other direction, her mother told her, gesturing to the various fabric and clothing stores.

Soon Darcy’s husband arrived with a book in hand. Its binding was new. The brown leather hardly looked as if it had ever been touched. He gestured for her to stand and follow him to the storekeeper’s desk.

“Jesse?” Darcy began timidly placing a hand on his. Jesse looked back at her, waiting for her to continue.

“What are those?” She asked pointing to the scrolls.

“Come here, I’ll show you.”

Her husband handed her the book to hold as he carefully took a scroll from the shelf. He blew off the dust and unrolled it to reveal a strange sort of drawing with symbols and dashed lines overtop strange, large, grey, shapes. Darcy looked curiously, trying to understand what it meant.

“These are all maps.”

“Are they all the same?”

“No, they all show different things,” her husband explained.

“What’s this one showing?” she asked earnestly.

He smiled at her and looked down at the map. “This one is a representation of our city.”

Darcy laughed, “How is that our city?” she asked waving her hand over the mess of symbols and strangely formed shapes.

Her husband explained to her what each of the symbols meant, how the words over top told them where various places were located. He told her that maps were used to tell how far away one place is from another and that maps could be used to tell different things, like the sort of terrane in one area or the location of roads or rivers. Darcy looked at the paper, a puzzled look on her face. She looked back up at him again.

He told her to hold the map with her free hand so that he could better explain it to her. He mentioned the compass in the corner of the map. Each letter indicated a cardinal direction, north, south, east, and west.

“Knowing the direction, helps us to be able to orient ourselves and be able to use the map to get from one place to another. If I had a compass with me, we’d use that to match the one printed here so that we knew we were moving in the correct direction.”

Darcy nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed at her own ignorance. Her husband continued to speak to her about how their house was five miles north-west of the town square. The church was found one mile south of the town square. Darcy’s family home was located near the river at the edge of the city’s border. Their farmland covered a great deal of land. She didn’t need a map to tell her that. All over the map were little dots that marked the other homes that were scattered across the land. Up in the north-western vip escort istanbul corner of the map, he indicated that there was a large forest, the one he used for lumber. Below that the trees tapered off to make room for the farmland, like her family’s.

“Would you like to learn more about these maps Darcy?”

“Yes, Sir I would,” she replied surprised, but grateful for his willingness to teach her.

“Mr. Hayes,” The old storekeeper said ignoring Darcy. “Is this all for you today?”

“Yes, my wife and I were just adding a little to our collection,” Jesse smiled, looking over to Darcy who was standing just behind him as to not get in the way.

“Well, you came to the right place then,” The old man said, pushing up his glasses and nodding at Darcy, “Ma’am.”

They left the store that day with a new book and map. When they arrived at their home again Jesse handed the book and map to Darcy.

“I’d like you to set these on the table and wait for me. I’ve got to get some more firewood and then I’ll be back inside,” Jesse said.

Darcy nodded taking the things inside, she sat them down just as he’d asked and waited at the table. She stared out the window until his figure, growing smaller in the distance, finally disappeared into the forest. She thought about the distance from the forest to her house and the distance from her house to the town square. She wondered about what other places might there be marked on a map. She knew that there were men who traveled across seas, but she’d never given it too much thought. There was always so much work to be done, so little time for pondering.

When she opened the door for her husband, he walked inside and set the firewood down in its place. Putting a few logs into the oven, he turned to her.

“I enjoy being able to teach you things Darcy. I’m glad to know that you’re a woman interested in learning. It’s one of the things I’ve admired most about you.”

He was standing up and walking over to her, guiding her with a hand on her back until they reached the table. Neither of them sat. Instead he opened the map and began to ask her questions to assess her understanding of what he’d told her so far. Her answers were quiet and shy, but correct nonetheless. After half an hour or so, he kissed her forehead and rolled the scroll up again.

“You did very well today. Get yourself cleaned up and in bed,” he told her as he went to put his things on a shelf for safekeeping.

When she had finished with her bath, Darcy came out in her nightgown. She curled up in bed, the scratchy sheets rubbing against her smooth pale skin. Her husband, a book still in his hand, left his armchair and followed suit. She could feel his warmth and scooted closer to him. Wrapping an arm around her, he kissed her cheek.

“Did you like your new book, Sir?” Darcy asked seeing that he had still not put it down.

“Actually, I got it for you.”

Darcy smiled peering over to look at the inside. The letters were very small and crowded on the page. She was sarıyer escort discouraged to find that she only recognized a few of the words. Her eyes shifted to look at her husband, disappointedly.

“I don’t think I could read this,” she mentioned, the sadness in her voice was evident.

“I was thinking that I’d just read it to you. If that’s alright.”

Darcy smiled and nodded, nestling in to the covers beside her husband. He began. His voice was deep and smooth and relaxing. Hearing him read made her feel as if she were stepping into a warm bath, or laying under the sun on a nice day. Her eyes were heavy and her body warm beside his. She could feel her muscles relax as he spoke. The story was interesting, but try as she might to stay awake, sleep began to pull her under.

She thought of how lucky she was to have been married to Jesse. He was everything she could have needed. She yearned to please and satisfy him in every way. Tomorrow, she thought, would be a wonderful time to show her devotion to him. Perhaps, she would try to do it in a new way. For now, however, she was content to listen to his voice as she fell asleep beside him.

When he looked down at his wife, Jesse could see that she had fallen asleep. Her lips were parted, just slightly. Her breathing was slow and deep. He kissed her forehead and rested the book on the nightstand. Turning over, he held his wife in his arms. Her body was small and dainty. Her long hair was soft against his fingertips. Jesse blew out the candle and laid his head on the pillow, thinking about the day.

He could see that his wife still struggled with her confidence. But she was making great strides. She was a quick learner and she deserved to be rewarded; he’d thought that she would enjoy hearing a new story. Even so, he was glad that his voice could lull her to sleep. She deserved a peaceful rest, she always worked so hard for him.

He loved the thought of being responsible for her. That’s why he’d been trying to give her tools to help her better herself. Jesse was fond of women who were intelligent and skilled. He also adored how she submitted to him more and more as he grew more comfortable in their relationship. He loved to feel worthy of her trust. Her innocent nature and the sincerity of her actions was refreshing to him. So many girls only played the part of a submissive wife; Darcy was the real deal.

The next morning he woke Darcy with a kiss. Placing a tray of food on her lap he sat down beside her. She blinked. Rubbing her eyes, Darcy looked from her husband to the tray full of food. There was a small porcelain teacup filled with steaming dark brown tea. Beside that, there was a small plate with fruits from the garden and a glass of milk. A small, leftover biscuit filled with her favorite peach jam rested on a cloth in the corner of the tray. The sunlight coming in through the window hit the milk glass in a way that caused a small rainbow to appear over Darcy’s food. She smiled at how magical it all looked.

“All this is for me?”

“Yes of course,” he said kissing her again on the cheek. “I thought I might do something nice for you.”

“Well, this is very nice,” Darcy said reaching for the tea, “Thank you.”

“You should eat,” he said getting up to clean the kitchen, “You’re going to need your energy today.”