Exiled To Grandpa’s Farm


The summer of 1969 hadn’t turned out quite the way Lloyd Carmody had hoped. Expecting to goof off until college started in the fall, Lloyd got a shock when his parents told him that he would be going to spend the last two weeks of July at his grandparent’s farm.

“You haven’t bothered to get a job, so it isn’t like you have any responsibilities around here,” his father reminded him after Lloyd protested.

“I’d never enjoy a minute of the cruise worrying about what was going on here in our absence,” Lloyd’s mother declared.

That part about what was going on was a reference to Lloyd’s very good friend Jimmy, who had been declared a bad influence on Lloyd, ever since Lloyd’s mother caught the two of them in an “awkward” situation.

It would have been even more awkward if Mrs. Carmody had showed up a little later, Lloyd knew, because instead of his mother catching him squeezing Jimmy’s crotch in the garage, she likely would have been treated to the sight of her son kneeling in front of his friend giving him head.

So with Lloyd expecting a fun two weeks home alone while his parents were on some cruise, he was obviously disappointed when he got taken to this farm out in the middle of nowhere with his sixty-something grandparents.

Lloyd liked being around his grandparents, Lloyd admitted. Grandma was nice enough, and was a really good cook, and Grandpa was a fun guy to be around in addition to being a really manly man. Two weeks? It sounded like forever.

“You’ll learn a lot out here,” Dad assured Lloyd as they dropped him off. “Your mother grew up out here.”

“And she couldn’t wait to get out,” Lloyd mumbled.

“Nonsense,” Mom chirped. “Those were happy days.”

“Besides, maybe you’ll put some muscle on these bones of yours,” Dad suggested. “Hard honest work is good for the soul.”

So that was that. Lloyd put on a happy face as Grandma gushed over him, and after they set him up in the spare bedroom Lloyd got to help his grandfather clear some land way out in the back of their property.

It was hard work, Lloyd figured out soon enough, but watching his Grandpa John in action made Lloyd embarrassed at his own efforts. The guy was probably close to 65 but he was picking up rocks and tree limbs like they were nothing.

Grandpa was only a couple of inches taller than Lloyd’s 5’9″, and maybe weighed a bit more than Lloyd’s 150 pounds, but Grandpa was all muscle, or so it seemed. His biceps bulged as he tossed rocks into a cart, rocks that Lloyd had all he could do to just lift off the ground.

Two weeks of this? To Lloyd, it seemed like forever and a day, until Lloyd heard the call of Mother Nature.

“Uh, I gotta go to the bathroom,” Lloyd said, starting to walk the 1/4 mile or so back to the farmhouse, which was hidden by the swell of ground.

“Number 1 or number 2?” Grandpa John asked, and when Lloyd told him, his grandfather told him not to bother going all the way back just to pee.

“Won’t be farming on this land until next year, or maybe never,” Grandpa said. “Whip her out and whizz. Just don’t tell Grandma I said that.”

Lloyd laughed and turned away while pulling out his dick. Lloyd was a little nervous going to the bathroom in front of others, and it seems like Grandpa was looking at his dick while Lloyd wiggled and stretched his pecker before he finally let loose.

“Nothing like the sound of flowing water to get my kidneys going,” Grandpa John said. “Mind if I join you?”

Lloyd glanced over as his grandfather reached into the fly of his Wranglers, more out of curiosity than anything else, but when Lloyd saw his grandfather’s cock he almost sprained his neck doing a double take.

“Looks like we might get some rain tonight,” Lloyd’s grandfather said as he stood on the crest of the hill looking up at the sky, his bony hands resting on his hips while his cock hung brazenly out, pissing a yellow torrent while Lloyd stared as in shock.

They only stood there for a minute, but it was a minute Lloyd would never forget. It took his Grandpa’s hand coming off his hip and shaking his cock free of moisture to break Lloyd out of the trance he was in, and Lloyd quickly tucked his dick away before his grandfather saw that he had a boner.

For the rest of the afternoon, Lloyd found it impossible to concentrate on what he was doing, his eyes constantly going to his grandfather and his baggy jeans and what was inside of them. Luckily, the storm clouds rolled in and with the weather threatening, Grandpa called it an afternoon.

Back at the farmhouse, Lloyd took a shower before dinner. He needed the shower, of course, but Lloyd also needed a release from an erection that would not go away.

Under the warm spray in the solitude of the shower stall, Lloyd’s hand went to his cock, and what was on his mind as he slowly stroked his slender prong wasn’t his friend Jimmy. It was his grandfather.

