Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 02


The rules of the Safe Sex Club are few but specific:

Prospective Members are required to provide medical certification that they are clear of any STDs.

Members’ sexual activity is confined to other members and long term partners and spouses.

A request for sex from another member cannot be refused on the grounds of looks, body shape or size, gender, race or disability.

The Club encouraged an anything goes sexual culture, but strictly on a consensual basis.

Member numbers had grown exponentially. We were divided into small localised chapters of around sixty, fifty- fifty gender split and ranging in age from sixteen to mid sixties. The chapters coalesced into large hubs in the cities and bigger UK towns.

Barry was a thin balding forty five years old with a beer paunch. We belonged to different chapters but shared the same local pub where we watched rugby with other members most Saturday afternoons. He was straight, married to a fellow member, with four children.

His wife was amazingly eclectic in her sexual activities – first and foremost being a superb oralist. I had met her at house sex parties a few times and at one she fellated me noisily in a toilet for twenty minutes, ignoring the queue forming outside.

She and Barry had developed a liking for giving and receiving anal sex, she enjoying both, he mostly xvideos porno the latter. She had an impressive array of jelly dildos, from a stubby three incher to a giant eight incher that she attached to a tight fitting strap-on belt.

One Saturday, Barry asked me to come home with him and take him anally while his wife sucked on his penis. Though not in the least attracted to men, I agreed, mindful of the Club precepts and curious to sample his wife’s range of sexual talents.

She was quite a big woman, with large soft buttocks that had sagged southwards and spread east and west. Her breasts were surprisingly pert for a forty something, with big fat nipples – surgeon’s work perhaps.

As Barry watched sitting on the side of their bed, I laid her on her back and tucked her knees up against her chest. Her vaginal atrium hung half open, a legacy of childbearing – her inner lips were wrinkled and quite unattractive, framed by fat white labia majora as yet unsuffused by pink blood vessels. She had stimulated me to erection with long slow handstrokes and I decided to plunge into her before I lost it. Her vagina was hugely loose and capacious, my considerable girth barely finding traction. I shifted into a high tempo rhythm of thrusts.

Her vagina began to feel incredibly slimy and wet after a couple of minutes. yabancı porno I looked down and was amazed to see a whitish yellow, thick oily discharge from her depths coating my penis to its root. There was a huge volume of it – I began to see why Barry had asked me to take her first. He shifted from the side of the bed and positioned himself over her mouth, anus inches from my nose. His anus was shiny and open, emitting a tangy aroma of secretions that mingled with the incredibly strong, almost intoxicating vaginal scents of his wife. She had taken his penis deep into her mouth and I could hear clearly her slurping. He reached a hand backwards and scooped up some of the fluid from her crotch. He massaged it into his anal area, reaching back again for more. Gently, he inserted middle and index fingers into his anal canal, pushing firmly against the inner sphincter of muscle. Applying more of her abundant lubricant, he finally pushed past this barrier.

He gestured that he was ready for me to take him. I disengaged from her tunnel and placed my glans against his opening. I circled his anus for a while and then pushed my way in, encountering little resistance. Advancing slowly, I broke through the sphincter and entered his rectum, eliciting a grunt. My thrusts became regular, his bowel tissue nice and tight and warm around yaşlı porno my shaft. I speeded up, thumping hard into him. His grunting grew louder as did his wife’s gurgling, as she took his penis deep into her throat.

The end came quickly – he started moaning loudly and assumed a more upright position, penis out of his wife’s mouth. I heard the slap slap as he masturbated hard and fast. I knew that my penis was massaging his prostate as it slid swiftly in and out of his stretched tissues. His climax was a series of loud gasps as his semen spurted onto her face. It was a very prolonged orgasm and he collapsed forward onto his elbows, my penis pulling out of his open orifice. I was very close myself. She reached forward between his legs and secured my penis and began pumping hard. I reached back and gently tapped on her clitoris. My glans erupted, spurting white coils of semen onto his sallow thin buttocks and cherry red, distended anal opening in front of me. A loud keening told me that she had reached her Everest, the smell of her thick sex fluids intensifying and flooding the room with a complex musk of pheromones and prostaglandins. Perfume indeed.

On my journey home, I reflected on how the Club had changed my life and sexual outlook. I had met many people to whom I was not in the least bit physically attracted, yet indulged in sexual activity with them that in many circles would be considered taboo or at the very least highly dubious. The purpose of the club, I concluded, was to foster a non judgmental enjoyment of all carnal activity which boiled down really to giving sexual pleasure to others and receiving it from others.