“I thought Jimmy was well hung,” Lloyd mumbled as he replayed the image of seeing his grandfather standing there, with what had to be the biggest cock in the world dangling rize escort out of the fly of those jeans.

Well, maybe not the biggest, Lloyd thought as he recalled some pictures of some African guys from a National Geographic that Jimmy had, but pretty close. Grandpa’s cock was longer and thicker soft than his own was hard, and as Lloyd brought himself to orgasm he was imagining what Grandpa’s erect cock would look like.

Lloyd rested against the wall of the shower stall, watching his cum swirl down the drain before rinsing off and stepping out of the shower. Drying his hair, Lloyd didn’t notice that the bathroom door had opened until he looked up and saw his grandfather in the doorway.

“Your Grandma sent me in her with these,” Grandpa John said as he brought in a couple of towels and set them on the hamper. “She says that dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes.”

“Okay,” Lloyd answered as Grandpa closed the door behind him.

Was Grandpa looking at him, Lloyd wondered as he resumed drying himself? Before Lloyd had covered himself up, he could have sworn that Grandpa was looking at his privates.

“As Jimmy would say, not much to look at,” Lloyd said softly of his friend’s playful teasing, as he ran the towel over his own modest endowment, making the slim tube wiggle.

As Lloyd got dressed he knew that at least he would have one interesting story to tell Jimmy when he got back home. Two weeks in the middle of nowhere, Lloyd mused, and seeing your grandfather’s cock is the highpoint of the trip.

Still, Lloyd thought, that was one hell of a dick. A dick that he wouldn’t mind getting a look at again.


Lloyd was in bed by nine o’clock, blaming his early bedtime on his shoulders and back, which ached from all the work he had done. They only got a couple of channels on the TV out here, so since there was nothing on that he liked he decided to turn in.

So as he reclined on his back in the bed, his hands linked behind his neck, Lloyd watched the shadows on the ceiling dance. The rain had come and gone, and now the night had become muggy, so even the thin bed sheet was too much.

Lloyd looked down at the tent his boner was making in his tight white underwear and sighed. He had already masturbated twice – once in the shower and once after brushing his teeth about a half hour ago.

Two was about his average whenever Jimmy wasn’t around, but these boners weren’t caused by Jimmy. These constant erections were his grandfather’s fault, because Lloyd couldn’t get that image out of him out ofhis mind. Finally, just when Lloyd was ready to go to the bathroom and yank himself off again, he drifted into sleep.


At the other end of the hallway, John Tillman stared at the clock over his wife Ellie’s shoulder. Almost 10:30. Ellie had been asleep for almost a half hour, and by now she was in almost a hibernation, guaranteed not to wake up before 6.

John wished he could sleep like that, but he was a notoriously light sleeper, and besides, he had a lot on his mind. It had been a very interesting day, and as John eased himself out of the bed, his mind was racing.

John walked the length of the hallway, down to the spare bedroom where his youngest daughter’s son was staying. He leaned against the door, taking deep breaths as he thought about what he was thinking of doing.

After that time when Bennett, his grandson by his eldest daughter, had spent time up here, he had sworn that he would never let it happen again. That was so wrong, and John knew his life would be ruined if the lad had ever said anything, but he had remained silent and just let his grandfather do what he wanted.

John Tillman kept telling himself that it was alright because these weren’t kids, but young men, and 18 is old enough to vote, smoke and die for your country. Besides, he had learned a lot from his own grandfather, many many years ago, and they were magical memories indeed.

John’s hand touched the doorknob, and as he slowly turned it, he knew he still had a chance to change his mind. The problem was that he couldn’t. The way that Lloyd had stared at him out in the field made it clear that his mother’s suspicions had been correct.

That was why Lloyd was out here, because his daughter thought that Lloyd and his friend were a little “too chummy” as she had put it. When John saw Lloyd gawking at his cock out there, he knew that she had been right.

The final straw was seeing Lloyd naked in the bathroom. After seeing that beautiful young body in all of its glory, even if only for that brief moment, John knew he had to have him. So smooth and fresh, and while maybe not completely innocent, Lloyd was close enough.

Standing in the open doorway, John looked at his grandson, who was sleeping on his back. The sheet was down around his ankles, and Lloyd was naked except for his underwear. John’s heart raced as he looked down on Lloyd and the outline of his dick against the cotton.

John Tillman dropped his boxer shorts and stepped out of them, his hand reflexively going to his cock, giving bostnews.com his tool a a couple of long pulls before easing down onto the bed next to his grandson.

On his hip, resting on his elbow, John surveyed the moonlit body of his grandson. Lloyd’s chest was scrawny and smooth – in fact, outside of the little sprays of golden hair under Lloyd’s arms and the little tuft of curls over his dick that John had seen in the bathroom, Lloyd’s body seemed practically hairless.

In contrast, John felt coarse and rough, his body felt like it was covered with silver and black hair and his skin had become aged and weathered. The senior citizen’s hands were shaking as he fought the urge to reach out and touch Lloyd, who was so close to him he could feel the heat of his body.

Touch him? John was so close to Lloyd that even in the moonlight he could see the little pebbles on his nipples, and as John exhaled he saw the little hairs under Lloyd’s arm flutter in the gentle breeze his breath created.


Cherry. That was the aroma that filled Lloyd’s nose, causing him to come out of the deep sleep he had been in. The aroma was from the pipe tobacco that Grandpa smoked on occassion, and when that scent hit Lloyd he bolted upright, only to be eased back down by a strong hand.

“It’s okay, Lloyd.”


“Yes, it’s me.”

“Is something wrong?” Lloyd asked, his eyes trying to adjust to the near darkness as he looked at the shadow beside him. “Is it Grandma?”

“No Lloyd, everything is fine,” he assured him. “I was hoping we could talk.”


“You see, you Mom mentioned something to me, and asked me if I would have a talk with you. I wasn’t going to at first.”

“Oh,” Lloyd moaned, dreading what was was coming.

“That, and this afternoon out in the field, I thought I caught you looking at me when I was urinating, so I thought that maybe I would have that talk with you after all.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I was – you know – curious.”

“It’s human nature,” John said, patting Lloyd lightly on the chest. “We’re all curious. So when you get back home, you can tell your mother that we had a talk, and that you’re all straightened out.”

“You have to promise that you don’t tell her what I’m about to say though,” John added.

“I don’t understand, Grandpa.”

“You see, I think she wants me to tell you not to hang around your friend anymore,” John said. “I won’t do that. If you like to be with guys, that’s they way you are. As if you can force somebody not to have certain urges, do you know what I mean?”

“I’m not sure,” Lloyd said. “I like girls too – some of them.”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I think it’s perfectly normal for you to like to be with boys or girls,” John said. “Many of us like both men and women.”

“Us?” Lloyd said softly as he watched his grandfather’s finger trace his nipple.

“Your friend Jimmy. Is he the only man you’ve been with?”

“No,” Lloyd wheezed as he watched Grandpa’s bony fingers move slowly down his stomach. “My Science teacher at school. Me and him – we did stuff to each other at his apartment, when I helped him grade tests one time.”

“Sounds like fun,” Grandpa said as his hand reached Lloyd’s briefs, and when his fingers began to knead his grandson’s penis through the cotton he asked if there were any others.

“A man gave me a ride in his car one time,” Lloyd said. “He made me take my dick out.”

“Made you?”

“Well, not exactly,” Lloyd admitted. He asked me to, and then he had me take his out.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah. A lot.”

“That’s good. Are you enjoying what I’m doing to you right now?”


“You don’t seem to be,” Grandpa said as he squeezed Lloyd’s limp dick.

“I’m scared.”

“Of me?”

“No. I mean, I don’t know.”

“How about if I do this?” Grandpa said as he slipped his hand down under the elastic of Lloyd’s briefs and through the tuft of soft hairs, grasping Lloyd’s flaccid dick and tugging on it gently.

“Ooh,” Lloyd moaned as his grandfather nudged his underwear down so he could get at him better.

“If you want, you can touch me too,” his grandfather suggested. “It’s okay.”

“Omigod,” Lloyd said after reaching down between his grandfather’s legs and taking his rubbery cock in his hand.

“What’s the matter?” John said after feeling Lloyd’s dick shrivel even more in his grasp

“Yours is so big,” Lloyd said. “You’re even bigger than Jimmy. Way bigger, and mine is so much smaller.”

“Is that what’s bothering you? Well, let me tell you that I think you’re perfect as you are. Why do you think I burst in on you in the bathroom before? I wanted to see if you really were as cute as I thought, and you are. And look at you. I can feel you getting bigger every second. Your cock isn’t small. You’re not small at all.”

John Tillman looked at the gorgeous staff that was now standing upright, a pulsating slender six inches of young manhood that was perfect in every way, and John got up off of his elbow and knelt at Lloyd’s hip.


It was like a dream, watching Grandpa kneeling next to him like this in the moonlight, smiling as Grandpa bowed his head down to take his dick into his mouth. Jimmy had done this to him many times, but this was so much different.

Down went Grandpa’s lips, all the way down his cock, slowly sliding down the shaft until he had taken it all, and then just as slowly bringing his mouth back up to the tip. All the while, Grandpa’s tongue was doing wonderful things as well.

Everything combined to bring Lloyd to orgasm way too fast to suit him, but as he came Grandpa swallowed his cum as fast as he could spit it out, and he didn’t take his dick out of his mouth until he was spent.

Grandpa straightened up, and as he did Lloyd looked at Grandpa’s cock, which was waving in front of his body. Unlike earlier in the day, this time not only was his cock fully exposed, instead of partially hidden by his trousers, but now Grandpa was erect and Lloyd was hypnotized by the enormous organ as it pointed towards him while Grandpa climbed off of the bed.

“Don’t go Grandpa,” Lloyd whispered.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Grandpa John said as he went to the door and locked it as a precaution. “Just in case.”

As Grandpa came back to the bed, Lloyd rolled off of the side and assumed the position that he often did with Jimmy. On his knees, he was ready for Grandpa when he got there, seizing the senior citizen’s manhood with both hands.

Grandpa’s cock was not as rock hard as Jimmy’s got, but Lloyd could feel the blood pulsating through the shaft as he brought it to his lips, the foreskin sliding back with the movement of his hands and his mouth.

“Oh Lloyd,” Grandpa groaned, cradling his grandson’s head in his hands as the lad began sucking his cock, proving that he was not unfamiliar with the art.

Lloyd used one hand on the shaft of his grandfather’s manhood, spinning and pumping his fist over the part that his mouth would never be able to reach, while with his other hand, Lloyd played with his Grandpa’s balls, squeezing and churning the eggs that hung low in an over-sized sac.

John Tillman smiled as he looked down at his grandson, who was looking up at him with a look that seemed to be asking for his approval, his mouth full of a whole lot of his cock. A lot more than his wife had ever been able to manage, and considerably more than his other grandson had been able to handle.

“That’s it,” Grandpa John hissed as Lloyd’s mouth and hands worked faster and harder. “Jerk it hard. Both hands.”

Now Lloyd had both hands on his shaft of his Grandpa’s cock, his fists working up and down the richly veined surface while his mouth worked over the head. Lloyd saw his grandfather’s knees buckle a little just before his felt the warm seed spurt into his mouth.

Grandpa didn’t cum a lot, like Jimmy usually did, but his cum tasted better, and Lloyd savored the flavor of his grandfather’s seed before swallowing his load.

“So good,” Grandpa John sighed as his grandson kept sucking on his deflating dick, trying to stuff all of his now-flaccid organ into his mouth before John reached down and pulled Lloyd up to his feet.

They embraced, Lloyd shivering as his felt his grandfather’s hairy chest against his skin, and the sweet sensation as their limp cocks rubbed together made them both shiver.

“I have to go back to bed now,” John whispered to Lloyd after kissing his grandson on the forehead. “But I’ll come back again tomorrow night, if you want me to.”

“Yes, Grandpa,” Lloyd said as he hand reached down and took his grandfather’s cock in his hand, pulling on the rubbery hose and wanting to go back onto his knees and worship his incredible cock some more.

“Maybe tomorrow night,” Grandpa said softly, leaning down and whispering into Lloyd’s ear. “We can maybe do something different.”

“Okay,” Lloyd said eagerly.

“Not so fast, Lloyd. You don’t know know what it is that I want to do,” Grandpa chuckled. “Has Jimmy ever had you anally?”

“No, Grandpa,” Lloyd said, shivering when he remembered Jimmy asking him to, and being too scared to let him, but this was different because this was Grandpa.

“Didn’t the other men fuck you in the ass either?” John asked, and when Lloyd shook his head a shiver raced up and down the senior citizen’s spine as he thought of the exquisite thrill of breaking another lad’s cherry.

“I think you’ll like it,” John said as he wrapped his arms around Lloyd, squeezing his firm bubble butt before slipping a hand into the sweaty crevice.

“Oh!” Lloyd gasped as he felt his grandfather’s finger penetrate his puckered ring and slither into his ass.

Lloyd was whimpering as he hugged his grandfather tightly while his rectum was probed by the long and bony finger, the strength of the old man evident by the way he lifted Lloyd up almost effortlessly

John smiled as he felt Lloyd’s dick poking his stomach while he squirmed under the anal probing. Lloyd’s ass was tight, but the lad seemed to like it as the finger went in to the hilt, and John Tillman was not surprised when he felt his grandson ejaculate on him, sending volleys of cum all over both of their crotches.